Every Traveler will find popular public beaches in Kuwait, beach parks, and clubs throughout the year. People will find several swimmers and jet skis during the summers and families picnicking in the sun during the winters. We all love the beaches in the winters.  So, if you want a break from your busy city life, pack your bag and visit the Kuwait beaches.  

Top 16 List Of Beaches In Kuwait

When planning a vacation, an individual should visit some of the best beaches in Kuwait and enjoy the summers. The coastline of Kuwait is filled with both beaches. Tourists and residents unwind at the beach, go for walks, spend some time at the shores or take a dip in the waters.  It is said that the best time to visit the beaches is during the summer months.

Kuwait is known for its beaches and cuisine.  So, let's look at the list of beaches in Kuwait for the perfect vacation.

1. Messilah Beach, Salimiyah, Kuwait

Messilah Beach, Salimiyah, Kuwait
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Messiah beach is one of the most well-known private beaches in Kuwait, situated in Salimiyah Kuwait. The seafront extends from Kuwait towers to Al- Bedaa.  Walking down the good paths and greenery will be an absolute beauty to the naked eye. The amenities offered are three large pools, kids pools, gardens, green space, and a restaurant that serves snacks and ice cream. The beach has something called ladies' days, which include traditional dance performances. Ladies' days fall on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Going to the pool to swim, eating at the restaurant and enjoying the spa are some of the fun things to do in Kuwait.

Location: Salimiyah, Kuwait

Famous For: Traditional dance performances

Facilities: Swimming pool and restaurant

2. Al Khiran Beach, South Of Kuwait

Al Khiran Beach

Al Khiran is situated in the south of Kuwait and has artificial canals. It is known as the beach capital and the best beach in Kuwait.  The beach has everything one can dream of like palms, fine sand, swimming pools, barbecue areas and a fine supermarket. Tourists can enjoy activities like jet and water skiing and scuba diving. When hungry, people can fill their stomachs with snacks at the shacks offering refreshments as well.  Guests can even enjoy a fun filled boat trip in the deep blue sea, which is also one of the best things to do in Kuwait. People are provided private access to the sea. It is ideal for a mini holiday over the weekend.

Location: South of Kuwait

Famous for: Boat trip, jet and water skiing, scuba diving

Facilities: snack shack, supermarket

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3. Egaila Beach, Kuwait

Egaila Beach, Kuwait
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A private beach in Kuwait, Egaila is known for its seaside spot for picnics and BBQ. The coastline is sandy with pebbles and a rocky bottom. It was founded in 1980 in September and has a long wooden bridge that goes into the sea.  People can walk along the pathway filled with plants and trees. People can relax and eat something at the BBQ grill along the shore. It is one of the best places to visit in Kuwait.  Guests can even enjoy the open theatre; kids can play in the playground and of course enjoy the lush green lawns.  The beach even has a swimming pool. So, all the swimmers can enjoy a swim and the non- swimmers can relax in the pool.

Location: Kuwait

Famous for: Seaside spot for picnics and BBQ, open theatre

Facilities: BBQ, Swimming pool and playground

4. Al Kout Beach, Mangaf, Kuwait

Al Kout Beach, Mangaf, Kuwait

Al Kout Beach situated in Mangaf, Kuwait is a white sand beach that overlooks the Persian Gulf. The beach hosts several friendly activities for families and several watersides leisure makes the beach one of the best beaches in Kuwait. The soothing stretch of sand is Kuwait’s biggest along with the azure waters. The beach is popular with families and kids. Adults often swim at the nearby swimming pool over the weekends. Al Kout beach is more engaging for people traveling with friends. As the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf, people can enjoy the most delicious al fresco meal. The beach gives its guests the best barbeque facilities.  Guests can enjoy their meal or drinks under the dancing fountain, which quite calm and relaxing.  People feel refreshed sitting next to the fountain.

Location: Mangaf, Kuwait

Famous for: Dancing fountain

Facilities: Swimming pool and barbeque facilities

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5. Hilton Beach Resort, Kuwait

Hilton Beach Resort, Kuwait
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Hilton is an ideal private beach in Kuwait. It is well known with the locals and travelers from all over the world. It is different from the others as the amenities offered are situated on the coast. The weather conditions make it the best friendly beach for all age groups. The facilities offered include swimming pools, water sports, gymnasium, spa, running route, tennis courts, children’s activities, shops and food and beverage outlets.  The best time to visit the beach is during spring and autumn. It is the perfect holiday destination for family and friends.   Hence, one should pack their bags and book their flight to Kuwait.

Location: Salem Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah Street Mangaf Kuwait City، Kuwait

Famous for: state of the art spa

Facilities: Swimming pools, water sports, gymnasium, spa, running route, tennis courts, children’s activities, shops and food and beverage outlets.

