The Al Qamra Beach Park in Al Khor, Qatar is all set to welcome tourists and the local people to enjoy a peaceful evening amidst the beachside.

When it comes to a family vacation in Qatar, the destination offers a great escape to the sublime greenery and nature. While the Gulf country is all dominated by the skyscrapers and the magnificent architecture, discovering the long green stretches and the natural landscape can be a tranquil experience. And for this reason, the nature reserves and beach parks in Qatar are loved by kids and their families, especially during vacations.

The Al Qamra Beach Park is such an attraction in Qatar that will let you spend the most precious time with your family on a holiday vacation amidst the serene landscape.

A Family Friendly Park In Qatar

Family Friendly Park Of Qatar
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When it comes to a family holiday in Qatar, Al Qamra Beach park is one perfect spot where you can spend leisure time. The tranquil settings and the scenery enclosing the park add on fame to this spectacular attraction for families.

The Al Qamra Beach Park location is spreading to an area of 10,500 sqm and is all covered with a green sheet of grass which covers an area of 650 square meters. The entire landscape houses the most diverse plant and tree species that aid to the natural features of this family park.

Defining its architecture, a large area of the park is a flat green field where you can find benches and some colorful camps, pavements and pathway that are built for jogging or just strolling around. The plantation of Qorm (Avicennia) trees is at every interval that adds a verdant touch to the surroundings.

The Al Qamra Beach Park, Al Khor has its own 3,000-meter-long beach that is one of the main attractions for tourists. Overlooking the serene shore, there are these vintage thatched huts made of bamboos from where you can admire the sunset and the clear sky of Qatar.

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Park in Al-khor
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Al Qamra Beach Park Is Open For Public

For now, the Al Qamra Beach Park only allows entry of the women and kids under 10-years of age. While no games like football are allowed to play inside the park, there is a specialized area for kids with some fun rides and games. No barbecue or any pet entry is allowed inside to maintain cleanliness and hygiene around.

If you have your reserved hotel near al Qamra beach park, this is a great place for some evening leisure time. Enjoy the notable features of this family park that can be the perfect spot to take a break from the chaos of the city and discover the natural bliss. With all the shaded sitting areas, games and play section for kids and the clean beach, the park is all open for public entertainment.

The Al Khor city of Qatar has some of the best properties for a leisure stay close to the Al Qamra Beach locations. Choose from the wide range of hotels and resorts around the city that also offers the best facilities and world-class service to make your holiday memorable. With all the best attractions and things to do in and around Al Qamra Beach, list out what you want to try for your Qatar visit. Plan a holiday tour with your family to discover the best entertainment places in Qatar where you can engage your kids with some fun games and spend the best time of your holidays.


Q1) Is any outside food allowed in Al Qamra Beach Park?

Outside food like snacks might be allowed inside the park, but no barbeque activity is permitted.

Q2) Is Al Qamra Beach Park open for all?

For now, the Al Qamra Beach Park is only open for kids below the age of 10 years and women.

Q3) Are there family parks in Qatar?

There are some of the best family parks in Qatar like:

  • Al Khor Family Park and Zoo
  • Aspire Park
  • Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA) Park

Can kids play balls and games at Al Qamara beach park?

The Al Qamra Beach Park has games section for kids, but playing football is not permitted.