Located on the eastern side of the country and being the capital of Qatar, Doha is steadily gaining global recognition for its fine hospitality and an enthralling blend of modern and traditional. Home to some of the finest hotels and resorts, travelers coming to this part of the country find themselves spoilt for choices as far as their stay in Doha is concerned.

But now here's a thing, hotels and resorts in Doha have a unique charm about them and are right up there with the very best in the world in terms of the facilities they provide. So, if you're booking your stay in Doha and have ample choices to pick from, which resort do you go for?

Well, here's our take on the finest resorts in Doha that are bound to make your holidays in Qatar worth remembering.

Best 10 Resorts To Stay In Doha On Your Travels

The resorts mentioned below have been chosen as the best places to stay in Qatar by multiple sources.

1. Al Messila, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Resort In Doha

Strategically located barely 25 minutes from the Hamad International Airport and about 15 minutes from Doha's City Center, the Al Messila Luxury Collection Resort and Spa blends the high standards of hospitality along with the rich heritage of the city. This is a resort that does every bit to make your stay in Doha a memorable one.

Located in an isolated setting and giving a palace-like feel to its guests, wellness and enhanced lifestyle is the name of the game when you first visit the resort. The resort, in fact, has been tipped by many as the finest in the capital.

As for what it offers, there are one hundred and thirty-two luxury rooms and suites along with thirty premium villas attached with a pool, and a garden with top of the line services and amenities. Guests even get their private butler service along with other facilities.

What's more? Guests get to experience fine dining at the resort's restaurant that serves some of the amazing delicacies. There is even a tennis court along with an outdoor and indoor pool which you can use according to your preference. So, why not spend a day or two of your holidays staying at the Al Messila Luxury Collection Resort?

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2. The Ritz-Carlton


Being one of the oldest places to stay in Doha, the luxury and grandeur of Ritz-Carlton speaks for itself. It is one of the oldest hotels in the city and is widely renowned for its services and highly supportive staff who, as many put it, would go that extra mile to deliver you what's best in class.

Rooted a mere 7 minutes from downtown Doha and 30 minutes from the Hamad International Airport, the location of Ritz-Carlton is very strategic, to say the least. The hotel has its own private island on the west bay lagoon district and boasts of its amazing views.

Guests coming to stay at Ritz-Carlton on their holidays get to see the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, the mesmerizing Doha Corniche, and the skyline of Lusail City which only adds up to the excitement of the location.

What's more? Ritz-Carlton has a total of three hundred and seventy-two guest rooms along with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a world-class spa, and a meeting room in case you've arrived at the hotel for some business conference. Virtually every corner of the hotel had been designed with a modern outlook which is a true delight for the travelers coming to stay here on their travels in Qatar.

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3. The St. Regis Doha Hotel and Resort

St. Regis Doha Hotel
St. Regis Doha Hotel

Being a part of the Al Gassar Resort and rooted right at the heart of the city, the St. Regis Doha Hotel and Resort sits adjacent to the gorgeous Pearl Island and the iconic Katara Cultural Village. Guests coming for their stay in Doha are usually mesmerized by the elegant luxury of the resort.

One of the main reasons why this hotel features amongst the best places to stay in Doha, St. Regis has rooms that have been designed with a modern outlook but with a touch of tradition. The rooms overlook the gorgeous sea and the resort even offers complimentary butler service to its guests throughout the duration of their stay on tour.

Excited? Well, hang on. The St. Regis resort even has an Olympic size swimming pool and a dining facility where you get to taste the most amazing dishes, both European and Qatari.

So if you wish for a calming stay in Doha on your next trip to Qatar, St. Regis Resort could be the place for you.

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4. Sharq Village & Spa Resort

Sharq Village & Spa resort

Do you wish to experience staying in rural Qatar? Heading over on a trip to Qatar and thinking where you can find it? Well, there's no better place than the Sharq Village & Spa resort.

Located near Ritz-Carlton and right along the Arabian Gulf, this is a resort that offers a lot more than just the rural experience of Qatar. Having being built so as to represent the colonial style of Qatar, Sharq Village and Spa is one of the closest resorts in Doha located near to the Hamad International Airport.

