Traveling to the places to visit in Pushkar is on every religious and spiritual person’s bucket list because of its rich history and cultural traditions. This ancient town is surrounded by hills from three sides and offers the most magnificent panoramic views to the tourists. The glory of this destination in Rajasthan is evident from miles away and tourists from all over the world visit this oldest city for a taste of India’s tradition and heritage. So, let’s delve deep into this holy city, which is a must-visit place in India.

Top Places to Visit in Pushkar: Explore the Timeless Beauty of this City

Top Places to Visit in Pushkar

Pushkar, famously known as “the Rose Garden of Rajasthan” is an evergreen city, which has maintained its significance as a religious destination for decades. There’s an intriguing mythological tale also attached to the creation of this city and it’s also the only city in India with a temple for Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. The architectural marvels in this city would leave you spellbound, so take a journey to this magnificent city and explore the Pushkar tourist places mentioned below.

  1. Pushkar Lake
  2. Brahma Temple
  3. Rangji Temple
  4. Varaha Temple
  5. Gurudwara Singh Sabha
  6. Pushkar Bazaar
  7. Rose Garden
  8. Mahadev Temple
  9. Naga Pahar
  10. Man Mahal

1. Pushkar Lake: A Lake as Old as Creation of the Universe Itself

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is an iconic lake in Rajasthan, which is also considered a vital part of completing your pilgrimage journey by taking a dip in this lake. The lake is said to possess medicinal powers; therefore, tourists come here to wash away their sins and to cure themselves of any skin diseases. The story behind this lake’s creation is a fascinating one. Lord Brahma accidentally dropped a lotus in this spot and a lake formed. So, he decided to name this place after a flower, Pushkar.  There are several ghats surrounding it that you can visit to reach this lake.

Best time to visit: Open 24 hours

Famous for: Taking a dip in the lake to get rid of your sins or any skin diseases, perfect for photography enthusiasts, and for its spiritual vibes

Time Required: Approximately 1 hour

Nearby Restaurants: Amigo Mango Garden Restaurant, Hard Rock, Il Padrino Pizza Garden Restaurant

Nearby Hotels: Hotel Pushkar Palace, Elephant Pushkar, Hotel Pushkar City Inn

How to reach: You can either hail a cab from the airport or if you're already in Pushkar, then you can reach there on foot

2. Brahma Temple: Seek Blessings from the God of Creation

Brahma Temple

This is one of the most popular places to visit in Pushkar because of its religious significance. This temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma and enshrines a four-headed idol of the God along with his consort, Gayatri. Being one of the most visited places in Rajasthan, this 2000 years old temple has a tradition where married men can’t enter the sanctum sanctorum. It’s reserved only for ascetics. However, you can admire the marvelous architecture, such as the marble steps, the bird motifs, and so on. This temple is counted among the ten most religious places in the world.

Best time to visit:

Winters - 6:30 A.M to 1:30 P.M and 3 P.M to 8:30 P.M

Summers - 6 A.M to 1:30 P.M and 3 P.M to 9 P.M

Famous for: The four-headed idol of Lord Brahma and the glorious architecture

Time required: 1 to 2 hours

Nearby restaurants: Mystic Lotus, RS Restaurant, Doctor Family Pizzeria

Nearby hotels: Hotel Brahma Horizon, Inn Seventh Heaven, Kanhaiya Haveli

How to reach: You can either hail a cab or drive there on your own; however, walking is the best alternative

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3. Rangji Temple: Witness the South-Indian Architectural Style

Rangji Temple

Rangji temple is one of the Pushkar famous places because of its unique South-Indian architectural style with high rising gopurams. You’ll also a notice a Mughal touch to the temple in its designs, which makes it even more gorgeous and breathtaking. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rangji, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It’s one of the latest temples built in Pushkar, in 1823 and welcomes a major tourist influx from all over the world, but especially South India.

