These things to do in Srinagar make the city ideal for all types of tourists, making it a paradise on earth for adventurers, a magical haven for nature lovers, and a surreal domicile for culture vultures. You can visit Srinagar at any time and take in everything, from escaping the summer heat to luxuriating in the lovely snow in the winter. Here is a list of things you absolutely must do in Srinagar on your next vacation, though, to make sure you don't miss out on the must-have adventures. Look at that!

Things to Do in Srinagar: Go Beyond the Beaten Path and Discover Hidden Gems

Things to Do in Srinagar

We can attest that you would undoubtedly enjoy the time of your life in Srinagar because there are so many things to do there. But be sure to start planning your vacation to Srinagar right away to ensure that your experience is more memorable.

  1. Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden: A Peaceful Place amid the Busy City Life
  2. Pari Mahal: Embrace the History
  3. Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden: Breathe in the Beauty of Lush Gardens
  4. Hari Parbat: Nurture Your Spiritual Growth
  5. Dal Lake: The Heart of Srinagar
  6. Shankaracharya Temple: A Symbol of Our Cultural Heritage
  7. Houseboat Ride: Where Calmness Meets Beauty
  8. Dhachigam National Park: A Haven for Wildlife enthusiasts and Nature Lovers
  9. Hazratbal Mosque: Practice Your Faith
  10. Mansa Bal Lake: Paradise in Srinagar

1. Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden: A Peaceful Place amid the Busy City Life

Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden

One of the best things to do in Srinagar is to visit the city's renowned Mughal Gardens because of its magnificent beauty. Your visit will be worthwhile since the Chashme Shahi, Shalimar, and Nishat Gardens so beautifully capture the spirit of a bygone age. You can therefore visit one of them in the evening, if not all of them, and stroll around the lush green lawns, charming fountains, and exquisite flowers.

Ideal Time to Visit: Between mid-February and mid-April or mid-September to mid-October

Famous For: Chini khanas, or arched niches, behind garden waterfalls.

Ideal For: Everyone

2. Pari Mahal: Embrace the History

Pari mahal
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Pari Mahal, also known as "the palace of fairies," commands a beautiful vantage point over the Dal Lake and the Zabarwan mountain range, which is a must place to visit in Srinagar, providing some of Srinagar's most breathtaking panoramas. The monument appears to live up to its name when you look out across the far, undulating hills and sparkling waterways. One would initially believe that the palace was constructed out of a fairy tale. However, according to local history, Pari Mahal was given its name not because of its heavenly setting but rather because of the legend surrounding the princesses who were imprisoned there against their will by evil wizards.

Ideal Time to Visit: April to September

Famous For: Its architecture

Ideal For: Everyone

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3. Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden: Breathe in the Beauty of Lush Gardens

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden

The largest tulip garden in Asia, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, is located near Srinagar at the base of the Zabarwan mountain range. It looks out over the beautiful Dal Lake and was formerly known as the Model Floriculture Centre. In addition to the 48 different tulip varieties, the Tulip Garden also has roses, daffodils, hyacinths, and iris. The main event that draws visitors from all over the world is the Tulip Festival that is held here making it the top tourist destination in Srinagar. The seven terraces that make up the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden were constructed in a sloping ground style. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir organizes the Tulip Festival here every year at the beginning of spring (between March and May).

Ideal Time to Visit: April

Famous For: Tulips, roses, daffodils, hyacinths, and iris

Ideal For: Everyone

Fee: INR 50 for adults and INR 25 for children

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4. Hari Parbat: Nurture Your Spiritual Growth

Hari Parbat

Hari Parbat is the name of the beautiful mountain that dominates Srinagar. Along with the well-known Hari Parbat Fort, the hilltop is home to several Muslim and Hindu shrines as well as a Gurudwara. In 2014, this park was exclusively accessible to the public. Today, picnics can be put on here. Mountains and bodies of water protect the fort in turn. This is one of the sleek places to go in Srinagar. If you are visiting Srinagar don’t forget to pay a visit to this beautiful place.

Ideal Time to Visit: March and April

Famous For: Its historical and religious significance

Ideal For: Family

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5. Dal Lake: The Heart of Srinagar

 Dal Lake

The most visited destination in Srinagar is Dal Lake, which is regarded as the tourism crown jewel of Kashmir. This must-see location, which is surrounded by the magnificent Pir Panjal Mountains and Mughal Gardens, is perfect for honeymooners, families on holiday, and even lone travelers looking for quiet. One of the best honeymoon spots in India for filming is Dal Lake, which offers stunning views of tall rolling hills, distant snow-capped mountains, shikaras cruising peacefully, and a houseboat poised standing still. One of Dal water's main draws are the Shikaras with canopies that ply the water. The finest lodging choice in Srinagar for tourists is the houseboats on the lake, which are another popular attraction.

Ideal Time to Visit: May to November

Famous For: Fishing and water plant harvesting

Ideal For: Family, solo and couples

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6. Shankaracharya Temple: A Symbol of Our Cultural Heritage

Shankaracharya Temple
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One of the oldest temples in Kashmir is the Lord Shiva-dedicated Shankaracharya Temple in Srinagar, which is situated atop Shankaracharya Hill. The temple, which is also called Jyesteshwara Temple, is named for the famous philosopher Shankaracharya, who is thought to have travelled to Srinagar around ten centuries ago. The temple has the Shiva Linga that he revered. At this location, Adi Shankaracharya is thought to have attained spiritual enlightenment. This temple is one of the 10 things to do in Srinagar for a perfect holiday. Following this enlightenment, he is said to have founded the four Hindu schools of Advaita, or the philosophy of non-dualism. The Shankaracharya temple is built on a tall, octagonal platform that is accessible by a flight of roughly 243 steps, sits on a solid rock, and is situated there.

