The historical tour in Qatar is crafted with the best places that have offered a rich culture and heritage to the world. Going back to the 19th century, everything from the forts, the cities, mosques, the towers and architecture has been a part of its heritage site. It is since the era that the Qatari culture here is too influenced by the Bedouin tradition when it comes to art, literature, preaching and lifestyle. One can find stories and tales encouraged by the living of people along the Persian Gulf and adopting a sea culture through the time.

The cultural history of Qatar is dated back to 50,000 years when the civilization started and the tools were introduced for the practice of humans. The Islamic religion was first introduced in Qatar adding a cultural influence for the world. Toady each of the Heritage Sites in Qatar is like its historical ground where the first-ever discover and adaption of culture is still preserved.

Even after development and advancement in terms of infrastructure and lifestyle, a cultural influence can still, be experienced here in Qatar. Even after a life-changing development in Qatar, the people here are still in touch with the tradition, Islamic religion, its tradition, the cultural art that forms an essential part of its heritage.

List Of Heritage Sites In Qatar

Heritage sites in Qatar

While Qatar is a great leisure destination in the world, it is the heritage and culture that aid to its beauty. Housing some of the magnificent monuments and towers in the city, Qatar has some untouched attractions that are preserved for their historical influence. Be it a famous Qatar attraction sitting by the chaotic city or a fort standing at an isolated region of the country, you will discover the true Qatar inside the walls of these fascinating places.

Well here are the top ten cultural and UNESCO World heritage sites of Qatar that are worth a visit for your trip to Qatar.

Al Zubarah Archaeological Site

Al Zubarah Archaeological Site in Qatar

The Al Zubarah Archaeological site is recently added to the list of Qatar UNESCO world heritage site in 2013. The site houses some of the archaeological remains of Qatar civilization from 1760 that includes the fort, the houses markets and the mosque built then by the locals. The famous fort, Al Zubarah Fort is one of well-preserved remain of past that was built in the year 1938 to protect the inland well of the city.

The buildings at Al Zubarah are the only facts that prove that Qatar has always been a land of amazing architecture where there is a fusion of Qatari techniques and tradition touch. What makes this Heritage Sites in Qatar, an important part of the history is that the city was a coastal town used as exporting port, the markets for trading and industries that helped in building up the financial structure.

Timings: 9 A.M to 5 P.M (Saturday to Thursday) and 12:30 P.M to 5 P.M (Friday)

Address: X2GJ+X6P, Al Zubara, Qatar

Nearby attractions: Al Zubara Fort

How to reach-

Al Zubarah Archaeological site is just a short drive away from Doha that will take around one and an hour half’s drive from the city.

Al Khor Towers

Al Khor Towers

As the three watchtowers of Al Khor city, one of the splendid attractions and heritage sites that are said to be built in 1900. The Al Khor towers were built with a purpose of defending and protecting the city harbor from the traders, keeping an eye over the invading ships at the port and Ain Hleetan Well. This Ain Hleetan Well was known for its therapeutic properties and was the major lifetime for people living in the city.

Talking about the architecture of this place in Al Khor, each of the walls were built with 60 cm in thickness using mud and stone. With an approximate height of 26 feet, the towers allowed the guards to watch the area from an elevated height.

Address: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St - Al Rashidiya 1 - Ajman - United Arab Emirates

Nearby attractions: Jazirat Bin Ghannam

How to reach-

The Al Khor Towers are located in Al Khor of Qatar. It is just 2km away from the city centre while from Doha it is just a one-hour drive.


Freiha in Qatar

Freiha is known to be the oldest settlement of Qatar, dating back to the 17th and 18th century. This small abandoned village is dwelling to some of the remains and wrecks of the old mosque, middens, the houses and a barren shoreline. The region spreads to an area of 50 hectares where some of the historical pieces of evidence are still hidden.

It was in 2005 when this attraction became an interesting hotspot for the archaeologist and was declared as one of the Qatar heritage sites. The fortified structure here called Qal’ at Freiha is one of the famous attractions that was built with an Islamic touch of art.

Address: Al Shamal, Qatar

Nearby attractions: Zubara Fort, Al Jumail

How to reach-

The Freiha settlement lies in between the road to Al Zubarah and Madinat Ash Shamal. It is just 3 km north of the Zubarah town and can be reached with a short drive.

Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers in Qatar

Built by the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Jassim Al Thani, the Barzan Towers was used as a watchtower to monitor the region and observe the movement to predict the dates depending on the Lunar calendar. Constructed in 1919 and 1960 the two towers are now listed as the heritage sites in Qatar and are open for public visit.

The architecture of these fortified towers resembles the techniques and material like clay and mud that were used during the early settlement. With a height of 14 meters, the towers are shaped in cylindrical and rectangular structure. The Barzan Towers was built with many floors that gave it the Arabic name Barzan, standing for high Place.

Timings: 8 A.M to 12;30 P.M and 3 P.M to 6 P.M (Saturday to Thursday) and 3 P.M to 6 P.M (Friday)

Address: CC96+FX8, Muhammed, Qatar

Nearby attractions: Souq Waqif, Villagio Mall

How to reach-

Barzan Tower is open of the popular attraction in the list of Heritage sites in Qatar. The site lies close to the metro station, therefore, one can board a train from Doha. The closest stations are;

  • West Bay Qic is 259 meters away, 4 min walk.
  • Qnh Building is 617 meters away, 9 min walk.

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Ruwayda in Qatar

Ruwayda is one of the most magnificent attractions in Qatar and the largest archaeological places that extend up to an area of 9 hectares. Some of the items discovered during the excavation ceramics, earthenware, granite mortar, porcelain cups and mangrove rood bean that are supposed to originate from the parts of Europe, Iran and Africa. It was first identified for its archaeological importance in 1970, and today it is the best place for your tour in Qatar to discover the historical facts.

Known to be an urban settlement of the past, Ruwadya was built with courtyard houses and the warehouse, the fort, rebuilt over the period and centuries. It was abandoned in the 18th century, and since the time, it is known as the mysterious place that hides the remains of the past.

Timings: 11 A.M to 2 P.M

Address: Northern Qatar, extending over 2.5 km along the coastline

Nearby attractions: The Pearl Monument, Al Zubara Fort

How to reach-

The Ruwayda heritage Qatar is established in the town of Ar Ru'ays that can be easily reached by driving towards the north-east of Zubarah with an approximate time of 30 minutes.

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Al Jassiya Rock Carvings

Al Jassiya Rock Carvings

Al Jassiya Rock Cravings in Qatar were discovered in 1957 for their unique and amazing carving. These carvings resemble the distinct patterns and shapes of certain animals and animals the ships and stars. None of the theory could explain the meaning and motives behind the carvings and still today this top Doha historical & heritage is an unsolved mystery for the archaeologist. Around 874 unique carved rocks are present here with the shapes rows or rosettes and some letters that are believed from the ancient games of as Al Haloosa or Al Huwai.

Visiting Al Jassiya Rock Cravings, one has to be very careful about the rules of the site. No one is allowed to touch and take anything from the area.

Address: XC24+J9W, Sidriyat Al Kheesah, Qatar

Nearby attractions: Azerbaijani Beach, Al Maroona Beach

How to reach-

This Al Jassiya Rock Cravings is located close to the city of Doha. It will take an easy drive of 3kmto 4km from the city centre.

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Jazirat Bin Ghanam / Purple Island

Purple Island in Doha

The Jazirat Bin Ghanam or popularly known as Purple Island is one of the closest heritage places in Qatar, Al Khor.

The small island lies near in the Shqaiq Bay and was used as a trading port by Bahrain. The island was never inhabitant by the humans and was always a ground for traders, fishermen and Peral driver during the 1000 BCE. Later during the Sassanian Era and a Late Islamic in 400-600 CE, the peal camp was organized here in the island.

It was in 1400-1200 BCE, the island was used as land for the production of a red-purple dye. It was discovered that 9 million of the shellfish and molluscs were used for the production of a red-purple dye. The remains of crushed shells and ceramic vats collected during excavation by the archaeologist that made it a historical place in Qatar.

The island also houses the rare Mangrove around the shore along with shattered wildlife that includes the migratory species like herons and flamingos.

Address: Purple Island, Al Khor, Qatar

Nearby attractions: Ain Hleetan Well, Al Khor Towers

How to reach-

The Purple island is listed as a popular Heritage Sites in Qatar that lies close to the city of Al Khor at a distance of 5-7 km. Driving is the best way to reach the islands.

