Tehri in Uttarakhand is a haven in the Himalayas for adventurers, nature lovers, and spiritual seekers. The town is a beautiful blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage in the most unique way. From the majestic Tehri Dam to the tranquil Tehri Lake, each attraction calls you to embark on a journey doing amazing things to do in Tehri. Whether you are in love with electrifying activities, water sports, trekking, or moments of solace, Tehri has it all. Let's embark on an unforgettable exploration of activities to do in Tehri, nestled in the pristine lap of the Himalayas.

Top Things to Do in Tehri: Explore 10 Must-Do Thrilling Activities in Land of the Ganges

New Tehri in Uttarakhand is a planned city known for its massive hydroelectricity project and stunning emerald reservoir formed by the Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers. As the headquarters of Tehri Garhwal District, it holds significance in the state. Apart from the impressive dam, tourists can enjoy watersports like jet skiing and visit Hindu temples. The submerged Old Tehri town nearby adds a unique touch. Our list of things to do in Tehri provides valuable information on top attractions and activities. As a popular tourist destination in Garhwal Himalayas, Tehri offers stunning mountain views and adventure sports. Apart from the thrilling activities, a day trip to Mussoorie and Chamba also gives diverse experiences and pilgrimages to Devprayag are popular.

Here’s our curated list of activities in Tehri to indulge yourself in during your visit:

  • Visit the Majestic Tehri Dam: Discover the Engineering Marvel
  • Water Sports in Tehri Dam & Lake: Make a Splash in Adventure
  • Trekking in Tehri Garhwal: Embark on Mountain Adventures
  • Camping in Tehri: Find Serenity Under the Stars
  • Visit the Temples: Seek Blessings in Sacred Sanctuaries
  • Explore Local Markets: Indulge in Cultural Delights
  • Birdwatching in Tehri: Witness Nature's Aerial Wonders
  • Stargazing in Tehri: Marvel at Celestial Beauty
  • Paragliding in Tehri: Soar High Above Himalayan Vistas
  • Attend Festivals in Tehri: Celebrate Culture in Vibrant Hues

1. Visit the Majestic Tehri Dam: Discover the Engineering Marvel

Visit the Majestic Tehri Dam

Tehri Dam, on the holy Bhagirathi River, is one of the tallest dams in the world, almost 260 meters tall. Although there are several controversies related to the dam and it's environmental impact on the Bhagirathi River when you visit the dam, take the help of a guide to know the history of it's construction. The dam gives panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the vast reservoir which is a true testament of the relationship between human innovation and natural beauty. As part of your visit to the dam, indulge in water activities like jet-skiing, kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding.

Location: New Tehri, Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand, India

Best Time to Visit Tehri Dam: April to June and October to December

Things to Do at Tehri Dam: Jet-skiing, kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding

Ideal Duration to Stay: 2-3 Days

Nearest Railway Station: Rishikesh Railway Station (77 km)

Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport (87 km)

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2. Water Sports in Tehri Dam: Make a Splash in Adventure

Water Sports in Tehri Dam

Are you an adventure lover? Come to Tehri, a true haven for such people. The mountain rising high to the sky and the glacial river create the perfect escape for you offering electrifying things to do in Tehri, especially water sports. One of the most popular activities in Uttarakhand is river rafting in Rishikesh on the Ganga River, known as Bhagirathi in Tehri. The river offers grade 2 rapids to the rafters. With proper permits, one can enjoy kayaking between Tehri Dam and New Tehri which covers around 16 km, and between Ghanshali to Tehri Dam (18 km.) Apart from these activities, if you are tempted for more adventure, try your hands on water sports like Boating, Paddleboarding, Banana Boat Ride, and Parasailing, and if you like spending some peaceful time, sit calmly, relish the serene surroundings and enjoy fishing. The wide range of Tehri water sports is for everyone.

