Traveling to Qatar and failing to savor the culinary delights of the region is out of the question. A land renowned for its top of the line hospitality and quality restaurants, finding the best food in Doha, Qatar, isn't as difficult as one may think it to be. From the richness of traditional dishes and international delights to so much more, there's a lot that the visitors get in Qatar as far as the culinary delights are concerned.

So, let's take a look at the top dishes that one can taste on their holiday in the capital city of Qatar.

Food In Doha, Qatar: Which Are The Top Traditional Dishes?

Here are some of the top traditional dishes of Qatar that one can taste in Doha.

1. Saloona

Saloona Food in qatar
Food in Qatar

A classic delicacy perfect for family dinners, Saloona is a classic Arabic Stew that can be prepared with anything available. Generally, the dish is prepared with beef, fish, or lamb depending on the availability. One can use seasonal vegetables to prepare it and flavor it with ginger and garlic.

Visitors coming to Qatar can find Saloona in any traditional restaurant. In fact, just about every Souq in Qatar has a traditional restaurant somewhere or the other. Saloona can be eaten with bread soaked in the broth. Interestingly, there are restaurants in Qatar that give Saloona their own contemporary twist.

2. Warak Enab

Warak Enab - Food in Qatar

One of the best dishes to taste as far as Qatar Cuisine is concerned, Warak Enab is a light snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. The snack is prepared using vine leaves which are stuffed with minced beef, lamb, and rice.

Travelers can find the dish in Doha without much hassle. Warak Enab is usually seasoned with garlic, coriander, and pepper which the snack can be tried with a slice of fresh lemon.

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3. Balaleet

Balaleet - Food in Doha

A rich delicacy that arises out of a rare combination of Vermicelli and Omelette, Balaleet is one of the most satisfying Qatari dishes in Doha that is flavored with a rich blend of saffron, sugar, and rose water.

Balaleet is usually prepared during Eid-al-Fitr celebrations when friends and families gather together to savor the dish.

In fact, in case you're worried about the combination of Vermicelli and Omelette? Well, you'd be surprised by how the dish tastes.  

4. Majboos

Majboos - Food in Qatar

A dish that carries enormous significance in Qatar, Majboos is the national dish of the country and is widely renowned around the nation. In fact, as they say, Majboos is a must-try on your visit to Qatar and is often considered as the best food in Doha, being the national dish of the nation. Prepared with lamb or chicken as per the availability and choice, the dish is a unique blend of flavors and is slow-cooked so that the flavors get infused in it.

One can try Majboos at just about every restaurant in Qatar. The restaurants often serve Majboos on a bed of seasoned rice which is accompanied by a salad and homemade tomato sauce.

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5. Madrouba

Madrouba - Food in Doha
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Traditional food in Qatar that is eaten at any time of the day, Madrouba is a rice porridge that is a dream for the taste buds. Cooked with milk, butter, chicken, and cardamom, the dish takes hours to get prepared as it is simmered until it becomes mushy.

Interestingly, when it comes to Madrouba, each restaurant in Qatar has its own recipe and style of preparation. In many cases, even the toppings may differ. Hence, travelers are advised to do their research on the restaurant before visiting to taste Madrouba.

6. Kousa Mahshi

Kousa Mahshi - Food in Doha

Another Middle Eastern food highly popular in Qatar is the Kousa Mahshi. A courgette stuffed with minced lamb and vegetables, this delicacy is seasoned with parsley and mint and is often found in restaurants that serve it for vegetarians using chickpeas instead of lamb.

As for the taste, Kousa Mahshi tastes best when it is dipped with tomato paste or yogurt. Visitors can head to Salwa RD in Doha to get the best taste of Kousa Mahshi in Qatar.

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7. Luqaimat


Another Doha food widely renowned amongst travelers coming to Doha, Luqaimat is a traditional Qatari dish that can be found at some of the best bakeries in Doha. It is a sweet dumpling that is flavored with cardamom and saffron.

The dish is deep-fried and looks much like a doughnut drenched with sugar syrup. The best part? Luqaimat is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside which largely adds up to its heavenly taste.  

8. Umm Ali

Umm Ali

A Doha food that is often recognized as a classic Middle Eastern comfort food, Umm Ali is a dessert that finds its origin in Egypt. Much similar to a bread pudding made with raisins, nuts, milk, and more, Umm Ali is sprinkled with cinnamon and is often regarded as one of the sweetest desserts that one can taste in Qatar.

