Well known for its modern architecture like its skyscrapers, water towers and Kuwait towers, Kuwait is a quite popular.  The most popular attraction is the Tareq Rajab Museum as it houses an amazing collection of Islamic art and ethnographic artifacts along with amusement and theme parks. Along with its petroleum industry and architecture, the delicious food in Kuwait is severed in various food joints, eateries, restaurants and in international food chains.  People can enjoy the fine dining experience. The delicacies of Kuwait are filled with flavors one would crave for more to taste. If you are planning a trip to Kuwait, then think of all the places eat at as it would give you a taste of what the culture and traditions are like in this city.

Kuwait is the city that has always attracted people from all over the world for its food and heritage sites. It has a charm of its own that has always been waiting to be discovered by people. What more can anyone ask for? It is the best way to have a vacation far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

8 Traditional Foods In Kuwait You Should Try For The Flavors

A blend of Arbian, Persian, Indian and Mediterranean dishes make the food in Kuwait special. Rice based dishes and soups are eaten regularly. The sea and desert are the two sides that make up the city and its cuisine reflects both sides.  Special techniques are used to make food which include a style where a whole meal is cooked in a single container. Marag is another way of cooking where the ingredients are fried before being cooked. When it comes to going on a vacation to a different city or country, one should try the various cuisines.

The food adventure is different and unique as one would always plan their vacation based on the places they would want to visit. It is rule that when one visits any city or country, one should always try the cuisines for their flavors and spices. It is not something that happens very often.

1. Machboos Dakkus

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Did you know that the traditional food in Kuwait is basically rice cooked in Zafran to add a rich flavor to it? It is sprinkled with a huge serving of spilt chickpeas and raisins.  What makes the dish special is the crunchy and soft texture and the raisins that offer a sweet taste to it. The rice is added with the chicken legs or meat separately which is called Machboos. The thick tomato gravy or soup poured on top of the rice is the Dakkus which gives the dish a tangy and sweet taste. With feasting on the traditional dish of the city, the tummy will be happy and satisfied. What more can anyone ask for?

Main Ingredients: Chickpeas, raisins, Zafran

Where To Taste: Khaneen


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Kuwait is famous for its Shawarma, which is easily found in various local shops that sells yummy food items. Chicken and Goat are two kinds of meat with which a shawarma is made along with turshi and salad.  The meats are cooked and grilled separately that rotate uniformly and continuous heat is supplied. People have often eaten French fries with the dish along with tomatoes and chopped onions. The mayonnaise and tomato ketchup give a different taste and flavor to the dish. They are unique and scrumptious in taste. It is one the ideal Kuwait foods; tourists should not miss out on when on vacation as it is an absolute delicacy.

Main Ingredients: Chicken/ Goat meat, Turshi and Salad

Where To Taste: Shawarma Shuwaikh Restaurant

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3. Hammus With Khubz

Hammus With Khubz
Hammus With Khubz

Have you ever seen a flatbread and eaten one with a dip? You have come to the right place. The traditional flatbread of Kuwait, Khubz is made with flour and then baked at high temperatures. One of the things to do in Kuwait is eat the soft, fluffy stomach filling Hammus with a dip made of mashed chickpeas. The dip is blended with spices and olive oil. To make the dish a lot more interesting and flavorsome, one can add extra toppings like cubed tomatoes, cucumber, makdoonis and olive oil. It is a healthy, hearty and yummy dish that is highly popular among the people in Kuwait. Give your stomach and taste buds a treat to the flavors of Kuwait and come back with a smile on your face.

Main Ingredients:  Spices, olive oil, makdoonis, cucumber and cubed tomatoes

Where To Taste:  Kubus Ragag Kuwait

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4. Mutabbaq Samak/Mutabbaq Zubaidi

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Did you know fried fish and rice is one of the most common and famous food in Kuwait and all over the world?  Mutabbaq Samak is one such traditional food in Kuwait as Zubaid is the national fish in the city. The fish is seasoned first, coated in flour and fried at last.  The rice cooked separately and seasoned with turmeric, onions, garlic, sumac, and parsley.  The fish is put on top the rice and then garnished with herbs, raisins and nuts. The tomato garlic and cilantro sauce, Daqoos is served on the side. It is one of the most delicious foods eaten and a must try for all those visiting Kuwait for the first time. It should be on the bucket list of things to eat as the taste buds need to have a flavor party themselves. What more can anyone ask for?

Main Ingredients: Rice and Fish

Where To Taste: Kabsa House

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5. Fatayer Lahme, Fatayer Jibna and Fatayer Zaatar

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Fatayer Lahme is a stuffed Arabic bread with minced meat.  Fatayer Jibna is a flat bread with cheese inside and Fatayer Zaatar is a pizza bread with toppings like thyme, sesame seeds, herbs and spices. These breads can be shaped in the form of pastry pies and triangles or boats. It is the best food in Kuwait every tourist should eat and not miss out on. It is a rare opportunity one gets and should not give up on. What more can anyone ask for? It is one those cravings and delights people should treat themselves too. After eating the bread, one can even go to a café in Kuwait and have tea or coffee. It will be the perfect day as what more can anyone ask for? People should put it on their bucket of things to eat when visiting Kuwait. Don’t give up on such chances to being able to taste such unique and different dishes.

