Kuwait, an ancient land sandwiched between Saudi Arabia and Iran, is a land of fascination and impeccable beauty of art. Planning a holiday in this cachet of Western Asia, here are the best things to do in Kuwait that will spice up your holiday spirit. For half of the world, Kuwait is just another Gulf Nation with an enormous amount of oil tanks, but for a traveler, there are adventures and heritage sites to discover for the best cultural experience. With the serene beauty, Kuwait is nothing lesser than an Oasis that is adorned by the golden deserts, the blue ocean water and palm fringes.  

Top 10 Things To Do In Kuwait

Kuwait, from the past few decades, has been a traveler's destination where one can admire the serenity and discover the tales from the past. To make your vacation more exciting and happening, here are the best things you can plan of doing in this oasis.

1. A Ferry To The Failaka Island

A Ferry To The Failaka Island

Lying at a distance of 20 km from the Kuwait mainland, Failaka Island is a major destination you can visit. Ferry rides are operated regularly for the travelers to reach this island, existing here since 3000 BC. Housing the traditional houses and the ruins from the Greeks, Failaka offers the best adventures and water sports to spice up your vacation spirit. Discover the hidden spots on the island and try some of the fun things to do in Kuwait. The island is abandoned as an effect of the Gulf War and it offers a tour of the open-air monument for discovering the history.

Location: Persian Gulf

Famous For: Jet Skiing, Boating, Fishing, Sailing, Swimming, Ferry Rides and Water sports

Best Hotels: The Regency Hotel Kuwait, Holiday Inn Suites Kuwait Salmiya, Marina Hotel, The Regency Hotel Kuwait

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2. Night Camping In Desert

Night Camping In Desert

While deserts are the best attractions luring travelers, spending a night in the serene and captivating beauty of these vast sand oceans is surely something you cannot afford to miss. Overnight camping in Kuwait offers much adventure and thrill that usual adventures like paragliding or surfing. The sky filled with millions of stars and the solitude is surely an experience of a lifetime that will offer you a completely different horizon.

You can even enjoy some of the best adventure activities to do in Kuwait with quad biking or camel rides, while the camps here offer the most tempting Arabian food and drinks to relish the night.

Location: Kuwait City

Famous For: Quad Biking, Camping, Camel Ride, Safari

3. Discover The Wonders of Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers stands as one of the famous attractions in Kuwait that reflects its modern architecture and economical ranking. Built-in the year 1962, the towers are popular as the most iconic building that reflects a perfect blend of Islamic art and a modern theme. A tour of the towers is one of the best things to do in Kuwait where you can witness the slender beauty of the minarets and embrace the magnificence.

The Kuwait Towers houses two best restaurants that serve every delight to the visitors. You can enjoy a meal with your family after capturing the spectates of this pristine landmark.

Location: Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City

Famous For: Sightseeing, Restaurants

Operational Hours: 9:00 am to 11.30 pm

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4. Some High-Class Shopping from The Avenues Mall

Some High-Class Shopping from The Avenues Mall

Avenue Mall, the largest mall in Kuwait City is a shopper's paradise where you can buy the most exclusive brands. From H&M to Forever 21, Dior and Channel, you can discover luxury in every corner of the mall. Not only this, the Avenue is home to local brands of Kuwait, offering tourist some of the most fascinating souvenirs to take back home.

You can find cafes and restaurants to dine-in or just get a sip of coffee. The air-conditioned interiors and spacious corridors make it perfect for the travelers to shop and spend a day in Avenue Mall trying some of the fun things to do in Kuwait.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Rd Al Rai Area, Kuwait City

Famous For: Shopping, Dine-in

Operational Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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5. Scuba Diving For Some Thrilling Underwater Adventure

Scuba Diving For Some Thrilling Underwater Adventure

Scuba Diving tours are regularly organized for the visitor’s where they can discover the marine beauty and the underwater wonders. The islands here house corals and a diverse aquatic society making scuba diving, one of the most exciting things to do in Kuwait City. There will be professionals to assist you throughout the diving tours.

With a coastline of 100 m, Kuwait is home to the most serene shoreline and some of the best beaches. Escaping the heat of the Gulf, a day on the beach can really be exciting and enthralling. The clear blue water and the soft sandy beach of Kuwait make it a hub for experiencing the water adventures.

Location: Mubarak Alkabeer Street, Kuwait City

Best Time: November to April

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6. Discover The House Of Mirrors

Discover The House Of Mirrors

Wondering how to send a day with some of the best activities to do in Kuwait? Well, the house of Mirrors is the most famous attraction that offers an exciting and fun-filled day. You can find the most exquisite piece of mirror art enhancing the beauty of walls and furniture's, the Floorboards and almost every room. Don’t miss out the darkroom where you can discover the glittering light offering the a mesmerizing art therapy.

This hall of Mirrors belongs to Kuwaiti Artists Khalifa and Lidia Al-Qattan who were inspired by the art of broken mirrors. There is a gift shop for visitors where they can buy coffee mugs, or some paintings and sculptures.

