The capital of Qatar and a city renowned for its fine hospitality and a wide range of attractions, Doha offers more than just a trip to the travelers. This is a city that continues to grow in fame amongst travelers from all around the world. From gorgeous beaches and finest hotels and resorts that offer a stay as you've never experienced before, there's more than one reason why Doha has to be on your travel list the next time you make a trip to Qatar.

But here's a thing, Doha has many hotels that offer more or less the same services in terms of stay. But have you ever thought about the places that stand out in terms of staying in Doha while you're on your trip to Qatar?

Well, in case you're headed on a vacation to Qatar and wondering where to stay in Doha, here's our round-up of some of the finest hotels to stay in the city.

Best Places To Stay In Doha

The hotels listed below are well-renowned for their fine hospitality and luxury stay that travelers admire the most.

Mandarin Oriental Doha Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Doha Hotel

Are you looking for a hotel that is at a walking distance from some of the top Doha attractions? Well, Mandarin Oriental is the place for you. Rooted in the middle of downtown Doha, this is a hotel that is well famed for its modern rooms with a blend of tradition. Travelers coming to stay here can expect to get luxury like nowhere else.

What is special about the hotel is its in-house restaurant that serves both modern as well as traditional Qatari cuisines to its guests and just in case if you're thinking how is the food, well, expect a delight for your taste buds.

The hotel even has other luxury facilities like Sauna, heated pool, and a heated pool that is enough to make your stay in Qatar worth a while.

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W Hotel

W Hotel in Doha
W Hotel

Another hotel that features in the finest hotels to stay in Doha is the W Hotel. Located along the west bay lagoon, this is a hotel that offers just about every facility you can possibly think of. Whether you need a spa, nightclub, restaurant, bar, pool and what not, the hotel offers every facility to its guests.

Being one of the primary Qatar tourist attractions, W Hotel is also renowned for its rooms that have been designed with modern facilities while a hint of Islamic art is reflected in the decoration of the rooms. Likewise, talking about the restaurant, it is a paradise, as they say, for foodies coming here and offers some delicacies you won't regret paying for.

However, guests need to be mindful of the heavy rush in the restaurant. Hence, booking a table prior to coming to the restaurant would be a wise pick.

The Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel in Doha
Four Seasons Hotel

A hotel that banks on its mesmerizing beach views and delicious cuisines, the Four Seasons Hotel is one of the most popular Doha attractions for tourists today. Some natives even believe it to be the best hotel in Doha owing to the kind of luxuries it offers.

The hotel has rooms facing the sea and beach with bigger balconies so as to allow you to witness the sunrise with as much comfort. What is more exciting is that the hotel's in-house restaurants serve a buffet that is certainly a hot attraction amongst the tourists. What else? The tourists get the option of a spa in case they long for some pampering. The Four Seasons Hotel even has one of the best pools in all of Doha.

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St. Regis Resort

Regis Resort in Doha
Regis Resort

Another resort located by the ocean in Doha which could be perfect for your stay on your tour is the St. Regis. The resort offers complimentary butler service to every guest that arrives throughout the duration of their stay at the resort. What's best? The rooms at St. Regis have been designed with a modern outlook with a hint of Arabic style very evident.

It is one of the most elegant resorts that travelers can find in Doha owing to its sea-facing rooms and an Olympic sized pool along with a spa. Besides, if you're someone who likes to stay amidst the calm and enjoy some amazing cuisines, this is the resort waiting for you.

Al Messila Resort & Spa

Al Messila Resort & Spa
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Resorts in Doha are all about the luxuries of life and provide facilities that any travelers would be proud of. Another such resort that sets the bar high is the Al Messila Resort & Spa.

Located in a private palace-like setting, the resort could just be your spot for a peaceful stay in Doha. It has a total of 152 rooms, suites, and premium villas, each of which are attached to your own private pool, butler service, and a garden. Too good for a holiday experience, isn't it?

Besides, the resort welcomes its guests in a special Qatari style and boasts of its aesthetic setting all around, enough to make your holiday delight.

Marriott Marquis

Marriott Marquis in Doha
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Rooted as the city center in the western bay, Marriott Marquis is a newly opened hotel in Doha but is remarkable in its service, to say the least. The hotel has all facilities that travelers expect from some of the best places to stay in Doha. The rooms boast of their amazing city view with services that are a treat.

What's amazing is that Marriott Marquis has one of the biggest rooftop pools in the city and provides its guests with direct access to the City Center Mall in Doha. So if you're someone who's more interested in shopping around the city and wish to stay somewhere close to the shopping spots, Marriott Marquis is the hotel for you.

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton in Doha
Ritz Carlton

Who doesn't know about the famous Ritz Carlton, right? One of the oldest hotels in Qatar, the staff at Ritz Carlton still works at its best, always willing to go the extra mile to provide you the best possible hospitality and luxurious express of stay in Doha.

The hotel is rooted near the Lagoona Mall, making it a perfect place for shopaholics to come and spend their holidays. What's more? If you're someone who's willing to catch a glimpse of the amazing landscapes and picturesque scenes in Doha, this is the place for you as Ritz Carlton has it all along with a variety of trees by which it is surrounded by.

The hotel even offers other facilities like in-house restaurants, pools, and a spa to make your stay in Doha as comfortable as it gets.

