Discover the heritage and history of Qatar with the best museums and cultural attraction in Wakrah. Al Wakrah, lying towards the eastern edge of the Persian Gulf and towards the north of Doha, is a city of historical experiences. Earlier in times, Al Wakra was a fishing and pearl village which later by time was enhanced and established as the second-largest city. Today Al Wakrah houses a population of more than 80,000 people. Even after the development, the city houses the ancient remain of culture and heritage with some antique shops, cafes, mosques and traditional boats.

The Best Cultural Attraction In Al Wakrah

Al Wakrah city of Qatar is a place to explore and embrace the Qatari history and culture. With the museums and fort around, one can discover every detail about the past and the glorious heritage sites in Qatar.

1. Al Wakra Fort

Al Wakra Fort
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Built in the early 20th century, the Al Wakra Fort is one of the best historical and cultural attraction in Al Wakra. Built on the ruined land of Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani the fort was restored for the public visit, but somewhere its originality was lost. The fort was used as barracks and police station, but today it is one of the major attractions in Al Wakra City Qatar. With the long walls, it can be estimated that the fort was not used as a defense ground, unlike the other forts in Qatar.

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2. Abu Manaratain Mosque

Abu Manaratain Mosque

Towards the southern edge of the Al Wakra, Abu Manaratain Mosque is the oldest mosque and one of the best cultural attraction in Wakra you can add in your list to learn about the culture of the city. What makes it an impressive landmark is its unique architecture that does not resemble the old Qatari style but still exhibit a historical essence. With just one Minaret, the mosque is characterized by the thick walls and a small pool. The history of the mosque dates back to 1940 when it was built to present the beauty of Islamic art and architecture.

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3. Souq Al Wakrah

Souq Al Wakrah

The traditional market place in Qatar, Souq Al Wakrah is one of the best cultural places to visit in Al Wakrah. Lying close to the Wakrah beach, this place is a hub for shoppers where they can buy the antiques and the dine-in at some traditionally styled cafes. The dhow boats on the shores of the beach reflect the ancient tradition and heritage of Qatar, making it the best place to relive the fascinating history. The Souq Al Wakra houses old shops, cafes and other museums and cultural attractions in Wakra flaunting a vintage feel to justify its historical and cultural importance.

Museums In Al Wakrah

Understand and learn more about the history of Qatar with a tour to Al Wakrah, where you can discover the art and heritage of Wakra city.

1. Al Wakra Museum

One of the famous museums in Qatar, the Al Wakra Museum is located at a distance of 17 km from the capital city of Qatar, Doha. Talking about the collection and items at the display, the museum exhibits a lot about the history of the town, from fishing culture to art and architecture. This museum in Wakra has a separate section to discover and promote the coastal history and marine life of the city that was known for its fishing culture. It is the vast collection of art that attracts tourist from all walk of life.

Museums and Cultural attraction in Al Wakrah are one of the iconic landmarks in the city where you have everything form the culture, history and heritage to explore. Al Wakra, an old town in Qatar with its rustic and vintage feel, is one of the best attractions to observe the historical bliss. The city lies at a distance of 20km from the Hamad International airport that can be easily reached via a short drive of 25 min. You can book your flights to Doha and later heir a cab or taxi to reach your destination in Al Wakra city.


Q1. What are the best cultural and historical places in Al Wakra to explore?

Al Wakra city in Qatar is one of the best places to witness history and culture. You can visit the famous landmarks like Souq Al Wakra, Al Wakra Museum, Wakra Fort and the old Abu Manaratain Mosque.

Q2. What are the best things to do in Al Wakra?

While you are in Al Wakra city of Qatar, enjoy shopping at the traditional market to explore the museums and forts to understand the history of Qatar better.

Q3. What is the best place to shop in Al Wakra?

Some markets and malls are the best shopping places in Al Wakra. You can get the antiques from Souq Al Wakra or enjoy some fancy shopping at the best malls like Ezdan Mall and Sky Mall.

Q4. How can I reach Al Wakra from Hamad International City?

The Hamad international airport is just 20 km from the Al Wakra city of Qatar. Driving or getting a cab from the airport is one of the best and the easiest way to reach the city.

Q5. Are there any hotels in Al Wakra?

Al Wakra offers the best hotels like Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar By Tivoli and the Hayat Regency Oryx Hotel.