Qatar being the most fascinating holiday destination for the family, has some of the exciting experience to offer. At the entertainment centre of Qatar, the Doha festival city has a collection of some of the best malls, shops, cafes and yes theme park for kids in Qatar.

There are amusements parks, water Parks and adventure lands where patents can let their children enjoy the holiday indulging in some exciting games. Well, while you can find some more excitement for your kids, here is the best theme park - Angry Birds World Park in Doha that was recently opened.

The Angry Bird Parks

Angry Bird parks

The festival city of Doha offers the most exclusive entertainment park to the visitors, the Angry bird park in Doha. Opened in 2017, the park is spreading to an area of 17,000 square meters, with an indoor seating of 6,500 square meters. Recently the indoor section was also opened for the families arriving here. The entire park features the Angry bird's characters making it an exclusive entertainment zone for the kids.

Together with Trimoo and the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment, the maker of the Angry Birds brand, is now expanding its popularity with the launch of this amusement park in Doha.

Talking about the features and characteristic added to the theme park, 20 exhibits are made in the magnetism of the famous angry bird interactive game. The theme not only lures the tourists but offers them a spellbinding adventure at this that land of colorful birds. The theme park in Qatar has one of the most fascinating slingshot features that is a formidable framework overlooking at an altitude of 42 meters. It offers the visitors an elevated view from a height of 60 meters from where they can discover the entire region and experience the utmost thrill.

In his interview, the Deputy CEO of leisure and owner of Trimoo Parks in Doha Qatar stated that the Angry bird park is a first-of-its-kind indoor-outdoor destination in Qatar and the World. The main aim behind building this fascinating entertainment zone was to boost tourism and attract the tourist to enjoy the thrill and adventure offered in this angry birds' world. Moreover, this attraction in Doha is idealized not only for the kids but for visitors of all age. The Angry Birds World in Doha is the best attraction for all showcasing the games of Angry Birds theme.

Features Of Angry Birds Theme Park Doha

Angry Birds in Doha

The park is all designed with fun games, rides, studio, theatres and attractions that are loved by all. Focusing on offering utmost adventure and entertainment to the guest the entertainment park is a one-stop attraction where you can discover everything from fun and excitement.

  • The Big tree

Big Tree is the best distinctive and formidable features of the angry bird's world in Doha. The captivating construct, towering up and be proud at 17 metres high, will attract both kids and parents into a fun, engaging environment where they will discover the fundamentals of science, enhance their musical knowledge and grow their artistic chops through with a variety of offers of educational content. This is even the first indoor and outdoor karting track in Qatar which has an innovative multi-level playground that allows you to play basketball and more sports.

  • City Studio
City Studio in Doha
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All the adventure and lovers and enthusiasts of excitement can enjoy their time at City Studio in the angry bird's theme park in Qatar. The studio allows visitors to check their strength and their capability by indulging in activities including wall climbing, parabolic slides, roller gliders and rope courses. There is a 1,300 square metre Trampoline Universe that is another action-packed attraction, encouraging the enthusiastic visitors to execute gravity-defying challenges by experiencing time at the bouncy castles or enjoying game time at the baseball field, a foam pit or at the children's court.

  • The Red House

Just as mentioned in The Angry Birds Movie, the park has a Red's House that can impress tourists with its quirky and a bit of distinctive style while wallowing the kids in some fascinating sand play games. There is a Raft Battle that will takes visitors on an immersive theatrical journey of Angry Bird starting from the Bird Island to Piggy Island. There is also an Angry Coaster to get some hearty dose of adrenaline and enjoy the thrill on that fast and the furious ride, spinning through to the air.

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Best Rides At The Angry Bird World

rides at the Angry bird world in Dooha
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The Blast Bomb

Now, this Blats bomb is the breath-taking experience where you will feel your heart-pounding ride as you launch one of the most exciting rides of the park through the air. It comes as a dramatic drop-and-twist as the ride gradually increases to 11 m. Slowly you can feel the elasticity and the vibration during ascending. As soon the ride is released and will hit, it crashes to the ground with a boom, just like a bomb.

  • Ride for ages above 7
  • minimum height of 120 cm needed

The Red Alert

Enjoy the thrill and excitement at Red’s mini dance party. All with the spinning, turning, cavorting journey of red-hot rage, this thrill ride at Angry birds theme park will leave you at the edge, in excitement. It is like Red has seen a hog drifting towards its nest and gone off the rails. So, you are advised to stay out of his way until you feel strong and brave enough for the challenge.

  • Ride for ages above 7
  • minimum height of 140 cm needed

The Bouncing Blues

Get ready to fly the coop with the exciting, fun-loving triplets of Angry bird family. This ride of the blues is all about the pouncing, leaping roundabout experience hat is loved by the kids. The ride offers a great chance to enjoy time with the most playful members of the angry bird family by their side.

  • Ride for ages above 7
  • minimum height of 80 cm needed

Pirate Coast

The ride offers your unique boat-themed dodgems or bumper cars that take you to the high seas, where the enemy encounters. The game ride is all about the clash between the Birds and Hogs that inspires this adventure at Qatar theme park. Target other players on your way with an IR beam that will leave them out spinning.

  • Ride for ages above 7
  • minimum height of 90 cm needed

Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go in Doha
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This comes with some real-life experience of karting driving to experience the adrenaline and let the heart pound in joy and excitement. That's the first indoor and outdoor racing car kart track in the world and is known to be the first multi-dimensional track in Qatar, which certainly will take the adventure level up. The ride experience is identical to the real go-karting where the driving active strips control your speed by slowing you down to powering-up.

  • Ride for ages above 7
  • minimum height of 99 FT needed

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Timings And Entrance Fee At The Angry Bird Park

The Angry bird park is open for all local and international tourist offering a great day with family. The tickets are easily available for purchase that will cost around QAR 250 for a family card. There are specialized cards available individual card and birthday packages for kids where they can celebrate their day with the favorite Angry bird character.

The parks open all days in a week with different timings as the park opens from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturdays to Wednesdays while on Thursday the timings are 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM. On Friday, the angry bird park timings are 1:00 pm To 12:00 am.

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The angry birds' world Doha is surely an adventurous and exciting attraction that can boost up your family vacation. Spend a day here enjoying the rides, or eating from the restaurant or food kart space available at the entertainment park. You can even get the best Angry Birds World accessory and take back your favorite bird as a souvenir, from your family vacation in Doha.


Q1. What are the timings of the Angry bird world Doha?
  • Thu - Thu 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Fri - Fri 1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Sat - Wed 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Q2. Is there any entrance fees for Angry Birds Park Doha?

There are tickets and packages available for the angry bird park. The price varies, depending on the package you purchase.

Q3. Are there any restaurants near the Angry Park in Doha?

There is a food Kart in the theme park, while some of the restaurants are just lying at a shorter distance.

  • Laduree- 0.05 km
  • Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar- 0.10 km
  • Five Guys- 0.13 km
Q4. What are the activities available at Angry Birds theme park?

There are fun rides, Go-karting track, basketball court, kids' zone and some shopping area.

Q5. What is the best way to reach The Angry bird Park in Doha?

The theme park is located at Doha Festival City, Al Daayen Qatar. There are cabs and public transport available for a means of easy transport.