While Qatar itself is a famous destination for holidays inviting tourist across the world, it also offers a quick budget places to visit from Qatar to the most beautiful countries. The Gulf Country has always been known for its culture, the hospitality, tradition, art and the splendid attractions that lure the travelers to explore Qatar. But there is so more for the people dwelling in this magnificent country.

Housing the spectacularly designed airport, Hamad International airport, Qatar is connected to every end of the Earth. Every year, Qatar welcomes thousands of travelers to discover its beauty and offers an escape with the ideally planned international tours to the people dwelling in this country. Each day, international flights from Qatar depart to the states that are known for their beaches, mountains, deserts and magnificent panorama. It is because Qatar lies centrally in the Asian continent and offers easy access to the major parts of the world, saving a lot for your valuable time and money.

Top 5 International Tourist Places To Visit From Qatar

When it comes to planning a budget trip, certain factors can reduce the excess of expense for every vacation. The availability of flights, distance from the home country and the accommodation options are some indispensable facts that can save a lot from any international trip. While its rich tradition and modernity have always been the talk of the town, Qatari are allowed a visa-free entry in 80 nations.

Planning your international holiday trip from Qatar, here are the best five countries where you can enjoy a great time with your family and discover the magnificence.

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1. Beach Adventure At Phuket From Qatar

Beach Adventure At Phuket From Qatar

The most magnificent beach destination of Asia, Phuket can be on your budget travel list for an international vacation from Qatar. The white sandy beach, turquoise clear water and the seashores make Phuket a destination for adventure lovers. The lively streets, elegantly designed cafes and restaurants and the beachfront beauty have lured honeymooners and leisure seekers to this ultimate beach destination of the world.

Being at Phuket, one can list several activities that include water adventure, nightlife, shopping and a cultural tour around the city. Now, what makes Phuket a great escape from Qatar is its diverse landform and culture that can offer a perfect holiday break. While Qatar is all about safari desert in Qatar, art, tradition and culture here in Phuket, offers an exciting combination of everything from a diverse culture to a diverse landscape.

During your holiday to Phuket from Qatar visit the Phi-Phi Island, Kata Koi beach and Similan Island, enjoy the water rides and adventure and don’t miss the tempting sea cuisines. Nightlight in Phuket is another experience that can never be ignored, as streets here offer some refreshing mocktails, cocktails and yes, the famous Thai dishes.

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Things to do in Phuket:

  • Enjoy full moon party in Phi Phi Island
  • Kayaking in Phang Nga
  • Visit the Chalong Temple, Buddhist shrine in Phuket
  • Stroll around the Sino-Portuguese streets
  • Capture the sight of famous Karon Viewpoint
  • Sunset tour at Promthep Cape

Major attractions to explore in Phuket:

  • Phuket Big Buddha
  • Freedom Beach
  • Surin Beach
  • Phuket Elephant Sanctuary
  • Kata Noi’s
  • Bangla Road, Patong

The flight distance from Qatar to Phuket:

  • 3308 miles / 5302 km

How to reach Phuket from Qatar:

There are international flights provided by Qatar Airways and Siberia Airlines for a round trip from Qatar to Phuket. The direct flight from Doha international airport takes around 7 to 8 hours to reach Phuket.

Minimum budget for a stay per night:

Phuket has several budgeted accommodation options like hotels and resorts that offer a night stay at just QAR123 to QAR150.

Best time to visit Phuket:

November to February is the best time to visit Phuket as the climate then is old and pleasant. While the weather remains the same throughout the year, theses months experience less rainfall making it suitable for sightseeing and beach leisure.

2. Turkey Tour From Qatar For A Cultural Glimpse

Turkey Tour From Qatar For a Cultural Glimpse

The most vibrant European destination, Turkey is a paradise for all those who are in love with different culture and tradition. The historic city of Istanbul is one of the best destinations offering an international trip from Qatar under your budget where you can discover everything from the ancient ports, to the colourful streets, the dramatic landscape and tempting European cuisines.

Turkey houses some of the recommended attractions like Aya Sofya, Ephesus and the Sumela Monastery that depicts the history and ancient art of Istanbul. Discover the ruins with a tour of the age-old town with the Roman Theatre exhibiting the history.

While the city houses the legacy of Europe, adventure here adds more to your Turkey tour from Qatar. Try hot air ballooning and some exhilarating water adventure at the Mediterranean beach of Turkey like cruise tours, rafting and scuba diving. One can plan a hiking tour at Cappadocia or paragliding at Babadag Mountain for the ultimate adrenalin rush.