The best part? This is one of those traditional dishes in Qatar that are filled with dried fruits and offer a perfect blend of spices when tasted.  

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9. Khanfaroush

Khanfaroush - Food in Doha
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A Doha food that forms a perfect blend between a biscuit and a cake, Khanfaroush is a fried sweet that is aromatic and is in the form of a disc. The sweet is deep-fried and is served with either sugar and a drizzle of honey. One can find it crispy on the outside while the rosewater used in the making gives it a floral fragrance along with a delicate taste. Khanfaroush can be best tasted in Doha as there are many restaurants that serve the sweet in its most authentic flavor.  

10. Rogag

Rogag - Food in Qatar
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A dish influenced by Indian Cuisine and boasting of its richness of flavors, Rogag is a pancake that can be filled with just about anything you like. The dish is much like the Indian Dosa and can be filled with meat, eggs, vegetables, and more.

While Rogag is often eaten as a breakfast dish, it can also be enjoyed with cheese or honey as per your preference. But hang on, are you wondering where to best taste it? Well, Rogag can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is usually freshly prepared and brought to the table.

11. Kunafa

Kunafa - Food in Qatar

A traditional dessert that is very popular in the Middle East, Kunafa is a dish that has multiple variants and can be prepared in a diverse number of ways. In fact, there are many who prepare the dish in their own European style. As the story has it, Kunafa was first invented in Egypt when the dish was prescribed by the doctors to caliphs in Egypt who were sick. Since then, this is a dessert that has gained serious popularity amongst the travelers and natives in Qatar.  

Food In Qatar: Which Are The Top Street Foods?  

Here are some of the top street foods to taste in Qatar and its capital.

1. Shawarma


One of the most popular street foods in Doha, Shawarma is perhaps the most famous street food that one can taste in Qatar. It is an Arabic street food that is very much like a pita bread filled with marinated meat, tomato, pickles, and more. Anyone can easily recognize a Shawarma stall by seeing a huge chunk of meat skewered on a rod. The best part? The meat is slow-cooked and can be purchased from any stall at economical prices.  

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2. Crepe

Crepe - Hotels in Doha

Another of those street foods in Doha highly popular amongst travelers and natives, Crepe is an Arabic street food that is prepared with wheat batter which is poured into a circular frying pan and spatula is poured into. One can taste Crepe in just about every popular corner of Doha. Ideally, travelers need to spend about 5 riyals to get the taste of Crepe.  

3. Pani Puri

Pani Puri - Street food in Qatar

Perhaps one of the most popular street foods to try, Pani Puri finds its origin in India. It is like a hollow ball that is filled with a number of ingredients like chickpeas, onions, potatoes, and so much more. Travelers can find its flavored water most tempting. In fact, the flavored water used in Pani Puri is what truly makes this street food what it is today.

While the Bombay Chowpatty is where Pani Puri is most famous in India, the Al Matar Street in Doha is where one can truly find the right flavor of Pani Puri in Qatar.

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4. Khaboos


An Arabic flat bread made found on the streets of Doha and highly popular amongst travelers today, Khaboos is a Doha food which is made from ingredients that find their origin in the Indian subcontinent. It is truly a mouthwatering snack to taste in Qatar and is made from maida. One can taste Khaboos with either a couple of dips or hummus.

Besides, if you truly wish to taste the authentic taste of Khaboos, visit Souq Waqif. The ancient market-place is one of the most famous places in Qatar to taste Khaboos.  

5. Magic Corn

Magic Corn

Corn isn't a new snack. Found in every corner of the world, it is one of the go-to snacks for Qataris too. While normally the snack is served in a sweet flavor, Magic Corn in Qatar is served with butter, sauce, chili powder, and more.

It is considered a quick snack in the country and the way it is made in Qatar, one simply cannot afford to miss it.  

6. Spring Potato

Spring Potato

Another popular Doha food widely renowned as a popular street snack in Qatar, Spring Potato is something that travelers can taste while on their vacation. It is a dish that consists of potatoes that are deep fried. One can find it anywhere on the streets in the country or at places like MIA Bazar in Doha, Al Wakra Souq, and more.  

