Doha Corniche, one of the most striking places to visit in Doha is a 7 km long stretch of promenade along the Doha Bay. Shaped in half-moon, this scenic waterfront promenade starts from Sheraton Hotel till Museum of Islamic Art and is surrounded by lush-green spaces and modern architectures. The vibrant aura and the picturesque views that one gets to encounter at the Doha Corniche makes it a popular hangout spot among tourists and locals alike. Doha’s uber modern skyline overlooking the promenade makes the whole sight even more fascinating. Not just this, there are a number of interesting things to do at Doha Corniche which will make your trip to Doha, a more memorable one.

12 Interesting Things To Do At Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche has so much to offer to tourists as it is one of the most scenic spots to visit in Qatar. One of the most charming places to visit in Doha is definitely Doha Corniche which is a great hangout place and an ideal spot for evening strolls. It is brimmed with restaurants, clubs, parks and cultural attractions, so a complete day at the corniche can be spend without getting bored. Corniche looks extremely scintillating during the night overlooking the glistening skyline of Doha.

With ample of night clubs surrounding the Corniche, there is no dearth of entertainment here. Not just this, some of Qatar’s most luxurious hotels can be found near the Corniche where a stay can be booked for a completely lavish experience. From clicking gorgeous snaps to taking a dhow cruise, Doha Corniche offers a completely soul-satisfying experience in a lit ambience. Check out this list of top things to do at Doha Corniche which will make you fall in love with Doha all over again.

1. Capture The Scenic Views Of Dawn and Dusk

Scenic Views in Doha

One of the best times of the day to head to Corniche in Doha is during dawn and dusk. The enthralling sunrise and sunset views are worthy to be captured in your cameras. You will find local people jogging and exercising in the morning. In the evening, the sun setting behind the glistening skyscrapers make for the perfect view. Enjoy a leisurely walk with your partner on the paved pathway to feel the refreshing breeze from the sea, admiring the mesmerizing views of the sunset.

2. Enjoy A Great Dining Experience With A Pristine Sea-View

 Pristine Sea-View in Qatar

Doha Corniche is blessed with a few cafes and restaurants in Doha that offer a soul-satisfying gastronomic experience to all the foodies out there. You can relish the Arabian and Lebanese delicacies offered at the Al Mourjan Restaurant while admiring the enchanting views of the sea. Gorge on the meal while cherishing the gorgeous vistas at this restaurant near Doha Corniche. This restaurant is quite famous among celebrities and business tycoons who can be spotted here enjoying a hearty meal. Other dine-in options located in close proximity to the Corniche are Bukhara, La Veranda Italian Restaurant and West End Café & Patisserie.

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3. Take A Ride On The Traditional Dhow Cruise

Traditional Dhow Cruise in Qatar

Another delightful thing to do at the Doha Corniche is taking a dhow cruise during the sunset and admire the shimmering skyline of Doha. Strolling through this promenade in these Dhow boats is a great way to spend a leisurely evening. This Doha Corniche boat ride promises a soul-satisfying 30-minutes experience to the travelers in beautifully decorated traditional dhow boats. From the cruise, enjoy views of some of the most iconic landmarks of Doha like Dubai Towers and the Museum of Islamic Art.

4. Take Some Instagram-Worthy Shots At The Pearl Monument

Pearl Doha

At the northern end of this 7 km long promenade, you will find this scenic Pearl Monument at the entrance of the Dhow Harbor where you can click some really cool snaps as it looks super attractive and eccentric. The Pearl Qatar are an important part of Qatar as these were explored here even before the oil mining came into picture. Thus, you can see this huge monument shaped in the form of a shell with a pearl inside it at the entrance of the Dhow harbor. The Pearl Monument in Doha Corniche is always thronged with people who are waiting for their turn to get some Insta-worthy snaps at this spot.

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5. Spend Some Blissful Time At These Green Parks

Al Rumaila Park in Doha

Al Bidda Park: Doha Corniche is not just about the promenade brimmed with skyscrapers and a bay but it also has some gorgeous lush-green spaces to spend a few quality moments with your family and friends. One such famous park is the Al Bidda Park located on the Corniche Street.

The park boasts of playing area for children with swings, slides and other playing equipment. There are also amenities for skateboarding and skating. Besides this, you can also enjoy shopping from the small shops located near the water canal selling knick-knacks and other handicraft items. For some refreshment, there are also kiosks where you can get snacks, soft drinks, ice creams, burgers, tea and coffee. With so much to offer, Al Bidda Park is definitely a must visit on your Doha Corniche tour.

