Have you ever thought of visiting a country or city without visiting the islands or beaches? A holiday or vacation is never complete without visiting the islands, besides shopping of course.  The islands in Kuwait are a treat to watch as it is an experience to remember. Apart from its history and culture, Kuwait is known for its beaches, islands, malls and resorts. It is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket places to visit.

Top 10 Islands In Kuwait

Besides visiting the malls in Kuwait and historical monuments, the going to the islands to see the marine animals bring out a different kind of excitement in tourists. Kids love the idea of having an adventurous experience that teaches them something new and of course getting to see marine life.

1. Bubiyan Island

Bubiyan Island
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Bubiyan Island is one of the biggest islands of Kuwait bested in the north western corner of the Persian Gulf. Minimum tourism has made the island the one stop destination for migratory birds. In case tourists get lucky, they can easily get to see a few rare species of birds. Locals love the island for a peaceful picnic or stay. The island could become a major shipping port in the near future.

Location: Persian Gulf, Kuwait

Things to do: watch marine animals

Famous for: Migratory birds

2. Warbah Island

Warbah Island
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1.5 kms from the north of Bubiyan Island, warbah island is a huge mudflat, where people can sight a few migratory birds. The island is said to be a paradise and of course the best tourist attraction in Kuwait for bird watchers and often gets crowded during the summers. People have seen humpback whales and bottle nose dolphins. The island is worth taking pictures for Instagram.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: Watch sea animals and birds

Famous for: Whales, dolphins and birds

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3. Miskan Island

Miskan Island
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Miskan Island is one of the smaller islands In Kuwait as compared to the others. Only those who manage the lighthouse live on the island. The lighthouse defends the coastline of Kuwait. The best part about the island is that it is perfect for photo shoots and if one is really lucky, they could get a glimpse of the humpback and bottleneck dolphins.  Tourists should visit the island for the lighthouse too.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: Photoshoot

Famous for: The lighthouse

4. Failaka Island

Failaka Island

Failaka Island, Kuwait is a perfect scenic island that is easily accessible. For all those adventure seekers, fishing, jet- skiing, sailing and scuba diving is some of the activities they can enjoy. If you want a change in scene, then you can visit a museum to see a performance depicting Sheikh Abdullah Al Salim Al Sabah. The performance will leave people awe struck and fascinated. The island has a lot to offer tourists which will ensure they come back for several more visits.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: jet skiing, scuba diving and sailing

Famous for: water sport activities

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5. Auhah Island

Auhah Island
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Auhah island situated southeast of Failaka island is home to humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and several species of turtles. The island is also home to sea creatures and is perfect for walks and picnics, one of the few things to do in Kuwait, due to its picturesque scenery. Before the tourist crowd comes in, get a glimpse of all the exotic sea creatures. It is one of the islands in Kuwait that tourists should be visited for the sea creatures.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: walks and picnics

Famous for: Exotic Sea Creatures

6. Umm Al Namil Island

Umm Al Namil Island
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Have you ever explored an island for its ancient ruins?  Known as the mother of ants, Umm Al Namil Island is home to a large group of ants. It is every historian’s dream as the building and architecture are left untouched and serve as representatives of Islamic era and Bronze Age. Fishing is one the many things to do in Kuwait on the island and of course discovering the ancient ruins.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: Fishing and discovering ancient ruins

Famous for: Ancient ruins and ants

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7. Qaruh Island

Qaruh Island
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Known as a diver’s paradise due to its crystal-clear water and colourful ecosystem, Qaruh Island is a must visit.  Tourists will see several exotic fishes and coral reefs will leave them awestruck. It is highly recommended by the locals and is one of the most gorgeous places to dive in. The island is perfect for all the adventurous people as getting glimpse of a different kind of marine life is rare. It is a chance that should not be missed.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: Dive

Famous for: exotic fishes and coral fishes

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8. Umm Al Maradim Island

Umm Al Maradim Island
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It is an island, tourists look forward to, for scuba diving sessions. Situated at the south of Kuwait’s marine borders, Umm Al Maradim Island in Arabic means mother of boulders and is famous for pearl oysters that are found close to the sea bed. clear waters and coral reefs make the island worth a visit. It is one of the rainiest islands in Kuwait. Surrounded by deep waters, the ships land onto its shores directly, which is an advantage that is not available on most islands.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: Kuwait: Diving

Famous for: Coral reefs and clear waters

9. Kubbar Island

Kubbar Island

Do you want a serene getaway? Kubbar Island is the perfect getaway for every tourist as it is known for its turquoise blue waters and soft sands. Scuba diving, bird watching and swimming are some of the things people can enjoy on the island. Every age group can visit the island and have the best time.   It is a sandy island that is covered with shrubs, located about 30 kms off the southern cost of Kuwait.  Coral reefs surround the island and is popular for scuba divers. The island is one of the most unique tourist attractions in Kuwait that leave people awe struck.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: Scuba diving, bird watching and swimming

Famous for: Torquise blue water and soft sands

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10. Green Island

Green Island

Green Island Kuwait was initially a reclaimed land that was transformed into an island. Located along the coastline, it stretches from Al-Shiwaikh to Ras Alard. The rocks and sand are imported from other countries. Tourists can enjoy certain entertainment options like swimming pool, amphitheater, tourist tower, restaurants and kids play area. These are some of many things to do in Kuwait when on vacation with family and friends.

