Katara is one of the Doha heritage villages where you can experience the traditionality and art. Designed with the perfect architectural look, the village resembles the ancient Souq if Qatar with the walkways of cobblestone and the additional glam to modernize the interiors. Katara cultural village also called the valley of culture is a storehouse of Qatari art, heritage, the remains of the past and an extension of traditional beauty.

The cultural village perfectly defines the rich culture of Qatar and other countries taking inspiration for the art of the bygone era, the famous artisans of the time and the local workers who understand the significance of ancient techniques in terms of sculptures, murals and basic art.

What makes Katara cultural village an exceptional beauty of Doha is its retro style and a vast collection of art activities that you won’t find anywhere else among the high buildings. Located on the eastern coast of Qatar, the village overlooks the beauty of the west bay and The Pearl-Qatar. Not only this, the Katara cultural village Qatar is a recreational center or entertainment and leisure hub offering everything from water rides to beach access.

Katara Village, Doha is one of the most visited attraction and the best spot to spend an entire day at leisure with family. Before you plan your visit, here is a short guide for what you can expect from this cultural attraction.

The Best Attractions At Katara Cultural Village, Doha Qatar

Katara Cultural Village
Katara Cultural Village

Katara cultural village is a house for some of the inspiring work of the famous artisans of time where an art enthusiast can discover a huge diversity of culture. The area is laced with several attractions like an amphitheatre, art galleries, opera house and Katara restaurants.

1. Building number 16

Building number 16
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From all cultural events to exhibitions and workshops hosted by the Katara cultural village are conducted at Building number 16. This exhibition centre is engaged throughout the year where you can find a vast collection of Arabic art, sculptures and handicrafts. Moreover, the cultural fest like Pigeon Exhibition and Dhow festivals are hosted here during the season.

2. 21 High St

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21 High St of Katara village is a leisure point to stroll around, admire the architectural beauty and shop. With the cooling techniques and open areas, 21 High St is a relieve point where you can relax in summers and do some window shopping at the fancy outlets. The area of Qatar heritage village is designed with a touch of ancient Europe with cafes and restaurants to grab a coffee or a quick snacks bite.

3. Greek Amphitheatre

Greek Amphitheatre
Greek Amphitheatre

Now the excellence of architecture can be seen at Greek Amphitheatre that will take you back to the Roman era. This piece of excellence is a blend of Islamic art that enhances the look of Greek architecture that overlooks the vast sea. The amphitheater spreads to an area of 3,275 sqm that can accommodate a large crowd during events.

4. Al Thuraya Planetarium

Al Thuraya Planetarium
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Explore the Al Thuraya Planetarium with your family on your Katara family tour that is one of the highly designed attraction enhanced with the use of high technology for an outstanding experience of walking under the stars. Now, this is the place where you can spend time with family and engage your children with the spectacular digital show on astronomy. The Planetarium displays the entire gallery giving some important information about our solar system. An advanced 3d technology is used to educate the visitors that make it an unforgettable experience for all.

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5. Katara Beach

Katara beach
Katara Cultural Village

Katara beach is one of the popular attractions of the cultural village where there are activities of kids and family. Mostly crowded during weekends one can enjoy the adventure rides, beach games and kids' activities during Katara beach holiday. One can enjoy boat rides and Gondolas or try some fishing and swimming. For leisure lovers, the beach has a sitting area, restaurants and cafes to relax and admire the spectacular landscape.

6. Katara hills

Katara hills
Katara hills

The Katara hills are the new hotspot attractions in Doha for the travellers that make the landscape serene and aesthetic. The entire area features a lush green garden with 3,000 trees and meadows from different regions of the world. The hills offer trekking area, car parking area and some best restaurant in Katara Hill to enjoy a snack

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7. Katara Restaurants

Katara restaurants
Traditional Restaurant in Katara Cultural Village

The dining experience at Katara restaurants is too tempting to miss. With the international cuisines listed in the menu, one can try everything from the non-vegetarian dishes, Qatari food, local cuisines and continental. the Chapati & Karak, Al Jazeera Café and Khan Farouk Tarab Café are few to try during the tour. Enjoy the authentic Pizza from the wooden oven, ossobuco a rich red seafood fusilli and gnocchi with gorgonzola at Le Vesuvio.

Facilities For Visitors in Katara Cultural Village

Facilities For Visitors in Katara Cultural Village
Facilities For Visitors in Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village in Doha Qatar is a cultural hub that attracts travelers to discover its excellence. While the Katara Village exhibits the spectacular infrastructure and attractions to offer visitors a memorable time, some best facilities can be useful during the tour.

1. ATM’s

ATMs are installed at almost every corner of the Katara Cultural village for emergency cash. While online payment is acceptable everywhere, you can easily withdraw money anytime from the ATMs installed in the village premises.

