With a unique diversity in landscapes, Qatar is a country blessed with not only desert landscape but also with a vast coastline, giving birth to a few natural beaches which are gorgeous and perfect for a day out with friends or family. Katara Beach is one such natural scenic spot in the city which is nestled in Katara Cultural Village offering myriad options for adventure at the beach. This private beach is an ultimate refreshing retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle offering picturesque views of Doha’s skyline. Bask on this sandy beach, play beach volleyball or indulge in other thrilling watersports, all this and a lot more can be enjoyed at Katara Beach in Qatar.

Activities To Enjoy At Katara Beach

Activities At Katara Beach

None of the beach vacations would be complete without a pinch of adventure to it and this is what Katara is famous for. Katara Beach Doha has myriad activities for the fun and entertainment of the visitors. The beach is well-equipped with various facilities making it an ideal place to enjoy adventurous activities like kayaking, boating, kneeboarding, jet skiing and a lot more. Here is a list of activities to enjoy at Katara beach which will give you a high adrenaline rush.

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1. Water Skiing

Water Skiing
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One of the best Katara watersports to enjoy, water skiing is an activity where you will be pulled by a boat supported by a rope. The activity takes place on a daily basis and the total duration of this adventure is 30 minutes. If you are an adventure junkie and want to enjoy your beach vacation to the fullest, then we recommend you to try out water skiing at Katara Beach.

2. Parasailing

Parasailing at Katara Beach
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Another thrilling adventure to try at Katara Beach is parasailing wherein a person is towed at the back of a vehicle which is mostly a boat and then tied with a parachute type canopy from above. It is one of the best water sports in Qatar which one should definitely give a try for an ultimate thrilling experience. Parasailing in Katara is one of the most fun activities on the beach. If people have never learnt how to parasail, then they can always take courses and learn.

3. Kneeboarding

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Kneeboarding is a great adventure to try at Katara beach. It is a mix of wakeboarding, skiing and surfing where a rider is towed to a boat with his knees attached to a board. He is in close contact with the water and this activity is easier as compared to other water sports. It is one of the Katara beach activities people should give try at least once in their lives. Kneeboarding is a different kind of adventure that give people an adrenaline rush like never before.

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4. Boat Riding

Boat Riding
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One of the easiest and the best Katara water sports to try is boat riding. If you are someone who fancies trying an adventure but is scared then boat riding is the perfect option for you. The total duration of this activity is 30 minutes accommodating a maximum of 6 people in a boat. It is a leisurely activity where one can be in a boat enjoying scenic views and the natural flow of water.

5. Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride

One of the most fascinating and exciting activities at Katara Beach Doha is Gondola ride which will give you a true Venetian vibe. Gondola ride can be enjoyed every day at the beach from 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm at gate number 12. If you are looking for a leisurely activity without any massive adrenaline rush, then this is the best activity for you.

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6. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Have you ever tired scuba diving when on vacation in a different place? It is one of the most adventurous activities.  Even though Katara Beach is known for pearl diving, the beach, at present is seen a place for any kind of diving especially scuba diving.  The beach offers a unique experience people should not miss out on when on vacation in Doha.  Scuba diving is one of the most fun activities the adventure enthusiasts often enjoy and look forward to every time they visit the beach.  Diving brings out an adrenaline rush like never before and should be one the many water sports activities people should have on their bucket list.

7. Kitesurfing


Kitesurfing is not just any sport as for most people, it is their passion and work. People put their heart and souls into it and for those who have never attempted the sport can take up courses. It has a peaceful atmosphere that gives people a chance to perform their first surfs, jumps and foil boarding.  It is one of the many Katara beach activities people should take part in. It is an experience of a lifetime people should enjoy and try at least once. What more can anyone ask? Give Kitesurfing a try and tell your friends the fun you had.

8. Windsurfing


Have you ever tried windsurfing? You are in luck. The combination of surfing and sailing is something people should definitely try. Windsurfing includes using a long board fueled by wind, an adventure of a lifetime and one of the most fun Katara beach activities. It will be a memorable vacation people can boast about to their friends and always come back for more.  What more can one ask for in terms of having the best time of their lives? It is an experience that may or may not come again as it is an activity that you can boast about with your friends and of course always do again when visiting a beach.

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Restaurants Near Katara Beach

Restaurants Near Katara Beach

Katara Beach in Doha is one of the few beaches in Qatar which is fully equipped with facilities and one can have a great day enjoying myriad activities here. In close proximity to the beach lies a number of restaurants where one can grab a quick bite after all the leisurely activities at the beach.

