Qatar is a charming country full of traditional markets called souqs by the local people. If you are looking for a delightful cultural experience in Qatar, then stroll through these traditional markets to get the best souvenirs, try local delicacies and a lot more. One such beautiful market is located to the south of Doha in the Al Wakra city called Souq Al Wakra. Souq Al Wakra is a traditionally designed souq with spacious courtyards and alleyways. With an enchanting ambience, this souq offers a lively experience to the visitors. This place would give you an insight into the lives of the people about a hundred years ago. The traditional architecture, old clay structures, stables and mosque, everything in this place tells a unique story about the history of Qatar.

Explore Souq Al Wakra: A Charming Spot In Al Wakra City Of Qatar

Pretty similar to the famous Souq Waqif, the Souq Al Wakra is a picturesque place with loads of recreational options for visitors. Contrary to the extravagant malls in Qatar, the Souq Al Wakra has been built on the old concept of traditional markets in Qatar where people can shop, dine and have fun with their family. With a waterfront promenade on one side and shops, restaurants on the other, Souq Al Wakra is a great option for a family’s day out. Whether it's about catching the most stunning views of sunset or sunrise or taking a dhow cruise, the place has myriad options for fun and leisure activities. There is also a mosque for visitors where they can offer their prayers and spend a peaceful time.

Another side of the street is all brimmed with small shops selling traditional items like décor, jewelry, dates, bags, metal pieces and a lot more. If you are looking for souvenirs to buy from Qatar like dallah coffee pots, Bedouin weaving, carpets, hookah can also be purchased at great prices from these shops. Many annual events are also conducted here like the Spring Festival that attracted many tourists to this place. The promenade along the sea attracts people to come here for leisure walks.

Top Restaurants To Visit In Souq Al Wakra

Restaurants In Souq Al Wakra
Restaurants In Souq Al Wakra

The waterfront promenade located beside the souq is brimmed with many restaurants serving delectable cuisines. Many of them also offer stunning views of the promenade area while you gorge on the fancy dishes being served here. Some of the best Al Wakra Souq restaurants are:

1. Barahat Al Wakrah

Barahat Al Wakra is an Indian restaurant with aesthetic interiors that serves the best Indian cuisine in the country. For all those who like to give a different flavor to their taste buds, Barahat Al Wakra is a great choice. The restaurant is quite on an expensive side but it is totally worth it.

2. Al Koufa

Another famous restaurant to visit in Al Wakra Souq is Al Koufa which is famous for its quality services and food. The most famous dish of the restaurant, lamb kidney lures guests to come to this restaurant again and again. Chapati tandem and karak are other famous dishes being served here. The restaurant is known for its reasonable prices and fine taste.

3. Bennigan’s

Another famous dining restaurant at Souq Al Wakra is Bennigan’s which is an American themed restaurant serving scrumptious delicacies. You will get a variety of dishes here like beef bacon and cheeseburger, buffalo wings, quesadillas, potato soup and a lot more.

4. Mercato Antico

Nothing is a dream at Souq Al Wakra and if you are longing for some Italian culinary delight in Qatar, then Mercato Antico is the perfect option that serves scrumptious pizzas and pasta. Besides this, the restaurant is quite famous for its vibrant and pretty corners which are Instagram-worthy.

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Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar By Tivoli - A 5-star Luxury Retreat Near Souq Al Wakra

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In close proximity to the Souq Al Wakra is nestled Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli which offers a mesmerizing fusion of contemporary comfort with Qatari traditions. The hotel offers high-end facilities and picturesque views from every nook and corner. The sea and sand motifs, traditional interiors with a modern touch makes this 5-star property one of the best hotels to stay in Al Wakra. The soft and rich interiors of the rooms and suites, high-end facilities and heartwarming Tivoli hospitality, the hotel promises a comfortable stay to all the guests. The spacious rooms and suites offer peace and comfort to all the guests promising a complete soul-satisfying experience.

A timeless and rejuvenating spa experience can also be witnessed to revive the senses, mind and body of guests using all the organic elements and products. This Souq Al Wakra Hotel also features various restaurants serving rich and authentic international as well as local cuisines. Indulge in the aroma of freshly cooked Mediterranean and international dishes at Jarnen Hotel or relish your tastebuds with pan-Asian cuisine at Emshoot Restaurant. Gorge on the light bites with pristine sea views at Mahaadeg, another culinary delight located within the premises of Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli. A true personalized with personal touches wedding or any private event can also be experienced at this high-end luxury hotel.