Things to do in Turkey:

  • Discover the unique limestone formation in Goreme National Park
  • Explore the Ruins of Ephesus
  • Witness the Archaeological Significance of Troy
  • Learn About the history of Turkish in Hagia Sophia
  • Spot the beautiful pigeons at Pigeon valley
  • Hiking in Mount Nemrut

Major attractions in Turkey:

  • Mount Nemrut National Park, Adiyaman
  • Istanbul, City in Turkey
  • Bodrum, City in Turkey
  • Gallipoli Peninsula, East Thrace
  • Fethiye, Turkish Riviera
  • Trabzon, City in Turkey

Flight distance from Qatar to Turkey:

  • 1,320 miles/ 2124 km

How to reach Turkey from Qatar:

There are international flights provided by Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air Canada, Pegasus Airlines, Atlasjet, and Japan Airlines for a round trip from Qatar to Turkey. It will take 2 to 3 hours to reach the international airports in Turkey from Doha.

Minimum budget for a stay per night:

While Turkey is all about beach resorts and vintage villas, there are limited budgeted hotels available from QAR 277 to QAR300.

Best time to visit Turkey:

With the moderate temperature and longer days, Turkey can be explored throughout the year. From winters to summers, the country offers some best attraction you can visit depending on your holiday mood. The months from March, April, May, and mid-June are considered to be the best time for Turkey travel.

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3. A Leisure Tour To India From Qatar

Tour To India From Qatar

India is a country of diversity that offers the magnificence of nature, art, culture and tradition. Known to the home of all religion, one can discover the true meaning of unity in diversity.

The land of India is not just about culture and heritage, but the magnificent terra firma and the evergreen landscape. From the hills of North to the beaches and coastlines of Southern India, the desert and mountains in the Eastern region, diversity lies in every corner of India. The chaotic city life or the peaceful escape on the hills or the cultural villages, every place has its own story to narrate. That is why Qatar to India holiday tour can be one of the best budgeted international vacations to plan.

The vast land of the country beholds the magnificent beauty that is beyond explanation. While each of the states here is known for its unique aura, witnessing the entire county can get a bit tricky. There is luxury, romance, adventure and wildlife for you to choose and spend the best of your vacation in India.

Things to do in India:

  • Wildlife safari in Ranthambore
  • Explore the caves of Ajanta and Alora
  • Discover the Forts and Havelis in Jaisalmer Rajasthan
  • Enjoy the street food in Delhi
  • Admire the architectural beauty of Khajuraho temple
  • Spend a night in Houseboat, Kerala

Major attractions to explore in India:

  • Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Sri Nagar, Jammu and Kashmir
  • Munnar, Kerala
  • Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
  • Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
  • Shilong, Meghalaya

The flight distance from Qatar to India:

  • 1,796 miles/2891 km

How to reach India from Qatar:

Many airways are connecting Qatar and India with direct and indirect flights. You can choose from the best airways like Air India express, Qatar Airway and Indigo. It will take around three to four hours to reach India.

Minimum budget for a stay per night:

India is the best country when it comes to budget travel. There are many hostels, homestays and affordable hotels available from QAR50 to QAR90.

Best time to visit India:

India can be explored out the year due to its diverse weather condition. While some months are considered to be the peak season for holiday in India, some months should be avoided due to extremely harsh weather. Being a vast country, you will always have an alternative as your best tourist place.

  • Winter: From October to March
  • Summers: From April to June
  • Monsoon: From July to September

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4. Malaysia From Qatar To Discover The True Asia

Malaysia From Qatar To Discover The True Asia

Malaysia, referred as Truly Asia is blessed with the white sandy beaches, the turquoise clear water. A land of cultural diversity, Malaysia is known to house the most diverse religions from Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and other ethnic groups. This diversity of tradition and nature has made Malaysia tours from Qatar, one best vacation for all.

Nature truly adore Malaysia, and this is for the reason why this Asian country is home to some magnificent waterfalls and beaches. Lying in between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, the climate here favors the life of equatorial forest that makes it a land of rich wilderness. The rare and native flora and fauna are the major attraction for nature lovers. With its dramatic landscape and vibrant cities, Malaysia draws tourists from Qatar to experience adventure and leisure at the same time.

As you plan an international holiday from Qatar to this destination, add on some thrilling and engaging activities to your bucket list. From wandering around the beaches, shopping and dining, pull up your socks for something that will take your breath away.

Things to do in Malaysia:

  • Hiking and Trekking in the Gunung Tahan
  • Zip lining and canopy tour in North Carolina
  • Sunset cruise with Malacca River Cruise
  • A day visit to the strawberry farms at Cameron Highlands
  • Beach adventures like snorkelling, diving, and kayaking

Major attractions to explore in Malaysia:

  • Perhentian Island, Terengganu
  • Maxwell Hill, Perak
  • Tenggol Island, Terengganu
  • Jonker Street, Chinatown
  • Queensbay Mall, Penang
  • Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur

Flight distance from Qatar to Malaysia:

  • 3,674 miles/ 5 912kilometers

How to reach Malaysia from Qatar:

Malaysian Airlines and Qatar Airways offer a nonstop flight from Doha international airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The flight duration is around 7 hours.

