Spiti Valley is a perfect retreat for people looking to unwind in the midst of nature with its breathtaking snow-capped Himalayan range, scenic landscapes, small hamlets, and abundance of adventure sports. This mesmerizing desert mountain valley, ornamented with ancient Buddhist monasteries, is recognized for its lively culture and awe-inspiring beauty. It is one of India's most popular offbeat tourist attractions due to its seemingly limitless number of things to do in Spiti Valley. Whether you're looking for peace & quiet, or adventure.

Top Things to Do in Spiti Valley: Embark on a Journey of a Lifetime and Discover the Hidden Treasures

Top Things to Do in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley, an alluring land of snow-capped peaks, barren landscapes, and picturesque villages attracts tourists looking for solace and thrill at the same time. The valley is surrounded by the Himalayan range, and the landscape is dotted with Buddhist monasteries, quaint villages, and ancient temples. Not only attractions but one can try out numerous activities too. Here are the top 10 things to do in Spiti Valley:

  1. Bike Ride: Accelerate Your Wheels through the Majestic Kunzum Pass
  2. Trek to Chandratal Lake: Trek to the Crystal Crescent Shaped Lake
  3. Visit Key Monastery: The Magnificent House of Prayer in the Valley
  4. Explore the Pin Valley National Park: Witness the Himalayan Snow Leopard
  5. Camping in Spiti Valley: A Night Under the Open Sky with Moon and Stars
  6. River Rafting in Spiti Valley: Riding through the Rapids
  7. Visit Gue: Meet the 500-Year-Old Mummy
  8. Visit the Highest Post Office: Send Postcards from the World’s Highest Post Office
  9. Pass through the Baralacha La: One of the Highest Motorable Passes
  10. Visit Langza: Spiti's Incredible Fossil Village

1. Bike Ride: Accelerate Your Wheels through the Majestic Kunzum Pass

Bike Ride

Bike ride is one of the most fascinating adventure activities in Spiti Vally as you cross one of the highest motorable paths, the Kunzum Pass in India at an altitude of 4551 meters above sea level. This pass connects the enchanting Spiti Vally and Kullu, and Manali is only 122 km from here. One of the best things to do in India is to get a panoramic view of the world's second-longest glacier, the Bara-Shigri Glacier. If you have the soul of a photographer, this place is heaven for you as you can click the breathtaking Chandrabhaga Range and surrounding valleys.

Location: Spiti Valley in Lahaul and Spiti Region

How to Reach: Through bike ride

Best Time: June till October

2. Trek to Chandratal Lake: Trek to the Crystal Crescent Shaped Lake  

Trek to Chandratal Lake

The famous Chandratal Lake or Moon Lake is only a 15 km hike from the Kunzum Pass and people believe that for a safe journey, one must seek the blessings of Goddess Kunzum by driving around the temple to complete a circle. The scenic lake is situated at an altitude of 4300 feet above sea level and is considered one of the most stunning lakes in the world. The best adventure in Spiti Valley is to reach it from Kunzum La Top from where the lake is around 9 km away. It is a moderate-level trek, and one should carry essentials as there is no shop in between. The other route to reach the hypnotic lake is from Batal, which is approximately 14 km. Those who do not wish to trek may hitchhike.

Location: southwestern Himalaya, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach: Trekking (Manali-Keylong-Batal-Chandratal- Drive back to Manali)

Best Time: June to October

Duration Needed: 5 days

Things to Know before starting Trek:

  • From Manali to Manali, the trip takes 05 days
  • Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum elevation: 4300 metres
  • Weather: During the season, the nights are cold, and the days are lovely
  • 5°C to 15°C
  • Manali Mall Road serves as the starting point

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3. Visit Key Monastery: The Magnificent House of Prayer in the Valley

Visit Key Monastery

The Key Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located 4,166 meters above sea level and is one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley. Kye Monastery and Ki Monastery are two more names for the monastery. It has a long history and is the largest monastery in Spiti Valley. The heavenly monastery has a library with old manuscripts, paintings, and books, as well as a prayer area and a meditation center. Visitors may learn about the monks' way of life by attending prayer sessions and interacting with them. Not only that but if a guest notifies them in advance, they can even remain at the premises. After surviving numerous invasions, Kye Monastery celebrated its thousand-year anniversary in the presence of the Dalai Lama in the year 2000.

