Rooted close to the Persian Gulf and being one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Doha has a charm about it that speaks for itself. From the finest of cultural Qatar attractions and art museums to some of the finest culinary delights and adventure activities in Doha, travelers have a lot to look forward to in this part of the world. This is a city that promises a little more than just a fine trip to Qatar.

As for the adventures, options are plenty. Whether you think of water-sports, climbing, desert adventures, and so on, if you're someone fascinated about the thrills and frills of life, then this is the city to be in.

Besides, here's our take on the top adventures to try in Doha on your next trip to Qatar.

Top Adventure Activities In Doha

Have a look at the best adventure activities in Doha that are a treat to travelers coming from around the world.

1. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Think of water sports in Qatar and Scuba Diving comes to your mind. One of the finest attractions for adventure lovers, Qatar offers some of the most amazing sights for scuba diving. The country's warm water makes a perfect scenario for even the beginners to try their hands at scuba diving.

Talking about the top sight? There's none better than the Old Club Reef that is man-made and offers a scuba experience like never before. The ocean floor has been decorated with submerged cars and oil cars to enhance the experience of the divers. Hence, visitors trying it can only expect a sight of the corals and fishes but the decorated floor takes that experience to another level.

2. Paragliding & Sand Skiing

Paragliding in Doha

Now here's a thing, if you're someone who's more of a beachcomber than an aquaphile, desert adventures in Qatar await your arrival. From paragliding over the desert to sand skiing in smooth landscapes, there's a lot to look forward to for the travelers.

However, anyone visiting the desert for either of the activities needs to be mindful of the extreme temperatures in the region that can get extremely hot during the day. Hence, it is always advised to cover as many activities as possible in one day since you might not want to go back to the extremely hot temperatures again.

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3. Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing in doha
Dune Bashing

Here's a thing, if you're on a trip to Qatar, staying in the capital of Doha but not try dune bashing, well, you do nothing. Highly popular amongst natives and tourists coming from around the world, Dune Bashing is enough to give you the thrills and goose bumps of adventures in Doha.

Tourists opting to go for this sport not only get a sight of the unique landscapes of Qatari desert, but also get to experience something of an adrenaline rush. Travelers can either hire a dune buggy to explore the landscapes or opt for a slightly more thrilling option of 4x4 vehicles driven by experienced drivers who drive through the ups and downs of the sandy waves.

However, it is of significance to note that dune bashing is a pure adrenaline sport and is not for the faint hearted travelers.

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4. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Doha
Rock Climbing

Rock climbing remains one of the most notable Qatar attractions today, and is a popular sport even amongst the natives. It is perfect for those who like to go on adventures on their trips and feel adrenaline rushes of sports. As for Qatar, this is a country that has some of the most amazing rock formations perfect for rock climbing. There are various sites for rock climbing that travelers can find in this country.

One of those is in Bir Zekreet. Located in the west coast of Qatar and home to some of the most extraordinary rock formations, this site attracts thousands of climbers every year and features right up there amongst the best adventure attractions close to Doha.

5. Skydiving

Skydiving in doha

Admit it, if you're someone who likes the adventures of life, skydiving has to be in your mind somewhere, and guess what, Qatar has it for you. The country is well-renowned for its skydiving adventures and has an excellent track record of successful dives.

Owing to the top-notch safety measures and professionals that teach you every basic of skydiving before you actually go on to skydive with them, there are all the more reasons for you to not miss out on this adventure.

In fact, when you think of the top attractions or places to visit in Qatar, or for that matter Doha, skydiving features right up there with the very best. Besides, what is exciting about skydiving in Doha is that you get a sight of this gorgeous futuristic city along the vast desert it is surrounded by right from the sky.

6. Kite-Surfing

Kite Surfing in Doha
Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing, haven't you heard about it? Riding the waves and winds together in shallow waters at greater speeds promises a thrill of its own. For those headed on for Doha sightseeing on their travels in Qatar, Kite-Surfing can be an experience of a lifetime that runs in Qatar from January to June every year, pretty much similar to skydiving.

But hang on, where exactly can you head to in a big country like Qatar to experience kite-surfing? Well, there's no better place than Fuwairit. Located at a short drive from Doha, Fuwairit has the perfect conditions for kite-surfing with its shallow waters and an enclosed bay which is perfect for beginners.

Besides, while Fuwairit offers the best experience of kite-surfing, specially for beginners, there are other notable spots as well, in case you wish to try other options.

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These include-

1. Al Mafjar

2. Sumaysimah

3. Al Aaliya Island.

7. Camel Ride

Camel Ride in doha
Camel Ride

Headed off to a desert and fail to try camel ride? Well, you're missing the real fun. There are not many destinations in the world that offer camel rides as satisfying as Qatar. One of those Qatar tourist attractions that is for everyone, travelers get a variety of options in this case.

They can either watch camel races or ride camels over the dunes of Qatar. Besides, there's no better place than the Al Shahaniya Racetrack to watch camel races unlike anywhere else when you're on your travels in Qatar. The track organizes all domestic, national and international camel races and is one of the most popular race tracks in all of Qatar.

