Morimoto Doha brings you the delighting taste of Japan in Qatar. Being a part of Mondrian Doha, West Bay Lagoon, the restaurant is famed for its aesthetical interiors, the chef's famous cuisines and tantalizing ambience. While Mondrian is one of the best luxury properties in Doha, the dining option like Morimoto offers a unique blend of taste and comfort. Defined by the Japanese artwork and artistic touch, the Morimoto has been serving its guest with the most tranquilizing taste in the world. Be it a family dining or a grand event, they got the best menu to savor your experience.

Morimoto Restaurant Doha: Adorning the Essence of Japan

Morimoto Restaurant Doha
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A great ambience, a world-class service, the scrumptious dishes and an inspiring menu, well that all is needs to be the best eatery in a town. Morimoto stands as the finest restaurant laced with every feature you are looking for. It is among those fancy and sophisticatedly designed landmarks where one can experience the utmost comfort, a soothing aura and definitely an unresisting taste. What makes Morimoto the ideal choice for every foodie Among the other dining spaces in Mondrian, is the menu that is crafted with the authentic zest of Japan.

Morimoto Qatar exhibits an energetic interior beauty that is adorned by the ancient art of Japan, by the famous artist Hiroshi Senju. Adding on the charm to its cultural essence, there are those pillar dazzling in the gold rose hues. The chandelier hanging low on the middle is another center of attraction that adds an impressive royal touch to the surroundings.

The mirror doors, interlinking dining rooms, the exclusive space for family dinners or business meets, and a vast 16-seat sushi bar are some features that make it more than being the best restaurant. The restaurant is operational from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am.

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Morimoto Doha An Inspiration of Chef Masaharu Morimoto

Chef Masaharu Morimoto
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A perfect fusion of culinary art is presented by the great chef Masaharu Morimoto who introduced his first restaurant in the Middle East. Beholding a great significance in Mondrian Doha, the Morimoto was first opened in the Philadelphia. The restaurant is a bridge in between the traditional taste of America and the native Japan that offered an intense and exciting blend of flavor. The menu of Morimoto Doha Restaurant is also created with a diverse zest of western and traditional dishes where there are diverse aroma and the discerning taste for every palate.

Calling it a heaven for food lovers won't be wrong as the restaurant offers a mystical taste on every plate. Every flavor here is derived from the traditional spices of Japan, that is prepared with the classic culinary art and presented glamorously. Making it a one-stop destination for foodies around the world, the Iron Chef has introduced the most authentic seating for every dining and cuisines that are tailored with your customized zest.

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Morimoto Doha Menu For An Unwinding Culinary Experience

Morimoto Doha Menu
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The real taste from Japan, prepared with the Japanese tradition and a western touch, the menu of Morimoto will leave you to spellbound with its tantalizing taste. Morimoto is among the best restaurants in Qatar where you can enjoy the savoring Japanese zest in an authentic ambience. From the Waygu Filets or the Sushi, the exotic wines and refreshing beverages, here are the best cuisines to add on your plate for an unforgettable taste.

1. Sushi and Streaks

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Be it a Chirashi sushi offered in a taste of 12 different fish as ell or smoked salmon, or the special bluefin tuna, Morimoto offers the best Sushi on the 16-seater dining table. There are special sushi and streaks nights organized on Sundays where you can enjoy the nigiri, sashimi and Sushi rolls accompanied by the Prawn tempura soba, steak and dessert. This sushi fest starts from 6pm till 10pm at Morimoto Doha.

2. Desserts can't be missed

Desserts in Doha
Desserts in Doha

Every meal is incomplete without a dessert, and to savor your sweet tooth, Morimoto Doha menu has listed some of the delighting desserts. The freshly baked cheesecake or the chocolate sphere with caramel ganache is some soul-soothing taste to satisfy your hunger.

3. Your After-work meal for some gathering

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A long tiring day surely needs the best refreshing taste to call off the day. Well, here at Morimoto, you can have a quick bite or some cocktail to share gossip with your friend. The Salmon roll or the spicy tuna roll with a sake mojito is all you need for the evening. Order wine by glasses or bottles, or add a distinct touch with Aged sake or Sochu, you will have a wide variety of every red, sparkling or white wine you need.

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Now you have Morimoto Doha for all your fancy dinners and celebration that is offering you the most tempting taste. The intricate artwork and luxurious interiors add to a modern and contemporary style to its décor. The Morimoto in Mondrian Doha is located at a distance of 25 km from the Hamad international airport that can be easily reached with a short drive of 30 min. There are flights to Qatar operating every day from almost every corner of the world. So, plan your holiday and reserve the best stay at Mondrian while enjoying the temptations.  


Q1. Where is Morimoto Doha?

Morimoto Doha is one of the best eateries in Mondrian Doha, West Bay Lagoon, Qatar. The restaurant is among the most elegant international food outlet in the country that is inspired by the Japanese art and culinary tradition.

Q2. What are the top dishes of Qatar to taste in Doha?

The top 5 Qatari dishes in Doha that you must not miss are:

  • Saloona
  • Madhruba
  • Kousa mahshi
  • Balaleet
  • Harees
Q3. What is the speciality of Morimoto Restaurant?

Morimoto Restaurant in Doha is famous for its ambience, and apart from the interiors the specialities are:

  • Sushi and Streak Nights
  • Exotic international wine collection
  • After hour menu
  • Freshly made Seafood
  • Baked desserts
Q4. Is there any special diet available at Morimoto Restaurant in Doha?

Understanding the special needs and taste of every guest, the Morimoto Doha offers special diets like:

  • Vegetarian Friendly Food
  • Vegan Options
  • Special Halal Dishes
  • Gluten Free Food Options
Q5. What are the features of Morimoto Restaurant?

Morimoto Restaurant Doha is listed among the best restaurant that is known for a fascinating architecture and features like:

  • Private Dining
  • Valet Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Full Bar
  • Table Service
Q6. What kind of food is available at the Morimoto Restaurant in Doha?

Morimoto Doha Menu is inspired by the Japanese and Western culinary art where you can enjoy the Japanese food, their unique Sushi, freshly made Seafood and other Asian dishes.

Q7. What brunch options are there at Morimoto Doha?

The restaurant operates from 6 pm to 12 am; therefore, there is no Morimoto Doha brunch menu. One can enjoy dinner or after hour dishes with breverages like tea, coffee, mocktail or cocktail.

Q8. Are there any happy hours in Morimoto Doha?

From 6 pm to 12 am one can enjoy Morimoto Doha Happy hours with the best cocktails or champagne along with those tempting Asian delicacies. Reserve your slot to get the best package for the evening with drinks and food.