Tucked away in the pristine Himalayas, Chamba is a true paradise for tourists looking for adventure and serenity. One can experience the grandeur of the Himalayan mountains, roaring river currents, and the tranquility of the lush landscapes during their visit to the land. Also, if you have got an interest in history, you can find the remains of different dynasties here. Tourists are invited to bask in and enjoy amazing things to do in Chamba. You can indulge yourself in the scenic beauty of the Himalayan peaks and valleys, clean rivers and lakes, dense alpine meadows, rich wildlife and serenity. The charming Chamba has something for all kinds of tourists.

Top Things to Do in Chamba: Discover the Enchanting Land of Culture & Adventure

Here, we are talking about Chamba, a beautiful town nestled in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. The charm of Chamba can be understood by the lyrics of this Himachali folk song that has opening lyrics as- maae ni maria Shimla di raahein Chamba kitani ku dur, Shimla ni basna, Kasauli ni basna, Chamba jana zaroor, which means Whether you settle down in Shimla and Kasauli or not but surely visit Chamba once in your life. The heartwarming hospitality of the locals, architectural marvels, and beautiful handicrafts will captivate your heart. The town was first settled by Raja Sahil Varman in 920 AD on the bank of River Ravi. During your trip, you can undertake a few of the electrifying things to do in Chamba like trekking, rafting, and mountain biking, and some relaxing activities like camping on the lakeside, visiting the temples and wildlife sanctuary and museums.

I am going to give you a list of Chamba activities that you must not miss to make your vacation a unique one. Now it's up to you how you want to spend your time.

  • Paragliding in Khajjiar
  • Trek to the Kugti Pass
  • White-Water Rafting on the Ravi River
  • Boating on Chamera Lake
  • Explore the Ancient Temples
  • Visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Explore the Bhuri Singh Museum
  • Picnic at Saho Village
  • Experience Minjar Fair
  • Camping in Tundah Valley

1. Soar the Skies: Paragliding in Khajjiar

Soar the Skies

However, being a small town, there is a huge possibility of enjoying some thrilling adventure activities in Chamba. Just at a distance of around 22 kms, you can reach Khajjiar, a paradise for the paragliders. Paragliding is among the most done activities in Khajjiar. Get yourself a chance to glide over the stunning landscape of Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar. Paragliding in Khajjiar offers breathtaking views of the dense forests, lush meadows, and the majestic Himalayas, and not to forget Chamba itself. The activity of paragliding in Chamba does not require you to be an experienced paraglider, you can embark on this rip-roaring activity even if you are a novice or doing it for the first time. Don’t forget to try capturing this town and surroundings in 360-degree view on your camera too.

Best Time for Paragliding: September to November and January and June

Location for Paragliding: Khajjiar (Approx. 22 km)

Minimum/ Maximum Age: 16 to 70 years

Weight: Maximum 80 KG

Tips for Paragliding:

  • Undergo training from certified instructors
  • Check weather conditions before flying
  • Perform a pre-flight checklist of equipment
  • Familiarize with the flying site before launching
  • Start small with gentle, easy flights
  • Maintain situational awareness of surroundings
  • Respect limits and avoid risky maneuvers
  • Familiarize with emergency procedures
  • Communicate regularly with other pilots and crew
  • Maintain good physical fitness for safe flying and landing

Safety Checks:

  • Check the safety belt
  • Zipp up the jacket tightly
  • Tie the shoelaces
  • Don't leave your hair open/ untied
  • Check for the necessary Equipements

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2. Trek to Triumph: Conquer the Kugti Pass

Trek to Triumph

The 16,600-foot-high Kugti Pass links Chamba with the Lahaul and Spiti districts. If you do not know, let me tell you that the pass is used by devotees and trekkers to reach the Mani Mahesh (one of the Panch Kailash), Lord Shiva shrine in Chamba and one of the most stimulating treks in Himachal Pradesh. However, due to heavy snowfall, the pass is inaccessible for most of the year. For passionate trekkers, the Kugti Pass Trek is an adventure and one of the most enthralling things to do in Chamba that they do not want to miss. The trek continues through the dense forests and alpine meadows, offering captivating sightseeing opportunities. This challenging journey is a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences. So, if you are a trekker by passion and a nature enthusiast by heart, embark on this ecstasy-pumping adventure.

