A trip to any place would be incomplete without indulging in a bit of shopping. Strolling through the local markets of a particular place helps in knowing about the culture and art of the local people there. Shopping in Lebanon will make you a spendthrift for sure and will lure you to buy more and more of the unique and traditional things which are found at the local markets here. From Turkish coffee pots to message carved in cedar wood souvenirs, there are so many amazing things to get from Lebanon as a memory of your trip or as gifts for your family, friends or colleagues. Stroll through this guide to know about the nitty-gritty of shopping in Lebanon.

5 Famous Things To Buy From Lebanon

There are several unique things to buy from the local markets in Lebanon to bring back home as souvenirs for relatives, colleagues or friends. Let’s see what all you can shop for from the markets in Lebanon.

1. Turkish Coffee Pots

Turkish Coffee Pots

One of the best things to buy in Lebanon is Turkish Coffee Pot that comes in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Local people of Lebanon love to sip Turkish coffee all day long hence, taking these pots back home is one of the best souvenirs of your Lebanon trip. These cups are made mostly with hand-hammered copper as it helps in better heating of coffee. The look of Turkish coffee pots is antique with intricate designs on the body. These act as a perfect Lebanese souvenir to gift your friends or relatives. Not only do they serve their utility purpose but can also be kept as a showpiece in your living area as these pots look classy and antique. So, do not forget to buy one from Lebanon before you leave for your home country.

Where to Buy: Tripoli Souq

2. Sweets


Food in Lebanon without a doubt tastes heavenly and when it comes to sweets, we are sure you will not be able to control your taste buds. Some of the sweets that can be stored are especially packed for travelers to take back home. You will also find these sweets at various shops at the airport. The main ingredient which you will find in most of the Arab sweets is Kashta which is prepared by boiling milk till it becomes creamy and consistent. One of the most popular dessert to bring back from Lebanon is Ma’amul that resembles a biscuit and is stuffed with either nuts, dates or sugar. Knefeh is another popular Lebanese dessert that is made from Kashta and is topped with nuts.

Where To Buy: Al Hallab Sweets, Douaihy Sweets

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3. Cedar Wood Message Plates

Cedar Wood Message Plates

There are plenty of shops in Lebanon where you will find these cute cedar wood plates of different shapes and sizes with a customized message written on them. They look quite intriguing and can be personalized as per your preferences. It can be taken back as a home name plate, fridge magnet, a love message for your partner or something written for your friend that gives an emotional touch to this souvenir. Take back this organic magic of nature with you and decorate your home with it that will always remind you of your trip to Lebanon.

Where to Buy: Bcharri Market

4. Local Wine

Local Wine

Taking back wine from Lebanon might not sound very interesting to you but yes Lebanon is becoming quite famous for its local wine that tastes heavenly. Your shopping in Lebanon would be incomplete without buying some local wine from here. And the best part about buying wine from here is that you can store it for a longer period of time which will make your memories of your trip fresh. And the best part about local wines in Lebanon is that it is less expensive but tastes heavenly. Chateau Ksara is one of the most famous varieties of local wine available in Lebanon.

Where to Buy: Enoteca, Vintage Wine & Spirits

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5. Home Décor Items

Home Décor Items

Give your home a new touch with the unique décor items found at the local markets and stores in Lebanon. From quirky kitchen utensils, crockery to table linen and bedsheets, the designs and prints you will not find it anywhere else than in Lebanon. One of the most famous local home décor brands of Lebanon is Rana Salam’s home décor items whose designs reflect the rich heritage of the country with contemporary touches. Witness a unique Lebanon shopping experience when you shop for the finest variety of pillow covers, showpieces, wall hangings, plates and a lot more from the local markets of Lebanon.

Where to Buy: Mar Maroun, Liban et d'Orient

Top 5 Shopping Markets In Lebanon

Lebanon is not brimmed with many shopping markets but you will surely find a few here and many local stores where you can get your hands on the traditional and hand-crafted items which are unique to Lebanon. We are sure Lebanon shopping will be fun at these local markets in the country.

1. Burj Hammoud, Beirut

Burj Hammoud, Beirut
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Located north-east of Beirut, Burj Hammoud is a famous town in Lebanon majority of which is populated by Armenians. Hence, you will also find many Armenians restaurants here serving delectable delicacies. This hub is quite popular for shopping as you will find many shops and stores here selling unique souvenirs like arts and crafts, vintage items, accessories, clothing items and a lot more. Brassware is one of the main items to shop from this market at very reasonable prices.