2. Restaurants in Katara Hills

Restaurants and Cafes in Katara Cultural Village are best to enjoy the delighting meal with your family and friends during your tour. The cultural Village has listed some of the finest restaurants in Qatar to discover the enriching taste of Qatari dishes and other Asian cuisines.

3. Restrooms

Keeping hygiene and cleanliness in mind, the Katara Cultural Village have lavatories for the general public. One can find restrooms at Katara, at almost every corner of the village area. The management here is taking care of sterilization and health on a regular basis.

4. Worship Place and Masjid

The Katara Cultural Village has two Masjid as Golden Masjid and Katara Masjid offering the visitors a space for worship. Friday prayers are held at the Katara Masjid or the big Masjid, while you can visit the Golden Masjid for regular prayers.

Events at Katara Cultural Village, Qatar

Events at Katara Cultural Village, Qatar
Events at Katara Cultural Village, Qatar

Katara Cultural Village Qatar hosts several events or exhibition to promote the art and heritage of Qatar. There are galleries and space for hosting regional events or festivals, attracting more than thousands of visitors. Keep yourself updated with all the upcoming festivities and cultural nights like Mahaseel festival or the Halala Festival organized annually. Check out all the fest that will be hosted in the upcoming year and plan your holiday in Qatar. Exhibitions on paintings or murals and handicrafts are also hosted in the galleries to discover the ancient and modern art in Qatar. While there is no Katara cultural village entrance fee, there might be some timings and entry fairs restrictions for some exhibitions.

Things To Do At Katara Cultural Village, Doha

The Katara Cultural Village of Doha has been the popular attraction for travelers where they observe the excellence of architecture and discover everything about the rich heritage of Qatar. With the highlighted attractions, the village offers some amazing things to engage your day.

1. Admire The Art And Architecture

Architecture in Qatar
The Force of Nature sculpture

Katara cultural village, Qatar is designed with an Arabian architecture with the fancy walkways, beach area, themed cafes and galleries. It is the best place for art lovers and enthusiast who are interested in discovering the more about the culture and heritage of a country. Exhibitions and events are organized here throughout the year.

2. Beach Adventure At Katara Beach

If you are an adrenaline junky, then Katara beach is the right place for you to try adventure and some thrilling water rides. From knee boarding, wakeboarding, parasailing and banana rides, the beach is an entertainment zone for Doha Katara beach vacation. The beach is open from 3 AM to 10 PM welcoming all, local visitors and tourists.

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3. Discovering the history

Discovering the history
Birdhouse in Katara Cultural Village Doha

The library and museums in Katara village is a place to discover history along with the art and culture of Qatar and other Asian countries. The QM gallery is open for such an experience where you can admire the art a d heritage from the ancient times. There are events and educational centres to engage the visitors with some facts of the past.

4. Shopping At Katara Cultural Village

Shopping at Katara cultural village
Galleria Lafayette at Katara Plaza

There are stalls and shops displaying everything from accessories, decors and clothing for visitors. Shopping in Katara village, Doha can be the best thing as here you can get some of the authentic souvenirs. The Katara Plaza Mall is the most famous open-air shopping centre of Katara to buy branded clothes, fancy decors and more.

Katara Cultural Village Entrance Fee And Timings

Katara cultural village is an accessible attraction of Doha that can be easily reached via private and public transport. With parking facilities, driving to the attraction is also the best way to reach here. The cultural village is open for all with no entrance fees. There might be fees for attractions inside the village, like the Katara beach area. The village is open from Sunday to Thursday while Fridays and Saturdays are closed. The detailed timings are;

Mon - Thu, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sun- 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Katara Cultural Village Presenting The Murals And Public Art Installations

Katara Cultural Village, apart from housing the myriad of cultural features and exciting activities, presents an interesting element of art for the visitors. There are murals and art installation that has added more to its artistic beauty. While you tour around this cultural village in Qatar, here are the top three sculptures and murals you will come across.

1. Gandhi’s Three Monkey

Gandi’s Three Money

This art installation in Qatar is made by Subodh Gupta in the year 2008 that represents the three monkeys of Gandhi. This is a series where there three monkeys are shown wearing a gas mask, a helmet of a soldier, and one with a hood of a terrorist. Now what’s unique about these installations, is the material used in their construction. The bronze, steel, and old utensils are the basic elements that are used to compose these masterpieces.

While these three monkeys are nowhere similar to those Gandhi’s monkey that speaks out the idea of seeing no evil, talk no evil and hear no evil, these installations are the living metaphor to the proverb.

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2. The Force of Nature

The Force of Nature

The Force of Nature is another piece of art in Katara Cultural Village by Lorenzo Quinn. From his collection of four force of nature sculptures, one has been installed in the Katara village. The use of bronze and stainless steel and sturdy aluminum makes it another wonder to spot here. The sculpture was installed in the year 2011 that is symbolizing the strength of the human force and will. The installation represents the idea of destruction with tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons.

