A land that has a vast history behind it, Doha is one of the richest cities in the world today, and a popular travel destination. Boasting of its numerous landmarks, hotels, private beaches, shopping malls and so much more, this is a city that comes out on top when the safety of the people is concerned.

So, if you're a traveler planning your trip to Qatar, Doha isn't a city you can afford to miss on your travels. Likewise, if you already have Doha on your travel list, here's our detailed guide about the capital of Qatar that promises a lot more than just a usual holiday experience.

Is Doha A Safe City?

Safe City Doha
Safe City Doha

Being one of the most loved travel destinations in the world, Doha is, in fact, the safest city in the world today officially. Crimes in the city are a thing of a rarity with violent crimes being second to none. Tourists coming on their tour can head for Doha sightseeing even at night without worrying much about their safety at night.

In fact, as per official data from Numbeo, Doha stands on top of the list amongst 133 countries in terms of safety index. The city remarkably ranks ahead of places like Georgia, Hong Kong, Oman, Taiwan, etc. What is important to note here is that the places mentioned are also in the top 10 safest places in the world.

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How Is The Weather Like In Doha?

Weather in Doha

Summers can be unbearable in Doha if you're thinking about making a trip to Qatar at this time. Having a sub-tropical desert climate during the period of May to September, the temperatures in Doha surge high with humidity levels unbearable, to say the least.

This is the time when travelers avoid coming to the city as Doha sightseeing becomes virtually impossible in such weather.

However, speaking of winters, the temperatures are quite pleasant during this time as the city records the lowest temperature of about 13.8 degrees celsius. There is even considerable rainfall at this time in Qatar which reaches about 4 inches.

Hence, as far as the best time to travel to Qatar is concerned, travelers can opt for a period between October and the end of April as this is the time when the weather in the city is pleasantly warm and near perfect for heading to see some Qatar tourist attractions in Doha. The temperatures at this time normally vary between 15 to 30 degrees celsius which makes for an ideal weather condition to explore the city.

6 Interesting Facts About Doha

Have a look at some of the most interesting facts about Doha which are worth notable for any visitor.

1. Hotels are a Treat in the City

Hotel in Doha

Now here's a thing, hotels and resorts in Doha are a real treat to the travelers on their tour. The city is, in fact, home to some of the finest hotels in the world that offer efficient services. Boasting of their generous Arabian hospitality, the specialty of Doha hotels apart from their services is the architecture.

The hotels form a gorgeous blend between modern and old Qatari architecture which is a real delight to the travelers, and the best part is that visitors coming to the hotels are welcome to a whole new world of Qatari culture which is everything you possibly ask for on a tour.

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Notable Hotels in Doha-

  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  • Marsa Malaz Kempinski Doha
  • Intercontinental Doha
  • Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels
  • St. Regis Doha

2. Food to Blow Your Senses

Food to Blow Your Senses

The culinary experience is something that most travelers look for on their trip to Qatar, and there's a big reason for that. Qatari cuisine offers some of the aromatic dishes that you can find anywhere around the world. The dishes in this country are a flavorful fusion of multiple cuisines and the restaurants in Doha have it all.

From authentic middle-eastern restaurants to the finest of western restaurants offering European and American delicacies, visitors are treated with some eye-catching food on their trip in Doha.

Best Dishes One Can Find in Doha-

  • Saloona
  • Warak enab
  • Balaleet
  • Machboos
  • Madrouba

3. Museums

Museums in Doha

A city that has a long history behind it, Doha has preserved its past in most of the museums present in the city. Over the years, many top of the line architects have come to the city and left their mark on the museums with fine architectures.

Take an example of the National Museum of Qatar, for instance. Designed by French architect, Jean Nouvel, the structure of the museum represents a rose from an aerial view. With a staggering 539 disks all merged with glass, this is truly an architectural marvel, much like the other museums in Doha.

Hence, as far as the museums of the city go, Doha has some of the finest structures with amazing collections that travelers can find on their tour anywhere in the world.

Notable Museums in Doha-

  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum
  • Mathaf
  • Msheireb Museums

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4. The Beauty of Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes in Doha

Now here's a thing, many may wonder what's amazing about sand dunes in Doha. Well, the dunes in Doha aren't just dunes you find anywhere on your travels. The land is home to some of the most majestic views of the sand dunes where travelers can enjoy dune bashing and other desert adventures on their travels in Qatar.

Normally, to reach these sand dunes travelers have to a 4x4 vehicle as that is the only way you can reach these locations in Doha.

Best Desert Adventures to Try in Doha-

  • Dune bashing
  • Camel Ride
  • Desert Surfing
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Paratriking

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5. Men to Women Ratio

Men to women Ratio in Qatar

Another fascinating fact about Qatar, not just Doha, is the country's men to women ratio. Qatar, in fact, has the highest number of men for every woman in the world today. To be precise, there are about 3.41 men for every woman in Qatar which is higher than anywhere else in the world.