Al Dafna Park: Another amazing park located on the Corniche is the Al Dafna Park which is built in an area of approx. 93,297-meter square near the Sheraton Hotel. This is one of the most beautiful gardens in Doha that attract a lot of people because of the enchanting views of the Arabian gulf it offers. The whole park is brimmed with beautiful flora including trees like neem, palm, European olive trees and Alalbeza. Seasonal flowers grown in this park also adds to the beauty and charm of the park. Besides this, the Al Dafna Park in Doha has other amenities like a boat ride, cafeteria and a restaurant, free internet service, children’s play area, and washrooms which makes it an ideal place to spend some blissful time with friends and family.

Hotel Park: This walkway is blessed with so many scenic green spaces to spend some moments of joy with family and friends. The sophisticated architecture and design of this place makes it a must visit place when on a Doha Corniche tour. The mini-fountains, streams, man-made waterfalls, cobbled pathways, lush greenery and a dedicated space from where beautiful views of West Bay and promenade can be enjoyed are some unique feature which makes this park worth visiting in Doha.

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6. Marvel At The Beauty Of Historical Charms Near Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche

Lying at a walking distance from the Doha Corniche is the Museum of Islamic Art which is one of the top-notch cultural sites to visit in Qatar. The museum is equally astonishing from inside as it looks from outside. Reflecting the true culture and Arabic art of Qatar, you will find exhibits from other countries as well inside the museum. Taking a guided tour to this museum is one of the best things to do at the Doha Corniche.

There is also a restaurant within the premises of the museum from where enchanting views of the promenade and Doha Bay can be admired while gorging on the rich savories. Do not plan a visit on Tuesday as the museum is closed on Tuesdays so you might just end up looking it from outside!

7. Fly A Kite For A Joyous Experience

Fly A Kite For A Joyous Experience

Looking for entertainment options at the Doha Corniche? Well, there is no dearth of entertainment here as this place has a lot to offer to tourists and locals alike owing to its scenic location. With no obstacles, flying a kite at the Corniche in the evening is one of the best activities to enjoy here. In a pleasant weather with just perfect wind, kite flying is a great activity to enjoy here. Families with their kids come to the Corniche to fly kites and enjoy a great family time together. Also, Qatar has been hosting International Kite Festival for past 2 years which makes it quite a popular activity to try in the country.

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8. Enjoy Jet Skiing In The Warm Waters

Enjoy Jet Skiing In The Warm Waters

Although there are many things to do in Doha especially when it comes to spending your time near the Corniche, enjoying water sports still has to be one of the best options for visitors, and what better than a fine jet skiing experience in the serene waters of the Arabian Gulf. One can easily rent a jet ski at modest prices and enjoy a minimum of 20-30 minutes in water. Interestingly, there are multiple options for visitors as far as jet skiing near the Corniche in Doha is concerned. One gets to take a whole tour of some of the iconic locations right through the waters while the view of the city's skyline from the waters is a different experience altogether. So, what's the delay? Experience the thrill and fun involved with jet skiing as you enjoy the water sport in the heart of Doha.  

9. Spend Time At The Katara Beach

Spend Time At The Katara Beach

There are many places to visit in the Middle East but very few match the fun and excitement one gets in the capital of Qatar. The Katara Beach, nestled a little less than 8 Kilometers away from Doha is a place where one can truly spend a happening time. Being a part of the Katara Cultural Village in Doha and one of the most prominent spots to visit in the city, the beach ensures there are no dull moments here as you come to spend time with your family. Children coming to the beach get designated playing areas where every possible equipment is provided to them.

The best part? There are a number of water sports to enjoy here which visitors coming here can indulge in. However, anyone coming to the beach needs to remember a few things. There is a certain dress code that one is expected to follow which is very specific for both men and women. Swimming may not be allowed at the beach.

As for the timings of the beach, the Katara beach near the Doha Corniche, Qatar, is open from 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM for Beach Number 3 while the opening hours for Beach Number 4 & 5 are from 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM.  

10. Fine Dining At Al Mourjan

Fine Dining At Al Mourjan

Here's a thing, besides the so many things to do in Qatar, savoring the food here has to be a major attraction for visitors and the country's capital, Doha, has multiple eateries to look forward to. So, when it comes to restaurants near the Corniche, Doha, where do you go? Well, there's one place that not only satisfies your taste buds but is also there to offer you some mesmerizing sea views. Nestled under the Oryx Statue, the restaurant is a perfect place to savor the best of dishes while admiring the sea views.

Offering alfresco dining to visitors, the restaurant specializes in an Arabian-inspired menu which is one of the best in the town. Besides, if you're worried about what to eat at the restaurant, well, Al Mourjan is widely famous for its seafood in Doha. So, why not visit the restaurant and experience and fine dining in a serene setting?  