Best Time to Trek to Kugti Pass: June to September

Kugti Pass Altitude: Approximately 5,050 meters (16,568 feet) above sea level

Kugti Pass Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult level

Kugti Pass Trek Opening Date: Late June

Kugti Pass Trek Closing Date: September or early October

Kugti Pass Trek Attraction: Himalayan peaks, including the Dhauladhar range

Kugti Pass Trek Preparation:

  • Physical conditioning
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Packing appropriate clothing and gear
  • Arranging for a knowledgeable guide
  • Joining a reputable trekking group

Kugti Pass Trek Tips:

  • Start early for optimal daylight hours
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take regular breaks for rest
  • Acclimatization with the altitude
  • Respect local culture and environment
  • Prepare for weather changes
  • Keep emergency contact numbers

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3. Ride the Rapids: White-Water Rafting on the Ravi River

Ride the Rapids

Do you want to ride the wild rapids of Ravi River? Embark on a white-water expedition as you are exploring the charming places to visit in Chamba and enjoy the tranquility of Himalayan heaven. As you are visiting the land of Chamba, do not forget to get enthralled by the rapids and currents. If you are in Chamba, you must try this enthralling activity on the Ravi River and it's tributaries as it's no less than the thrilling activity in Manali, rafting on Bias River. Rafting in Chamba is a perfect adventure for thrill seekers because of the challenging rapids and the gorgeous vistas. Either you are a first timer or an expert rafter, get yourself help of a guide to ensure safety.

Best Time for Rafting in Chamba: April to June and September to November

Rivers for Rafting in Chamba: Ravi and Saal Rivers

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Tough

Duration of Rafting in Chamba: 1 to 2 hours

Tips for Rafting in Chamba:

  • Rafting Safety Guidelines
  • Choose a reputable rafting operator
  • Wear appropriate gear
  • Listen to the safety briefings
  • Always wear a life jacket and helmet
  • Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen
  • Secure personal belongings
  • Be prepared for weather changes
  • Respect nature and minimize negative

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4. Serene Splendor: Boating on Chamera Lake

Serene Splendor

Not only the thrilling activities in Chamba, but the peaceful and relaxing activities are also available to cater for other interests. If you are with family or your someone special and want to spend some time close to nature and in their company, escape to the tranquility of the Chamera Lake. Experience the peaceful boat riding amidst lush greenery and towering mountains. Float through the calm waters of the lake and enjoy the picturesque views. Coming with your family, the fun things to do in Chamba list is incomplete without pedaling the boat or thrilling speed of the motorboat. It’s a great way to unwind and connect with nature, making it a must-do activity in Chamba.

Chamera Lake Location: Near the Chamera Dam, Himachal Pradesh

The best time to visit Chamera Lake: From March to June and October to February

Activities at Chamera Lake include Boating, Picnicking, Photography, Trekking, Camping

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5. Step Back in Time: Explore the Ancient Temples

Step Back in Time

When we talk about Chamba, many ancient temples give a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the town. These temples in Chamba have plain temple architecture made of stones, showing the strong influence of Kashmiri architecture. Visit the Laxmi Narayan Temple complex, built in the 10th century by Shahil Varman, is a prime example of the same. There is one more temple, The Champavati Temple, built by Shahil Verman that has a legend that goes with it. The temple is dedicated to Mahishasuramardini and is built in Shikara style with stunning stone carvings and a wheel roof. One can also explore Chamunda Devi Temple in Chamba, known for it's serene atmosphere and historical significance. The temple was built in 1762 by Raja Umed Singh and features unique wooden architecture. These temples hold significant religious and architectural importance in the region.

Temples in Chamba:

  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Chamba
  • Champavati Temple in Chamba
  • Chamunda Devi Temple in Chamba
  • Hari Rai Temple in Chamba
  • Bansi Gopal Temple in Chamba
  • Vajreshwari Temple in Chamba
  • Sita Ram Temple in Chamba
  • Suhi Mata Temple in Chamba

Tips for Visiting Temples in Chamba:

  • Respect local customs and traditions
  • Dress modestly, remove shoes before entering temples
  • Check temple opening hours and worship timings
  • Ask permission before taking photos
  • Maintain silence and respect
  • Avoid smoking, and littering in temple premises
  • Learn about temple history, architecture, and significance
  • Wait your turn for darshan (stay in queue)
  • Avoid touching temple structures, statues, or idols

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6. Nature’s Canvas: Visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Nature’s Canvas

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, a haven for nature enthusiasts and one of the best things to do in Chamba Himachal. Stroll through the soul-stirring forests rich with deodars and pines. While exploring one of the most majestic places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, watch out for various wildlife, including Himalayan black bears, leopards, and pheasants. There are well-marked trails that make it easy to explore and inhale the fresh mountain air. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or looking for a peaceful retreat, Kalatop, one of the best places to visit in Khajjiar, offers a refreshing escape into nature’s embrace.