Best Time for Water Sports in Tehri: March to June

Popular Water Sports in Tehri: River Rafting, Kayaking, Boating in Tehri Lake, Jet-Skiing, Paddleboarding, Banana Boat Rides, Parasailing, Wakeboarding, Fishing Excursions

Water Sports Preparation in Tehri:

  • Avoid stormy or windy days for safety
  • Invest in high-quality water sports gear
  • Work for physical fitness- Swim, yoga, and strength training
  • Take lessons or watch instructional videos for basic techniques

Tips for Water Sports in Tehri:

  • Stay hydrated and eat a balanced meal
  • Always have a partner or inform someone onshore
  • Carry First aid kits, whistles, and communication devices
  • Adhere to local regulations for safety and environmental protection
  • Avoid littering and be mindful of local flora and fauna

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3. Trekking in Tehri Garhwal: Embark on Mountain Adventures

Trekking in Tehri Garhwal

What is a paradise for trekkers? A place that offers trails amidsts alpine meadows, along waterfalls, and serene landscapes. Embark on a transformative trek through Tehri's stunning landscapes, showcasing its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Explore Nag Tibba for Himalayan views and village life. Visit Chandrabadni Temple for serenity, and Surkanda Devi Temple for panoramic views. Challenge yourself on the Khatlinga Glacier Trek or enjoy the peaceful Panwali Kantha trek. Each journey in Tehri offers adventure, spirituality, and natural wonders for those seeking to discover the region's beauty and charm.

Nag Tibba Trek:

  • Length: Approximately 10 kilometers (round trip).
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate.
  • Start Point: Pantwari Village.
  • Best Time to Trek: October to March.
  • Altitude: Peak at around 3,022 meters (9,915 feet).
  • Trekking Route: Pantwari Village → Nag Tibba Base Camp → Nag Tibba Summit.

Chandrabadni Temple Trek:

  • Length: Approximately 12 kilometers (round trip).
  • Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate.
  • Start Point: Chandrabadni Temple Base.
  • Best Time to Trek: Throughout the year, except during heavy snowfall in winter.
  • Altitude: Peak at around 2,277 meters (7,470 feet).
  • Trekking Route: Chandrabadni Temple Base → Chandrabadni Temple.

Surkanda Devi Temple Trek:

  • Length: Approximately 8 kilometers (round trip).
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate.
  • Start Point: Kaddukhal Village.
  • Best Time to Trek: April to November.
  • Altitude: Peak at around 2,757 meters (9,045 feet).
  • Trekking Route: Kaddukhal Village → Surkanda Devi Temple.

Khatlinga Glacier Trek:

  • Length: Approximately 45 kilometers (one way).
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging.
  • Start Point: Ghuttu Village.
  • Best Time to Trek: May to June, September to October.
  • Altitude: Varies, reaching up to 4,555 meters (14,941 feet).
  • Trekking Route: Ghuttu Village → Gangi Village → Reeh → Khatling Glacier.

Trekking Preparations and Tips

  • Check trekking permits and entry requirements.
  • Carry water, snacks, and basic medical supplies.
  • Dress in layers for weather conditions.
  • Familiarize with trail map and landmarks.
  • Inform someone about trekking itinerary and expected return time.

Tips for Trekking:

  • Maintain steady rhythm while ascending.
  • Take breaks for breath and panoramic views.
  • Respect religious sentiments.
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Descend cautiously, especially on steep sections.

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4. Camping in Tehri: Find Serenity Under the Stars

Camping in Tehri

Tehri Garhwal offers a serene environment with calm waters, quiet surroundings, and impressive mountains. Among the fun things to do in Tehri, the lake's tranquil environment is perfect for unwinding and soaking in nature's beauty. Tehri Lake offers kayaking, fishing, and shore recreation, while Kanatal, a trekking center in a pine forest, offers hiking, bird watching, and mountain air. Dhanaulti, a lesser-known secret with Deodar trees and beautiful valleys, is recommended for hiking and nature observation. Local eco-parks provide students with a first-hand understanding of regional nature. These sites offer a blend of relaxation and excitement, offering peace and joy while maintaining the basic concept of hiking. These sites are one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand and should be included in your travel schedule to ensure the best time during your trip.