What's more? Travelers get an option of different packages in case they wish to watch the race and ride the camels over the dunes. The package generally includes a camel ride of one hour along with hotel transportation and refreshments on the tour.

8. Quad Biking

Quad Biking in Qatar
Quad Biking

Another of those Doha attractions that youngsters would certainly love to enjoy is Quad Biking. Much similar to dune bashing, yet slightly under your control, this a widely recognized activity in Qatar that travelers thoroughly enjoy doing. The best part about Quad Biking is that the bike is under your control so take it wherever you want.

While beginners generally stick to plain areas, professionals go Quad Biking on the dunes, and guess what? It is exciting. So in case you're wondering where to find Quad Biking in Qatar, well look no further. The Sealine Beach which is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Qatar offers a Quad Biking experience like no other. There are ATVs available on rent at minimal prices that visitors can rent and enjoy Quad Biking along the beach areas and dunes.

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9. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding in Doha

I know what you're thinking, what's Wakeboarding? Well, this is a fun sport that is a combination of snowboarding and water skiing. Over the years, Wakeboarding has gained immense popularity amongst the natives of Doha, and today, there are two popular Doha attractions that offer Wakeboarding to travelers headed there.

Those are- the Diplomatic Club near Pearl Doha, and Qatar Water Sport located at the private beach of Intercontinental Hotel. Both the spots are widely recognized for Wakeboarding and are set to make your experience a good one. Besides, when it comes to this adventure activity, it is not difficult to learn and even the beginners would enjoy learning and doing it.

10. Sailing

Sailing in Doha

Ever dreamt of sailing a boat on your own? Well how about giving it a try now? Widely due to its climatic conditions, Qatar is one country that offers the perfect conditions for sailing, and what better place than Doha itself to explore the blue Arabian waters?

Famed as one of the most joyous Doha attractions, travelers can head over for sailing in the water of Arabian gulf all year round as the conditions for sailing in Qatar stay more or less the same. You might even opt for the Regatta Sailing Academy that offers certified sailing courses for all ages.

What is exciting is that you can even rent a yacht and go up for sailing in the waters. The Boat Lagoon Yachting is one agency that provides boats and yachts on rent at minimal prices.

11. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Doha
Jet Skiing

Now are you someone who's on his/her travels in Qatar and thinking of exploring the unique marvels of Doha from the waters? Well, one of the top adventure activities in Doha, Jet Skiing is highly popular and a go-to pick for travelers on their travels in Doha.

There are jet skis available on rent on most of the beaches in Doha and tourists can either opt for solo tours or join a group to take a tour of the famous Pearl, the Corniche and so much more. There are many local travel agencies in the region that even offer safaris on jet skis and take you around the city of Doha to catch a glimpse of it from the water.

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12. Aspire Tower

Aspire Tower in Qatar
Aspire Tower

So this may sound a bit odd, and I know what you're thinking, how can a tower offer anything adventurous? But here's a thing, the Aspire Tower is no ordinary tower you see everyday. Located in Doha and standing 300 meters high, this is a skyscraper that is one of the finest Doha attractions today.

But what is more exciting is that the tower offers a 360° degree view of the city when you climb to the top and look down around. It is no less than adventurous when you look down the tower while standing at the top of it. Over the years, the Aspire Tower has particularly attracted  visitors because of the view it gives and the kind of drinks it serves.

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13. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Qatar
Hot Air Balloon Ride

Venturing in a trip to Qatar and going through the list of adventurous attractions? Well, the list just goes on. Besides, let me add another attraction you are set to your list that you are bound to enjoy in case you're traveling to Qatar in December or later.

The country is set to host its famous Qatar Balloon Festival during December for 12 days where at least 60 teams with balloons are set to participate. The event that took place in 2019 had 30 balloons in the air while that number is set to double up in 2020.

Not only this, but the festival will be having 90 balloons in 2021 and about 120 balloons in 2022. The flight of these balloons during the festival upon taking off is of approximately 45 to 60 minutes and is one of the finest Doha attractions you can expect to get. So why not take a sight of this amazing view of over 50 hot air balloons floating in the air?

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A city that is easily the wealthiest in the world, Doha offers a lot more than your usual travel holidays in Qatar. This is a city that not only boasts of its structural marvels and historical museums but also its adventure activities that travelers can try. Whether you think of watersports, climbing, or even desert adventure activities, Doha has everything you can possibly ask for. So why not add it to your travel list?


Q1. What are the adventurous activities?

Adventurous activities mainly include mountaineering, scuba diving, cycling, climbing and so much more.

Q2. Is there anything to do in Doha?

The short answer is, yes. Doha has a variety of attractions like rich architectural marvels, historical museums, adventure activities, and a lot more that are a real delight to the travelers.

Q3. Is Doha worth visiting?

One of the wealthiest cities in the world, Doha offers something for everyone, from adventure sports to historical museums and delicious cuisines, this is a city that has to be on your travel list.

Q4. Which experiences are best for outdoor activities in Doha?

If you're looking for outdoor adventure activities in Doha, then watersport and dune bashing are the two must-try activities in Doha.

Q.5 Which experiences are best for water sports in Doha?

When it comes to watersports, scuba diving, jet skiing, and sailing are the top attractions for tourists in Doha. Read the above article to know more.