1. Al Jazeera Media Café

Al Jazeera Media Café
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A perfect blend of media with cuisine, Al Jazeera Media Café is based on a unique concept where one can gorge on the scrumptious delicacies while enjoying Al Jazeera’s exclusive media experience. The café aims to connect its guests with its media network where they can be a news presenter. Their moments in front of the camera will be recorded in a camera which they can carry with them to their home. Along with this, the restaurant offers cuisines prepared with handpicked ingredients by the world-renowned chefs.

2. Khan Farouk Tarab Café

Khan Farouk Tarab Café
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One of the best restaurants in Doha can be found here in Katara Cultural Village. Khan Farouk Tarab Café has been based on the golden age era of Cairo and the interior of the same reflects the same. The menu features a lot of Egyptian delicacies and the entire ambience of the restaurant is based on the architecture of a souq. From meat with rice to a plate full of kebabs and grilled dishes, there are a lot of options to kill your hunger pangs at the Khan Farouk Tarab Café.

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3. Sukar Pasha

Sukar Pasha
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The interiors of the restaurant are lit with hand-painted ceilings, fancy chandelier and chic fittings and tiles. Throughout the restaurant, you will find miniature paintings that tell a lot about the history of Turkey and the great leaders. Dining in such a lit interior is a treat for both eyes and the senses. Serving traditional Ottoman cuisine, the dishes are delectable and will offer you with an authentic Turkish experience.

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4. Hunters Room & Grill

One of the finest restaurants in Qatar, the Hunters Room and Grill is another fine place to savor the best of delicacies near the Katara Beach and Katara Cultural Village. Nestled just 3.7 KM away from another popular location, the Doha Corniche, and offering a number of cuisines like European, Grills, and much more, this is a place that is highly popular amongst visitors coming to Doha. One can savor the best of vegetarian and vegan delicacies too in a modest setting. In fact, the Hunters Room and Grill even has Halal and Gluten-Free Options for the visitors.

5. L'wzaar Sea Food Restaurant

L'wzaar Sea Food Restaurant
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Have you ever eaten a Japanese or Arabic meal by the ocean? With the complete ocean to table experience, close to the Katara beach in Qatar, it is one of the places you should eat at in Doha. If you decide to eat fish or crustaceans, you have a choice to decide how to you want it cooked like for instance in Mediterranean, Far Eastern, Arabic or Japanese style. It is among the many restaurants in Doha where the dining room buzzes with people talking and laughing, so if you want, you can sit on the fuchsia floor cushions, or on a bar stool and keep an eye on the slick open kitchen.  People should give their taste buds a treat to some of the flavors of Doha.

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6. MAMIG Armenian & Lebanese Restaurant

MAMIG Armenian & Lebanese Restaurant
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Have you ever given your taste buds a treat to Lebanese or Armenian food? You are in luck as this high-end restaurant and event venue situated in the Katara cultural village of Doha serves Armenian, Lebanese cuisine and original designs that are unmatched in the area.  The food is made by the Armenian and Lebanese chefs who ensure their guests have the perfect experience eating the local flavors of Doha.  MAMIG Armenian & Lebanese Restaurant is one of the many restaurants in Qatar that is perfect for lunch, dinner and private functions along with business meetings. What more can one ask for when on holiday?

7. Boho Social

Boho Social
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Boho social is known for its chic bohemian interiors along with a menu that takes people on a culinary journey into America, Asia, Southern Europe and Middle East. The dishes are a blend of the local flavors with a modern presentation.  It is one of the many places to visit in Doha, as people can dine on the terrace or book a private lounge with the view of the Arabian Gulf.  The food and drinks create the best fine dining experience in a relaxed and casual setting. People enjoy the flavors and often come back for more, every time they are on vacation in Doha.

8. Le Vesuvio

Le Vesuvio
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Le Vesuvia was named after a volcano in Naples and provides an exquisite Italian cuisine. The food served includes hot pizzas made in a wood fired oven.  The world’s most renowned restaurant is known for its wood fired method. The pizza is absolutely delicious which leaves people craving for more.  The food is cooked using Italian ingredients which offer the ideal Italian taste. The location of Le Vesuvio overlooks the beach and is close to the Katara amphitheater. It is the ideal place to enjoy a meal with friends and family. It is one of the perfect experiences of a life time people should not miss out on as you never know when the chance will crop up again. Give your taste buds a treat to the local flavors of the city.