Main Ingredients: Minced Meat, Sesame Seeds, Herbs And Spices

Where To Taste: Sheik Fatayer

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6. Tashreeb

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Tashreeb is one the most famous foods in Kuwait as it is name given to a dish with broth- soaked topped with meat or vegetables. The word Tashreeb in Arabic means to soak. It began as dish that made by the poor who had to put whatever they had into the stew. The way to eat this staple is to tear the beard, put in on a plate or bowl and pour the stew over it.  Meat is incorporated in the stew along with chickpeas or beans with a variety of various spices. The recipe is ideal for the fall or winter time as the weather is cool. With a variety of food, the tastes buds will definitely have a party in the mouth. Of course, along with food, people should explore the various attractions in Kuwait. Can it get any better than this? What you waiting for? Make this a food adventure to remember.

Main Ingredients: Meat, Vegetables and Bread

Where To Taste: Pepper Steak House

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7. Mandi Laham

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Have you ever had lamb or chicken filled with several spices?  The national food of Kuwait, Mandi Laham can be made with either lamb or chicken with rice and a blend of spices. The meat has to be cooked in a tandoor to make the dish perfect, which is closed to keep the smoke inside.  With the meat tender and juicy, people can eat with rice along with salad and yogurt; along with spicy tomato sauces. It is the one food people have often craved for, around the world. It is not something they should miss out on as it is an absolute delicacy and should be tried at least once. It is a dish that makes people crave for more. What more can anyone ask for? It is a treat to the pallet. So, what you waiting for?  Eat the yummiest Mandi Laham and boast about it with your friends and family. It is something that it is only made in the middle east.

Main Ingredients: Lamb, Chicken and various spices

Where To Taste: Al-Zad Palace Restaurant

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8. Gers Ogaily (Perfume cake)

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Are you craving for cake and want to try the traditional Kuwaiti cake?  Did you know there was something known as a perfume cake? No right? Well, you are in luck. If you are craving for some, then you should give your palate a taste of Gers Ogaily, known as Perfume cake. It is a popular traditional food in Kuwait with its aromatic fragrance with ingredients like saffron, rose water, cardamom and sesame seeds. The cake is absolutely mouthwatering as it is made in something known as a bundt cake pan.  The perfect way to end a meal is by treating yourself to this fancy exotic cake. Tourists will love eating this light fluffy cake and will always come back for more. It is no ordinary cake and so, people should eat it at least once when visiting Kuwait. This is a dish that should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to eat. What more can anyone ask for when it comes to craving for something sweet? These things only happen once in a life time. So, one should not miss out on such opportunities.

Main Ingredients: NA

Where To Taste: At any restaurant or café in Kuwait

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What better way to spend a vacation eating the various cuisines served at some of the best restaurants in the city?  There are several food joints and restaurants that greet people from all over the world to taste the most authentic flavors of the cuisines in Kuwait. Along with filling your stomach with the delicacies of the country, one should explore the various heritage sites to make the holiday complete. Visiting a country like Kuwait is a once in a life time experience that may or may not come again, so book your flight to Kuwait now. Make it an experience to remember for years to come. One will always crave for more and come back to visit with their family and friends.


Q1. What are some of the foods one should eat when in Kuwait?

Machboos Dakkus, Shawarma, Hammus With Khubz, Mutabbaq Samak/Mutabbaq Zubaidi and Fatayer Lahme, Fatayer Jibna and Fatayer Zaatar are some the foods one should definitely try out when in Kuwait.

Q2. When is it the best time to visit Kuwait?

October- November is said to be the best time to visit Kuwait as the weather is cool and pleasant.

Q3. Which is the most popular dessert in Kuwait people should try?

Gers Ogaily (Perfume cake) is the most popular dessert in Kuwait people should definitely try.

Q4. What is Tashreeb?

It is a broth soaked in vegetables or meat and is an absolute delight people should eat when on vacation in Kuwait.

Q5. Where can one eat Tashreeb?

One can have Tashreeb at the pepper steak house.

Q6. What is Hammus With Khubz?

It is a flatbread that is eat with a dip, filled with flavors. It is another dish people shouldn’t miss out on.

Q7. Is it safe to eat at the restaurants in Kuwait?

With the variety of cuisines, people should visit the restaurants and give their taste buds a treat. It is absolutely safe.

Q8. Apart from eating in Kuwait, is there anything else one can do?

Of course, people can visit the malls and heritage sites in Kuwait.