Located in the northern region of Qatar, Al-Khor is a coastal city that has a history much older than Doha. It is one of the largest cities in Qatar and is largely famed for the pearl trading industry that existed in the city once. But here's a thing, although the city is undergoing renovation, it still remains one of the most attractive places to visit in Qatar today, and Al-Khor beaches are a significant part of that. Since long, the city has been attracting a number of followers who come by to enjoy the beaches in Qatar.

So if you're a traveler headed on a trip to Qatar and wondering about the best beaches in and around Al-Khor, here's our take on the top ones you can find in the city along with other major attractions.

6 Best Beaches In And Around Al-Khor

The Al-Khor beaches and other attractions mentioned below have been listed based on the positive responses from the travelers.

1. Al Thakira Beach

Now here's a fact, if you're visiting Qatar and thinking of finding someplace to spend some quality time with your family or maybe look for some water sports, Al-Thakira Beach is the place for you. Located on the coast of Al-Khor city, the Al-Thakira Natural Reserve is an island that has a beach and is filled with gorgeous mangroves all-around.

The place is well-renowned for its kayaking and has been a hotspot for weekend getaways for a long time now. It is one of those Al-Khor beaches where travelers can come and long beach walks which stretches up to at least 2 kilometers.

What's exciting is that the beach has a separate playing area for kids to enjoy while there are other facilities too like a jogging and bicycle track where families can have a great time moving around the beach while cycling.

So in case you're looking for a perfect spot for kayaking or just wish to spend some time with your loved ones playing in the sand, Al-Thakira Beach is one of those Al-Khor beaches that has to be your number one pick in this town.

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2. The Purple Island

Another of the best beaches in and around Al-Khor is Purple Island. Located in very close proximity to the town of Al-Khor, this getaway spot is perfect for an exotic outing. Travelers can head to this spot even in a sedan and enjoy the mesmerizing mangroves along with its calm surroundings.

What is notable about this spot is that it used to have a proper passage for cars to pass through and reach Purple Island. However, that passage has now been dismantled and the visitors have to walk through knee-height water and soft sand to reach the area.

But having said that, if you get to see the picturesque views and flamingoes, small shell crabs and fossils lingering around the world, walking through knee-height water and sand isn't such a big ask, right?

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3. Farkeh Beach

Farkeh Beach in Qatar

Featuring amongst the best Qatar's beaches in Al-Khor, the Farkeh Beach is another paradise that any tourist coming to Al-Khor can't afford to miss. Over the years, the beach has emerged as one of the finest beaches in the town and a popular choice amongst the natives of the town who come here and enjoy with their families.

It is located on the backside of Al-Khor Mall about 2 kilometers away from it and can be easily reached. Speaking about the attractions of the place? It has a large playing space for children where items are already provided and a small mosque right at the place. Public washrooms have been provided by the authorities.

What's exciting is the Farkeh Beach has been one of the most popular spots for barbecue and family picnics for years. People come with their families, set up barbeques, and have a fun time while enjoying the extremely shallow waters of the beach.

So if you're planning a nice day outing with your family and friends, why not add Farkeh to your list of best beaches in and around Al-Khor?

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4. The Al-Sultan Beach

The Al-Sultan Beach in Qatar

Famed to be the best private beach in Al-Khor, Al Sultan Beach is part of the Al Sultan Beach Resort in Al-Khor. The beach is one of the prominent features of the resort and offers numerous water sports facilities along with a calming time at the beach.

Guests who stay at the resort can enjoy facilities like a private waiter to serve them the drinks they need while they enjoy the beach, or even a swimming pool connected with the beach where they can go for a long swim.

The best part? Al Sultan Resort has one of the largest swimming pools in all of Qatar and boasts of its amazing beach views. But hang on, are you a non-guest wanting to visit the beach? Well, guess what? You can. The Al Sultan Beach Resort allows non-guests to spend time at the beach as well and enjoy various activities. All you have to do is to purchase a day pass which comes in various categories depending on what you wish to do at the beach.

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5. Simaisma, A Murwab Resort Beach

Simaisma, A Murwab Resort Beach in Al-khor

Fascinated about a 5-star beach experience? Well, the Simaisma private beach in Al-Khor is the place for you. The beach is part of Simaisma, a Murwab Resort, and offers some of the spectacular experiences that you can expect on your next trip to Qatar.

The beach is clean from just about every corner and offers picturesque views all-around. Guests staying at the resort can expect to be treated with fine hospitality and expect facilities like an outdoor swimming pool which is set in close proximity to the beach, watersports of all kinds, and peaceful time sitting on the soft sand of the beach.

What else? The beach is not only open to the guests of the resort but is also open for non-guests. All they need to do is to purchase a day pass offered by the resort and come to spend time on one of the best beaches in Qatar. The pass, however, ranges of different types so purchase as per preference. While some passes give access to the pool, others are only for water sports and spending time on the beach.

6. The Corniche

Corniche in Al-khor

Last but not the least in our list of best beaches in and around Al-Khor, the Corniche in Al-Khor certainly deserves a place on the list. This is where the locals and travelers come to enjoy their time around while walking on the sand or eating some of the best delicacies at the restaurants.

It is one of those places to visit in Qatar which offers facilities like a children's playing area, a vast variety of restaurants, a seating place at every corner so that you sit down and enjoy the views around you during the evenings.

The Al-Khor Corniche has always been a place where families and friends meet and socialize. It used to be one of the greenest areas in Qatar. However, it is under renovation now like most of the town. But here's a thing, although the place isn't the same as before, natives and travelers still prefer to come here and socialize.

So, now we know the best beaches in and around Al-Khor, let's understand the different ways of getting to Al-Khor.

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How To Reach Al-Khor?

Flights to Al-khor

Reaching Al-Khor today isn't such a hassle anymore. The town is well-connected with the city of Doha and has recently got a new route that cuts the travel time significantly.

So, If you're thinking of heading here, you can book a flight to Qatar and arrive at the Hamad International Airport. Notably, so, this is an airport that is an attraction in itself, and the one International airport Qatar is functioning today.

Once you land in Doha, take a taxi and ask the driver to take you through the newly opened Al-Khor road. Recently opened for public, the Al-Khor road reduces the travel time between Doha and Al-Khor by up to 65%, making it one of the ideal choices for travelers.

Being one of the oldest towns in Qatar and home to some priceless locations, Al-Khor is a city that is undergoing massive changes and promises to offer a lot more to the tourists than it does now.

As for the beaches, the city is home to some of the most traveled spots in Qatar which are a prominent pick amongst visitors. The two private beaches in the area are a gem for anyone who is looking for a vacation of a lifetime. So why not visit Al-Khor and spend some time on a beach playing in the sand and savoring the views?


Q1. What are the best places for beaches in Al Khor?

The best beaches in Al-Khor include- Al-Thakira Beach, Purple Island, Farkeh Beach, Al-Sultan Private Beach, etc.

Q2. Which places provide the best beaches in Al Khor for groups?

Al Thakira Beach, Farkeh, and Al Sultan Beach are considered the best for group outings. In fact, Farkeh beach is a popular hotspot for barbeque parties.

Q3. How far is Al Khor from Doha?

Al-Khor is at a distance of a mere 44.56 km from Doha. Both the cities are well-connected for travel purposes.

Q4. What is Al-Khor famous for?

Being the oldest city in Qatar, Al-Khor is not only famous for its rich history but also sites like Al-Thakira Natural Reserve.

Q5. Who would be attracted to visit the Al Thakira mangroves?

Anyone who's in love with bird-watching or the picturesque views of nature would love to visit Al-Thakira Natural Reserve.