Qatar, lying on the Arabian Peninsula is an Arab country in the Middle-Eastern region of the world. It is blessed with diverse landscapes like deserts and a long coastline of Persian Gulf giving birth to sand dunes and scenic beaches. It experiences a hot and dry subtropical kind of climate with low annual rainfall and extremely hot summer days. Hence, it is very necessary to plan a visit to this country after knowing about the best time to visit Qatar.

In order to fully enjoy the beach vacation or a full day desert tour, plan a visit to Qatar during the most suitable time of the year when the weather is pleasant to take up all kind of leisure activities. Qatar experiences 2 extreme weather conditions which are hot and cool. Between these are transitional months in which the weather is hot but tolerable. Let us now take you through this detailed guide about when to visit Qatar in order to experience the best weather conditions.

Two Main Seasons In Qatar: Hot Season And Cool Season

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Qatar experiences two main seasons throughout the country which are hot and cool due to its small size and flatness. The hot season starts from April till October and the cool season begins from December till February. The months from May to mid-October are the hottest with temperature ranging from 32 to 42 degree Celsius. These months should be avoided to visit Qatar for a vacation as the days are scorching hot with July being the hottest month of the year. March and November are considered transitional months which means the weather is hot but tolerable.

The best time to visit Doha in Qatar is from mid-November to mid-March when the weather here is pleasant and suitable for all kinds of activities. The temperature of the sea is perfect to enjoy a day at beach along with the warm temperatures of the desert where adventures can be undertaken without experiencing the scorching heat. A little amount of rain can also be witnessed from December to February. The months from June to September are hot and therefore are considered an off-season in Qatar.

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Peak Season And Off Season In Qatar

Peak Season And Off Season In Qatar

As Qatar witnesses very hot summer days and pleasant winter days, the peak and off season in Qatar vary greatly. Everyone wants to come for a holiday in Qatar during the winter season when the temperature is pleasant and sightseeing along with outdoor activities can be enjoyed conveniently. Taking into consideration the temperature of the country, the peak season in Qatar is definitely from December to February and the off season is the summer season from June to August.

As Qatar receives very less tourists during the off season, one can find cheap hotel rates and great discounts on other activities during this time. Off season in Qatar attracts tourists who want to spend a luxury vacation in a 5-star property at fetching discounts. Being too hot outside with continuous sandstorms, people like to stay indoors, so a staycation at a fancy hotel is a great idea to enjoy an off season in Qatar.

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Season-wise Take On The Weather In Qatar

Season-wise Take On The Weather In Qatar

The weather in Qatar can be classified into four seasons. Let's see in detail what different seasons have to offer to tourists in Qatar:

Spring Season (March to May): Spring season comprises of warm months in Qatar with absolutely zero amount of rainfall making it a dry season. It is the second high tourist season in Qatar as the temperatures are warm but a bit tolerable.

Summer Season (June to August): Summer season in Qatar can be distressing for travelers as the region records almost zero precipitation during this time with temperatures generally unfavorable for sightseeing. This is the time when tourism in the country is generally low and accommodation prices are on the lower side as not many visitors arrive at this time.

Fall Season (September to November): A time of the year when temperatures range from 104.7°F and 74.8°F, fall season in Qatar brings a trivial amount of rain and humidity in the region. Tourism, at this time, is the slowest in the country owing to the weather conditions.

Winter Season (December to February): The winter season in Qatar brings respite from the heat as temperatures drop between 24°C and 19.3°C. Travelers can enjoy sightseeing around the country at this time while embracing the cool breeze. Rainfall is generally insignificant during the winter as Qatar records its busiest time of the year in terms of tourism.

Things To Pack On A Trip To Qatar

Things To Pack On A Trip To Qatar

Being a hot country, one should carry light clothes to Qatar made from cotton and linen as these clothes are breathable and protects you from the heat waves. If you are traveling during the cool season that is from December to February, then you can also carry a light sweater or a stole for evenings and air-conditioned malls. Women should avoid carrying short and tight clothes to Qatar. Scarf is also an option in things to pack to Qatar as you might need it at various religious places. Being an Arab country, tourists are required to dress modestly and respect the values of Islamic culture and religion. Men are also required to dress modestly in Qatar.

A country that offers generous hospitality and a breathtaking holiday experience, Best time to traveling Qatar can be a real treat during the winter season. A country that experiences two extreme weather conditions, winter brings some respite from the scorching heat of summer months in the country, and should be the ideal time for travelers planning their trip to Qatar.

As for the off season, Fall is the time when Qatar tourism is at its lowest and not many travel to the country during this period. So, if you’re planning your next trip to the Middle-East, make sure you take the weather conditions of Qatar into account before finalizing your plans.


Q1. What is the coldest month in Qatar?

January is considered as the coldest month in Qatar as this is the time when the average high temperature is the lowest during the year with a mere 21.7°C.

Q2. Is Qatar hot or cold?

Qatar is a country that experiences both hot and cold weathers. While the summers bring surging heat waves in the country, winter is relatively cool and considered perfect for tourism.

Q3. What are the seasons in Qatar?

There are a total of four seasons in Qatar which include-

  • Spring Season
  • Summer Season
  • Fall Season
  • Winter Season
  • Interestingly, winter is the time when tourism in the country is at its peak.

Q4. What is the average rainfall in Qatar?

Qatar receives an average rainfall of about 76 mm (3.0 inch) per year.

Q5. What is the hottest temperature in Qatar?

The hottest temperature in Qatar has reached 47.7°C, and was recorded in the year 2014.