11. Relish Shopping At Souq Waqif

Relish Shopping At Souq Waqif

A perfect place to spend your day in the heart of Doha, Souq Waqif is a paradise that keeps on giving. Nestled only about 5 Kilometers away from the Corniche in Doha, the place offers a fine opportunity to visitors to experience the old charm of Qatar. The marketplace is set on an ancient trading site where animals and other things were traded for a nomadic way of life. The best part? There are a number of top restaurants in Doha that are located at Souq Waqif. One can not only shop for the best of antiques but can also find a number of restaurants at the marketplace.

From top-notch cafés and international restaurants to a wide range of restaurants offering traditional cuisines, there's a lot to look forward to at Souq Waqif in Doha for the visitors. However, considering the day temperatures in Doha that can be highly unbearable for visitors, travelers are advised to visit Souq Waqif during evenings as the temperatures during this time cool down a bit which makes for perfect conditions to enjoy your time here.  

12. Witness a Venetian Vibe At Villaggio Mall

Witness a Venetian Vibe At Villaggio Mall

One of the finest malls in Qatar that visitors need to know about, the Villaggio Mall is another fine place that deserves a visit in Doha. Nestled a little less than 15 Kilometers from the mall, the mall features an indoor canal where visitors can actually enjoy a gondola ride. The canal passes right through the mall and is an experience worth a memory. Featuring a number of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and so on, the place is perfect in case luxury shopping is on your mind.

What's more? Well, the Villaggio Mall features an amazing collection of entertainment and dining facilities alongside its shopping options which are set to fascinate you. Interestingly, the mall receives a massive crowd all around the year. On a daily basis, the Villaggio Mall receives an average crowd of 50,000 while more than 1.5 million people visit the mall every month of the year. With 15,000 sqm of luxury brands and a staggering 3,300 parking spaces, there's enough space for visitors to come and enjoy. So, what's the delay? Plan your visit to the Villaggio Mall in Qatar and have a merry time here.

Best Places To Stay Near The Doha Corniche

Here are some of the best places to stay in Doha that located near the Corniche.

1. Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel
Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel 

One of the finest hotels near the Doha Corniche, the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel is a five-star property that boasts of its ultimate comfort and luxury. The hotel has a total of seven dining options for the guests and overlooks the mesmerizing Arabian Gulf. Guests staying here can avail a number of facilities like the hotel’s 24-hour fitness center nestled in close proximity to a lush green garden or savor the finest delicacies at the restaurants that specialize in cuisines like Italian, Asian, and Middle Eastern. In fact, the culinary experience gets even better with the rooftop restaurant of the hotel along with beachfront dining and themed buffet which is a real treat to the tastebuds.

The rooms and suites at Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel have been elegantly designed and feature all top of the line amenities. Each room has an attached balcony that provides some scintillating views of the sea, the sunsets, and Doha's skyline. The best part? Guests get to use a number of additional facilities like the hotel’s tennis court, temperature-controlled swimming pool along with a jacuzzi, private parking on-site, squash courts, and so much more.

TripAdvisor Rating - 4.5

Location - Al Corniche St, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 1.5 KM

Exclusive Features -

  • 25 Event Spaces
  • Temperature-Controlled Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Restaurants
  • 24-Hour Fitness Center

2. Best Western Plus Doha Hotel

Image credit

One of the finest hotels in Doha located a mere 2 KM away from the Doha Corniche, the Best Western Plus Doha is a five-star property that offers a fine holiday experience to the guests. Having undergone refurbishment in 2015, the hotel offers its top-notch rooms that have all modern amenities and boast of their comfort.

From the finest of pool-side services to the best of spa and steam experience, guests staying at the Best Western Plus Doha get it all. In fact, one can get the best of massage services along with other treatments during the course of stay.

The hotel even has a total of two restaurants that specialize in a number of delicacies and take guests on a blissful culinary adventure. What else? There is an indoor swimming pool that adds to your relaxation. Featuring its fitness center where all weight lifting equipment and treadmills are available, the guests even get a personal aerobics instructor and a sports trainer to guide them along the way. As for the additional facilities of the hotel, the Best Western Plus Doha offers facilities like a doctor on call, 24-hour front desk, babysitting on request, and so much more for your comfort.

