Today, the travel industry is expanding by all leaps and bounds. With new airports lining up and airlines pushing boundaries to deliver the best services, comfort and convenience is the name of the game. Speaking of comfort, Qatar is one country that comes to mind. A nation widely renowned for its fine hospitality and culture, Qatar is one of the largest transit gateways for overseas travelers today.  

The country has a total of four airports, out of which, 3 are civil airports while the last one is a military airport. Notably enough, the Hamad International Airport is the only International Airport that Qatar has today, and here's our detailed guide on the same.

A Detailed Take On The Hamad International Airport in Qatar

Although Qatar has a total of 3 civil airports, only one of them is used for International departures and arrivals. Read below to know more about it.

Hamad International Airport: At A Glance

Hamad International Airport

Opened in the year 2014, the Hamad International Airport is unlike any other airport you've ever seen. Whether you think comfort or choices, this is an Airport that's a whole attraction in itself and has cheap flights running for both International and regional travels.

Duly designed for the ease of travelers, the Hamad International Airport has wide check-in aisles, abundant service desks and a number of facilities that both regional and international travelers can enjoy.  

Hospitality is the name of the game as the airport gives additional emphasis to customer experience which is also evident from its extra-wide check-in aisles, and quick security checks.  

Besides, if you're heading on a tour to the middle east, you book a Qatar flight online to the Hamad Airport only. So here are some notable points about Hamad International Airport that make it one of the best airports in Qatar and travelers should know about.

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Stunning Architecture

Now here's a thing, architectural marvels are a common sight when it comes to Qatar, and if you're on your travel to this country, the very first marvel you'll see is the Hamad International Airport itself. The airport is a true example of luxury and elegance. With high ceilings, art installations and designer touches at every corner, this is an airport that is an attraction in itself.

Shopping and Dining

Shopping in Qatar

Whether you're departing from Qatar or arriving on a tour to this part of the world, there are many Airport shopping and dining options that are on offer. Travelers can enjoy the finest delicacies right at the airport without any hassle.

Rest And Work Stations

There are recliners set in rest-rooms which travelers can use during delays in their flights. The airport has been designed to cater to every need which is why there are stylish computers set up at workstations that travelers can use.

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Stay at the Airport Hotel

Now if you're tired after a long flight and wish to relax and refresh yourself, the Hamad International Airport even offers top notch rooms at the Oryx Airport Hotel along with special packages.

Other Facilities

There are a bunch of other facilities as well that travelers get upon their arrival or departure like baby strollers, indoor activity nodes which are fully equipped, parents' rooms for infant care, priority boarding and so much.

Top Fun Facts About Hamad International Airport

Now here's a thing, we've discussed the Airports in Qatar and what they are significant for. Let's discuss more about the number one airport that is certainly Qatar's finest, the Hamad International Airport.

1. Take Your Falcon On-board

Now you may scratch your heads thinking what does that mean, but here's a thing, airlines like Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Emirates functioning from Hamad International Airport do allow passengers of economy class to bring into the cabin. There is, in fact, proper documentation and passport for the falcon who should be hooded during the flight, not necessarily in a cage.

2. Relax At The Pool And Spa

Spa in Qatar

Have you got a long halt between your flight? Wish to refresh yourself before you board? Well, the Hamad International Airport has a 25-metre glass-roofed pool above the terminal along with a spa that offers anti-jet lag massages along with varied other treatments so that you have a comfortable time traveling.

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3. The Teddy Bear As A Centerpiece

The Teddy Bear As A Centerpiece

Yes, that's right. The Hamad International Airport has a big seven-meter-high canary-yellow Lamp Bear weighing 35000 pounds displayed at the center of the duty-free hall. The bear was first displayed at New York's Park Avenue but was reportedly bought up by a member of the Qatar Royal Family and now features as an attraction for the visitors coming on their travels in Qatar.

The airports in Qatar have carried immense significance in their own way. While the Al Udeid Air Base serves a great significance in terms of the security point of view, the other civil airports, most notably the Hamad International Airport is steadily becoming a major attraction for travelers coming from all around the world. So why not head over on a trip to Qatar and check it yourself?


Q1. How many airports are there in Qatar?

There are a total of 4 airports in Qatar, out of which, one is a military air base.

Q2. What is the name of the airport in Qatar?

Talking about the only International Airport, it is the Hamad International Airport, Qatar.

Q3. Can you sleep in Doha airport?

Yes, the Hamad International Airport has designated peaceful rooms for gender-wise where you can relax during halts between flights.

Q4. Is Hamad and Doha the same?

No, both are different airports. The Hamad International Airport is a new addition and has overtaken the Doha Airport for international operations.

Q5. How far is Doha Airport from the city Centre?

The Hamad International Airport is at a convenient distance of 14 km from the nearby city center.