Best Time for Camping in Tehri: March to June and September to Novembe

Best Sites for Camping in Tehri:

  • Tehri Lake- water-based activities
  • Kanatal- Stunning Himalayan views and trekking trails
  • Dhanaulti- Misty valleys, towering deodar trees, and eco-parks

Preparation for Camping:

  • Essential gear: high-quality tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat
  • Clothing: layers, waterproof jackets
  • First Aid Kit: basic medications and supplies
  • Food and Water: non-perishable items, snacks, and water
  • Navigation Tools: map, compass, and GPS device

Tips for Camping:

  • Check weather forecast
  • Stay hydrated
  • Respect nature
  • Adhere to local camping regulations
  • Use the buddy system and carry a whistle or signaling device

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5. Visit the Temples: Seek Blessings in Sacred Sanctuaries

Visit the Temples

Tehri Garhwal's temples offer a sacred experience for seekers of divine blessings and is among the best things to do in Uttarakhand AKA Dev Bhoomi. The region is known for its temple complexes, filled with Hindu gods and goddesses, offering destinations for people to walk their path to salvation. The Chandrabadevi temple offers serene views for meditation and prayer, while the Sem Muhwel Temple is a shrine for the Nag Devta. The Surkhanda Devi Temple is a must-see for its energetic spirituality and beautiful vision. The Kunjapuri Devi Mandir offers breathtaking sunrise views of the Himalayan peaks, while the Devprayag Temple represents the divine consort of the Ganges. Jai Sem Nagraja Temple is a special shrine that preserves cultural heritage. The Shiva Temple in a cave near the river shores offers a place for prayer. The Nicheketa Tal Temple, a hidden treasure, offers tranquility and beauty. The Devalsari Temple, primitive and primitive, may also develop interest in antique spiritual activities.

Chandrabadni Temple

  • Address: Chandrabadni, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Sem Mukhem Temple

  • Address: Sem Mukhem, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Surkhanda Devi Temple

  • Address: Surkhanda, Kaddukhal, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Kunjapuri Devi Mandir

  • Address: Hindolakhal Road, Adali, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Devprayag Temple

  • Address: Devprayag, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Jai Sem Nagraja Temple

  • Address: Sem, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

  • Address: Koteshwar, Near Rudraprayag, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Nachiketa Taal Temple

  • Address: Nachiketa Taal, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Devalsari Temple

  • Address: Devalsari, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Tips for Visiting the Temples

  • Dress modestly and cover shoulders and knees for respect
  • Carry essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, especially for hikes
  • Check accessibility to the temple (Elevation and Distance)
  • Remove shoes before entering and maintain silence
  • Visit early in the morning for a peaceful experience

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6. Exploring Local Markets: Indulge in Cultural Delights

Exploring Local Markets

Discovering Tehri's local markets provides an insight into the region's customs and way of life. Visitors can acquire mementos that will last a lifetime from the diverse vendors selling crafts, artwork, and traditional items. Visitors can savor the delectable regional cuisine, a must try things to do in Tehri, which includes specialties like Garhwali dal and Aloo ke shopping. Visitors are fully submerged in Tehri's essence by the lively environment of the markets, which leaves a lasting impression on the senses. Shops offering traditional Uttarakhand goods including wood carvings, textiles, spices, and herbal cures are also open for exploration by tourists. Conversations with amiable residents and finding hidden gems enhance the unique Tehri shopping experience. All in all, a trip through Tehri's local markets offers an exciting experience.

Markets in Tehri: New Tehri Market, Chamba Market, Dhanolti Market, Tehri Bazaar, Kanatal Market

Souvenirs to Buy from Tehri: Wooden Handicrafts, Woolen Shawls and Stoles, Handmade Pottery, Herbal Products, Garhwali Artwork

Local Delicacies to Try in Tehri: Garhwali Dal, Chainsoo, Aloo ke Gutke. Kandali, Kafuli

Tips for Exploring Tehri Markets:

  • Start early for relaxed shopping
  • Negotiate prices respectfully and with a smile
  • Sample local cuisine at food stalls and eateries
  • Stay hydrated with a water bottle
  • Keep valuables secure in crowded areas

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7. Birdwatching in Tehri: Witness Nature's Aerial Wonders

Birdwatching in Tehri

The grandeur of nature and the beautiful scenery in Tehri make it the most preferred destination for nature trails and bird watching. This is because this location is one of the possible homes to some of the magnificent species like the Himalayan Monal, Koklass Pheasant, and Cheer Pheasant, thus providing nature lovers with interesting things to do in Tehri. In addition, visitors come across Lammergeier and Himalayan Griffons flying over the untouched nature. The Khatling Glacier Trek, which is the only one of its kind in Uttarakhand, is a virgin forest, meadows and glacier valleys route and is among the unusual places in Uttarakhand to go bird watching. Through this route, I see many bird species, including the most colorful songbirds and the most powerful predatory birds, and the amazing Himalayan scenery. Paths in Tehri are a paradise for both experienced bird watchers and those who love nature. A trail for them is a unique opportunity to communicate with the natural world and observe the diversity of birds.