6. Fintas Beach, Urban Area Of Kuwait

Fintas Beach

Fintas is one of the few public beaches in Kuwait, located in the urban area. Water is smooth and serene to watch in the evening, during sunset.  It has a long and wide coastline popular for picnics. Travelers around the world enjoy the hot dogs, outdoor barbecue with the view of the Persian Gulf. The beach keeps the guests entertained with greeneries, playground and a gym. It is best for all ages.  When looking for a place to stay, tourists can rent an accommodation in advance and plan their vacation in spring.  Kids will have the most fun on the beach.

Location: Urban Area, Kuwait

Famous for: Barbecue

Facilities: Playground and gym

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7. Marina Beach, Kuwait

Marina Beach, Kuwait

The popular city beach in Kuwait offers the perfect view of the city’ s skyline. One of the most unique things about the Marina Beach is that it has several palms on the sand, which are quite rare as compared to the other beaches in Kuwait. The kiosks serve guests ice cream and drinks. Kids can play in the huge playground and the grownups can hire a bike or skate to go around the beach. The beach has several restaurants for guests to have a healthy meal.  It has a vibrant up market shopping area and the perfect view of the sea.

Location: Kuwait

Famous for: market place

Facilities: Restaurants and playground

8. Failaka Island Beach, Persian Gulf

Failaka Island Beach, Persian Gulf
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It is an island that is situated in the northern part of the Persian Gulf. It famous amongst the tourists for is ancient Greek ruins, camel farms and has Wanasa Beach. It reminds people of the Iraqi occupation that left for historical reasons.  The beach is quite different from the others. The beach attracts people from all over the world as it offers amenities like fishing, boating, swimming, sailing and water sports.  If one has to visit the beach, then a ferry is the best mode of transportation. It is a fun beach for the perfect vacation in the summers.

Located: Persian Gulf, Kuwait

Famous for: Greek Ruins

Facilities: fishing, boating, swimming, sailing and water sports

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9. Anjafa Beach, Salem Sabah, Kuwait

Anjafa Beach

Anjafa is a popular public beach in Kuwait. It is a calm, serene beach ideal for family gatherings and picnics.  Guests are allowed to bring their own barbeque and grill food on the shore.  The weather and atmosphere are enjoyable. People can enjoy live music played a band and playground for kids to have fun. It has fitness center for those who want to get a good workout. It is a fun beach for the perfect holiday. People will enjoy themselves and forget about their troubles. People planning to visit Kuwait, should definitely visit this beach. It is an ideal vacation to destress oneself.  When looking for accommodation, tourists will easily find some of the best hotels in Kuwait, close to the beach.

Location: Anjafa Beach, Salem Sabah, Kuwait

Famous for: Live music

Facilities: Fitness center

10. Mangaf Beach, Southern Suburbs, Kuwait

Mangaf Beach

Mangaf Beach is a city beach in Kuwait nestled in the southern suburbs. It has fine sand and clear waters for one to sit close to and enjoy a drink. It is a highly popular beach as tourists from around the world come here to relax. The best time to go is between May and October. It is a beach where people can have the perfect time with their family and friends. Tourists should visit the beach at least once and not miss out on the fun.  So, when people enter the airport in Kuwait, they should go straight to the beach.

Location: Southern Suburbs, Kuwait

Famous for: fine sand and clear waters

11. Al Oqeila Beach Kuwait

Al Oqeila beach Kuwait
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Al Oqeila beach in Kuwait is popular for its upbeat culture and colorful nightlife. The beach is the perfect holiday destination for those who love watching the sun set and stars at night. People can enjoy themselves with their families and friends with the peace and perfection the beach has to offer.  Surfing and other water sports are activities people can take part during the day and enjoy the barbeque parties at night.  After enjoying the gorgeous sunset, people can treat their taste buds to some of the best Kuwait cuisines.  The restaurants in Kuwait offer some of the best food and drinks along the coast of the beach.

Location: Kuwait

Famous for: Upbeat culture and colorful nightlife

Facilities: Surfing and other water sports

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12. Al Mahboula Beach, Kuwait

Al Mahboula Beach, Kuwait

Situated in Kuwait, Al Mahboula Beach’s clean and clear waters are perfect for a swim. It is one of the places to go to in the Middle East as it ideal for families looking to spend some quality time with each other. It can get crowded but it is perfect for walks and jogging. One can enjoy the view of the sunset on this beach.  What more can one ask for when vacationing in Kuwait? Spending a day on the beach is the best kind of a vacation anyone can ask for. So, when thinking of going on a holiday to Kuwait, think of this beach.

Apart from the beach, people should also explore some of the most gorgeous islands as they absolutely stunning and should not be missed when on vacation. These sorts of opportunities come only once in a lifetime and is a must visit.  It should definitely be on the bucket list of places to visit.

Location: Kuwait

Famous For: Clean clear waters

Facilities: Changing rooms

13. Movenpick Beach, Kuwait

Movenpick Beach, Kuwait
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Have you ever thought of going on vacation just to spend a couple of days on the beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city? It has been a dream for most to just do nothing by simply spending time on the beach and enjoy the peace and quiet. Kids especially love the idea as it gives them the chance to make sandcastles. Well, if you have never been to a beach especially on vacation, then you are in luck.