TripAdvisor Rating: 5

Location: Street 891، Al Loulou، Qatar

Exclusive Features:

  • Tivoli Spa
  • Weddings and Corporate Events
  • Majlis
  • Fine-dining Restaurants

Al Wakra Beach - A Pristine Beach In Close Proximity To Souq Al Wakra

Al Wakra Beach
Al Wakra Beach

One of the best beaches in Qatar, Al Wakra Beach attracts many visitors due to its stunning natural beauty and also the top-notch amenities it offers. The blue sea with a coastline dotted with palm trees, camels and traditional aura, makes this place really fascinating. Al Wakra Beach is a family beach that is well-equipped with many facilities including a children’s play park. The beach was opened for public use in the year 2017 when it was free to use. However, as per the new amendments, a certain charge has to be paid now to avail the facilities of the beach.

Kids can enjoy as there are varied swings and rides available on the beach like a dragon’s castle, pirate’s ship, merry-go-rounds, blocks and stepping stones, chair swings, and a lot more. Some other adventures like swimming, kayaking and canoeing can also be enjoyed at the Al Wakra family beach.

The best part? The beach has a number of goalposts and volleyball nets lined up for the visitors. All one needs to do is to bring a ball to enjoy the activities.  In fact, the football pitch that the visitors get at the park is of the same size as the actual football pitch. So, if you’re longing for some beach football, the Al Wakra Beach to the place to be at.

There is no particular dress code to enter the beach but since this is a family beach, modest dressing is appreciated. No short clothes are entertained keeping in mind the cultural and religious sentiments of the Qatari people.

How To Reach Souq Al Wakra

It is very easy to get to Souq Al Wakra from Doha as it lies at an approximate distance of 22 km from the city.

  • Take road drive along the Ras Abu Abboud Expressway from Doha and continue onto G-Ring Road.
  • Take the Al Wakrah Road and pass the new metro station and then take Ooredoo roundabout.
  • Taking the fourth exit will take you to the Main street of Al Wakra
  • You can then park your vehicle on the right-hand side of the street.

Al Wakra Souq is one of the most charming places in Qatar to spend a few leisure moments with family. Equipped with corniche on one end and traditional shops on the other, the Souq is a perfect family place to spend a relaxing evening. The beachfront is also brimmed with quite a lot of fancy restaurants where people can savor to the culinary delights with pristine views of the sea. For a more delightful experience, you can book a luxurious stay at the Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli which offers a high-end experience to all the guests. Board your flight to Qatar and take a soothing trip to this part of the country to awaken your senses with its mesmerizing beauty.

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Q1. What is there to do at Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli?
  • Tivoli Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Salon Services
  • Wedding & Corporate Events
  • Themed Dinners
  • Seafront Dining
  • Steam Rooms
Q2. What is there to do at Souq Al Wakra?

There are so many activities to enjoy at Al Wakra souq like shopping, walking on the corniche, dining at the beachfront restaurants, beach activities at the Al Wakra beach and many more.

Q3. How far is Souq Waqif from Al Wakrah Souq?

Souq Waqif is located at an approximate distance of 22 km from Al Wakrah Souq and it takes around 30 minutes to cover this distance via Ras Abu Abboud Expy.

Q4. Is there any dress code for Al Wakrah Beach?

There is no particular dress code for Al Wakrah Beach but since it’s a public beach, people must dress properly and avoid wearing any short clothes as a sign of respect to Qatari culture.

Q5. Are there any restaurants at Al Wakra Souq?

Yes, there are a number of restaurants at Al Wakra Souq like Bennigan’s, Mercato Antico, Barahat Al Wakra, Al Koufa are a few of them to name.

Q6. What are some room options available at Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar By Tivoli?

Superior rooms, classic rooms, junior suite and superior suite are some room options available at Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar By Tivoli.

Q7. What is there to do at Al Wakra Family Beach?

Al Wakra family beach is a great spot for recreational activities like kids’ rides and swings, swimming, kayaking and canoeing.

Q8. How to Reach Souq Al Wakrah?

It is very easy to reach Souq Al Wakrah from Doha via Ras Abu Abboud Expressway and it takes around 30 minutes for the total drive of around 22 km. Parking is available at the souq, so one can park their vehicle in the parking area which is located at the right-hand side of the street.