Best time to visit: 5 A.M to 1:30 P.M

Famous for: It’s South-Indian style architecture and the blend of Rajput and Mughal essence

Time required: Approximately 1 hour

Nearby restaurants: La Pino'z Pizza, Hard Rock, Funky Money Cafe

Nearby hotels: Jashoda Mystic Haveli, Hotel Moonlight, Il Padrino Hotel

How to reach: You can either take a bus to the Pushkar bus stand and then walk the rest of the way or hire a cab

4. Varaha Temple: One of the Most Visited Temples in Rajasthan

Varaha Temple
Image is for reference purpose only

Varaha temple is another temple which celebrates Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as a boar. This temple was destructed by the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb; however, Raja Sawai Singh II restored it in the 18th century. You’ll be transported to a bygone era as soon as you step onto this temple because of its architectural marvels and its timeless beauty. A lot of tourists visit this location to seek blessings and it’s one of the places to visit in Pushkar in 1 day. So don’t miss out on this excellent tourist attraction.

Best time to visit: 6 A.M to 8 P.M

Famous for: The reincarnation of Lord Vishnu as a wild boar and its intriguing history

Time required: Approximately 1 hour

Nearby Restaurants: Fika Cafe, Mystic Lotus, Un-Earth

Nearby Hotels: Gulaab Niwas Palace, Hotel The Brahma Space, Pink Floyd Cafe and Hotel

How to reach: Walking to the temple is the most convenient option; otherwise, you can take a taxi as well

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5. Gurudwara Singh Sabha: A Place Commemorating the Sikh Gurus

Gurudwara Singh Sabha

The motive behind building Gurudwara Singh Sabha was to commemorate the visit of the first and the tenth Sikh gurus: Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Govind Singhji. They visited Pushkar in 1509 and 1706 respectively. This gurdwara is situated in the center of the city and hold great significance for the Sikhs and the tourists as well. The serene and spiritual vibes of this place attract people to soak in the tranquility and to enjoy the peace. Since the two Sikh gurus stayed here on their journey, this place is also known as Guru Nanak Dharamshala and is among the most popular places to visit in Pushkar.

Best time to visit: Open 24 hours

Famous for: Its historical significance and the peaceful atmosphere

Time required: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Nearby restaurants: 7 Spices, Inbox Restaurant and Cafe, Honeydew Restaurant

Nearby hotels: Moti Mahal, Brahma Heritage, Sunset Cafe Hotel

How to reach: You can either take a bus to the Pushkar bus station or hail a cab

6. Pushkar Bazaar: Time to Head to the Local Market

Pushkar Bazaar

This bazaar is the namesake of the city and has several unique and beautiful items that you can buy. It’s also an excellent place for souvenir shopping as it’s full of Rajasthani products, including apparel, jewelry, accessories, and so on. However, it’s popular for its leather items, bangles, and colorful puppets. If you’re shopping here, you must buy the rose pulp and gulkand, which is a famous item in the markets here. So, take back a piece of Rajasthan from this local market.

Best time to visit: 10 A.M to 6 P.M

Famous for: Rajasthani items, such as colorful apparel, jewelry, leather products, and much more

Time Required: Approximately 1 hour

Nearby restaurants: Niyama Cafe, Desert Rose Cafe, Sulit Kitchen

Nearby hotels: Moti Mahal, Vela Resort, Moustache Pushakr

How to reach: The bazaar's at a walking distance

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7. Rose Garden: Walk Amidst the Exotic Roses with Family

Rose Garden

The reason Pushkar is known as the “Rose Garden of Rajasthan” is because of the exotic and rare roses available in this gorgeous garden. The roses here are exported from all over the world while some are grown by the local farmers themselves. The sweet fragrance wafting through the roses would captivate you and the gorgeous scenic beauty of flowers as far as the eyes can see is a sight to behold. It’s one of the famous attractions in Rajasthan that you can’t miss out on.

Famous for: Exotic and rare roses, the beautiful fragrance of the flowers, and for being a perfect spot for relaxing.

Time Required: Approximately 1 hour

Nearby hotels: Moustache Pushkar, Hotel Kanhaiya Haveli, Vela Resort

How to reach: You can either hire a taxi or walk to the garden

8. Mahadev Temple: Pray to the Five-Faced Lord Mahadev’s Idol

Mahadev Temple

Mahadev temple in Pushkar is one of the Pushkar places to visit that should definitely be on your itinerary. This Hindu pilgrimage site is a popular one built with white marbles and spectacular architectural styles. The five faced idol of Lord Mahadeva depicts the four directions and the fifth one looks upwards and symbolizes purity and spiritual progress. They also symbolize the five elements, fire, water, earth, air, and space. The intricately decorated interiors, gorgeous wall paintings, the embossed pink pillars, and so on magnify the beauty of this temple.

