Why Is Qatar A Famed Pick For Travelers?

Why Is Qatar A Famed Pick For Travelers?

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An Arab country rooted in western Asia, Qatar has a lot to offer to the travelers coming here. From gorgeous walkways and beaches to some of the finest shopping malls and hotels, this is a country that boasts of its rich cultural heritage and tradition.

But hang on, have you ever wondered as to what, out of all the top Qatar tourist attractions, are the ones that make this country famous amongst travelers today? Well, in case you're wondering it now, here's our take on the top things that make Qatar a famed destination for visitors from other nations around the world.

What Is Qatar Famous For?

The attractions mentioned below are amongst the prominent reasons why Qatar is a famous pick amongst travelers today.

1. Shopping In Qatar

Qatar tourist attractions - Shopping in Qatar

One of the most amazing aspects of spending a holiday in Qatar is the number of choices visitors get for shopping purposes. The country is widely recognized for its top of the line malls and traditional markets where just about everything is available. In fact, Qatar is a country that is considered the cheapest in terms of buying electronics when compared to countries like India. Besides, here are some top spots for shopping in Qatar.

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Souq Waqif

Qatar Tourist Attractions - Souq Waqif in doha

Built on an ancient trading site, Souq Waqif is a traditional market where animals and other items were traded for a nomadic way of life. The market is home to mesmerizing views and ancient Qatari buildings that remind of the old world charms of Qatar.

It is not only a perfect spot for shopping in Qatar but is also home to various restaurants and cafes, some of them which are renowned for their traditional food throughout the country and are a particular reason why travelers come to Qatar.

Doha Festival City

Qatar tourist attractions - Doha Festival City

One of the best places for shopping in Qatar, the Doha Festival City attracts thousands of shopaholics and fun lovers every year. The mall is one of the largest in Qatar and offers activities that are enough to help you spend your whole day at the mall.

Although there are hundreds of retail stores that visitors get to explore, the main highlights are the entertainment choices that the mall offers. With options like the Angry Birds park with bumper cars, trampoline park, a go-kart track, ziplines, and multiple rides, this is a mall that has it all.

For those traveling with family or looking for thrilling rides, the mall has its well-renowned Angry Coaster and Raft Battle to make your day. What's more? Well, if you're done shopping or bearing the scorching heat of Doha, there's even an indoor snow slide with snow-covered hills to chill you up. Want to grab a bite? The Doha Festival City has more than a hundred amazing restaurants to choose from.

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City Center Doha

City Center Doha (Qatar tourist attractions)

Another popular shopping sight connected to 3 major hotels in Doha, City Center Doha is the place that only enhances the experience of shopping in Qatar. The mall is located in the western bay area in the business district of Doha and offers a whole lot of activities like ice-skating, bowling, a cinema hall, and a kid's play area.

The best part about this spot? Well, the City Center has various restaurants and shops to keep travelers busy all day. For those who like shopping a lot, this is a perfect spot.

2. A Hospitality Like Nowhere Else

Now here's a fact about Qatar, the country is world-renowned for its fine hospitality and generous experience of stay. One of the major reasons why travelers prefer a trip to Qatar again is the luxurious stay they get and fine service on top of that.

Besides, there's no place better to experience the hospitality of a nation than a hotel itself, right? So, here the top 3 hotels that promise a lively experience of stay and keep up with standards of Qatar in hospitality.

Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel

Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel (Qatar tourist attractions)

Located right at the heart of Souq Waqif, the Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel is one of the major Doha attractions and a one that reminds of the culture and tradition of the middle east. Right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the market, this hotel offers a luxurious stay like no other.

It has a huge lobby and rooms that have been designed traditionally but with a modern outlook. Imagine yourself sitting at the balcony of your room overlooking the iconic Souq Waqif while you are served in every possible way. However, the hotel doesn't serve alcohol so this is a small price that the travelers are required to pay.

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Al Messila Resort & Spa

Spa in Qatar

Looking for a place that offers you ultimate luxury? Well, try heading to the Al Messila Resort & Spa. Famed as one of the best in class if hospitality is concerned, this is a resort that offers a total of 152 rooms, suites, and premium villas, and each of which is attached to your own private pool, and garden.

What's fascinating is that the resort even offers complimentary butler service along with a palace-like setting all around. So you can expect to have the most wonderful experience staying at the resort.

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Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton Doha

Think of fine hospitality and Ritz Carlton features in just about every list. One of the oldest hotels in Qatar and widely renowned for its unforgettable holiday experience, the staff at Ritz Carlton believes in pushing that extra mile to deliver the best possible service to the guests.

It is rooted near the Lagoona Mall with different types of trees and landscapes all around it which makes it a must-stay hotel for shopaholics. Likewise, Ritz Carlton offers services like an in-house restaurant, a spa, and pools for guests to enjoy and rejuvenate.

Enough For A Perfect Stay In Doha, Right?

So, if you're a traveler who really wishes to experience the fine Arabic hospitality in Qatar, Ritz Carlton is another place you can definitely consider for your stay in Doha.

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3. Qatar Tourist Attractions For A Rich Historical Experience

Are you someone who loves making historical discoveries or prefers to explore the historical gems of a nation? Well, Qatar offers plenty of opportunities for you to do that. Over the years, the country has given immense importance to its old art and culture which is clearly reflected from its museums that are a delight for any history lover.

In fact, the majority of travelers today book a flight to Qatar and solely come here to explore the historical past of the country. So, in case you wish to do the same on your travels in Qatar, here's our round-up of the top 3 historical places you can visit in Qatar.