The country leaves the likes of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait behind with UAE holding the second spot in the global list with a ratio of 2.18.

6. Airport

Airport in Qatar

Last of those interesting facts about Doha, the airport in the city is one of its highlights for the travelers. Known as the Hamad International Airport, this is the only International Airport in Qatar and has an eye-catching interior. In fact, owing to this airport, Qatar is one of the largest transit gateways for overseas travelers in the world today.

What's more? The airport is a tourist spot in itself with a wide range of duty-free shopping options for travelers. There are guest hotel rooms as well as office spaces right at the airport itself which makes it one of its kind in the world.

Top 4 Places to Explore in Doha

A city to some of the finest and most iconic locations in the world, here are some of the top places you can visit in Doha during your travels in Qatar.

1.Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif in Qatar

Being one of the iconic locations in Qatar and a popular spot for Doha sightseeing, Souq Waqif takes you on an adventurous journey across the history of Doha. Located on an ancient trading site where animals and other things were traded for a nomadic way of life, visitors live coming to this spot can treat themselves with either shopping or an amazing culinary experience.

The location is perfect in terms of its historical significance with traditional Qatari buildings, shops, and restaurants all around. Visitors can shop for traditional Qatari outwears or treat their tastebuds at waterfront restaurants in the area. The best part? It is located at the heart of the city with popular attractions like the Doha Fort nearby.

Best Time to Visit Souq Waqif-

The best time to visit Souq Waqif is during the evening as this is the time when the weather in the city is cooler compared to day timings and much favorable for Doha sightseeing.

2. Pearl Doha

Pearl Doha

Another of those popular Qatar tourist attractions located in Doha, the Pearl Doha is a perfect location for you in case you're one of those in love with a luxurious lifestyle. It is a man-made island that is home to some of the wealthiest citizens of Qatar.

Visitors coming to see the Pearl can savor the finest of culinary experience that the island provides. There are many top of the line cafe, restaurants, and other food joints at the place where sitting and having something isn't just a matter of luxury but also satisfaction. In fact, the Pearl Doha is widely famous for its dining options in Qatar.

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Best Restaurants and Cafes at Pearl Doha-

  • Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar
  • Al Mayass
  • Anima Lounge
  • Baladna
  • Burj Al Hamam

3. Museum of Islamic Art

Museum of Islamic Art in Doha

Being one of the most important cultural landmarks in Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art is located in the MIA Park of Doha and is a structural marvel in itself. Designed by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei, the museum's structure is a highlight for the visitors who come to see it on their trip in Doha.

It is home to a collection of Islamic art that has been collected from three continents over a span of 1400 years. The best part? The museum appears to float on water from certain sides while its structure leaves an impression on the water which is a treat to watch.

Things You Can See at the Museum of Islamic Art-
  • Artifacts
  • Calligraphy
  • Ceramics
  • Art exhibitions
  • Islamic Art

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4. Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village

Another fine location that gives you a highlight of the Qatari culture, Katara Cultural Village is also known as the Valley of Cultures owing to an array of attractions it offers. The village is home to an amphitheater, art galleries, opera house, heritage centers and so much more.

Travelers headed of Doha sightseeing can come here and not only enjoy the various attractions of the village but also have a great time at the Katara beach. What's more? The village has a number of cafes that offer amazing food options for visitors.

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Things You Can Do at Katara Cultural Village-

  • See the museums
  • Visit art galleries
  • Dine-in
  • Watch concerts
  • Enjoy the beach

How to Reach Doha?

Being one of the most centrally located countries in the world, Qatar has direct cheap flights from just about every famed tourist destination around the world. Although there are no railway networks or tourist waterways to the country, tourists can book a flight to Qatar online.

By Air
Air Travel in Qatar

Traveling to Qatar by air seems to be a go-to pick from travelers. Since it is located at the center of the world, Qatar has cheap flights from all corners of the world and travelers can find budget flights with ease. Especially for travelers coming from Asian countries like India, Japan, etc, cheap airline options are plenty.

A city oozing with confidence and offering a wide range of attractions to the visitors, Doha has just about everything you need to make your holiday a memorable one. While travelers should consider the best time between October and April to visit the country, reaching here can only be done by either air or road. So, if you're a traveler teeing in for another adventure, why not plan your next trip in Doha and embrace what the city has to offer?


Q1. Is it safe to visit Doha Qatar?

Yes, Doha is, in fact, one of the safest cities in the world today with its crime rate significantly low.

Q2. Is Doha expensive to visit?

Although it can vary depending on the traveler, a week-long vacation for one person can cost about QAR1493 in Doha.

Q3. What is the best time to visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar is between October to end of April as this is the time when temperatures are kind enough for sightseeing.

Q4. How many days do you need in Doha?

Although it varies from traveler to traveler, an ideal trip in Doha should take at least 3 days.

Q5. What is the best area to stay in Doha?

Just 30 minutes from the nearby Hamad International Airport, the west bay area is the best area to stay in Doha.