Best time to visit: 6:30 A.M to 8:30 P.M

Famous for: The five-faced idol of Lord Mahadeva and the mesmerizing beauty of the temple

Time required: 1 to 2 hours

Nearby restaurants: Dream Tibetan Kitchen, La Pino'z Pizza, Funky Money Cafe

How to reach: You can reach this place via autos, rickshaws, or e-rickshaws

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9. Naga Pahar: A Disappearing Beauty with Historical Significance

Naga Pahar

Naga Pahar was believed to be the abode of Agastya Muni and it also houses a lake Naag Kund, where Lord Brahma’s son Vatu lived. If you’re looking for places to travel in Ajmer, then this is an excellent option because this hill is situated between Pushkar lake and Ajmer. The view from the hilltop is a memorable one as it gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire city. However, the sad reality is that this hill’s height has diminished significantly over the years, and it’s believed that it’ll completely disappear in the near future. So, you must visit this historically rich tourist attraction before it’s no longer there.

Best time to visit: 8 A.M to 2 P.M

Famous for: Its historical significance, trekking, and spiritual walks

Time required: 1 to 2 hours

Nearby restaurants: Cafe Lake View, Honeydew Cafe, Il Fornaio Pizzeria

Nearby hotels: The Pushkar Bagh, Dera Masuda, Lalit International

How to reach: You can take a car to this location and then trek up the hill

10. Man Mahal: Step into the Royal Era of Rajasthan

Man Mahal

When it comes to tourist places in India, nothing can beat Rajasthan’s rich culture and magnificent beauty. Man Mahal in Pushkar is one such regal beauty which was the royal residence of Raja Man Singh I. You can even stay at this place as it has been converted into a hotel. You can see the reflection of this beauty in the Pushkar lake which enhances its allure even more. The Rajasthani architecture would take you back to a royal time and the breathtaking sunsets from here are a treat to the eyes. Therefore, it’s one of the charming places to visit in Pushkar.

Best time to visit: 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Famous for: Its Rajasthani architecture and royal essence

Time required: 1 to 2 hours

Nearby restaurants: Rainbow restaurant, The Laughing Buddha Cafe, Sunset Cafe

Nearby hotels: Moti Mahal, Camp's Land End, Hotel Radhika Palace

How to reach: You can reach this place via a taxi or board a bus from Ajmer

These were the places to visit in Pushkar that make this city one of the most famous and holy cities in the country. People from all around the world visit the temples, lakes, and other tourist attractions here to feel close to God and to repent for their sins. The spirituality and serenity exuding from this city is calming and puts you in a trance. You can’t plan a trip to Rajasthan without planning a stay in this religious city as well. So, book our Pushkar tour packages and plan a vacation here.


Q1. What are the unique places in Pushkar?

The unique places in Pushkar include Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple, Pushkar Bazaar, Mahadev Temple, Rose Garden, Rangji Temple, etc. These attractions are what make this city unique and famous.

Q2. What is Pushkar famous for?

Pushkar’s famous for its religious and spiritual attractions. This holy city houses several pilgrimage sites, such as the Brahma temple or the Pushkar lake to feel connected to God.

Q3. How many days is ideal for Pushkar?

If you’re visiting this city, 2 to 3 days are ideal to spend here. You can explore all the temples, lakes, and other popular attractions during this period.

Q4. Is it worth visiting Pushkar?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth visiting Pushkar because it’s one of India’s most prominent cities for a religious and spiritual getaway. In fact, the temples in this city boast of their rich culture and heritage, which is must-see.

Q5. Which month is best for Pushkar?

November to March is an ideal time to visit this ancient city. The weather’s pleasant during this time and it’s better to go for desert safaris or to travel to the city’s tourist spots.

Q6. What should one shop for in Pushkar?

Pushkar’s local markets sell traditional Rajasthani products, including apparel, accessories, handicrafts, bags, and leather items. You can buy souvenirs for your friends and family as well.

Q7. What are the places to visit in Pushkar at night?

If you wish to explore the tourist spots in Pushkar at night, then you can visit Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple, Market Square, etc. These locations are even more beautiful during nighttime.

Q8. Are there places to visit in Pushkar for couples?

Yes, there are several places in this city for couples or honeymooners who wish to seek blessings. From Pushkar Lake to Man Mahal, couples can soak in the serenity and spiritual vibes of this city.