Pahalgam, aka ‘the Shepards Valley’, a quaint town near Anantnag city, is one of the most beautiful places. At an altitude of 2,130 meters (7,000 feet) above sea level, it is an exquisite hill station surrounded by the Himalayas that offers everything from adventure to peace and serenity. Delicious steaming food and Kawah arrive on your table, while you take in the soft breeze of Kashmir’s valleys is the definition of a holiday. Whether you're a person who likes to ponder life while sipping their tea or someone who enjoys trying new delicacies with their friends and family, finding your favorite cafes in Pahalgam would tick all the boxes.

Top 10 Cafes in Pahalgam: Satiate Your Hunger the Kashmiri Style

The classic aesthetics of a cafe in a serene place with the backdrop of nature have never gone out of style. Pahalgam's lush valleys, colorful meadows, and snow-kissed mountains, set against the backdrop of the Lidder River, are a favorite among filmmakers. On the banks of the Lidder River are cafes that will make you feel like you’re in a scene from an Imtiaz Ali movie. Cafes in Pahalgam have a bounty of lip-smacking delicacies to offer. With rich flavors and aromatic spices, there are many local and international dishes one can try. As a popular saying also goes, ‘food is the way to a person’s heart’, so what better way to experience Pahalgam than journeying through your taste buds?

Here is a list of the top cafes in Pahalgam that you must visit on your trip for an unforgettable culinary experience:

  1. Brown Bear Cafe
  2. Cafe Wilo
  3. Trout Beat
  4. The Woods Cafe
  5. Pizza & Cafe
  6. Welcomcafe, Lolaab
  7. Tourist Cafe, Pahalgam
  8. Barista Cafe, Pahalgam
  9. Volga Cafe & Restaurant
  10. Eat More Restaurant & Cafe

1. Brown Bear Cafe: Late Night Kashmiri Delights

Brown Bear Cafe
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A quaint little cafe in the middle of Srinagar-Ladakh Road, The Brown Bear Cafe offers a cozy feel with warm hospitality and an array of delicious delicacies to enjoy.  Savor traditional foods made with real Kashmiri spices and flavors, such as Yakhni, Dum Aloo, and Rogan Josh. In addition, the cafe provides teas and coffees to go perfectly with your meal. It is one of the best cafes in Pahalgam. Whether you want a late-night snack or you’re in the mood for a full-fledged Kashmiri dine-out, Brown Bear Cafe has got you covered.

Location - Near Pahalgam Golf Course, Srinagar - Ladakh Rd, Kargil, Ladakh 194103

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday – 24 Hours

Specialties – Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Momos, Ginger Tea

Popular for – Authentic Kashmiri Flavors, Serene Surroundings

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2. Cafe Wilo: Globally Inspired, Locally Curated

Cafe Wilo
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Located on the banks of the Lidder River with a backdrop of pine and cedar trees, Cafe Wilo has become a crowd favorite. They are known for their authentic Italian flavors and Firdaus; the barista of Cafe Wilo has been praised by everyone who has ever been there, they say hands down he makes the best brews in town. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor meal amidst nature or you want to enjoy your meal in mellow lighting indoors, Cafe Wilo can accommodate every need. If you’re on a honeymoon in Kashmir, this cafe is the perfect spot for a candlelight dinner.

Location - Near Amusement Park, near Pahalgam, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday – 11 AM to 10:30 PM

Specialties – Hot Chocolate, Chicken Pizza, Coffee

Popular for – Lidder Valley backdrop, Exceptional Chefs & Hospitality

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3. TroutBeat Cafe: Fresh Seafood from Lidder to Your Platter

TroutBeat Cafe
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If you enjoy fresh seafood, TroutBeat Cafe is the ideal cafe for you. This bistro, located on the Lidder River, specializes in meals made with fresh trout. You can select from a range of methods, including grilled trout, fried trout, and trout curry, all cooked to perfection. The cafe has a nice outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your lunch in the fresh air while appreciating the breathtaking views of the river. Aside from trout, the cafe serves a variety of delicious entrees, including vegetarian ones. Among the things to do in Kashmir, trying fresh organic dishes is among the top.