Ideal Time to Visit: May to September

Famous For: Religious offerings to Lord shiv

Ideal For: Everyone

Opening hours: 7am to 8pm

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7. Houseboat Ride: Where Calmness Meets Beauty

Houseboat Ride

There are countless things to do in Srinagar, especially if you're looking for new experiences. A perfect example of such an experience is a stay on one of Kashmir's renowned houseboats. The floating boats combine classic pleasures with contemporary comfort, kind of like a little hotel. When you're done rejuvenating yourself in the accommodation, you can spend your time on the boat's balcony taking in the surrounding natural beauty and these houseboat stays are one of romantic things to do in Srinagar.

Ideal Time to Visit: April to October

Things to Do: Explore floating market, watch beautiful sunrise and sunsets

Ideal For: Everyone can enjoy the ride and spend quality with their loved ones

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8. Dachigam National Park: A Haven for Wildlife enthusiasts and Nature Lovers

Dachigam National Park

The picturesque areas of Dachigam National Park are very well renowned and said to be one of the best places to go in Srinagar. Except in the winter, when the entire forest is covered in snow, flowers and foliage cover pastures and meadows. It's breathtaking to see blooms of blue poppies smothering the meadow. For nature lovers, one trip to Dachigam is not enough to fully appreciate the forest's natural splendour because the park undergoes seasonal transformations.

Ideal Time to Visit: April and august

Things to Do: Sightseeing and photography

Famous For: Hangul and Kashmir stag

Ideal For: wildlife photographers and wildlife enthusiasts

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9. Hazratbal Mosque: Practice Your Faith

Hazratbal Mosque
Image is for reference purpose only 

Hazratbal Mosque is a Muslim temple and is the only domed mosque in Srinagar. Many Kashmiri Muslims think that it contains the Prophet's hair. Only the initial section of the mosque is accessible to women. The location, which is close to Dal Lake, gives the city a divine attraction. It is regarded as the most important Muslim shrine in Kashmir. This is regarded as one of the best places to visit in Srinagar in December.

Ideal Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Things to Do: Offer prayers

Famous For: Pilgrimage and sightseeing

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10. Mansa Bal Lake: Paradise in Srinagar

Mansa Bal Lake

Manasabal Lake is blessed with stunning scenery and a must-do adventure spot in Srinagar is located there. The lotus blooms that are scattered around the lake's emerald waters are what give it its added charm. Due to the abundance of birds that can be seen along the lake's coast, the area is a haven for ornithologists and birdwatchers. In addition, there are many more enjoyable activities available, such as boating and water skiing. Bring your camera along to capture the picturesque lakes.

Ideal Time to Visit: May and October

Things to Do: Fishing, boat riding

Famous For: Sightseeing and photography

Ideal For: Anyone

Planning your next unforgettable excursion? Srinagar travel package offers many pilgrimage sites that are well-liked by both residents and visitors. The Shankaracharya Temple, Hazratbal Shrine, Hari Parbat, Jama Masjid, and Kheer Bhawani Temple are notable examples. Along with having a great time at these attractions, visitors can take pleasure in shopping in Lal Chowk, Residency Road, Badshah Chowk, and the floating market in Dal Lake which are the best things to do in Srinagar. Due to its abundance of the city can entice and draw nature enthusiasts like a magnet.


Q1. What is Srinagar famous for?

The city is renowned for its houseboats, lakes, and gardens. Dried fruits and traditional Kashmiri crafts are particularly popular there.

Q2. What wild animals can be seen in Dachigam National Park?

Significant species that inhabit this area include Musk Deer, Leopards, Himalayan Grey Langurs, Leopard Cats, Asiatic Black Bear, Jackals, Hill Fox, Himalayan Weasel, Yellow-throated Martens, Jungle Cats, and Long Tailed Marmots.

Q3. What is the ideal time to visit Srinagar for adventure activities?

From April to October, when the weather is mild and ideal for tourism, is the finest time to visit Srinagar. Whether you decide to travel to Srinagar in the summer, autumn or winter, you will be awed by the incredible landscape and its pristine beauty.

Q4. How many days are enough to explore Srinagar?

A trip total of 4 days is enough to explore this beautiful city with numerous attractions.

Q5. What are the best things to do in Srinagar?

Some of the best things to do in Srinagar to experience the beauty of this land are:

  • Dal Lake
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden
  • Shankaracharya Temple
  • Nishat Bagh
  • Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden
Q6. When can one witness snowfall in Srinagar?

At its lowest, the temperature drops into the negatives, and there is also a lot of snowfall there. During the chilly winter months of October to February, tourists swarm to Srinagar to partake in this beautiful experience.

Q7. What are the top sightseeing places in Srinagar?

The prominent attractions of Srinagar include:

  • Dal Lake
  • The Mughal Gardens
  • Nishat Bagh
  • Shalimar Bagh
  • Hazratbal Shrine
Q8. What can one buy as a souvenir in Srinagar?

The beautiful Kashmiri shawls are well known. Kashmiri shawls are the height of elegance and a must-have when shopping in Srinagar. They can be made of wool, pashmina, silk, or a combination of these materials. Shawl making is more of a family tradition that is passed down from one generation to the next.