With the vast extension of flat deserts, Qatar is a hub for some of the best desert adventure activity making it a destination for family and groups. Qatar is the greatest desert region near the Gulf that stretches from Rub'al-Khali in the Arabian Peninsula. With the dramatic and undefined terrains, these deserts can be well identified with thrill starting right from the time you land on those rolling sand dunes and explore the high and lows falling along the way for your Qatar Desert Safari.

Qatar, the peninsular desert in the Arabain Gulf is the most fascinating country in the world. Despite being small with an area of 11,437 km 2, the country ranks in being the most popular destination for sightseeing tours, adventure and leisure.

Desert areas in Qatar are adventure house in and around the country that promises you the best activities to make it your best family holiday full of excitement and adventure. The list of activities begins with fantastic safari and finishes on camel rides adding more to the list of fun activities in Doha with family.

Adventure With A Safari In Desert Of Qatar

Desert of Qatar
Desert Safari in Qatar

Safari itself is a thrilling and exciting thing that one can never miss the experience. With the Qatar desert safari, one can add an adventure to the holidays while discovering the vast desolated region.

Understanding what these tours are, one has to get back to the days when camels were used to explore those dunes. Today with the advancement of time and increased popularity of such adventures, safari vehicles are introduced and camel rides have become a bit fancier. Now a typical desert safari tour starts with an SUV ride roaring in those hills of sand where you experience the thrill of some breath-taking adventure. From the full day safari to half-day and overnight safaris, you can book Qatar desert safari tour in Doha depending on your travel itinerary.

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A Day Of Adventure With Full Day Desert Safari In Doha

Full day desert safari in Doha
Desert in Qatar

A full day desert safari starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening with meals and adventure offered during the day. Spending a whole day in the deserts of Doha means discovering the panoramic beauty of the region, trying out every adventure during the trip and enjoying the leisure evenings. This is an action-packed experience with the best adventures like dune bashing or sandboarding and evening camel rides. There are camps to relax and choose some leisure activities like volleyball or beachside activities which are considered the best things to do in Doha.

What To Expect on a full-day desert safari in Qatar.

  • Travelers can expect to get all the possible fun on a full-day Qatar desert safari. However, an overnight stay is not a part of this tour.
  • Enjoy activities like camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, tattoo session, dune bashing and so much more.
  • Interestingly, travelers are offered a fancy meal on the safari while attractions like belly dancing is also part of the whole tour in many cases. However, belly dancing is something that is usually not offered during the holy month of Ramadan. Hence, travelers are advised to confirm the same with the concerned authorities.

A Quick Exciting Vacation With Half-Day Desert Safari in Doha

With a short vacation and tight schedule too, you can admire the captivating beauty of the Inland sea and experience the thrilling safari in the desert. The half-day desert safari tours are basically for those who want to keep it short, adventurous and exciting. The Qatar desert safari tour either starts in the morning and ends by the afternoon, or you can book an afternoon desert safari slot that will end in the evening. You will have some listed adventures to try and get some of the best photographic shots of those golden dunes.

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Sleep Under The Sky With An Overnight Desert Safari In Doha

Overnight desert safari In Doha
Desert Camps in Qatar

Spending a night under the clear sky of Qatar, witnessing the sunset and sunrise is the most enchanting view. Discovering the beauty of the desert at its best, the overnight tours are one exceptional experience that must not be missed. The tour usually starts in the afternoon and ends the next day, in the morning. During the time, enjoy a stay at some luxury and traditional safari camp in Qatar, try the thrilling activities like camel rides and sandboarding, have the most tempting meal and admire the serenity of the region, apart from the best places to visit in Qatar.

What to expect on an overnight desert Safari in Qatar.

  • One of the most fascinating things about the overnight desert safari Qatar is the Bedouin camp where travelers get to stay overnight under the stars.
  • One can enjoy a fine BBQ dinner in the middle of the desert while belly dancing is one of the main attractions on the safari.
  • Apart from this and various other activities, travelers can even enjoy a nice breakfast the next morning before the end of the whole tour. Post which, travelers are dropped back to their hotel.

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Evening Desert Safari In Qatar

Evening Desert Safari In Qatar
Evening Desert Safari In Qatar

Now here’s a thing, the evening the desert safari may not be the best desert safari in Qatar but it certainly offers all the fun that one can possibly expect to get. Lasting for an approximate duration of 4 hours, this is an experience that is not to be missed when in Qatar. The best part about the whole safari experience is that travelers are picked up from their current location and taken to the safari site where one engages in a wide range of activities. Be it a hotel pick up or a pick up from the airport, private evening safari tours normally offer this service to visitors. In fact, once the safari is over the four duration is complete, travelers are dropped off back to their location.

So here are the various attractions that one can expect to have on an evening desert safari in Qatar.

  • One of the best things to try on your evening desert safari, the whole experience begins with the thrill of Dune bashing. An activity that every traveler longs to enjoy, Dune Bashing is not for the faint-hearted but is full of fun as the car rushes through the high and low sand dunes. In fact, this is something that travelers can expect to enjoy even on an overnight desert safari in Qatar today.
  • Apart from Dune Bashing, Camel Ride is another fun activity that one can enjoy as part of the evening desert safari in Qatar. Travelers are first taken to the camel farm from where the activity begins. One can watch the amazing sunset view while riding the camels through the desert.
  • Now here's a thing, there are a variety of other activities that travelers get to enjoy when coming on an evening desert safari. With activities like Quad biking, sand boarding, buggy rides, and so much more, there are ample opportunities for fun in front of the visitors.  