Guests coming for their stay here can get rooms attached to a private swimming pool and terrace so as to allow you to enjoy your private time with much comfort. The best part? The resort has a world-class spa called the "Sixth Sense Spa" that offers amazingly relaxing services to its guests.

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5. Hilton Doha

One of the best resorts in Qatar located on Doha Corniche, Hilton's supremacy in terms of its location is pretty clear. The resort has a number of facilities to make the stay of guests as hassle-free as possible. Located on its own private beach, there are 6 different dining options too that the guests coming here get with each serving the best of food you can possibly expect to get.

In case you're coming to stay here in your own car, the resort has a complimentary parking service along with free valet parking. Besides, if you're a fitness enthusiast wanting to stick to your workout routine even on your travels, the resort has a fitness center along with an outdoor pool.

Children get their own playing area which is fully equipped with modern playing equipment. But hang on, are you making a trip to Qatar for a business conference? Well, the Hilton Doha has you covered. The resort has a world-class meeting room along with a business center where major business conferences and events can be hosted.

So, why not try a stay in this Doha hotel and Resort on your holidays and experience the rich opulence?

6. Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha

Marsa Malaz Kempinski Doha

A true example of comfort and privacy, the Marsa Malaz Kempinski Doha is an ultimate luxury resort that easily features in the 10 best places to stay in Doha. The resort has a total of two hundred and eighty-one rooms and suites that have been designed as an embodiment of both Arabian and European culture.

Overlooking the enchanting Arabian Gulf and the Pearl, Marsa Malaz Kempinski has a variety of facilities like a private beach, outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court, its fine state of the art fitness center, a kid's club, and so much more.

The resort even has a staggering seven restaurants and four elegant bars and lounges for a culinary experience like no other. Besides, the notable part about this resort is that it offers modern conference rooms and fine outdoor areas which makes it a perfect place to host multiple events.

Guests can try various water sports activities on the private beach along with other facilities. So why not add the Marsa Malaz Kempinski to your list of best places to stay in Doha?

So now we've discussed the finest resorts in Doha, let's discuss the primary point, which is to travel to Doha.

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7. Banana island resort Doha by Antara

Banana island resort Doha by Antara
Banana island resort Doha by Antara

The banana island, a crescent beach with glittering golden sand and warm Azure waters is one of the most beautiful island destinations in Qatar. Set amidst the serenity and tranquility of the ocean view, the banana island resort Doha by Antara is undoubtedly the luxury beach resort you are looking for a leisure holiday. Defined by the Arabic art and the Qatari hospitality, this one of the best resorts in Doha not just offers a soothing and serene landscape but even lends you the comfort you need for spending your vacation.

Coming to the service and facility offered at this five-star property, the banana island resort has rooms equipped with all your needed facilities. Apart from being spacious and well furnished, these rooms at the resort have modern amenities like flat-screen TV and minibar, separate bathroom and showers with toiletries, private seating area attached to lend complete comfort.

Guests here get the option to choose from ocean-facing rooms or pool rooms, the overwater villa and other luxury accommodating space with all fancy decor.

It is the wellness and spa in this banana island resort that adds quality to its service. Enjoy and relax with the traditional healing and spa session that offers a rejuvenating experience for your leisure break at one of the best resorts in Qatar.

8. Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel
Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel

The Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel stand as one of the best resort for a Doha holiday. With a short drive from the international airport, the hotel is ideal for tourists looking for a luxury staycation. Adding to its popularity, this is one of the first hotels that has received a green key certification for championing sustainability in the entire hotel industry.

Moving to the accommodation and services offered to every guest in Sheraton grand resort, the property has listed around 371 luxury and spacious rooms. Each of the room of this luxury Doha resort is decorated with all modern and contemporary interiors. With a piece of comfy bed furniture, an overlooking window and amenities like TV, coffee and tea maker and more, you can spend your vacation with utmost leisure.

Embrace every comfort and luxury that is being offered by the staff. Taking care of your needs, the resort provides 24x7 assistance with other facilities like spa and fitness center. There are swimming pools, a private beach and a separate Sheraton fitness centre with all your gym accessories. While you reserve your stay at one of the luxury resorts in Qatar relax in the steam and sauna room it at an infinity jacuzzi that even offers a spectacular view.