Location: Kuwait

Things to do: swim, go to the amphitheater

Famous for: Rocks and sands

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Interesting Facts About Kuwait You Probably Didn't Know About

Interesting Facts About Kuwait You Probably Didn't Know About

Can't wait to explore the top islands mentioned above? Well, here are some of the most interesting facts about the country.  

Kuwait City Began As A Fishing Village

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about the capital of Kuwait, the city started as a small fishing village in 1613. It was only in the 17th century when the city grew into a trading center with routes to India, Europe, and Africa. Interestingly, the golden era of Kuwait came from 1946 to 1982 when the state simply flourished.  

Kuwait Was Initially Made Of Ten Islands

We've all heard about Kuwait being made of nine islands, right? But do you know that the country was initially made of ten islands? Well, Shuwaikh Island was one of the ten islands but was no longer considered as an island when a bridge connecting it to the mainland was constructed. Hence, since Shuwaikh island is no longer considered an island, Kuwait is made up of nine islands only. Interestingly, only Failaka Island is inhabited out of all nine islands.  

Kuwaiti Dinar Is The Highest Valued Currency In The World

Now here's an interesting fact about the Kuwaiti Dinar that many wouldn't know about. The Kuwaiti Dinar is one of the most valued currencies in the world today, if not the most valued. The currency even edges above Bahrain Dinar that holds the second spot.

Kuwait Is One Of The Toughest Countries To Drive In

Are you someone living in a country where traffic rules are duly followed? Well, you are bound to have a tough time driving in this country. In fact, Kuwait is a country where people don't necessarily follow traffic rules. You may find people not wearing seat belts or running through red lights. It is, in fact, compared to the likes of China, India, or Thailand where driving is as tough as it gets.  

Summers In Kuwait Are Some Of The Hottest In The World

Now here's a climate fact about Kuwait. The summers that the country experiences are some of the hottest in the entire world. The summer months last from June to September and this is when the temperatures can go up to 50 degrees Celsius or even higher at times. On the other hand, the autumn season in the country is considered to be much better for travel as the temperatures come down to around the mark of 30 degrees Celsius.

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How To Reach Kuwait

How to reach Kuwait

Reaching Kuwait isn't a big hassle for travelers today. The Kuwait International Airport is the main international airport serving the country and travelers can easily expect to book a flight to this airport from any major destination around the world. The airport is located about 15 kilometers to the south of the center of Kuwait City which is the capital of Kuwait.

Every island in Kuwait has a charm of its own that attracts tourists from all over the world. The beaches in Kuwait, besides the islands are one many things to do for a fun and adventurous holiday. When it comes to planning the perfect vacation, book your flights to Kuwait, a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the islands as it will be worth talking about with your friends and maybe, write a book on it one day.


Q1. What makes Kubbar Island special as a tourist attraction in Kuwait?

The Iraqi Soldiers who died in the gulf war are buried on this island and their graves are marked discreetly. Apart from this, it is popular for the scuba divers.

Q2. Which is the one island where tourists are

offered several entertainment options like swimming pool? Green island offers tourists a several entertainments that make it memorable and fun. It is an ideal for family and friends.

Q3. How far is the airport in Kuwait from Green Island?

The airport to Green Island is about 23 kms

Q4. What makes Failaka Island a popular tourist attraction?

Failaka Island is known for its jet skiing, scuba diving and sailing. It is popular among the adventure enthusiasts.

Q5. Where is Umm Al Maradim Island located and what makes it so popular among tourists?

It is an island located south of Kuwait’s marine borders and is known for its scuba diving and pearl oysters.

Q6. Auhah Island is home to which animals and what is it perfect for?

The island located southeast of Failaka Island is home to humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and various species of Turtles. It is best for walks and picnics. Tourists can get a glimpse of various exotic sea creatures.

Q7. What is Warbah Island known for?

The Island is known for its whales and dolphins. It is worth a visit while on vacation in Kuwait.

Q8. What is the only thing that has been managed on Miskan Island?

A family lives in the lighthouse and so, it is the only thing that is managed. The island is perfect for a photo shoot.

Q9. How many islands is Kuwait made of?

Kuwait is made up of nine islands. Earlier, it was considered to be made of ten islands but the status of Shuwaikh island was changed later and is no longer considered as an island now.

Q10. Which is the main airport in Kuwait?

The Kuwait International Airport is the main airport in Kuwait and is located in Kuwait City which is the capital of Kuwait.