Doha, the most popular and populous city of Qatar with 1,351,000 people, is beautiful in its own way. Travel in Doha means diving in a vast ocean where there is so much variety to discover. Be it some interesting activities or adventure, a tour in and around the city or just some quality time, Doha is that one destination that has something for every traveler. Talk about shopping in Doha or some leisure time at the hotel, you will find excellence in every street. With the touch of tradition and the modernized era, this city is not just diverse, but unique enough to offer you a lifetime experience.

The picturesque landscape enclosed within the beaches and dunes makes the entire city look a dreamland, especially to the photographers. Discovering the attractions in Doha they can admire the serenity of desert during sunset and witness the calm adorning the skyscrapers and the crowded pavements.

5 Fascinating Things About Doha

Nestled close to the Persian Gulf, the city with a beautiful skyline is a center for everything, from tourism to business travel and commercial hubs. While we all know that Doha in its style and confidence is iconic, but there are certain facts, known and unknown that makes it a cool destination of the world to explore.

1. The City That Loves Art

loves art Doha

The art lies in every corner of Doha, from the markets to the museums and monuments. Being development on the verge, Doha is home to some magnificent buildings boasting the excellence of modern architecture and interiors. The best examples are hotels in Doha and villas around the city that redefines the term- luxury and add a glamorous touch to this fancy destination.

The love for art in Doha has been for a long time as some beautifully designed monuments exhibit the Islamic art, use of subtle colours and inspiration from the famous artist of the world. The Aspire Tower, Al Koot Fort and the Hamad International airport of Doha stands as the marvel of architecture art in the city.

While the historical places in Doha set an example for ancient art, there are museums around the city where a vast collection of art from the world is displayed. From the past few years, the city hosting exhibitions of some great art, murals and handicrafts to lures the art lovers across the globe.

Al Markhiya Gallery or the Katara Art Centre is one of the oldest art exhibition centers of Doha displaying the contemporary art of Arab. Al Corniche St is where one can discover a huge collection of international art. With the most famous gallery, Museum of Islamic, Doha is a home for a vast assortment of international art, sculpture, ceramic and textile from the past 1400 years.

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2. The City Of The Safest Country To Travel

safest country to travel

Qatar, Doha is all about culture and tradition. While travel in Doha comes with certain restriction about the clothing and how you behave in the public, your vacation in Doha can be the safest travel of all time. It is equally important for the tourist to understand the laws and rules as followed by the Qataris people living there. Coming to the fact how safe is Doha for vacation, well here are some points that will assure you security during your visit.

  • With a low crime rate, the tourist finds Qatar a safe place to travel freely. Even small crimes like snatching are rarely registered.
  • Women can roam freely, and they need to be appropriately dressed, as no short clothes or any kind of exposure is allowed in the city.
  • Doha with good medical facility in the city has made it safe to travel providing emergency aid. One can get a vaccine for measles and rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, varicella, and influenza 4 weeks before travel.
  • Terrorism is low or medium around the political borders as Qatar has recorded a low terrorist rate making the family places in Doha safe for visitors.

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3. Doha The Richest Of All

Doha the richest

Owing to its unprecedented wealth in the world, Qatar is a country of riches. Thanks to the oil and gas reserve of the country, Qatar ranks as the richest in the world, overtaking Luxembourg.

It is the culture and art of Doha that has made the city a rich country in terms of heritage and the traditional norms. The museums and galleries attract artist and art enthusiast hosting exhibitions every year. In the upcoming 2022 year, the country will record the highest rate of travel in Doha that has added to its development.

One can find some of the best luxurious hotels in Doha offering, a lavish stay in the premium premises. The classic interior, imperial accessories and topnotch service of these properties can be the features you are looking for a luxury vacation in Doha.

4. One-Stop Destination For Cultural Tours

cultural tours

A trip in Doha is nothing without its culture. While the cultural centers in Doha are famous worldwide for the magnificent art and handicraft, Doha is one top attraction in the world for people who loves to explore history.

Katara cultural village in Doha, also known as the valley of culture is the one place where you can discover everything from the art, sculpture, music, cinema and antiques. The attraction of Doha offers educational facilities like Cultural Center of the Childhood, Qatar Society for the Fine Arts, Qatar Music Academy and Qatar Music and theatre society.

The Sheikh Faisal Museum houses the traditions from the bygone era, the art of local artists and culture prevailing for years. Don’t miss out the Museum of Islamic art highlights the culture and art inspired by art. These cultural places make the ideal family places in Doha, where one can admire the culture and catch a glimpse of its rich art and heritage.

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5. A Land Of Diversity

A land of diversity

When we talk about the landscape, Doha is a land where you can explore the beaches and desert. Some dunes and coastlines make Qatar a land of diversity. Defining the geography, Doha is enclosed within the border of the Persian Gulf, offering an escape to the pristine coastline. The Al Wakrah Beach, Katara beach, Al Khor Beach and Al Ghariya Beach are some beaches in Doha you can visit to explore in this diverse land. The low-lying region of the cost houses corals and aquatic life that one can with discovering with scuba diving tours.

Coming to the desert, Qatar is a land of high and low dunes, with a majority of the region as flat, barren and deserted with gravels and sand. Not only the crystallin sand appears beautiful in the sun, but the desert also offers adventure with a panoramic view. Tours like camel and desert safari, dune bashing and parasailing and more, are conducted for your travel in Doha.

With the wonders of nature and man-made features, Doha stands out as a destination with some of the coolest fact making it worth a visit. With a small landscape, limited population and the plethora of amusements, Doha is one of the best-picked attraction of Qatar welcoming people from all walk of life. Now as you know the fascinating features of the city book your flights to Qatar and get ready to explore what Doha has to offer.


Q1. What are the best cultural spots in Doha to explore?
  • Katara cultural village
  • Museum of Islamic art
  • Souq Waqif
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Al Koot Fort
Q2. How is transportation in Doha?

Doha has a well-defined network of roads with a bus system covering a major area of the city. The metro line in Doha runs across the city along with ream routes in an area like West Bay.

Q3. How expensive is Doha?

A budget tour is something you might not enjoy in Doha. One can get an affordable accommodation option but transportation is expensive.

Q4. Is Qatar a safe country for females?

Qatar is a safe country for everyone with a low crime rate. While the country has some restriction for travellers on clothing and public behavior, there are minimum cases reported for women harassment or abuse.

Q5. Are there beaches in Doha?

Doha offers some of the amazing beaches and coastline to enjoy the beach vacation. Some of the best beaches in Doha are;

  • Katara beach
  • Fuwairit Beach
  • Zekreet Beach
  • Inland Sea
  • Simaisma Beach