Minimum budget for a stay per night:

Being a popular destination for international travelers, Malaysia offers the best properties to backpackers and budget travelers starting from 24QAR per night.

Best time to visit Malaysia:

Being geographically diverse, Malaysia has listed attraction that you can explore during every season. While December and February, May till September are the best months to spend a vacation here, one can plan Malaysia holiday throughout the year.

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5. Vietnam Holiday Tour From Qatar For Summer gateway

ietnam Holiday Tour From Qatar For Summer gateway

The Tropical beauty of Vietnam has made it the best holiday destination to visit from Qatar during the summers. While the moderate temperature here favours every city tour and excursion, Vietnam host some amazing festivals during the summer break.

Valleys are running deeper, while the sea bounded by the white sandy beached appear magical. While some fascinating attractions here are discovered by the travelers, Vietnam still hides the offbeat destinations that are left untouched by many. The wonders of Vietnam are not limited to the astounding natural beauty, but the cultural diversity in the dynamic cities and the villages housing the tribes is compelling for every tourist. Culture diversity here is complex and rich where you can discover the art and heritage influenced by diverse religious groups of the world. The temples here are structured with the touch of Chinese art while the tree-lined boulevards depict the French colonial era.

Now, this is one of the most affordable destinations where there are several backpackers' options available. Embraced by the beauty of traditional and unbound scenery, everything here can be explored within the best budget for travelling. Check out the best activities and attraction you can explore during your Vietnam holiday from Qatar.

Things to do In Vietnam:

  • Cruise in Halong Bay
  • Hike the Ba Vi National Park
  • Shop in the Bac Ha Sunday’s market
  • Explore the Cu Chi Tunnel
  • Cycling tour in Mai Chau

Major attractions to explore in Vietnam:

  • Golden bridge, Bà Nà Hills
  • Halong Bay, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Phu Quoc
  • Sa Pa valley, Lao Cai
  • Hang Son Doong, Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park
  • Con Dao Islands

Flight distance from Qatar to Vietnam:

  • 3,769 miles / 6,065 km

How to reach Vietnam from Qatar:

Well, limited direct flights are operating between Doha International Airport and Phu Bai International Airport. While Qatar Airways is the best airline you can choose to travel, there are other airlines like Malaysian Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and VietJet and operating between the two countries.

Minimum budget for a stay per night:

Backpackers options for traveling and staying is available in Vietnam that will cost around 150 QAR for a stay per night.

Best Time to visit Vietnam:

Vietnam is a year-round destination that can be explored during any season. While Vietnam tour from Qatar can be ideal during the summers to escape the extreme heat of deserts, the winter seasons from December through February is considered to be the best time for Vietnam travel.

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Well, these are some handpicked destination that can be your next budget vacation from Qatar. With a lot to discover around, Qatar is a perfect getaway that offers all your luxury travelling weekend vacation and affordable tours nearby. You got the attractions to explore, the cuisines to try and experience the vibrant t cultures around Qatar for a lifetime memory. Flights are operating from Hamad International Airport to every corner of the world, making travelling from Qatar easy and convenient. Don’t wait and book your holiday packages and Qatar flights to land on all these magical cities.


Q.1 How many international flights are operating from Qatar?

Apart from Qatar Airways, many International flights are departing from Qatar.

  1. Air India
  2. Malaysia Airlines
  3. Turkish Airlines
  4. Kuwait Airlines
  5. Siberia Airlines

Q.2 Where is the international Airport in Qatar?

The Hamad International Airport in Doha is the only international airport in the country.

Q.3 Is there any visa-free enter for Qatar passport holders?

Qatari people have had visa-free or visa-free access to 86 countries and territories on arrival, ranking the Qatari passport 60th in terms of travel rights. For details refer to the official tourism site.

Q.4 What places can I visit from Qatar during summers?

While most Asian country experiences an extreme temperature during summer, Turkey and Vietnam are the best destinations for planning a vacation during summers in Qatar.

Q.5 Are there any direct flight from Qatar to India?

Qatar Airways operates a direct flight from Doha international airport to India. There are other airlines that one cab book for as per the convenience.

Q.6 What is the best time to visit India from Qatar?

India is a year-round destination, but the monsoon seasons and winters are avoided due to bad weather condition. The months from April to May and September to December are considered best.

Q.7 What is the minimum period to get Visa approval for Turkey from Qatar?

It will take around 60 days to get your Turkey Visa from the Turkey Embassy in Qatar.

Q.8 What is the minimum duration of the flight from Qatar to Vietnam?

It will take around 10 hours 45 minutes via a direct flight from Qatar to Vietnam, but the maximum flight duration can be of 36 hours.

Q.9 Is Visa on arrival available in Malaysia for Qatar Passport holders?

No visa is required if you are traveling to Malaysia for 90 days. If your vacation exceeds the limited given time, an E-Visa can be obtained on arrival in Malaysia International airport if you have a valid passport.