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Additional Information:

Katara Beach

Katara Beach Entrance Fees:

1. Access to the beach from 09:00 am:

  • Adults: QR 50 (Weekends); QR 25 (Weekdays)
  • Children from 7 to 17 years of age: QR 25; Free (Weekdays)
  • Kids below 7 years of age & Nannies: Free

2. Access to the beach after sunset:

  • Adults: QR 25 (Weekend); QR 15 (Weekdays)
  • Kids below 7 years of age & Nannies: Free

3. Location: Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar

4. WhatsApp Number: 5544 9862

5. Email: mohamed.saad@katara.net

6. Timings

  • Katara Beach Timings For Beach Number 3: From 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM
  • Katara Beach Timings For Beach Number 4 & 5: From 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM

7. Membership Fee for Katara Beach :

For Single Membership -

  • 3 Months: QR 750
  • 6 Months: QR 1500
  • 1 Year: QR 3000

For Family Membership -

  • 3 Months: QR 900
  • 6 Months: QR 1750
  • 1 Year: QR 3500

Katara Beach is a perfect holiday spot in Qatar fetching locals and families alike to spend a few good moments with family or friends. With so many amazing facilities and adventure options, we are sure there will not be a single dull moment during your excursion to the beach. Laze around the beach, go on for long walks, indulge in thrilling adventures, enjoy sunbathing or explore the fancy nearby restaurants, there is a lot to do at the Katara Beach, Doha. If you have already booked your flights to Qatar, then do not miss a chance to explore this real gem of nature in the country.


Q1. Is Katara beach a public beach?

Yes, Katara beach is the only public beach in Doha and one of the finest spots to enjoy a family fun day in Qatar.

Q2. Which are the best beaches in Doha?

Here are the top beaches in Doha that you need to know about.

  • Banana Island
  • Khor Al Adaid
  • Al Thakira Beach
  • Katara Beach
  • Fuwairit Beach
Q3. What facilities are available at Katara Beach?

Katara Beach offers a number of facilities to the visitors in Doha. Here are some of the facilities you need to know about.

  • Kids playing equipment
  • Parking facility
  • Prayer Tent
  • Restaurants
  • Café
Q4. What is the entry fee for Katara Beach?

Here is the opening fee of Katara beach that travelers need to know about -

  • The entry is free for children under the age of seven
  • QAR25 for anyone between seven and 17
  • QAR50 for anyone above the age of 18
Q5. What are the water sports one can enjoy at Katara Beach?

Doha is famous for a number of water sports and Katara beach is at the thick of it. Here are the water sports that one can enjoy at the beach - Scuba Diving, gondola rides, boat rides, water skiing, etc.

Q6. Which is the nearest shopping place to Katara Beach?

There are some of the best shopping places that one can visit near the Katara beach in Doha but the Lagoona Mall is the nearest one. The mall is located a mere 3 KM away from the beach.

Q7. What are the opening timings of Katara Beach in Doha?

The Katara beach is the only public beach in Doha and is open from 9:30 AM to 5 PM.

Q8. Does a separate fee apply for activities at Katara Beach?

Yes, travelers coming to Katara Beach need to pay additional charges for various water sports, activities, and lessons offered at the place.

Q9. What is the weekdays’ entrance fee for Katara Beach?

Here's what you need to know about the weekdays’ entrance fee for Katara Beach.

Access to the beach from 9:00 AM:

  • QAR 25 for adults.
  • QAR 15 for children from 7yrs to 17 years.
  • Free for nannies and kids younger than 7 years
  • Access to the beach after sunset:

    • QAR 15 for Adults.
    • Free for nannies and who are younger than 17 years.
Q10. Is there a beach membership available at Katara Beach in Doha?

Yes, the Katara beach even offers beach membership to the visitors. Here's what you need to know about it.

For Family Membership -

  • 3 Months: QAR 900
  • 6 Months: QAR 1750
  • 1 Year: QAR 3500

For Single Membership -

  • 3 Months: QAR 750
  • 6 Months: QAR 1500
  • 1 Year: QAR 3000
Q11. Till when can I purchase water sports tickets at Katara Beach?

Since swimming at the Katara beach ends at sunset, visitors wanting to swim are advised to purchase the water sports tickets about 30 minutes prior to sunset as the sale of tickets stops after that.

Q12. How to reach Doha?

The nearest airport in Doha is the Doha Airport. It is easily connected by air, road, train and waterways easily. People will not have a problem traveling to the city.

Q13. What is the best time to visit Katara Beach?

The best time to visit Katara Beach is end April when the weather is comfortable.

Q14. Where can one have the perfect Pizza near Katara Beach?

Le Vesuvia is the best place to have the best Pizzas as it is made in a wood fired oven. It is a must try as it offers the taste buds a different kind of flavor.

Q15. Where can one try Lebanese and Armenian food?

MAMIG Armenian & Lebanese Restaurant serves the best Lebanese and Armenian food.