Location: Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach: Take a ride from Manali to Kaza and then Kaza to the Monastery

Best Time: June to September

Opening Hours: 6 am to 6 pm

Duration Needed: 1 to 2 hours

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4. Explore the Pin Valley National Park: Witness the Majestic Himalayan Snow Leopard

Explore the Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Spiti Valley. It is home to the snow leopard, Himalayan ibex, Tibetan gazelle, and several bird species. Visitors can go on a guided trek through the park to explore the flora and fauna and enjoy the breathtaking views. The National Park is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh and is most known for its wonderful trips, which delight all tourists. The walk is fascinating and adventurous since it snows for the majority of the year. However, make sure you have all of the necessary permits. Foreign nations are also not permitted to enter the park.

Location: Kaza Valley, Himachal Pradesh 172117

How to Reach: via Manali - Rohtang Pass - Kunzum La or via Shimla - Tapri - Kaza

Best Time: March to December May to October

Duration Needed: 2 to 3 hours

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5. Camping in Spiti Valley: A Night Under the Open Sky with Moon and Stars

Camping in Spiti Valley

Imagine yourself sleeping under the open sky and gazing at the moon standing in the middle of millions of stars and that too beside Chandratal Lake (Moon Lake). The best experience in Spiti Valley is to sit near the shore of this tranquil Chandratal Lake and feel the cool breezes touch your skin. The peaceful ambiance that surrounds the terrain makes it a perfect site for camping. People enjoy hiking in groups from the base camp to the lake, where they set up cozy camps. The other campsites in Spiti Valley include Dhankar Lake, Komic Village, and the Spiti RiverBank.

Location: Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach: 5 km trek from the Dhankhar village

Best Time: May to September

Difficulty Level of Trek: Difficult

Time Needed: Overnight Camp

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6. River Rafting in Spiti Valley: Riding on the Thrilling Rapids

River Rafting in Spiti Valley

River Rafting in Spiti Valley is known to be one of the top things to do here for adventure seekers. Imagine yourself fighting the chilling currents of Spiti and Pin Rivers.  You get to see beautiful scenery like mountains, glaciers, and monasteries while riding through rapids. The finest aspect of this activity is that novices may participate under the supervision of qualified guides who provide an equal experience. If you're seeking thrilling things to do in Spiti Valley, you'll be astonished by the variety of adventure activities it has to offer with the best of India tour packages.

Location: Lahaul and Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach: Reach by car to the start point

Best Point: Koksar to Tandi Bridge where Chandra and Bhaga confluence to form Chenab

Best Time: September to October

Opening Hours: 9 am to 4 pm

Duration Needed: 30 mins to 1 hour

7. Visit Gue: Meet the 500-Year-Old Mummy

Visit Gue

When you cannot go to Egypt but wander to see a mummy (of course not in a museum). Do you know where you can find one? Well, here’s your answer to this. Go to Spiti Valley, and then travel to the town of Giu which boasts a temple devoted to this preserved monk's mummy in a glass cage. There are several explanations surrounding the discovery of this mummy and one of them says, the army found the mummy during their expedition. It appears to have been mummified for a period of 500-600 years. The teeth and nails were said to be in decent shape. This temple is frequently visited by peasants seeking blessings. It's a mystery how this mummy was kept in its natural state.

Location: 40 km from the Tabo Monastery, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach: Taxi from the town

Best Time: April to September

Duration Needed: 1-2 hours

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8. Visit Highest Post Office: Send Postcards from the World’s Highest Post Office

Visit Highest Post Office

Sending postcards these days has become outdated and is even not being practiced anymore but what if you get a chance to send these postcards to your loved ones from the world’s highest post office? Yes, you heard it right, this post office located in Hikkim village is at an altitude of 14400 feet above sea level. The best part is that you can reach here in less than an hour from Kaza and can offer you one of the best Spiti holiday adventures. Don’t miss to know about the post office from the villagers, as they love to share stories behind it. So, come to this highest post office and send love to your family and friends and surprise them.

