Egyptians especially tourists from around the world have had the best shopping and dining experience at the Egypt Malls. These malls are known for their cleanliness, security and location. For most people, shopping is an absolute stress buster and of course enjoyment. When on vacation in Egypt, people should not miss out on the malls, apart from visiting the historical sites.

Top 12 Malls In Egypt

Can you imagine a country or city without a market or malls these days? It would be hard to imagine right? Most people love spending hours in a mall, even if they are not shopping.  Malls are a source of entertainment and a stress buster for several people.  What more can anyone ask for? There are several things to do in Egypt, which a tourist should explore.

1. Mall Of Egypt

Situated on the 6th of October city along the El Wahat Road, Mall of Egypt has a range of shops that include Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer and LC Waikiki. People will find everything under one roof, right from popular designer labels to pocket friendly budget stores. It is a mall that can be done in a half a day as it is not too big.  The mall has several fast-food chains, local eateries, high end restaurants and cafes. The one mall that is everyone’s favorite, apart from this mall, is the carrefour mall of Egypt.

Location:  El Wahat Rd, First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Timings: 10am–9pm

Famous for:  Fast-food chains, local eateries, high end restaurants and cafes

Distance from the airport:  53.7 kms

2. City Centre Alexandria

City Centre Alexandria

City Alexandria is situated on Alexandria Cairo Desert Road, opposite to the Alexandria International Park and is only a couple minutes away from downtown. It was established with the aim of offering people the best shopping and entertainment experience. This mall is the biggest mall and is without a doubt the best tourist attraction in Egypt.  It offers an ideal international shopping experience to all the tourists visiting Egypt.

Location:  Cairo Alex Desert Rd, Qetaa at Tarik as Sahrawi, Al Amaria First, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Timings:  10 am- 10 pm

Famous for: Four restaurants, a carrefour hypermarket, 7-screen cinema complex and Magic Planet.

Distance from the Airport:  5.4 kms

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3. San Stefano Grand Plaza

San Stefano Grand Plaza

San Stefano Grand Plaza is situated in one of the most luxurious areas of Alexandria.  San Stefano is home to the four seasons hotel, private residence, a private marina and a fancy mall: The Grand Plaza. The grand plaza has 4 floors of shops along with 10 screen cinemas, amusement center for kids, coffee shops, and food court with several options. San Stefano is about luxury and so if tourists are the best brands, then this the best mall in Egypt to shop.

Location: El-Gaish Rd, San Stifano, Qism El-Raml, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Timings: 10 am- 12 am

Famous for:  Screen cinemas, amusement center for kids, coffee shops, and food court

Distance from the Airport: 14.9 kms

4. Cairo Festival City Mall

Cairo Festival City Mall

Cairo Festival City Mall is the biggest mall in Egypt that has a range of shopping like Debenhams, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, and Zara.  The mall is crowded over the weekends and conducts a huge carrefour branch that accommodates everyone’s grocery shopping.  The food scene hums with a large food court, restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating.  Security in this mall is strict as the staff is trained to follow strict protocols in any emergency situation.

Location:  108.04 km، Cairo Festival City Mall, Cairo Festival City, Ring Road, New Cairo، Cairo Governorate 11385, Egypt

Timings:  10 am- 10 pm

Famous for: International chain stores, a cinema & a "dancing fountain" attraction.

Distance from the airport: 23.5 kms

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5. Mall Of Arabia

Mall Of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is a large mall that is a little difficult to reach for those people visiting from East Cairo; but if they want to shop till, they drop, this is the place to be. It is one of Egypt’s biggest malls that has a large number of shops. People’s requirements are taken care off at this mall and some of the most popular brands like Zara, Virgin, Timberland, GAP, Centrepoint and Mango are found here.

Location:  طريق المدينة المنورة،، An Nuzhah, Jeddah 23532, Saudi Arabia

Timings: 9am–11pm

Famous for:  Restaurants and Entertainment

Distance from the airport: 290 kms

6. Citystars


Egyptians were fascinated by the quality of Citystars  and with the number of shops and restaurants on offer; when it first opened. The mall is known for its quality and diversity of shops and has always been on the list places to visit in Egypt. It houses several brands like Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, Swarovski, Cartier, H&M, Marks & Spencer, and Mango. Security at this mall is tight as the staff are well trained to handle any kind of emergency training.

Location: Citystars, Cairo Governorate 11771, Egypt

Timings: 10 am –10 pm

Famous for: Art cinema, hotels and theme parks

Distance from the airport: 10.4 kms

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7. City Centre Almaza

City Centre Almaza
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City Centre Almaza is not far from citystars makes it the most accessible malls for people in Heliopolis, Sheraton and New Cairo. The mall has a range of shops that include Bershka, Pull & Bear, Zara, MINISO, Tradeline, and much more. People will find similar shops open at Mall of Egypt. Cleanliness and Security is the best. The dining experience at some of the restaurants like Desoky and Soda, Mince, Mori Sushi and Crave are amazing.