The Torch

The Torch in doha
The Torch

Are you in love with the fancy hotels that look funky but are luxurious in every possible way? Well, the Torch hotel located near the Villagio Mall and Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Stadium is the place every traveler has to visit on their travels in Qatar. The hotel has fully automated rooms which are not just a luxury but are also controlled by an iPad.

What's more? The Torch offers facilities like a health club and infinity pool that guests can thoroughly enjoy. Besides, the best highlight about this hotel is its 360-degree revolving restaurant that offers a panoramic view of the city. In fact, the restaurant is not just about the views that it offers, but also about the food that it serves to its guests which is mainly Mediterranean and Italian.

Sharq Village & Spa

Sharq Village & Spa in Doha

Located near Ritz Carlton and along the Arabian Gulf, the Sharq Village and Spa is a true highlight for travelers who wish to feel the experiences of rural Qatar. The resort has been built in a traditional colonial manner and is one of the closest resorts to the Doha Airport.

The best part about the rooms at this resort is that all have attached terraces and a private swimming pool to let you enjoy your private time with as much comfort. Talking about the spa, it is one of resort's specialties and is called the in-house Sixth Sense Spa that offers plush-old relaxing services.

So, in case, you're looking for a rural experience in Doha, why not pay to visit the Sharq Village & Spa resort and spend your holidays here?

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Al Jasra Boutique Hotel

Al Jasra Boutique Hotel

Located in one of the most iconic locations in Doha, the Al Jasra Boutique Hotel is a modern hotel in Souq Waqif that offers hospitality you would long for again. It is rooted at the Ali Bin Abdullah Street and has large gorgeously decorated rooms with aloft ceilings that will leave you jumping with joy.

What else? The rooms at Al Jasra Boutique Hotel have a large lounge area, a kitchen and study area for guests so as to make you feel the comfort. It's two in-house restaurants, Al Sanbouk and Argan, serve the most delicious food you would on your travels in Qatar. They are well-renowned in the city of Doha for their food and are even considered as the best restaurant in Doha to some extent.

However, if you're more in looking for liquors, well, then is not the place for you as Al Jasra Boutique Hotel doesn't serve liquor.

Al Zubarah Boutique Hotel

Now here's a thing, many travelers coming for a stay in Doha often expect not to spend too much on their stay but still wish to get that luxury. Well, it’s not often that you get that privilege in a city like this. In any case, there's one hotel that can definitely make it possible.

Located in Al Rawabi Street and tipped by many as being the best hotel in Doha for budget stays, the Al Zubarah Boutique Hotel includes the Wi-Fi and breakfast price in the room price itself. Talking about its ambiance? The hotel has old Qatari paintings displayed all over the place which gives a unique yet great feel of the age-old Qatari culture.

As for the facilities, the hotel has two in-house restaurants that serve delicious food to its guests. However, the hotel doesn't serve alcohol at any time.

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Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt in doha
Grand Hyatt

Last but not the least in our list features the world-renowned Grand Hyatt resort. A resort that promises a grand stay alongside the sea, Grand Hyatt has a mesmerizing garden, beautiful chandeliers, and classical music that is enough to win your heart.

The Resort is well appreciated for its fine services and a welcoming staff that is ready to serve you with the best possible solutions to everything. Its true highlights are its in-house restaurant and sea view rooms. Travelers coming here can request a room with a sea view for an amazing experience. The rooms are even connected with a balcony and terrace.

Besides, what's best? The resort is located on the beautiful West Bay Lagoon which promises amazing scenes that are set to be a visual delight for the visitors.  

So, we know the best places to stay in Doha, let's now discuss the top modes of travel to the city.

How To Reach Doha?

Flights to Qatar
Flights to Qatar

Reaching Doha isn't so much of a hassle. Travelers thinking about heading on a trip to Qatar can travel here by air only. One can book a flight to Qatar online and travel by air.

A city that offers so much more than just a holiday, Doha has numerous places where travelers can stay and spend their holidays full of fun. With luxurious hotels and scintillating resorts, travelers can expect to be spoilt for choices when heading on a trip to Qatar. So why wait and pondering over the best places to stay in Doha? Check out a place that suits yours needs the most and books a holiday in Qatar.


Q1. What are the best hotels near Souq Waqif?

Some of the best hotels near and in Souq Waqif are - Al Jasra Boutique Hotel, Gokulam Park, Saraya Corniche Hotel, and so on. Read the above article to know more about the best hotels in the city.

Q2. What are the best resorts in Doha?

Best resorts in Doha include - The Intercontinental Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Sheraton Grand Doha Resort, and so on. Read the above article to know more about Four Seasons Hotel and other top places to stay in Doha.

Q3. Do any luxury hotels in Doha have a pool?

Yes, nearly all the luxury hotels that you would find in Doha offers outdoor as well as private swimming pools to their guests which are attached to their rooms.

Q4. Which luxury hotels in Doha are good for families?

There are many hotels that families can head to in Doha. Some of the top ones include - Sheraton Grand, Grand Hyatt, Convention Hotel, Mondrian Doha, etc.

Q5. Do any luxury hotels in Doha have a swim-up bar?

Yes, hotels like Sheraton Grand, Ritz Carlton, and Intercontinental Doha offer swim-up bars to their guests. Read the above article to know more about Sheraton Grand and Ritz Carlton.