Location: 16 km from Kaza, Spiti Valley

How to Reach: Connected by road from Kaza

Best Time: April to October

Duration Needed: 1-2 hour

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9. Pass through the Baralacha La: One of the Highest Motorable Passes

Pass through the Baralacha La

The Leh and Spiti regions are noted for having some of the world's highest motorable passes, including the world's highest motorable pass, Baralacha La. Driving through these narrow cliffs is not for the faint of heart, but the breathtaking views this pass provides will make up for all of your efforts and challenges. You can go to the spectacular Suraj Lake, which is 4950 meters above sea level and is the third-highest lake in India. If you have a photographer's heart, this is a photographer's dream. Because of its location en route to the famed Manali-Leh road, where tourists come for hiking and bike rides, the lake has grown in popularity.

Location: Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach: Via Leh Manali Road

Best Time: May, June and September

Duration Needed: 1 hour

Requirements: Identity proofs are needed (Passport, Aadhar, Voter ID Card for Indians and Passport and Visa for Foreigners)

10. Visit Langza: Spiti's Incredible Fossil Village

Visit Langza

Langza is a remote, picturesque, and largely unknown town in Spiti Valley. Few people are aware that this picturesque Himalayan hamlet is rich in marine animals and plant fossils. Langza (Spiti), located at an elevation of 4400 m, was formerly buried beneath the Tethys Sea millions of years ago. Fossil hunting is a Spiti-specific practice that is still relatively unknown. However, it is a highly thrilling hobby, especially if you are interested in history or archaeology. There is a good chance you will find one because the area near Langza and Hikkim is rich in fossils. If not, you can still locate people selling these fossils, which you can buy to take home as a memento.

Location: Spiti Tehsil, Lahaul and Spiti district, Himachal Pradesh

How to Reach: From Kaza via NH505

Best Time: May, June, July, August and October

Duration Needed: 1 to 2 hours

Spiti Valley is a genuine paradise for wildlife and adventure enthusiasts. There are plenty of things to do in Spiti for everyone, from touring historic monasteries to going on exhilarating excursions and experiencing local culture. The beautiful scenery, snow-capped peaks, and shimmering lakes provide a surreal experience that is difficult to find anywhere. The best Spiti Valley tour packages are sure to provide you with wonderful experiences that will last a lifetime, whether you're looking for solitude or an adrenaline rush. So, pack your bags and prepare to discover India's hidden gem, Spiti Valley.

Spiti Valley FAQs

Q1. What is Spiti Valley famous for?

Spiti Valley is well-known for its stunning landscape as well as its cultural legacy. The Tabo monastery is one of Spiti's most well-known sights. Spiti's monasteries are known for their beautiful paintings, ancient temples, and many stupas.

Q2. What adventure activities can one indulge in Spiti Valley?

The adventure activities one can enjoy in Spiti are:

  • Bike Ride to the highest motorable road
  • Trek to Chandratal Lake
  • Visit Key Monastery
  • Explore the Pin Valley National Park
  • Camping in Spiti Valley
Q3. What is the most ideal time to visit Spiti Valley?

March through July is the optimum time to visit all of the major tourist attractions, including the monasteries and lakes, and enjoy adventure sports in Spiti Valley.

Q4. Which are the best tourist attractions to visit in Spiti Valley?

The most famous tourist attractions in Spiti Valley are:

  • Key Monastery
  • Chandratal lake
  • Pin Valley National Park
  • Suraj Tal
  • Tabo Monastery
  • Kunzum Pass
  • Kaza
  • Kibber
  • Dhankar Monastery
  • Nako Village
Q5. Can we travel to Spiti Valley in December and January?

Yes, Spiti Valley is open during the month of December. During the winter, one can only reach and come back via the Shimla-Kaza route. Higher regions, such as Nako, would undoubtedly send chills up your spine.

Q6. Which trekking trails are available in Spiti Valley?

Pin-Parvarti route, Kaza-Langza-Hikim-Comic-Kaza, Kaza-Ki-Kibber-Gete-Kaza, Kaza-Losar-Kunzum La and Kaza-Tabo-Sumdo-Nako.

Q7. How many days are enough to spend in Spiti?

Travelling through the whole Spiti Valley takes no more than eight days. Although your travel plan is entirely dependent on the activities on your wish list for the alluring Spiti Valley.

Q8. What is the best way to reach Chandra Tal Lake?

The adventure will begin early in the morning in Manali and will involve traversing the Rohtang pass as well as stops at Gramphu, Chhatru, and Batal. Another alternative is to take a bus from Kaza to Batal in the morning. Chandratal Lake is 15 km away from Batal.