Location – Near Cafe Log Inn, K P Road Chandanwari, Pahalgam 192126 India

Opening Hours - Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 9 PM

Specialties – Trout Beat, Trout Meunière, Apple Pie, Filet Américain, Rainbow Trout, and Potato wedges.

Popular for – Fresh Trout, Flavored Kawah, and Local Decor

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4. The Woods Cafe: A Travelers Cafe with a Shack Feel in a Valley

The Woods Cafe
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With its mountainous views and feel of a Goan shack, The Woods Cafe offers delicious local food at local prices standing as one of the economical options in cafes in Pahalgam. Whether you want a snack to munch on or want to sit and sip your coffee away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, this cafe can give you a much-needed break. They have unlimited food offers on thalis at comparatively cheap prices. If you want to try Afghani food or non-vegetarian platters, this is the place for you. Enjoy a delicious meal along with a nice cup of Kawah at The Woods Cafe.

Location - Chandanwari Rd, near Hotel Sheshnag, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday - 24 Hours

Specialties - Kashmiri Food (Wazwan), Coffee & Kawah.

Popular for - Great Hospitality, all-you-can-eat buffet

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5. Pizza and Cafe: Cozy Pizzeria in the Streets of Pahalgam

Pizza and Cafe
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If you are craving a pizza in Pahalgam, Pizza and Cafe is the place you should visit among all cafes in Pahalgam. They are connoisseurs at creating delightful pizzas with amazing batter and delicious chicken. Their pizzas are loaded with cheese and that too without any additional charges. Colossal pizza sizes with great flavors are served with love and enthusiasm, nothing not to love. They have many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Enjoy a cheesy treat in the midst of the beautiful surroundings of Pahalgam this summer.

Location - Near Green Top Resort, Chandanwari Rd, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Opening Hours – Monday to Thursday - 7 AM to 11:30 PM

Friday - 9 AM to 9 PM,

Saturday - 7 AM to 2:30 AM,

Sunday - 7 AM to 2:30 AM

Specialties - Pizzas, Dinner

Popular for - LGBTQ+ Friendly, Great Ambience

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6. Welcomcafe Lolaab: Luxurious and Authentic Kashmiri Culinary Experience

Welcomcafe Lolaab
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The sophisticated ITC’s Welcomcafe Lolaab nestled in the Welcomhotel Peak n’ Pine atop beautiful Rajwas Plateau, is no quaint little cafe. This majestic and grand cafe is renowned for its age-old secret Kashmiri recipes, passed down through generations, cooked by expert chefs. Not only do they serve their prized Kashmiri recipes, but they also serve excellent Pan-Indian, Continental, and Oriental delicacies. Eat your meals with your loved ones in a warmly lit Welcomcafe with a view of beautiful cedar trees and the valley.

Location - Welcomhotel Pine n Peak, Aru Road, near Amusement Park, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday - 7:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Specialties - Popara, Pies

Popular for – View, Mamaleshwar Temple

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7. Tourist Cafe Pahalgam: Souvenirs and Little Bites on a Corner

Tourist Cafe Pahalgam
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In the middle of Pahalgam market, there is this little cafe that serves appetizing Kawahs and Kashmiri teas along with fresh bites. Experience being a local while visiting this scrumptious cafe. This quaint little corner in the Pahalgam market offers a local’s perspective on life and a glimpse into the daily life of a Kashmiri. Delve in the warmth and sweetness of a Kawah within the liveliness of the Pahalgam market while you plan on the next places to visit in Kashmir.

Location - 12, MCP Shopping Complex near Tourist Taxi Stand-2, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Opening Hours - Timings not confirmed

Specialties - Flavored Kawahs, Kashmiri Teas

Popular for - Local Feel, Pahalgam Market

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8. Barista Cafe Pahalgam: Classic Brews and Snacks

Barista Cafe Pahalgam
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Barista has come to be a staple for coffee and light bites all over India. But not all outlets are as amazing as this one, as this has become quite a famous cafe in Pahalgam. The barista of this cafe has been praised all over, for making amazing coffees and latte art. They also have sandwiches and light bites to go with your coffee. If you’re in the mood for a brilliant cup of brew and good ambience, this is the place for you.