3. Oryx Going Ahead

While the Arabian Oryx is a native wild of Qatar, the Oryx Going Ahead in Katara village is a masterpiece to spot. This idea of Argentinian street artist Martin Ron is located in building 40 of Katara as an 11-meter-tall installation with the map of Qatar drawn on his forehead. The way this Oryx head is popping out of the wall, it looks phenomenal. The majestic representation of the Doha skyline on the backdrop adds beauty to this piece of art. Taking about the ideology behind this Oryx Going Ahead, the artist wanted to showcase how resilient are Qatari people who overcome every blockade.

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Top Hotels To Stay Near Katara Cultural Village  

There are many top hotels that are located near the Katara Cultural Village and travelers can opt to stay here without any sense of hesitation. So, here are some of the top hotels that one needs to know about.

1. The Ritz-Carlton Doha

The Ritz-Carlton Doha

One of the finest hotels to be located near the Katara Cultural Village, Ritz-Carlton isn't a new name in the hotel industry. It is, in fact, one of the oldest hotels in Doha and is widely renowned for its staff that will go beyond boundaries to provide exceptional service to guests. There are a total of five dining venues at this hotel while the most popular of all is the modern steakhouse born in NYC. Travelers coming to stay here can easily commute to the Katara Cultural Village which is only about 2.2 KM away from the hotel.

While ensuring that the guests get a comfortable stay, Ritz-Carlton presents its luxurious rooms along with a number of top of the line amenities. Want to host a gathering? Well, the hotel even has wedding and meeting spaces that can accommodate a large number of crowds. The best part, in fact, about the whole hotel is the rooms that provide a perfect view of the city's skyline and marina bay. So, if you're planning on staying close to the Katara Cultural Village, well, the Ritz-Carlton Doha has to be one of the top choices.

Location - Doha, Qatar (2.2 KM away from Katara Cultural Village)

TripAdvisor Rating - 4.5

Exclusive Features -

  • Spa
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Indoor and Outdoor pool
  • Restaurants

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2. InterContinental Doha

InterContinental Doha

Nestled just 500 meters away from the sandy beach and about 1.3 KM away from the Katara Cultural Village lies the ultra-luxurious InterContinental Doha hotel. Renowned for its world-class standards in services and amazing rooms, this is a hotel that makes your holidays in Doha worth a memory. One can stay here and indulge in a wide range of activities that are provided by the hotel like a nice swimming pool or dining.

Guests can head to the spa and take a soothing massage treatment while there is a bar to take care of their evenings. What's more? InterContinental Doha is one of those hotels renowned for their exceptional services. Well, the hotel is widely popular amongst business travelers for this very reason. One can not only savor the best of food during the course of stay but can also avail of the gym facilities here. The best part? Most of these facilities are provided free of charge to guests. So, stay in close proximity to the Katara Cultural Village. Book your stay at InterContinental Doha and be a part of an amazing experience in the heart of Qatar.

Location - Street 900, Bldg. No. 25, Zone 61, Doha, Qatar

TripAdvisor Rating - 4.5

Exclusive Features -

  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Dining
  • Bar

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Now when you know everything thing about the Katara cultural village in Doha, it is time to explore the cultural streets of Katara. Qatar has listed some more amazing places that you can explore for the vacation tour. Being the best place for a family vacation in Doha you can spend a leisure day eating the best cuisines, shopping and exploring the art galleries during your holidays.


Q1. Is there any entrance fee for Katara village?

The Katara village is open for all with no entrance fees. There might be some additional charge for the activities you are doing there.

Q2. What are the best cares and restaurants at Katara cultural village?
  • Chac’late
  • Ard Canaan
  • L’wzaar Seafood Market
  • Khan Farouk Tarab Café
Q3. How can we spend a day at Katara Cultural Village?

Katara cultural village offers activities like cultural walk, heritage tour, beach adventure, shopping and dine-in facilities to spend a day here.

Q4. Are there any ATM facilities at Katara Village?

ATM’s are there at every corner of Katara for public use.

Q5. Is there any restriction for the public in Katara cultural Village?

There is no restriction for anyone at Katara village but one should dress modestly and follow the cultural norms in Doha.

Q6. What are the three murals and art installations at Katara Cultural Village?

The three magnificent art murals and installations to spot in Katara village are:

  • Gandhi’s Monkeys Head
  • The Force of Nature
  • Oryx Going Head
Q7. Is there any specific timing for Katar Cultural Village?

Katara village is open from Sunday to Thursday while Fridays and Saturdays are closed. You can plan the visit according to the detailed timings;

  • Monday to Thursday; 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Q8. Is there any metro connectivity to reach the Katara Village?

Yes, the Doha Metro serves direct connectivity to the village. One can board a train to Al Qassar station. The Katara Village is at an accessible distance from the respective station.