Location: Qadisiya Block 9, Street 94, House 17, Kuwait City

Famous For: Art and Sculpture

Operational Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Entry Ticket: KWD3

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7. Book Your Guided Tour To The Grand Mosque

Book Your Guided Tour To The Grand Mosque

The sublime beauty of conventional architecture and Islamic Art has made the Grand Mosque, one of the most beautiful and pristine landmarks in the country. When it comes to discover and embrace the cultural bliss, a tour to the Grand Mosque is one of the top things to do in Kuwait that you must not miss by any chance.

Visiting the Mosque during the Ramdan season, you can witness a heavy footfall, devotees offering prayers and a blissful environment. The floor is so vast that it can allot space to more than 10,000 men at a time. Attend the evening and morning prayer and embrace the southing beauty of this official Mosque of Kuwait that is referred to as Al-Masjid Al-Kabir.

Location- Sharq Kuwait City

Operational Hours-

  • Sun - Thu 8.30am to 10.45 am
  • Sun - Thu 4.45pm to 6.45pm

8. Experiencing The Authenticity at Souk Al-Mubarakiya

Experiencing The Authenticity at Souk Al-Mubarakiya

One of the top things to do in Kuwait is to savor your appetite with the authentic food. Souk Al- Mubarakiya in Kuwait serves the best food in the city with some traditional spices and other raw local herbs. The Souk has no fancy dining outlet so be prepared to eat like a local.

Souk Al-Mubarakiya is of the oldest Souq in Kuwait City that is perfect for some cultural experience, shopping and sightseeing activities to do in Kuwait. You can stroll around the market place and discover the hidden gems of the city.

Location: Ahmad Al Jaber Street & Mubarak Al Kabeer Street, Kuwait City

Famous For: Food Tours, Local Shopping

Operational Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Friday: 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

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9. Discover The Gorgeous Beaches In Kuwait

Discover The Gorgeous Beaches In Kuwait

The natural landscapes in Kuwait are sundry with stretches of golden sandy beaches, vast desert lands and a busy coastline- in one accord. A country that is privileged to both a city and beach destination, Kuwait gets clean-clear turquoise water, colorful coral reefs flourishing in the island water and family-friendly beaches. Some of the most popular beaches offer the perfect location for a romantic picnic, fun activities for kids, water sports, one of the fun things in Kuwait, delicious food and drinking outlets. There is an abundant opportunity for an underwater coral reef walkabout or scuba diving.

Best Beaches: Salmiya beach, Messilah beach and Al Oqeila beach

Famous For: Water Sports, Boating and Ferry Rides, Scuba Diving, Beach Leisure

10. See The Iconic City Attractions Of Kuwait

See The Iconic City Attractions Of Kuwait

Peek inside of the most important cultural and touristic landmarks of the country. Sightseeing tours are one of the most pleasurable and fun things to do in Kuwait where you can visit the Kuwait Scientific Centre. It is home to the biggest aquariums in the Gulf where you can learn about protecting and preserving the history of Kuwait. Seif Palace, the home of Kuwait’s royal is a popular landmark and the oldest architectural masterpieces of the country. Many attractions are lined up for your city tour in Kuwait offering you a vibrant cultural experience.

Best Places For Sightseeing: Seif Palace, The Scientific Center, Tarej Rajam Museum

Best Time to Visit: November to April

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Kuwait may not be as famous as other Gulf attraction but surely this is a land of captivating beauty where there is diversity in every corner. With the listed things to do in Kuwait, you can capture the glimpse of natural beauty while the adventure seekers can try other overwhelming things during the vacation. Book your Kuwait flights and explore the buzzing state that combines modernity with traditions. As a touristic gulf country, Kuwait has a lot to offer for history buffers who are interested in exploring the culture and history.  


Q1. What are the best things to do in Kuwait?

Kuwait is a cultural destination that offers the most religious and spiritual experience to the visitors. You can plan a city tour, explore the museums and discover the beauty and thrill of deserts to make your holiday more exciting.

Q2. Where can I stay in Kuwait for a family holiday?

The best hotels in Kuwait for your family holiday are:

  • Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya
  • Al Kout Beach Hotel
  • Saray Prime Suites
  • Grand Majestic Hotel Kuwait
  • Holiday Inn Kuwait
Q3. What are the famous attractions to explore during the Kuwait holidays?

The best attractions you can visit in Kuwait for a complete city tour are:

  • The Grand Mosque
  • The House of Mirrors
  • Seif Palace
  • The Scientific Center
  • Tarej Rajam Museum
Q4. Where is the Grand Mosque?

The Grand Mosque is located in the Seif Square, on Arabian Gulf Street in Kuwait City. It is one of the largest and an official mosque in Kuwait.

Q5. Is there any entry fee for The House of Mirrors in Kuwait?

The House of Kuwait is open every day from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. For an adult, the entry cost is around KWD3 and for children its KWD2.

Q6. What adventures can I do in Kuwait City?

If you are looking for some exceptional adventures in Kuwait, Scuba Diving and Desert safari are the best things to try. Some beaches offer some additional water adventures.

Q7. Are there any beaches in Kuwait?

Kuwait is home to the most scenic beaches where you can discover the blue waters and soothing vibes. Visit the best beaches like Salmiya beach, Messilah beach and Al Oqeila beach.

Q8. Where can I shop in Kuwait?

The Avenue Mall is the largest mall in the Kuwait City where you can find the best international brands like H&M, Forever 21, Dior and Channel. One can even visit the Souk Al-Mubarakiya for some traditional shopping.