When it comes to celebrating life, the festivals in Kuwait are one of the ideal ways as it brings peace and joy to mankind; and of course, breaks the monotony of life. There are a number of festivals celebrated which include national, religious and seasonal. With great patriotic favor, the people of Kuwait celebrate their national holidays. The second is celebrated in association with the religions of people. The seasonal festivals are celebrated based on people’s faith with gaiety and enthusiasm. Some of the festivals celebrated Hala February and Eid Al Fitr. These are some of the things people should enjoy and learn about when visiting Kuwait. It will be a different vacation with your family and friends.

Top Kuwait Festivals People Should Experience And Learn About On Their Trip

Have you ever heard about how the middle east celebrate their festivals? It is a sight to see as it is not celebrated with color, but with gifts and food. There are restrictions on drinking Alcohol during the festivals, so on will have to be careful.  Nevertheless, the celebrations are different and of course quite simple.

Kuwait national festivals focus on marking their independence and liberation and religious festivals are celebrated with feasts, family get togethers, public gatherings and fireworks. Two favorite festivals are National Day and Eid El- Fitr that ends the fasting month of Ramadan. People often visit their family and friends to celebrate the Kuwait festival, which is like a 3-day holiday. Isn’t it the best way to celebrate festivals? What more can anyone ask for when it comes to celebrating a grand occasion? It is a celebration of life after all isn’t it?

1. Kuwait National Day

Kuwait National Day

Most holidays celebrated are religious in the city with the only exception of Kuwait National Day, which is celebrated on the 25th of February. It was timed when the state declared independence from the British rule in 1961.  It was the same day Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah was crowned. The people of Kuwait were proud of attaining their independence and so, celebrations began throughout the country. One of the ideal things to do in Kuwait is to attend Parades, public festivities, theatrical program, opening of exhibitions, fireworks and national symbols. These are some of the things that can be seen on the streets of the city on the 25th of February. It is customary to wear national costumers and visit your loved ones at home after watching the parades.

When Does It Take Place: 25th February

2. Ramadan


Ramadan is an important Muslim festival that falls on the 9th month of the lunar calendar. This period involves strict fasting for an entire month and most restaurants may not serve alcohol or even sell to foreigners.  During the holy month of Ramadan, it is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places, if in case you want to drink, you can do it at a hotel. Eid Ul- Fitr in Kuwait which means the day of breaking the fast, celebrated at the end of the month.  One often hears, ‘Eid Mubarak’ on this day on the streets. It is mandatory to pray in the morning and set a festive table calling close people home. Kids are happy as they fill their stomachs with yummy sweets and is mandatory to do good deeds- like feeding the poor.

When Does It Take Place:  9th Month of the lunar calendar

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3. Qadir-e- Khumm

Qadir-e- Khumm
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Qadir- e- Khumm is another holiday celebrated widely in Kuwait, but not well known in other Muslim countries. It is an important festival as people thank Imam Ali who become the successor of the Prophet.  Mawlid Al Nabi Al Sharif is another holiday that marks the birth of the prophet. People pray solemely and spend time with their family and friends by inviting them to dinner. Al Mi’raj  and Bakrid in Kuwait are some of the other festivals celebrated by the locals. These are indeed very important in the middle east. People should read up about them and apart from all this, visit some of the tourist attractions in Kuwait.

When Does It Take Place:  28th July

4.  Hirji New Year

Hirji New Year

Islamic New Year or Hijri New Year is marked as the beginning of Muharram. Mosques have solemn divine services as the locals celebrate the first day with close people. People are forbidden to fight with anyone during the entire month of Muharram as people pray for the happiness for all the good deeds they have done. Eid Ul Adha in Kuwait is another important traditional Islamic holiday, which means “the Day of Sacrifice.” It is celebrated for 3 days on the 40th day after Ramadan.  It is not complete without solemn prayers in mosques with Allah and Muhammad’s glorification and talking about the meaning of sacrifice in the Islamic tradition.

When Does It Take Place: 9th  August – 10th August

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5. Hala Festival

Hala Festival
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Have you ever heard of a holiday that celebrates a season? Well, there is a festival that does celebrate the season, the Hala February Festival in Kuwait, with the hot desert land with lush greenery and colorful flowers. Millions of migratory birds arrive and throughout the month several events, street parades and carnivals are held. The shops and stores have their annual sales which become the best tourist Attractions in the middle east. What more can anyone ask for when on holiday in the middle east? It is one of the easiest and ideal ways of exploring the city.  So, what you waiting for? Pack your bags and have the best vacation of a life time.