2. Souq El Tayeb

Souq El Tayeb
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A farmer’s market in Beirut which was found in the year 2004 is a first of its kind market which was opened to bring different communities together with a mission to share food and local culture. Since then, the market has been gaining immense popularity and many people come here to buy organic produce of Lebanon. Near the market, there is a Trablos Street where every Saturday, farmers from all over the country bring their farm produce of yogurt, juices, fruits and much more. Local vendors here can be seen selling traditional knick-knacks.

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3. Souq El Ahad

Souq El Ahad

One of the most famous souqs in Lebanon is Souq El Ahad which is also famous as Sunday Market. For past 20 years, the market has been a major hub for selling second hand goods, hence people love to come here to get things at amazing prices without compromising on the quality. The stalls in this market are set up on Saturday and Sundays at 07:00 am sharp and gets wrapped up by 01:00 pm, so it's recommended to reach market early as you can also bargain at much ease then. Some of the best things to pick from this market are old books, trinkets, clothes, antiques, electronics and jewelry.

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4. Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut

One of the most bustling areas of Beirut is Downtown Beirut also called Beirut Souqs is brimmed with many fancy shops and international labels. Your Lebanon shopping would not be complete without indulging in some fancy shopping experience from the renowned international brands. If you want to indulge in a thrilling nightlife in Lebanon, then Downtown Beirut is a perfect place which has around 25 best Lebanon cafes, restaurants, many fancy hotels, cinema complex and more than 200 shops. There is also a popular place here named Saifi Village which is famous for selling unique antiques which are worth-buying. Once a week, a famous Farmer’s Market is also organized here from where you can buy organic produce of the country.

5. Hamra Street & Achrafieh

Hamra Street & Achrafieh
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One of the best places to visit in Lebanon, Hamra Street is a paradise for fashionholics and everyone who loves trendy things. Not just shopping, it is a place where you can also relish fancy food and drinks at several bars and restaurants located in this street. The street is brimmed with many retail stores selling voguish clothing, accessories and a lot more. Achrafieh on the other hand is located in Eastern part of Beirut and very well reflects the history of the city. Various museums, historical wonders and churches can also be found here, taking a tour of which is appealing to the eyes. Shopping in Lebanon is so much fun at Hamra Street & Achrafieh where you can also enjoy dine-in at the famous restaurants here.

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Lebanon is definitely a great place to explore in the Middle East. Offering so much in one go, the country never feels to mesmerize travelers with its charming beauty, intriguing history and an enchanting vibe. Shopping in Lebanon is definitely a great experience as the country offers various antique things and souvenirs which you will not find anywhere else. From Turkish Coffee Pots to cedar wood handicrafts, there are so many amazing things to buy from Lebanon that can be gifted to friends, relatives or colleagues. If you have booked your flights to Lebanon, then we hope this short guide would be of little help to you in making your shopping experience easy.


Q1. How many days are enough for a trip to Lebanon?

Around 7 to 8 days are good enough for a trip to Lebanon.

Q2. What are the best things to shop for from Lebanon?

Some of the best things to buy from Lebanon:

  • Turkish Coffee Pots
  • Cedar Wood Message Plates
  • Sweets
  • Local Wine
  • Home Décor Items
  • Sarah’s Bag
  • Kaftans
  • Tarboosh
  • Roasted Nuts
Q3. Which are the best malls in Lebanon to shop from?

Some of the best malls in Lebanon to shop from are:

  • Karout Mall
  • City Center Mall
  • ABC Mall
  • Cascada Mall
  • Centro Mall
Q4. What are some best places to shop from in Beirut?

Some of the best places to shop from in Beirut are:

  • Burj Hammoud
  • Souq El Tayeb
  • Downtown Beirut
  • Souq El Ahad
Q5. Which is the best time to visit Lebanon?

Months from July to September are considered the best time to visit Lebanon.

Q6. Can we bargain at the local markets in Lebanon?

Yes, bargaining can be done at the local markets in Lebanon. Just quote a reasonable price as per the quality of the product.

Q7. Which are the best hotels in Lebanon?

Some of the best hotels in Lebanon are:

  • Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand
  • Lahoya Suites
  • Le Royal Hotel Beirut
  • Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort
  • Urban Central Suites Beirut
Q8. Is Lebanon expensive?

Yes, Lebanon is quite an expensive country in terms of travel. Once need at least 20 USD per day for a comfortable stay in Lebanon.