Location: Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajjiar, Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, India

Address: H238+5X8, Kalatope R.F, Himachal Pradesh 176304

Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Ideal Duration to Stay: 2-3 hours

Attractions: Scenic natural beauty, Himalayan Flora and Fauna, Trekking Trails (Kalatop-Khajjiar trek), Kalatop Rest House: Visit the historic Kalatop Rest House (British-era forest rest house)

Tips for Visiting Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • Obtain necessary entry permits
  • Check the weather forecast before visiting
  • Dress according to the weather
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes or trekking boots
  • Bring essentials (Water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, a first-aid kit, and a fully charged mobile or camera.)
  • Observe wildlife from a distance and avoid disturbing them
  • Consider hiring a local guide
  • Stay on designated trails and avoid straying off-path
  • Capture the beauty of the sanctuary in camera
  • Avoid using flash photography near animals
  • Maintain a respectful distance from animals

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7. Village Vibes: Discover the Charm of Bhuri Singh Museum

Village Vibes

Delve into the rich history and culture of Chamba at the Bhuri Singh Museum. Named after Raja Bhuri Singh, this museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and paintings that reflect the region’s heritage. Wander through the galleries to see ancient coins, traditional costumes, and intricately carved doors. The museum provides a fascinating insight into the life and times of Chamba’s past, making it a must-visit for history buffs and curious travelers alike.

Address: H45C+6V4, Chowgan Mohalla, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh 176310

Opening Hours:

  • Monday & Gazetted Holidays: Closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday- 10 am to 5 pm

Entry Fee:

  • Indians: INR 50
  • Foreigners: INR 150
  • Child Below 10 Years: INR 30

Camera & Mobile Charge

  • Indians: INR 100
  • Foreigners: 200
  • Research Scholars: INR 50 (Each Picture)


  • General Videography: INR 2000
  • Commercial Videography: INR 10000

Collections: Pahari miniature paintings, Fountain stones slabs, Copper plates, Historical documents, Coins, Bronzes, Old photographs, Manuscripts, Jewelry, Woodcarvings, Textiles & Chamba Rumal, Arms & Armour, Objects cultural anthropology

Galleries: Archaeology Gallery, Pahari Painting Gallery, Chamba History Gallery, Chamba Art Gallery, Old Photographs Gallery, Numismatic Gallery, Anthropology Gallery

Second Floor: Cultural anthropology and Numismatics

First Floor: Ancient and medieval coins, Pahari Paintings, Epigraphic records and Cultural anthropology objects

Ground Floor: Chamba Art

Facilities: Reference Library, Exhibition Hall, Conference Hall

Activities: Workshops on Different Art Form, Outreach Programs for children, Seminars & Lectures on History, Art, Archaeology, Special screening of Documentary for Children

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8. Scenic Serenity: Picnic at Saho Village

Scenic Serenity
Image is only for reference

When you drive around 20 kilometers from Chamba, you will reach this picturesque village on the bank of the Sal River. The village is devoted and dedicated to Mahadev in the form of Chandra Shekhar. When you come to the entrance of the temple, you will see a huge and beautifully carved idol of Nandi. This temple is believed to be from 10th century when the seat was not even transferred from Bharmour to Chamba. In the month of August to September, the village celebrates a huge fair which coincides with Mani Mahesh Yatra. You can spend quality time at the Forest Rest House at Saho during your visit. So, treat yourself and your family to this charismatic piece of land on the bank of the Sal River and enjoy doing a few fun things to do in Chamba like a picnic by the river.  It’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and admire the simple joys of nature.

Best Time to Visit: March to May and August to October

Activities: Picnic, temple visiting

Attractions: Chandra Shekhar Temple, Pariyawaran Chetna Kendra

Tips for Picnic in Saho Village:

  • Pack picnic blankets, sunscreen, insect repellent
  • Pack water, snacks, and a first aid kit
  • Remember to bring trash bags for cleanup
  • Research Saho Village's rules and regulations
  • Scout out the best picnic spots
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife and stay away from them
  • Leave only footprints and pictures not garbage
  • Pack layers of clothing and rain gear
  • Check the weather forecast before starting

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9. Festival Fun: Experience Minjar Fair

Festival Fun
Image is only for reference

If you are planning your visit to the Valley of Chamba, keep it around the second Sunday of the Shravana Month when this Minjar Fair takes place. It continues for a week and showcases the region's rich culture and traditions. You can participate in traditional performances like dance and music, admire the local handicrafts and cuisine, and enjoy sports and cultural events. This is not just a village fair, but one of the amazing festivals celebrated in India. The media and YouTubers has helped it gain nationwide recognition. The valley comes alive during the fair. The fair takes place in July or August and brings the locals together to celebrate their heritage and history.