When Does It Take Place: 25th February

6. Liberation Day

Liberation Day

Have you ever heard or seen how liberation day is celebrated in Kuwait? It is a special occasion for them and is celebrated at large. 26th February marks Kuwait’s liberation via Operation storm at the end of the first gulf war. People celebrate patriotism by rejoicing in public buildings, parties, street parades and dancing; and waving the flag. It is a time to remember all those who lost their lives during the Iraqi invasion and those who were imprisoned.  It is a festival people should read up about before visiting Kuwait. It is a once in a life time chance or opportunity to visit such a city as who knows when the time will come again? So, pack your bags and have the ideal holiday you’ve been wanting all your life.

When Does It Take Place: 26th February

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7. New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day

Have you ever heard about the new year's celebrations in Kuwait? Have you ever had the chance to attend one? You are in luck.  Like the rest of the world, Kuwait celebrates something called the Gregorian New Year with gatherings at midnight, fireworks and feasting, at home or in restaurants. Tourists from all over the world come to Kuwait to attend the special events held at hotels, eat a yummy meal and explore all kinds of cultural displays of all kinds. Apart from attending the festivals, people can spend a day on the beaches in Kuwait and enjoy the view of the sea. What more can anyone ask for when it comes to having ideal time in the city? Isn’t it the best way to relax and enjoy yourself and not worry about the hustle and bustle of the city life back home? It is a once in a life time opportunity to experience a festival like never before.

When Does It Take Place:  31st December

8. Eid el-Adha

Eid el-Adha

Have you ever read about the Eid El Adha festival in school or have you ever seen it on TV on a documentary channel? If not, then you should read about it before you decide to visit Kuwait. The religious festival is held in October in remembrance of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son. People visit the mosques, have family meals, buy new clothes and give children money and gifts. A sheep or goat is sacrificed back in the rural areas. This is an occasion that is not like any other one would see anywhere else in the world. It is a unique festival that one should at least know about or see for themselves at least once. It is a chance that may not come again, so when visiting Kuwait, make sure to see how people celebrate such an occasion.

When Does It Take Place:  21st July

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Located in the middle East, Kuwait has a lot to offer tourists like its heritage sites, malls and of course its festivals. The Kuwait Festivals are not like any other that one sees all over the world. The festivals have a religious purpose behind it and is worth experiencing. These are things people should not miss out on and should make it a point to attend at least one of the many celebrations. Kuwait should be on the bucket list of places to visit, so; go ahead and book your flight to Kuwait right away. Kids will love to experience the middle eastern culture and of course talk about it with their friends back home. What more can anyone ask for? It is an experience like no other.


Q1. When it is the best time to visit Kuwait with family and friends?

The best time to visit Kuwait is between June –October, with family and friends.

Q2. Is it safe for to travel to Kuwait?

Kuwait is safe to visit with certain restrictions on the kind of clothes one has to wear. It is an absolute breathtaking city people should visit just to see how people live their lives and of course have fun.

Q3. What are the festivals celebrated in Kuwait?

Some of the festivals people in Kuwait celebrate are Eid el-Adha, national day, liberation day, new year's, Hala festival, Ramadan and Kuwait National Day. All these festivals are special as they have a religious or historical meaning behind their celebrations.

Q4. What is so special about Liberation day?

Liberation day is celebrated at large and is celebrated on 26th February. Patriotism is celebrated by rejoicing in public buildings, parties, street parades and dancing; and waving the flag. It is a time where people remember all those who lost their lives during the Iraqi invasion and those who were imprisoned.

Q5. When is Ramadan celebrated?

It is celebrated on the 9th month of the lunar calendar, which lasts for a month.

Q6. Along with the festivals, is there anything else people can do?

People can go shopping and visit some of the heritage sites in Kuwait.

Q7. When is Hala festival celebrated?

It is celebrated on the 25th of February.

Q8. Are beaches in Kuwait a safe place to enjoy oneself?

Of course, people can spend a peaceful day on the beaches just by watching the sun set.