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Activities You Must Try For An Ultimate Adventure in Qatar

The clear sky and the vast desert make Qatar, a hub for ultimate adventure and thrill. While you are on a journey of exploring the fascinating beauty and magnificent panorama, here are some of the best activities you must try during your holiday in Qatar, one of the best destinations to visit in the Middle East.

Fly Over The Desert With Paragliding

Paragliding in Qatar

Paragliding is the best activity for your Qatar adventure holiday, where you fall from a relative height and fly over the desolate area. From the birds-eye view, admiring the vast land of sand is not only an experience but a vision that one will never forget. The golden sand looks like a sparkling ocean where you have the most vibrantly decorated camels. This adventure is open to everyone and a beginner accompanied by the best-trained pilots, one can try tandem paragliding during your Qatar desert safari.

Conquering The Sandy Pathway With Dune Bashing

Dune bashing in Doha
Dune Bashing

As easy as its sound, Dune Bashing, this off-road adventure is all about moving along the high low terrains of the sandy waves. You'll see the large dunes and the sparkling desert sands as your car goes you on up and down on a roller coaster SUV. For this activity, large vehicles are featured with extra-wide tires to go smooth.

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Experience The Adrenaline Rush With Quad Biking

Quad biking
Quad Biking

For the bikers and those who can never miss the chance of motorcycling and speeding, quad biking is one of your desert adventures. The undefined topography of the desert adding on high adrenaline makes quad biking the biggest thrill to experience. While you enjoying the biking tour in the desert, one of the best things to do in Qatar, the high low dunes and slippery sand can make it quite challenging desert adventure activity.

Camel Ride For An Ultimate Desert Tour

Camel Ride
Camel Rides in Qatar

While in Qatar, one can never miss the camel ride for the desert safari experience. Camels being the biggest attraction in desolate lands these rides can be really exciting fancy and enthralling for the tourists. enjoy the sunset camel ride to witness the large area of desert blending with the crimson hue of the sun.

Best Time For Desert Safari Tours In Doha Qatar

The climate in Qatar varies from 35 to 45 degrees during the summers that can even reach 50 degrees at times. This makes the summers, the worst time to visit Qatar for any adventure or leisure tour. The months from May to September or October can be hot and dry, not favoring the desert safari tours Qatar.

Sandstorms are common in deserts in between winters and spring and it is advisable to book your Doha desert safari tour in November or from February to March.

Talking about the best time to visit Qatar, Doha, the winter seasons from November till April can be your time to discover the beautiful deserts and attraction lying in the country. This is the time when temperature varies from 25 degrees to 30 degrees which is neither too cold nor to hot. Falling in an arid region, winters in Qatar are never too cold but yes, the mercury can drop a little during the night especially, when you are in a desert. Moreover, you can follow Qatar travel guide for more a comfortable and safer travel.

Plan a complete list of some best adventures and get ready to discover the desert landscapes, Qatar Desert Safari has to offer. Qatar is a destination that is worth your time with its spectacular deserts. From its admirable landscape to the thrilling adventures, you can make it your destination for a family gateway. Don't miss out a day in deserts to add on thrill to your exciting desert safari in Qatar. Book your Qatar tour packages to avail the best offers and create the best memories.


Q1. What Is the best time for Desert Safari in Doha?

February and March are considered the ideal time for Desert safari. One can even plan the tour in November but avoid the summers and spring seasons.

Q2. Where can I enjoy a desert safari in Qatar?

The desert safari tours are conducted along the Sealine Beach or Khor Al Udeid the inland sea.

Q3. How much time is needed for Safari Tour in Doha?

There are 3 tours- full-day, half-day and overnight safari tour in Doha. Basically, a 4-hour half-day tour is enough for desert safari.

Q4. What all is included in desert safari tour Doha?

A basic safari tour includes;

  • Pick-up and drop off in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • An activity like quad biking, camel ride and dune bashing
  • Mineral water Tea or coffee
  • Inland sea visit
Q5. Are there meals included in Overnight safari in Doha?

Meals and snacks are offered for an overnight desert safari experience.

Q6. Is desert safari in Qatar worth it?

Yes, desert safari in Qatar is worth it since you can wander through the plenty of picturesque desert landscapes along with carrying out a plethora of outdoor adventure activities. You can take up guided tours that include activities like sand boarding, 4*4 dune ride, belly dancing, camel ride barbecue buffet.

Q7. What is the best time to visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar is during the winter months, ranging from the months of December to February when the weather remains pleasant and comfortable for the tourists to carry out touristic activities like sightseeing and outdoor adventure activities.

Q8. How many days should I spend in Qatar?

You should spend at least 3 to 4 days in Qatar where you can cover the major highlights of the country including the natural splendors and the cultural landmarks. Moreover, you can even extend your trip based on your preferences.

Q9. What to wear for desert safari Qatar?

It is ideal enough to wear light, comfortable, and linen clothes while going on a desert safari in Qatar.

Q10. Which is better for a morning or evening desert safari Qatar?

Both morning and evening desert safaris are ideal for Qatar since you can enjoy a pleasurable sunrise and sunset along with a plethora of outdoor adventure activities.