Best Time for Birdwatching: Early morning hours

Best Locations for Birdwatching: Khatling Glacier Trek, Tehri Lake,Chamba Market, Dhanolti Forest Reserve, Kanatal Meadows

Tips for Birdwatching Tour:

  • Bring binoculars for distance spotting
  • Research local bird species for better identification
  • Be patient and observe quietly to avoid scaring birds
  • Respect wildlife by maintaining a safe distance
  • Dress appropriately for long walks in natural settings

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8. Stargazing in Tehri: Marvel at Celestial Beauty

Stargazing in Tehri
Image is only for reference

Tehri offers a mesmerizing star-gazing adventure, transporting you to a world of endless dark skies away from city life noise. With untouched Himalayan surroundings, it is ideal for clear-sky galaxy views without light pollution. The clear and pollutant-free air is just the right environment for the astronomers and the sky watchers. The hills around Tehri and Tehri Lake are best places in Tehri for spreading a blanket on the ground and observing the twinkling stars above, with a clearer view of the constellations, planets, and shooting stars due to lesser light and pollution. Guided tours and astronomy camps given by knowledgeable guides are a perfect stargazing experience that reveals the beauty of the universe in full scope. Whether it is about gazing at the Milky Way or the distant galaxies, Tehri's astronomy scene offers a dreamy trip into the cosmos, leaving you amazed with the grandeur and enormity of the universe.

Best Time for Star Gazing in Tehri: October to March

Best Locations for Star Gazing in Tehri:

  • Khatling Glacier Trek: Offers high altitude and minimal light pollution for optimal stargazing conditions.
  • Tehri Lake: Surrounded by mountains, providing a picturesque backdrop for observing the night sky.
  • Dhanolti Forest Reserve: Away from city lights, offering a serene environment for stargazing amidst nature.
  • Kanatal Meadows: High altitude meadows with expansive views, ideal for stargazing sessions.

Tips for Stargazing:

  • Choose a dark location away from city lights to minimize light pollution
  • Check weather conditions for clear skies and favorable weather
  • Use a telescope or binoculars for closer observation
  • Be patient to adjust to the darkness
  • Stay warm and comfortable by dressing warmly and bringing blankets or chairs

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9. Paragliding in Tehri: Soar High Above Himalayan Vistas

Paragliding in Tehri

Paragliding is among the best things to do in Tehri that provides amazing aerial views of the magnificent Himalayas. Meadows, undulating hills, sparkling lakes, bugyals, and lush valleys peppered with the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas are all beneath your smooth glide. The pure air currents of Tehri will enchant you with its stunning backdrop. Everyone with a different ability level can get the experience of paragliding in Tehri, from solo adventurous flights to tandem flights with instructors. Select from several take-off locations, each providing a distinctive viewpoint of the magnificent landscape of Tehri. A lifetime of memories may be made by Tehri paragliding activity, whether you choose to explore Tehri Lake, soar above Dhanolti, or soar above the charming villages of Kanatal.