Minjar Fair Time: July or August (First Sunday of Monsoon)

Duration of the Festival: 1 Week

Attractions of the Minjar Fair: Cultural events and performances, Music, Dance, Handicrafts exhibition, and Local cuisine

Planning and Attending Minjar Fair:

  • Plan ahead for best days to attend
  • Arrive early to avoid crowds
  • Dress appropriately for the traditional festival
  • Immerse yourself in Chamba's rich cultural heritage
  • Participate traditional dances, music performances, and rituals
  • Try local cuisine at street food stalls
  • Respect local traditions and customs
  • Ask for permission before taking photos

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10. Starry Nights: Camping in Tundah Valley

Starry Nights

Spending time in Himachal and not experiencing camping under the starry canopy of the night sky! This is meant to be missing one of the stimulating things to do in Himachal Pradesh. There are many camping sites in Chamba, and the best among them is the Tundah Valley. Although camping in forest areas is not allowed in most parts of Himachal Pradesh, camping in Chamba is much more than a forest stay. All you need to do is, book a good camping package or camp individually and bask in the tranquility of nature. As the night falls, you will witness the Milky Way and other bright stars. Camping in Chamba, one of the top things to do in Chamba, offers adventure as well as relaxation. So, make your plan to unwind and enjoy the serenity and some fun like bonfire and musical night.

Best Time for Camping in Chamba: March to June

Best Sites for Camping: Tundah Valley, Khajjiar Valley

Essential Tips for Camping in Tundah Valley:

  • Pack essential camping gear like tents and sleeping bags
  • Carry cooking equipment, food, water, first aid kit, insect repellent
  • Prepare for unexpected weather changes
  • Minimize negative impact on the environment
  • Familiarize yourself with the surroundings
  • Set up your campsite safely
  • Follow designated trails and respect wildlife

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Whether you are an adventure enthusiast looking for your next adventure or a person looking for solace and a tranquil place to spend some time with close ones, you will be offered an array of things to do in Chamba. With the enchanting landscapes, vibrant cultures, and warm hospitality of locals, Chamba leaves an indelible mark on traveler's souls. From paragliding to river rafting, and boarding to museum & temple exploration, Chamba proves itself to be not only a destination but also a bundle of experiences for a lifetime. Get yourself one of our best Himachal Pradesh tour packages and enjoy an action-packed holiday in Chamba.

Things to Do in Chamba FAQs

Q1: What is the best time to visit Chamba?

The best time to visit Chamba is from March to October, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Q2: How do I reach Chamba?

Chamba is well connected by road and can be reached by bus or taxi from nearby cities like Dharamshala, Dalhousie, and Shimla.

Q3: What is the significance of Chamba's local cuisine?

Chamba's local cuisine is a blend of Himachali and Punjabi flavors, offering dishes like madra, dhaam, and Tudkiya Bhath, which are a must-try when visiting the region.

Q4: What are the shopping options in Chamba?

Chamba offers a range of shopping options, including local markets, handicraft shops, and emporiums, where visitors can buy souvenirs, handicrafts, and local products.

Q5: What are the accommodation options in Chamba?

Chamba has an array of accommodation options, including hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and homestays, catering to different budgets and preferences.

Q6: What are the adventure activities available in Chamba?

Chamba offers a range of adventure activities, including trekking, hiking, fishing, and water sports, making it an ideal destination for adventure seekers.

Q7: What is the significance of Chamba's festivals?

Chamba's festivals, like the Minjar Fair and the Suhi Mata Mela, showcase the region's rich cultural heritage and are a must-experience when visiting the region.

Q8: How do I plan a trek in Chamba?

Treks in Chamba can be planned with local guides, tour operators, or trekking clubs, offering a range of options for different difficulty levels and interests.

Q9: What are the must-try dishes in Chamba?

Chamba's must-try dishes include madra, dhaam, activa, and local sweets like bal mithai and coconut barfi.

Q10: What is the significance of Chamba's handicrafts?

Chamba's handicrafts, like woodcarvings, metalwork, and embroidery, showcase the region's rich cultural heritage and are a must-buy when visiting the region.