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7. Popcorn

Popcorn in Doha

Admit it, we've all had popcorn at least once in our life. Eaten all around the world as a popular snack, Popcorn is found on the streets of Qatar too. It is a variety of corn that expands and puffs up when heated. In fact, popcorn is one of the go-to snacks in theatres all around the world, and Qatar is no exception. From shopping malls and events to some popular streets around the country, popcorn is found in just about every corner of Qatar.  

A country renowned for its variety of popular traditional dishes and eye-catching restaurants, one can find some of the world's best food in Doha, Qatar. From savory dishes and aromatic rice delicacies to some of the best street foods, there's a lot to look forward to in Dawlat Qatar and the country ensures that the visitors get the best out of their culinary journey in the country. There are numerous restaurants, cafés, and eye-catching street food stalls at popular locations that offer the best of culinary experience, and more. So, are you a foodie planning your vacation in Qatar? Book your round-trip flights to Qatar today and enjoy the amazing culinary delights of the country.


Q1. What kind of food can one enjoy in Qatar?

Visitors coming to Qatar get a wide range of delicious foods to enjoy. While the country's traditional delicacies are the main Highlight for any traveler coming here, there are also a variety of street foods and international favorites that one can enjoy here. The country's capital, Doha, is the hotspot as far as culinary experience is concerned.

Q2. How expensive is the food in Doha, Qatar?

Although the actual prices can vary in the case of dining, street food, or other choices, the average price for food in Doha is around QAR 17 per day. As in the case of dining, the prices may differ.

Q3. Which are the top International restaurants in Qatar?

There are many top International restaurants in Qatar where travelers can enjoy a fine culinary experience. Have a look at the popular ones.

  • The Cellar
  • Ruby Wu's
  • Ric's Kountry Kitchen
  • Mykonos
  • L’Wzaar Seafood Market
  • Layali
  • Spice Market
Q4. Which street foods can one enjoy in Qatar?

A country that offers the finest restaurants and traditional delicacies, Qatar offers some mouthwatering street foods as well. Have a look at some of the top ones below.

  • Popcorn
  • Khaboos
  • Magic Corn
  • Spring Potato
  • Pani puri
  • Crepe
  • Shawarma
Q5. Which is the top street food in Doha?

Although there are a variety of street foods that one can enjoy in Doha, the top ones include Khaboos, Crepe, and Spring Potato which can be found in just about every corner of the city and at all popular events.

Q6. Which is the best traditional dish in Doha, Qatar?

Qatar is a country that boasts of its traditional culinary options for travelers. Here are some of the top traditional dishes that one can try in its capital.

  • Majboos
  • Warak Enab
  • Luqaimat
  • Saloona
  • Umm Ali
  • Balaleet
  • Madrouba
  • Khanfaroush
  • Rugag
Q7. Which Indian snack is popular in Qatar?

Although Qatar does have a number of Indian restaurants that serve the best of Indian delicacies, Pani Puri is famous in the country as street food and is widely eaten by the natives and travelers here. In fact, just about every popular tourist spot in Qatar has a Pani Puri stall somewhere.

Q8. Where can I eat local food in Qatar?

Doha is not just the official capital of Qatar but also the food capital of the country. The city not only offers top of the line restaurants but also has a number of local food spots where travelers can enjoy the best of street food and traditional delicacies at economical prices.

Q9. Where can I Try Traditional food in Qatar?

There are a number of traditional restaurants in the country that offer the best of delicacies to travelers. Here are the top ones you need to know about.

  • Walima Restaurant
  • Shisha Garden
  • Al Jasra Restaurant
  • Al Manchab
  • Easair Café
  • Al Shami Home Restaurant
  • Chai Halib
  • Karaki
  • Hawn Café
  • Shay Al Shoomos
  • Al Aker Souq Waqif
Q10. How many days should I spend in Doha?

Although the duration of stay clearly depends on the choice of travelers, one can opt to spend at least 2-3 days in Doha.

Q11. Is Doha a good city to visit?

Doha is one of the richest cities in the world today and offers a number of attractions to travelers. From the best of historical attractions to the finest natural landscapes, landmarks, restaurants, and hotels, there's a lot that makes Doha one of the finest cities to travel to today.

Q12. How many restaurants are there in Qatar?

Although the actual figures may vary, there are more than 3000 restaurants in Qatar today, many of which serve the best of delicacies to travelers.