The private beach in Kuwait has the perfect view sea, where people can enjoy a peaceful day and forget about all their worries and stress.  The hotel close to the beach offers spa and wellness facilities along with a swimming pool where people can have a good swim.  The sand on the beach is complete white, people can enjoy an evening walk and enjoy the sunset. Kids can even make sand castles or simply walk with their parents.  It is one of the most peaceful ways to spend a day in Kuwait and will be a holiday to remember. So, when wanting to spend a peaceful day with family and friends, think of the Movenpick beach.

Location: Kuwait

Famous for:  Sea View

Facilities: Spa and wellness facilities

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14. Eqaila Beach, Kuwait

Eqaila Beach, Kuwait
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Nestled 20 kms south of the city of Kuwait, Eqaila is a private beach in Kuwait, known for its seaside spot for picnics and BBQ.  It gets busy over the weekend as people visit the gorgeous gardens and go for a swim in the waters. Spending time on the beach makes people forget about their worries.

Eqaila Beach in Kuwait offers facilities for barbecue along with changing rooms and several activities to keep the kids busy. The beach has a play area, hot-air balloon slides, grassy areas, basketball courts, a skate park and food and drink outlets. It is perfect for a walk and the best part is one can see the fish coming to the surface looking to be feed. With such facilities offered to people, what more can anyone ask for? Isn’t it the best way to spend a day with friends and family? It is a beach that will keep their guests happy and entertained and will never have a dull moment ever.

Location: Kuwait

Famous for: Gardens, Picnic Spot and BBQ

Facilities: Play area, hot-air balloon slides, grassy areas, basketball courts, a skate park and food and drink outlets

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15. Abu Alhasani Beach, Kuwait

Abu Alhasani Beach, Kuwait
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The best time to visit in May in the world as people can enjoy the pleasant weather on the beach. People can stay at the seaside villas and the eat the local delicacies at the restaurants. People can even enjoy snacks at the café after a good swim in the water or walk on the sand. It is the ideal place to spend with family and friends as one can enjoy the view of the sea along with the sunset. What more can one ask for as when on vacation? Spending a peaceful day on a beach is something people have always dreamt of all their lives and has been on their bucket list of things to do. Apart from the adults, kids love spending time on the beach as they get to play in the sand and of course eat the yummy snacks served.

So, what you waiting for? Pack your bags and go spend a day at Abu Alhasani Beach in Kuwait.

Location: Kuwait

Famous For:  Seaside villas

Facilities: Cafes, restaurants and villas

16. Fahaheel Beach, Kuwait

Fahaheel Beach, Kuwait

Fahaheel Beach is a private beach in Kuwait that often gets crowded over the weekend. People come to beach to enjoy a peaceful day and swim in the waters.  It offers its guests restaurants, cafes, gyms and a sauna. What more can anyone ask for? People can even walk on the beach or simply sit and watch the sunset in the evening.  The view of the sunset makes it peaceful as it is not everyday people get to see such a view closely. When it comes to visiting the beach, people can stay at some of the most popular resorts in Kuwait.  People have dreamt of such a vacation, as it is a once in a life time opportunity that may or may not come again.

Location: Kuwait

Famous for: Swim and Cafes

Facilities: Restaurants, cafes, gyms and a sauna

Kuwait is a one stop holiday destination for beaches. Tourists from around the world come here just to destress and relax on the beaches with their family and friends.  If you have already made travel plans, then book your flights to Kuwait in advance to enjoy a hassle-free booking experience.


Q1. What is the best time to visit the beaches in Kuwait?

The best time to visit the beaches would be between May and October, preferably during the summer months. People can watch the sun set, walk along the coastline and even enjoy live music offered by some of the beaches.

Q2. What are some of the activities offered by the beaches?

Some of the activities offered by the beaches are sky diving, scuba diving, playground for kids and various sports activities.

Q3. Which is the most popular beach in Kuwait?

Marine Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kuwait as it offers the perfect view of the city’s skyline. It is a pleasant beach as compared to some of the other beaches in Kuwait.

Q4. Where can tourists enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, sailing and water sports?

Failaka Island Beach, Persian Gulf is a where tourists can enjoy boating, swimming, sailing and watersports.

Q5. What is Al Kout Beach famous for?

Tourists from all over the world come to Al Kout Beach for its dancing fountain.

Q6. Are the beaches in Kuwait safe for kids?

Yes, the beaches are safe for kids. They can enjoy playing in the sand and of course the food served.

Q7. What are the facilities offered by Al Mahboula Beach, Kuwait?

Al Mahboula Beach, Kuwait is the best place for a picnic and the view of the sunset. People can even visit some of the restaurants to give their taste buds a treat to some of the local delicacies.

Q8. What can one do on the Eqaila Beach in Kuwait?

Some of the things people can do is enjoy the hot-air balloon slides, play a game of basketball on the basketball courts, go the skate park and go to the food and drink outlets.