Qatar, a middle eastern country located in Western Asia is world-renowned for its fine hospitality and amazing attractions. A country that heavily promotes art and culture and has preserved its rich history is certainly the one worth visiting for any traveler in the world today.

But now here's a fact, while there are many adventures and thrills that country offers to its visitors, food certainly remains one of the most popular Qatar attractions today. From deliciously cooked stews and aromatic porridge to some drooling desserts, Doha, the capital of Qatar, has it all for travelers arriving on their holidays to this part of the world.

While some travel to experience the cultural heritage of Doha and end up embracing the delicious delicacies, others make a trip to Qatar and its capital solely for food.

So, if you're someone longing to know about the best and traditional delicacies that the capital of Qatar offers, here's our detailed round-up of the same to add up to your Qatar travel guide today.

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Top 5 Traditional Qatari Dishes To Try In Doha

Travelers heading for Doha sightseeing can find the dishes listed below at virtually every spot. However, if the idea is to get the authentic taste, there are specific cafes and restaurants where tourists can head to.

1. The Classic Saloona

Classic Saloona in Doha

Ever thought about attaining the feel of Arabian home cooking? Well, have the classic Saloona stew to get that authentic taste of home cooking. Traditionally cooked during family dinners and on certain occasions, this classic Arabian stew is basically made with everything you have in hand.

While some prefer to cook it with beef, others opt for fish or lamb. The dish is prepared with certain vegetables and flavored with garlic and ginger. Besides, in case you're wondering which is the best place to taste this dish, there's none better than the Walima Restaurant at Mondrian Doha.

Walima is particularly famous for serving this dish and is one of the many Doha attractions for tourists coming to taste authentic food in the city. So why not book a flight to Doha and come here to feel the richness of taste?

2. The Fresh Warak Enab

Another flavorful dish that features second in our list and is certainly the one you should try on your travels in Qatar is the famous Warak Enab. This is a dish that you can try at any time of the day and don't need any occasion for that. Prepared as stuffed vine leaves, Warak Enab either contains minced beef or is served with lamb and rice. The dish is seasoned with ginger, garlic, and coriander while the fresh lemon that it is served with forms the center of attraction about this dish.

Talking about the best place to try Warak Enab? Travelers can head over to Shisha gardens located in the courtyard of La Cigale Hotel. As stunning as a place it is, Shisha gardens boast of mesmerizing waterfalls and calmness all around. It is a place perfect for an evening snack with friends or family. The restaurant serves Warak Enablike no other and is one of the major attractions in case you're heading for Doha sightseeing.

3. The Unique Yet Aromatic Balaleet

Balaleet in Doha
Balaleet- Traditional Dish of Qatar

If you're making a trip to Qatar during the Eid-al-Fitr celebrations and come out of the Qatar Airport thinking what to do first, well, start off with a delicious feast like the Balaleet. A unique blend of omelet and pasta, this is a dish that many may find strange. However, don't jump into assumptions before you taste it.

A pasta flavored with a sugar rose water, saffron, and served with an omelette over the top, Balaleet is rich in sweet and sour flavor and is often served during breakfast when Eid-al-Fitr celebrations are on.

Besides, in case you're spending your holidays in Doha, head out to the Al Jasra restaurant that serves Balaleet in its very authentic taste. Kind of a hidden gem as it is, Al Jasra is located in the back streets of Souq Waqif itself. Hence, that gives you enough reasons to head over and taste Balaleet, right?

4. The Must-Have Machboos


What's a trip to Qatar without tasting its national dish right? Well, no matter where you are in the country, if not Doha, Machboos is one dish you've got to try. A slow-cooked dish infused with aromatic flavors, it is either cooked with chicken or lamb. Qatari families often cook Machboos during family get-togethers. The dish is served over a bed of rice along with tomato sauce where all ingredients combine to bless your soul.

Now, in a scenario where travelers wish to find the best place to taste Machboos, heading to Al Manchab, located in Al Hazm Mall would be a wise pick. Although being a national dish travelers can find Machboos at every corner in Qatar, not many serve it better than Al Manchab. The restaurant is particularly famed for its slow-cooker perfection when it comes to Machboos.

5. The Savoury Madrouba

Madrouba in Doha
Madrouba- Traditional Dish of Qatar

The fifth traditional dish of Qatar that features in our list is a rice porridge popularly known as Madrouba. The dish is again one of the main Qatar attractions and if you're on your holidays in this part of the world, you'll find it in just about every restaurant you see in the country.

Madrouba is traditionally made of chicken, milk, butter, and cardamom. As the natives put it, there is no perfect time to have this dish and can be had at any time of the day.

Besides, if you're looking for a perfect spot to have Madrouba in Doha, Easair cafe is the place for you. Located in a clay building at Souq Al Wakrah, the restaurant is near the waterfront and serves Madrouba in its true traditional sense. Travelers headed for Doha sightseeing are bound to find the place appealing.

Other Traditional Qatari Dishes To Try In Doha

A country which has so much to offer to travelers coming from around the world, traditional dishes are an enormous part of the Qatar attractions, and while the above listed traditional dishes are amongst the most popular ones in the country, here's a list of some other traditional aromatic delicacies that you can try during your travels in Qatar.

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Kousa Mahshi

Kousa Mahshi

A middle-eastern delicacy that contains courgettes stuffed with minced lamb and multiple types of vegetables.  



Another dessert that travelers can't miss out on trying on their holidays in Qatar, Luqaimat is a sweet dumpling that is flavored with cardamom and saffron.

Umm Ali

Umm Ali

Often compared to a bread pudding, Umm Ali is another middle eastern comfort food, a dessert that is a true delight to the taste buds.  


Something in the middle of biscuits and a cake, Khanfaroosh is another delicacy that is made from rosewater and saffron.  


A dish that speaks itself of its influence from the Indian cuisine, Rogag is very similar to a dosa, a batter that Qatari families fill with meat, vegetables, or whatever they prefer.

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A country that continues to impress at every step, Qatar and its delicacies continue to attract travelers from all over the world. From smooth desserts to some filling meals, the food in this part of the world is nothing less than inspiring.


Q1. What is the famous food in Qatar?

The famous dishes of Qatar include- machboos, ghuzi, stuffed boiled sheep, Balaleet, etc.

Q2. What is this famous Qatari dessert?

Mahalabia, a traditional Arabian dessert is one of the most famous in Qatar. Check out the other famous cuisines of Qatar in the article above.

Q3. Is food cheap in Qatar?

Breakfast in Qatar is usually cheaper than lunch or dinner. However, on an average, a meal in Qatar should cost around QAR7 per person.

Q4. Is it expensive to eat in Doha?

ADoha is a city that can be a little expensive at times. On an average, a full day meal in Doha should cost around QAR17.

Q5. How much is a beer in Doha?

If you’re looking for a domestic beer, it can cost your around 50 QAR. In Doha.