TripAdvisor Rating - 3.5

Location - Al Safilia Street, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 2 KM

Exclusive Features -

  • On-Site Restaurants
  • Fitness Center
  • Aerobics Instructor and a Sports Trainer
  • 24-hour Front Desk
  • Spa
  • Steam Room

3. Ezdan Hotel & Suites

Image credit

Nestled in Doha’s most iconic location, the West Bay, and within walking distance from the Doha Qatar Corniche, the Ezdan Hotel is another perfect haven for those who wish to stay in close proximity to the top attractions in Doha. The hotel features a whopping 3,000 units of luxurious apartments and rooms which have been designed with a sense of comfort and utmost luxury. Divided into 2840 serviced apartments and 196 hotel rooms, guests can expect to get the best of accommodation without a sense of discomfort.

Featuring its top of the line health club, the Ezdan Hotel even has its Olympic Size swimming pool for the enjoyment of the guests. The best part? There are a number of elegant restaurants at the hotel that offer the finest of International and other delicacies to the guests.

As for your business needs? The Ezdan Hotel has its convention center that features a total of seven halls and is equipped will all modern facilities perfectly adept for meetings, seminars, and more. While ensuring that the guests get all possible comfort, the Ezdan hotel and Suites offers additional facilities like a massage center, free internet facility, free parking space, and so much more.

TripAdvisor Rating - 4.5

Location - West Bay, P.O.Box 23488 Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 1.9 KM

Exclusive Features -

  • Massage Center
  • Spa
  • Convention Center
  • Olympic Size Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants

4. Saraya Corniche Hotel Doha

Image credit

One of the finest places to stay in Qatar, the Saraya Corniche Hotel Doha is located in the heart of Doha and boasts of its amazing comfort and tranquility. Featuring in the premier boutique five-star hotels of Qatar, Saraya offers a perfect holiday experience along the sun-drenched shores of the amazing Arabian Gulf.

Guests staying here can opt the hotels 187 rooms and suites that have been designed with sheer brilliance. There is a saloon along with a meeting room at the hotel to add to a wide range of facilities. What else? Guests can even avail the fine services of the spa at Saraya Corniche Hotel. Featuring its two private treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms and so much more, the spa offers aromatherapy treatment, foot massages, hot stone massages, Swedish massages, and more.

The best part? There is even a spacious swimming pool and the hotel's 59 Café or Shisha Garden for the guests to enjoy their evenings. Nestled just 12 minutes' walk away from the Museum of Islamic Art which is also one of the best places to visit in Doha, the other facilities of the Saraya Corniche Hotel Doha include a free parking facility, free Wi-fi facility, a bar, and so much more.

TripAdvisor Rating - 4.0

Location - Al Safliya Street, Zone No.18, Building No.1، Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 4 Minutes' Walk Away

Exclusive Features -

  • Spa
  • Bar
  • Fitness Center
  • Cafe
  • Saloon
  • Meeting Room

5. City Centre Rotana Doha

City Centre Rotana Doha

A 5-star hotel nestled near the Doha Corniche in the center of the Doha City, City Center Rotana Doha is one of the finest hotels that offers a lavish stay in the city. It is an ideal hotel for business and leisure travelers alike owing to the location of the hotel which is close to the business district. In close proximity to the hotel, one can find attractions like City Centre Mall for a great shopping experience and Doha Exhibition and Conference Center. The hotel features elegant interiors and rooms featuring floor to ceiling windows from where enchanting views of the Doha's stunning skyline and sea can be captured.

Dining won’t be an issue here as one can enjoy dining at the 7 most exquisite restaurants located within the hotel premises. The hotel also boasts of spacious rooms and halls for business meetings and conferences. For your wellness needs as well, there is also a fitness & wellness center with all the top-notch facilities for a rejuvenating therapy.

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Location: 850, Conference Centre, Doha

Distance from Doha Corniche: Approx. 2.6 km

Exclusive Features:

  • One, two or three bedroom apartments
  • Valet parking
  • Grand Almas Ballroom
  • Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club
  • 7 Dining Venues

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6. JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha

Image Credit

JW Marriott Marquis City Center is the best place to stay in Doha near the Corniche for a luxury and leisure holiday. Redefining your style of living, the hotel features the best service and facility that makes it one of the top staycations.

What's the best about this 5-star property is its short distance from the famous attraction in Doha. Located in the Corniche, JW Marriott Marquis City Center is just a few miles away from City Center Mall and Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

Taking care of your needs, the luxury hotel in Doha Corniche features a swimming pool, restaurants, cafés, and spacious rooms. From air conditioning to tv and a separate bathroom, the hotel has every luxury amenity to offer. The hotel also features the best spa for your relaxation and rejuvenation.