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9. Retaj Salwa Resort & Spa

Retaj Salwa Resort & Spa
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Spend your holiday at one of the most elegantly designed properties, Retaj Salwa resort and spa where you can discover a new luxury and comfort. Each of the 168 rooms in this luxury property beholds the utmost style and leisure you are looking for your holiday break.

The accommodating space at Retaj flaunts a modern and contemporary blend of interior art. There are rooms and villas that feature chic and sophisticated decor to let you embrace the moments. Talking of the villas, the Retaj Salwa resorts and spa is undoubtedly among the best resorts to stay in Qatar where you will have every need listed. The private Oasis of every villa in the resort offers a private yard and pool.

There is a separate dining space with some of the best cafes and lunges offering you the real taste of Qatar. Rejuvenate and relax with the best spa therapies inspired by Arab and heartwarming Qatari hospitality's traditional techniques. The resort here has the most acceptable service as skin anti-ageing and a pool for public use.

10. Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villas

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Reserve your stay at the best resorts in Qatar, the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villas. Stretching to an area of 3.5 km, this beach resort offers a spectacular view and the most luxurious holiday in Doha. Admire the beauty of its unique and contemporary architecture, fancy interior, and Arabian style that making it one of the finest accommodations for holidays. The private Beachfront resort has listed every facility and service you need to make your stay comfy and admirable.

Choose your living space from the best categorized rooms as suites or executive rooms, the guest rooms and more. No matter where you reserve your stay, there will be facilities like TV and furniture, bathroom with toiletries and 24x 7 room assistance to ensure the utmost comfort. Some of the rooms here overlook the sea, adding to the beauty of your perfect accommodating space.

The Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villa even offer dining space, swimming pool, fitness center and the best spa therapies in Qatar. You can relish the taste of all international cuisines at the best restaurants in this resort.

How to Reach Doha, Qatar?

Reaching to Doha isn't much of a hassle compared to years back. There are direct cheap flights available from virtually all destinations around the world. Besides, being one of the largest transit gateways for overseas travelers in the world today, Qatar has become a primary travel destination for many travelers in the world.

Travelers can book a flight to Qatar online or contact their local travel agent for the same.

Being a city with a rich history, and having preserved its rich culture, Doha still doesn't fail to amaze when it comes to places for staying here. From the finest hotels to luxurious resorts with their eye-catching interiors, this is a city that is no less than a dream for travelers. So, in case you're wondering where to stay in Doha on your trip to Qatar, try staying a day or two in either of the resorts mentioned above and feel the luxury like nowhere else.


Q1. What is the price of beach resorts in Qatar?

As of 15th August 2020, the starting prices for beach resorts in Qatar have been around ₹ 5,155. Although normally the prices stay around ₹ 15,765.

Q2. Do any beach resorts in Qatar have a pool?

Yes, resorts like Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Hotel, Hilton Doha, and Marsa Malaz Kempinski have swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor.

Q3. Which beach resorts in Qatar offers a gym?

Resorts like Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Hotel, Hilton Doha have fitness centers included in their facilities.

Q4. Which beach resorts in Qatar have free parking?

Apart from a number of resorts, Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Hotel, Hilton Doha have free parking available for guests.

Q5. Which are the popular luxury resorts in Doha?

Resorts like Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Hotel, Hilton Doha, Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Ritz-Carlton, and the Sharq Village and Spa resort are amongst the popular luxury resorts in Doha.

Q6. What service is offered at Banana Island resort Doha?

Banana Island Resort is one of the best resorts that offers:

  • Spacious rooms
  • Dining area
  • Spa and Wellness center
  • Swimming pool and private beach
Q7. How far is Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel from the Hamad international airport?

The Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel is just 10 km from the international airport in Doha that will take 15 to 20 min of the drive to reach.

Q8. Is there spa and fitness center at Retaj Salwa Resort & Spa?

The Retaj Salwa Resort & Spa offers the best spa in Qatar to the guests. Guest here gets access to the fitness center as well.