Location - Main Market, Chandanwari, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday – 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Specialties Coffee brews, Hot Chocolate & Spinach Cheese Sandwich

Popular for – Exceptional Barista, Coffee art

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9. Volga Restaurant & Coffee Lounge: Multi-Cuisine Platter of Spices and Aromas

Volga Restaurant & Coffee Lounge
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Shrouded in a garden with beautiful blooming flowers, this restaurant and coffee lounge are a paradise for peace and food lovers. After a walk through Chandanwari,  Volga is a wonderful refueling and resting destination among cafes in Pahalgam. They serve great Kashmiri food and have a charming coffee lounge as well. They also make a special winter menu, which is worth trying. Their warm hospitality and service only make the experience richer. Sit back, and relax in the lush greens, and treat yourself to a fine meal at the Volga Restaurant, Pahalgam.

Location - Main Market, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192126

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday – 7 AM to 11 PM

Specialties Buffets for dinner, Kashmiri Cuisine, Breakfast & Coffee

Popular for – Walkthrough Chandanwari, Poshwan Park

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10. Cafe Log Inn: A Sweet Treat After a Lovely Meal

Cafe Log Inn
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Cafe Log Inn is on the main street adjoining the Pahalgam Hotel with local stylistic layout & memorabilia for coffee, eateries & discussion. The cafe serves an assortment of cakes, baked goods, biscuits, pizza, pasta, cheese, etc. to go along with an array of coffees, flavored teas & Kashmiri Kawah. It's the perfect balance of ancient world charm and present-day taste. Phenomenal coffee, food, ambience and service. Don't miss getting the dry walnut cake. It's simply mouth-watering.  You must try the local cuisine, especially trouts, they’re fresh and will leave you wanting more.

Location – 2889+362, Chandanwari Rd, Chandanwari, Pahalgam, 192126

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 9 PM

Specialties Kashmiri Delicacies, Walnut Cake, Masala Trout

Popular for – Calm Ambience, Baked Goods, Trout

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It's a special experience to explore Pahalgam, and the charming cafés in this town add an extra touch of magic to your journey. Enjoy the delicious delicacies they offer and discover your new favorite cafes in Pahalgam. In addition to traditional Kashmiri food and international cuisine, Kashmir in general has a lot of adventure, peace and joy to offer. Therefore, make sure to visit them when you are planning your trip to Pahalgam. Give your taste buds the journey of a lifetime! Book yourself one of our Kashmir tour packages and give yourself the break you deserve.

Cafes in Pahalgam FAQs

Q1. Which cafes have the best hot beverages?

Cafe Wilo, Tourist Cafe and Barista Cafe, Pahlagam have the best hot beverages in town.

Q2. What cafe serve the best Kashmiri food?

Brown Bear Cafe and Welcomcafe, Lolaab serve the most authentic Kashmiri food in Pahalgam.

Q3. What are the main places to visit in Pahalgam?

Pahalgam's main attractions are the Baisaran Valley, Betaab Valley, Aru Valley, and Lidder River.

Q4. Which is the best season to visit Pahalgam?

The best time to visit Pahalgam is March, April, May and June. Since it is the peak season, you can expect some crowds.

Q5. What are the main things to do in Pahalgam?

Along with visiting pilgrimages and tourist attractions, you can enjoy activities, like trekking, horse-riding, white-water rafting, and golfing.

Q6. Which cafes have the best views?

Welcomcafe, Lolaab and Volga restaurant have the best view and serene surroundings.

Q7. What is the shortest trek from famous cafes in Pahalgam?

The Tulian Lake or Tulian Lake trek is a perfect short hike of 32 km with about 1,000 meters of elevation from the trailhead.

Q8. What are some of the famous Kashmiri Dishes?

There are many Kashmiri dishes that people love, but the most beloved of those signature dishes are Roghan Josh, Wazwan, and Yakhni.