Location: Passage Inside Almaza Airport, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Timings: 10 am- 9 pm

Famous for: Dining Experience

Distance from the airport: 7.7 kms

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8. City Center Maadi

City Center Maddi
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City Centre Maadi is City Centre Almaza’s sister, you guessed right. The Majid Al Futtaim is on display here with high security. There are several shops that cater to people’s needs like Zara, CompuMe, Monsoon, H&M, Timberland, The Body Shop, Mazaya, Adidas and Nike. Besides the shops, people can dine at anyone of the eateries like Cinnabon, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Arby’s, McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut.  The mall takes care of people’s grocery needs at the carrefour hypermarket and kids can have fun at Magic Planet.

Location:  Ring Rd, El-Basatin Sharkeya, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Timings: 10 am –10 pm

Famous for: Entertainment and Fine Dining

Distance from the Airport:  33.0 kms

9. Galleria40

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Galleria40 is one of the most charming malls in Cairo, even though it not the biggest or busiest. One can’t define it as a mall as it has offices on the upper floors. So, if one were to remove the offices from the equation, then it would definitely be a mall. One of the best things about the mall is that it has a balance of shops, cafes and restaurants. The design of the mal is absolutely stunning. It has several selections of eateries with the highlight being Dara’s Ice cream that attracts people from all over the world.

Location: 26th of July Corridor, Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate 12578, Egypt

Timings: 8am–1am

Famous for:  Dining, nightlife cafes, brands and cultural happenings

Distance from the Airport: 44.9 kms

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10. Point90 Mall

Point90 Mall
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Point90 mall is located opposite AUC in New Cairo’s 5th Settlement.  The mall is small and intimate which makes it perfect for a short visit. It is perfect for student looking for a quick coffee break, professors lunch spot or a quick shopping spree at H&M. The mall is the busiest over the weekend with families, shoppers, diners and movie- goers.  Movie buffs love the large cinema complex. Kids often enjoy the skating rink, Billy Beez play area or Airzone that has several trampolines.  The mall has one of the largest branches of Fresh food market.  It even has a huge ceiling that floods the mall’s interior with natural light.

Location: American University، First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Famous for: Play area and cinema complex

Distance from the Airport: 27.1 kms

11. Dandy Mega Mall

Dandy Mega Mall
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Dandy Mall, one of the best shopping malls in Egypt, is the go-to destinations for shopping.  The mall has some of the most popular branches like H&M, marks and spencer, Ado, Nike and several others. There are several restaurants and cafes people can enjoy fine dining at; like Starbucks, Chili’s, McDonald’s, Mori Sushi, Pizza Hut, KFC, Hardee’s, Papa John’s, and Cinnabon.  One of the best things to do in Egypt is to shop and eat your heart out in this mall.

Location:  Dandy Mall, Kilo 28 Cairo - Alexandria Desert Rd, Giza Governorate 12577, Egypt

Timings: 10 am- 12 am

Famous for: Restaurants and Café

Distance from the Airport: 44.9 kms

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12. The First Mall

The First Mall
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When it comes to describing the first mall in 3 words, one can definitely say: chic, fancy and luxury.  People will find several watch and jewelry stores that include Tiffany & Co, Rolex, Omega, Bulgari, Mont Blanc, and Egypt’s very own Azza Fahmy.  Apart from these stores, there are several fashion stores like Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul & Shark, EGO and Emporio Armani.

Location:  35 Giza Street - Inside Four Seasons Hotel, Giza District, 11432, Egypt

Timings: 10am–2am

Famous for:  High end international brands

Distance from the airport: 25.6 kms

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Shopping in malls has been of the many activities people enjoy all over the world. People often find everything they need under one roof. For most, shopping is the greatest stress buster and of course, entertaining as people can enjoy a movie in the cinema hall. So, what you waiting for? Book your Egypt flights and have the best vacation you’ve been wanting to take for a long time.


Q1. Which are some of the malls in Egypt people can shop at?

Egypt is known for its historical sites, people from all over the world visit. Besides the historical sites, people like shopping at malls like city center Alexandria, San Stefano Grand Plaza, City Centre Maadi, Mall of Egypt and Tiba Outlet Mall.

Q2. What are the most popular brands I can find in the malls?

Zara, Virgin, Timberland, GAP, Centrepoint and Mango are some of the most popular brands I can find in the malls.

Q3. Is the first mall in Egypt worth the visit?

Chic, fancy and luxury are the 3 words that describe the first mall in Egypt. It is definitely worth the visit as it has some of the best watches, jewelry and fashion stores under one roof.

Q4. What is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is between October and April. These are the cooler months and so, once can enjoy their visit.

Q5. How far is CityStars Mall from the airport?

The mall is 10.4 kms away from the airport. People should visit the mall and go on the best shopping spree of their lifetime.

Q6. Where can people buy their groceries?

People’s grocery needs are taken care of at the City Center Maadi. They need not go anywhere else.

Q7. What is San Stefano Grand Plaza famous for?

San Stefano Grand Plaza is famous for its coffee shops, food court and Screen Cinemas.

Q8. Is Egypt worth visiting for a holiday?

Of course, Egypt is the one stop destination for a historical and shopping experience.