Best Time for Tehri Paragliding: March to June and September to November

Locations for Tehri Paragliding: Dhanolti Paragliding Point,  Kanatal Paragliding Site, Tehri Lake Paragliding Zone, Chamba Paragliding Base,  Surkanda Devi Paragliding Spot

Paragliding Preparation:

  • Attend a paragliding training course
  • Ensure all paragliding equipment is in good condition
  • Maintain good physical fitness and flexibility
  • Check weather forecasts and avoid flying in bad weather
  • Familiarize with emergency procedures and landing zones

Tips for Paragliding:

  • Listen to instructors carefully
  • Stay calm during take-off, flight, and landing
  • Observe weather changes and be prepared to land if necessary
  • Maintain control of your paraglider
  • Respond to wind direction and speed changes
  • Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Tehri

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10. Attend Festivals in Tehri: Celebrate Culture in Vibrant Hues

Attend Festivals in Tehri

Tehri in Uttarakhand not only offers breathtaking scenery and adventure sports but also festivals that showcase its rich cultural heritage. These, in turn, add up to the things to do in Tehri, which makes it a must-visit place. The Tehri Lake Festival, which is a mix of cultural performances, water sports, and local foods, brings people nationwide. It expresses the region's music and dance traditions, ensuring the enchantment of the natural beauty and adventure sports around Tehri Lake. The Khatling Glacier Festival is the next important festival that takes place in the area of Khatling Glacier, where the local culture is celebrated by the way of music, dance, and folk performances, and also trekking expeditions. Tehri also observes religious festivals like Makar Sankranti and Diwali, offering tourists a chance to delve into vibrant traditions and local culture while enjoying the stunning scenery and historical sites. Whether it's the thrill of an adrenaline rush, cultural immersion, or the fulfillment of spiritual needs, Tehri festivals deliver a fabulous and enriching experience to people of all ages in attendance.

Festivals in Tehri:

  • Tehri Lake Festival: May or June, for a few days
  • Khatling Glacier Festival: June or July, Depending on favorable trekking conditions
  • Makar Sankranti: Mid-January, marking the transition of the sun into the Capricorn
  • Navratri: September or October, nine days, dedicated to Goddess Durga
  • Diwali: October or November, symbolizing victory of good over evil

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Therefore, whether you are looking for high-end water adventures, soul-stirring hikes through the wilderness, or moments of serenity in ancient temples, you will get all these things to do in Tehri as it is always ready to embrace you with open arms. Every time you visit this Himalayan gem, you will not only discover its beauty but will also come across a little of yourself in this timeless landscape. Hence, be ready for such an adventure, avail yourself of our best Uttarakhand tour packages and let Tehri enchant you. In the end, I must say, it is in Tehri that you are given the privilege to walk, dream and search for the marvels of nature and the soul.

Things to Do in Tehri FAQs

Q1. What is the best time to visit Tehri?

The best time to visit Tehri is during the summer months from March to June. These months of the year get pleasant weather, ideal for outdoor activities like trekking and water sports.

Q2. How can I reach Tehri?

One can reach Tehri by road, with regular bus services from nearby cities like Dehradun and Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the nearest railway station, and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.

Q3. What are the popular things to do in Tehri?

Popular adventure activities in Tehri include water sports like jet skiing, banana boat rides, and kayaking at Tehri Lake. Other than these trekking is also available in the surrounding Himalayan trails.

Q4. Is it safe to visit Tehri during monsoon season?

As you know, hilly areas witness landslides and road blockages during the monsoon season, so you should be cautious. However, during the monsoon season (July to September), Tehri can be beautiful with lush greenery.

Q5. Are there any accommodation options available in Tehri?

Tehri offers a wide range of accommodation options including hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and camping sites. You can also book the Floating Huts on the lake, providing unparalleled views of Tehri Lake.

Q6. Are there any trekking trails in Tehri for beginners?

There are several beginner-friendly trekking trails in Tehri such as the Chandrabadni Temple Trek and the Surkanda Devi Temple Trek.

Q7. Can I visit Tehri with my family?

Tehri offers a range of family-friendly activities. You can enjoy boating on Tehri Lake, picnicking in Dhanaulti Eco Park, and exploring local markets for handicrafts and souvenirs with your loved ones.

Q8. Is there any camping site in Tehri?

Camping is a popular activity in Tehri with several campsites offering tents, bonfires, and adventure activities amidst the scenic beauty of the Himalayas.

Q9. Are there any religious festivals celebrated in Tehri?

Festivals like Navratri and Diwali are celebrated with great fervor in Tehri, with special prayers and cultural events held at temples and community gatherings.

Q10. Can I hire a guide for trekking in Tehri?

Yes, you can hire local guides in Tehri for trekking expeditions, providing insights into the region's history, culture, and natural landmarks.