Qatar National Museum

Qatar National Museum

One of the top places to visit in Qatar in case you wish to understand the geological past of the country, the Qatar National Museum is the place to visit. The museum is rooted at the eastern side of the Doha Corniche in a house which was earlier part of the former royal palace.

It comprises a vast collection of Islamic relics and other artifacts that are a treat to the eyes of the visitors here. What is interesting is that the museum also has a maritime house built separately which displays the various types of fishes that are found in Qatar or were found in the country.

What else? The museum also displays traditional boats made of wood which are a truly unique site for the travelers, and you're thinking that's the end of it, well, you can also get to see the traditional residence of Sheikhs.

Museum of Islamic Art

Museum of Islamic Art

One of those places to visit in Qatar that clearly blows traveler's minds, the MIA or the Museum of Islamic Art is the place you just can't afford to miss even if you're not a huge fan of history. Located on its own Island just along the port of Doha, the museum appears to flow on water from some directions.

It has been designed by the world-renowned architect I.M. Pei and is a structural marvel in itself, so much so that most of the travelers visit the museum just to gaze at the structural brilliance that stands.

Speaking about what it offers, well, the Museum of Islamic Art is home to some of the oldest artifacts in the world coming from all over Europe, Africa, and Asia. It consists of collections from the 7th to the 19th century across the three continents. What makes MIA one of its kind is its design and the way it preserves the diversity and complexity of the Islamic arts from around the world.

So in case you're on your travels in Qatar and wish to know about the Islamic arts from around the world, head over to this museum and enjoy your time around gazing at the artifacts or head for any of the education programs that are held at the museum at its education wing which includes a study room, classroom, technical storage section, a library, and workshop space.

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Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

Al Thani Museum in Qatar

Now here's a thing, while numerous maritime treasures and artifacts of the Islamic world tell a story about the history of Qatar, there's another side that seems quite amusing, and that is the car collection. In fact, the popularity of vintage luxury cars in Qatar speaks for itself.

So if you wish to explore the world of vintage cars in Qatar, Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum is the place where you get all of it. Ranging from American classics and hotrods to some of the finest motorbikes that you would rarely find anywhere else in the world, this is a museum that has it all.

It is the private collection of the Emir and contains vehicles for all ages and of all styles. In fact, the museum is home to a staggering collection of 300 vintage cars of different types which is unlike anything else you'll find anywhere on your travels in Qatar.

The museum even allows clicking photographs of the collection for a nominal fee and the most exciting part? Well, if you're visiting at the right time, you may even get to meet the gentleman who acquired all the vehicles for the Emir.

So why not visit the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum and spend two-three hours if your day exploring the vintage collection of cars?

What are the Other Things Qatar is Famous For?

Well, while historical landmarks, shopping, and hospitality are said to be the prominent reasons why travelers head for a trip to Qatar, there are a couple of other things as well that contribute more or less equally. Here's our take on the same.

Qatari Cuisines

Qatari Cuisines in Doha

Ask any foodie roaming on his or her travels in Qatar and they'd tell you much food becomes a factor in attracting visitors to this part of the world. From delicious kebabs and desserts to some of the most unique dishes you'd find Nowhere else around the world, the Qatari dishes are a real delight to the taste buds.

Besides, here's a list of some notable dishes you can taste in the country.

  • The Classic Saloona
  • The Fresh Warak Enub
  • The Aromatic Balaleet
  • The National Dish Machboos
  • The Savoury Madrouba

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Watersports & Desert Adventures

Watersports in Doha

Over the years, watersports have gained immense popularity in Qatar, and as the natives put it, it is the way of life in many parts of the country now. Most of the travelers who come to Qatar are attracted by the blue waters, warm sand, and a whole variety of beach activities that are offered.

As for desert adventures, there's no better place than Qatar to enjoy it all. Desert adventures in this country feature right up there with the very best attractions and almost compel the travelers to come and explore.

So, here's our take on some of the most popular Qatar tourist attractions for watersports and desert adventures combined.

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  • Kayaking at Al-Thakira Natural Reserve
  • Dune Bashing in Doha
  • Banana Boating at Banana Island
  • Private Desert Safari
  • Kite-Surfing at Sealine Beach
  • Camel Ride in the Desert
  • Parasailing at Katara Beach
  • Sandboarding
  • Scuba Diving

A country that continues to surprise travelers, Qatar is a famed travel destination amongst travelers for not one but many reasons. This is a country that offers the thrills of holidays along with a luxurious holiday experience.

Whether you're a history lover, someone who likes the luxuries of life, or just a person who loves the adventures, there is something for everyone in Qatar. So why not add this country to your travel list and head on a trip which is worthwhile?


Q1. What is famous to buy in Qatar?

Things like Arab coffee pots, Abaya, decorated shishas, and wooden boxes, etc., are some of the famous things that travelers prefer buying other than electronics.

Q2. What is the famous food in Qatar?

Although there are many Qatari dishes that are worth a try, Machboos, a stew served with yogurt remains a popular pick amongst all.

Q3. What is Doha known for?

Being one of the richest cities in the world, Doha is particularly known for its modern buildings, hotels, traditional markets, mosques, and so much more.

Q4. Where in Qatar will you find a concentration of forts and archaeological sites?

Having a rich history of its own, Doha is said to be the hub of the majority of historical landmarks and archeological sites in Qatar.

Q5. How many hotels are in Qatar?

As per the data recovered in 2018, the total number of hotels in Qatar stood at 110 which included hotels of all types and categories.