Ar Rakayat Fort

Ar Rakayat Fort in Doha

Ar Rakayat Fort is located on the northwest of Doha. It is one of the various desert fortresses from the nineteenth century that got renovated to maintain its historical importance. The Ar Rakayat Fort was restored in 1980 with a resemblance to its original form.

This heritage fort of Qatar had a freshwater well to supply water in the village. This was a savior for settler and helped in controlling any conflict in the area over water. Even the name of the fort, Ar Rakayat, was derived from the Arabic word for 'well' and it is assumed that perhaps the purpose of the fort was to be the vital water sources in the village.

Talking about the architectural facts the heritage site of Qatar resembles any other desert fort, built with three rectangular towers and one cylindrical one. There are small rooms on three sides of the central courtyard, without windows and doors, opening into the lively, spacious courtyard.

Timings: 9 A.M to 5 P.M (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday) and 12:30 P.M to 5 P.M (Friday)

Address: Al-Rekayat Fort, Qatar

Nearby attractions: Al Zubara Fort, The Pearl Monument

How to reach-

The Ar Rakayat Fort can ae easily reached with an hour’s drive, from Doha. The untamed distance of 5km after the city is tricky therefore only four-wheel-drive vehicles are best to reach this top Doha historical & heritage site.

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The Old Palace

Old Place in Qatar

Currently being restored, the Old palace will soon be located at the core of Qatar National Museum. The entire architecture of the palace was planned by Jean Nouvel and Desert Rose to maintain its historic importance and resemblance.

Dating back to the 20th century, the Old Place belonged to the family of Sheik Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani for 25 years. Later it was transformed into a Museum for the public. The interiors have an auditorium with 220 seats, research centre with labs, restaurants, retail outlets and a park for public use.

This place in Doha will be rebuilt in its original material with no facilities like air conditioning and modern amenities to leave the heritage untouched.

Address: National Museum of Qatar, Doha Qatar

Nearby attractions: Museum of Islamic Art, The Pearl Monument

How to reach-

The Old Palace is situated near the Doha city centre. It can easily be reached by public transport or private cabs.

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Ras Brouq

Ras Brouq in Qatar

The Ras Brouq is a peninsular land lying towards the west coast in Qatar. Housing the remains of prehistoric settlement and occupation of humans, Ras Brouq is dominated by the eroded cliffs and mushroom-shaped hills. The entire region is the historical and heritage site in Qatar where archaeologist have discovered a lot from the history of Qatar. Ras Brouq was never a permanent habitat for humans but the remains of nomadic tribes and their hunting tool are discovered.

Address: Ras Abrouq Road Zekreet, Dukhan, Qatar

Nearby attractions: Dhal Al Misfir, Fuwairit Beach

How to reach-

The Ras Brouq lies in the northernmost extension of the Zekreet Peninsula and 65 kilometers from Doha. One can drive easily from Doha hiring cab or by personal vehicle.

Now with these best heritage site in Qatar, you can plan a holiday to explore its history and culture. Most of the heritage sites in Qatar are restored while some of them are left untouched to preserve beauty. You can book your flights to Doha from any part of the world and experience the rich Qatar culture and heritage of prehistoric Qatar.


Q1. What are the UNESCO world heritage site in Qatar?

Al Zubarah Archaeological Site is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in Qatar.

Q2. Are there any heritage tour for the family in Qatar?

The best tour in Qatar for historical experiences are;

  • Dukhan West Coast Tour
  • Private North Of Qatar Tour
  • Cultural Doha Private Day Tour
  • Doha 3 Museums Tour
Q3. What is the oldest Heritage sites in Qatar?

The Murwab fort is known to be the oldest heritage fort in Qatar.

Q4. Is there any museum in Qatar?

National Museum of Qatar is the most famous museum in Doha that is known for its historic collection.

Q5. What are the timings of the National Museum in Qatar?
  • Saturday- Thursday; 9:am to 7:pm
  • Friday- 1:30 pm - 7 pm
Q6. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Qatar?

There's only one UNESCO World Heritage Site in Qatar, which is Al Zubarah. Qatar doesn't share this cultural site with any other country.

Q7. Which is an old archaeological site found in Qatar?

An Islamic Fort in Murwab is an old archaeological site in Qatar, which dates back to eighth century.

Q8. Is Qatar a member of UNESCO?

Yes, Qatar became a member state of UNESCO in 1972. It houses one UNESCO World Heritage Site.