TripAdvisor Rating - 4.5

Location - Conference Centre Street, West Bay, Doha

Distance From Doha Corniche - 0.5 meters

Exclusive Features -

  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Spa and Fitness Center

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7. The Curve Hotel

The Curve Hotel
Image Credit

Following the curvature of Doha Corniche and its Shoreline, the Curve Hotel is listed as one of the best hotels in Doha Corniche. When it comes to facilities and services, the hotel has every amenity listed for the guests living there. No matter if you are on your family holiday or a business meeting, Curve hotel is ideally listed for your every visit to the city.

The curve Hotel represents the hospitality and warm culture of Qatar. Offering your spacious accommodating units, every room has a television with satellite, exquisite furnishing, toiletries, and a separate bathroom. Not limiting the exclusive features to the interior, there is a swimming pool, restaurants, and cafes, spa, and fitness center. You can enjoy the leisure evening by the pool or plan a family dinner at the top restaurants in Doha.

The Curve hotel overlooking the Arabian Gulf has 600 units to offer you a personalized stay in Doha.

TripAdvisor Rating - 4 stars

Location - Diplomatic Street, West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 7.9 km

Exclusive Features -

  • Swimming Pool
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Spa and Fitness Center

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8. DoubleTree By Hilton Doha

DoubleTree By Hilton Doha
Image Credit

DoubleTree By Hilton Doha is surely the best place where you can enjoy a staycation. This is one of the top hotels in Doha that is known for its facilities and heartwarming hospitality. If you are planning a family holiday, DoubleTree Hilton offers you the most exciting activities in Qatar.

Located in the Old Town, the hotel is just a walking distance from Souq Waqif, and other attractions. The rooms are spacious and laced with amenities like excellent furnishing, lavish interiors, separate bathroom and so more.

Try dining at the top restaurants like Claw BBQ Grill & Crabshack that are best known for international and authentic cuisines. Adding on to your comfort, the hotel has a swimming pool and fitness center.

TripAdvisor Rating - 4.5 stars

Location - Al Meena Street, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 1.2 km

Exclusive Features -

  • Swimming Pool
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Restaurants

One of the most incredible places in Doha which offers so much in such a less time, Doha Corniche reflects the true beauty of Qatar and is surrounded by a scenic setting. Taking a leisurely walk or just sitting here admiring the sunset is all you need for a tranquil getaway. Now that you are well aware of how to spend a day here and the interesting things to do, we are sure you will make the most out of your trip to Doha by visiting all these recommended things to do at the Doha Corniche.


Q1. How far is Doha Corniche from Hamad International Airport?

Doha Corniche lies at an approximate distance of 18.6 km from the Hamad International Airport and it takes around 25 minutes to reach it via a car or a taxi.

Q2. Is there any entry fee to visit Doha Corniche?

No, there is no entry fee to visit Doha Corniche.

Q3. Can one visit Doha Corniche at night?

Yes, you can visit Doha Corniche at night, infact you can enjoy a leisurely walk on the Corniche while admiring the beautiful Doha skyline or can visit the Museum of Islamic Art which is open till 7 pm.

Q4. What are some good restaurants to visit near Doha Corniche?

Some of the best restaurants serving delicious delicacies near Doha Corniche are Al Mourjan Restaurant, Bukhara, La Veranda Italian Restaurant, Bliss Street Restaurant and Twisted Olive Restaurant.

Q5. What are some good hotels near Doha Corniche?

Some good hotel options one can find near Doha Corniche are Golden Tulip Doha Hotel, Saraya Corniche Hotel, Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels – Tivoli, Double Tree By Hilton Old Town and Century Hotel Doha besides many others.

Q6. How long is Doha Corniche?

Doha Corniche is a stunning promenade which is 7 km long featuring various shops, restaurants, water sports facilities, cultural attractions and dhow cruise.

Q7. Are there any good night clubs near Doha Corniche?

Yes, there are some good options of night clubs near Doha Corniche like:

  • Al Corniche, Champion Pub
  • The Vogue Club
  • Crystal Lounge Doha
  • Club Ozone
  • The Club at the St. Regis Doha
  • Black Orchid
Q8. Which are some attractions to visit near Doha Corniche?

Some popular attractions near Doha Corniche are:

  • MIA Park
  • MIA Museum
  • Pearl Monument
  • Doha Tower
  • Souq Waqif
  • Qatar National Theatre
Q9. Can I get a dhow cruise from Doha Corniche?

Yes, one can easily find a dhow cruise from Doha Corniche which are priced on an hourly basis.

Q10. Are there any parks near Doha Corniche?

Yes, Doha Corniche gives to some green parks where a relaxing stroll can be enjoyed like:

  • Sheraton Hotel Park
  • Umbrella Park
  • Hotel Park
  • Al Bidda Park
  • Al Dafna Park