Triund is a beautiful hill station located in Himachal Pradesh where one can easily find breathtaking natural beauty and numerous adventurous activities. Located at a height of 2,850 meters over sea level this beautiful place will surely meet the expectations of travelers, who want to combine relaxation and adventure. The amazing places to visit in Triund cover everything from hiking and camping to discovering archaeological sites and villages in Triund. WELCOME TO This is a beautiful town and captures the majestic view of Dhauladhar ranges, green Pin valleys, and the whispering leaves. The cold wind of mountains, the melodious twitting of birds, and the hospitality of the locals, none of these can be forgotten easily if one goes on a tour to Triund.

Top Places to Visit in Triund: Explore the Unseen Beauty of the Himachal

Located in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh Triund is a place that remains a bit off the tourists’ track. Triund is a beautiful spot and a preferred tourist destination owing to the picturesque hills and waterfalls. A regular trekker, a photographer, or anyone just in search of a peaceful destination will surely do something in the gorgeous places to visit in Triund. From the lofty of Triund Hill to small villages and temples to explore, every part of this beautiful town has a story to tell about its heritage, art, and landscape. Having been produced here are the stunning views of the landscape, the colorful arrays of the local markets, and the friendly and welcoming people which makes you crave for more.

Write 100 words paragraphs for each of them: tourism oriented, filled with facts, and conversational in tone and engaging in style:

  1. Laka Glacier: A Scenic Glacier Perfect for Trekking and Camping
  2. Bhagsu Waterfall: Cascading Picturesque Natural Beauty
  3. Gallu Devi Temple: An Ancient Temple Dedicated to the Local Deity
  4. Triund Temple: A Beautiful Hill Top temple
  5. Dharamkot: A Charming Village with Stunning Views
  6. Bhagsu Village: Explore Traditional Himachali Culture and Lifestyle
  7. Kangra Valley: A Heaven Amidst Snow-capped Mountains
  8. Namgyal Monastery: The Holy Dalai Lama's Temple
  9. Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Learn About the Tibetan History
  10. Triund Hill: Highest Point in Triund to be Conquered

1. Laka Glacier: A Scenic Glacier Perfect for Trekking and Camping

Laka Glacier

If you are fascinated with trekking in the mountains and that too in Himachal, the trek to Laka Glacier is another compelling trek option and among the must-visit places in Triund. This trek gives a glimpse of the mighty Dhauladhar Range. One can opt for this trek along with the Triund Trek as it goes from the same picturesque path and sits at a height of approx. 3300 meters over sea level. Although this trek is a little challenging, rewards with breathtaking vistas of snow-capped peaks and lush alpine meadows.

Highest Elevation: Approximately 3,300 meters

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 2-3 days

Nearest Railway: Pathankot Railway Station (210 km)

Nearest Road: Bhagsu Nag (2 km from McLeod Ganj)

Nearest Airport: Gaggal Airport (Kangra Airport), about 20 km from McLeod Ganj

Total Trek Distance: Around 9-10 km (round trip)

Best Time: April to June, September to November

Average Temperature: Daytime 15°C to 25°C, nighttime 5°C to 10°C

Permits/Fees: Forest permits required; entry fees may apply

Stay/Camping: Camping available near Laka Glacier, guesthouses in nearby villages

Food: Limited options along the route, advisable to carry snacks

Start/End Point: Begins at Bhagsu Nag or McLeod Ganj, ends at the same

Attractions: Scenic landscapes, Dhauladhar range views, Laka Glacier

Tips for Trekking: Proper gear, hydration, acclimatization, guide recommended, inform others, leech precautions, snacks, enjoy the journey

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2. Bhagsu Waterfall: Cascading Picturesque Natural Beauty

Bhagsu Waterfall

When it comes to indulging in things to in McLeod Ganj, spending time along the cascading waterfall is among the best activities. This will give you enthralling senses while tumbling down from 30 meters amidst the lush greenery. You will be captivated to see the charm of the waterfall with it’s natural splendor. The journey to the waterfall through the Bhagsu Naag Temple is as enchanting as the fall itself. The trek promises adventure and peace at the same time. So, come and rejuvenate your senses and soothe your soul at such kind of captivating places to visit in Triund.

Location: Near Mcleodganj main market, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

Elevation: 30 meters

Timing: 7 AM to 9 PM

Stay Duration: 1-2 hours

How to Reach Bhagsu Waterfall: Hire a taxi or ride your personal vehicle from anywhere in McLeod Ganj or Dharamshala.

Activities in Bhagsu Waterfall: Bhagsunath Temple, Trek to the fall, Cherish picturesque views

Tips for Visiting Bhagsu Fall:

  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • Bring warm clothing
  • Walk with caution
  • Carry basic medicines
  • Capture picturesque sights

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3. Gallu Devi Temple: An Ancient Temple Dedicated to the Local Deity  

Gallu Devi Temple

Gallu Devi Temple in Mcleodganj, located above Dharamkot at 2,100m, is a Triund Trek base camp. The temple offers a hypnotic setting with tall cedars and crimson rhododendrons and is among the perfect places in Triund for people looking for tranquility in the lap of nature. From the temple, one can get one of the best sunset views of Kangra Valley. The temple also provides a serene sanctuary for meditation and introspection. As you ascend the stone steps, you're enveloped in incense fragrance of devotion and sacred chants, akin to a divine essence, connecting them to the divine.

Address: 83G+Q89, near Gallu Devi temple Upper, Dharamkot, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176219

Opening Hours: 24 hours

How to Reach: The temple is located 7.6 km from Mcleodganj and can be reached by car, cab, or bus. We highly recommend public transport due to limited parking space

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4. Triund Temple: A Beautiful Hill Top temple  

Triund Temple

Triund Temple is a small and beautiful shrine located at the highest altitude amidst the vast mountains of Dharamshala that can fill the spiritually inclined soul with peace. Located on to the most famous Triund Trek, this quite temple invites travelers to take time and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the divine in them. Located at a remote corner of a hilly region with the miles and miles of Himalayas standing tall and emerald valleys showcasing their beauty to the onlookers, the temple is among the most beautiful places to visit in Himchal Pradesh that offers an eye-opening view to enjoy the wonderful creation of God and meditate in the peaceful surroundings.

Address: 7963+GVQ, Triund Hill Trail from Bhagsunag Waterfall, Himachal Pradesh 176219

Opening Hours: Early morning till 3-3:30 pm

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5. Dharamkot: A Charming Village with Stunning Views


Dharamkot is a small, picturesque village located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is famous as one of the top tourist places to visit in Triund. It is among the best places in McLeod Ganj that offer a beautiful scenic landscape. Located on the hilltop nearly reaching the sky, Dharamkot leaves every traveler spellbound with views of Dhauladhar Mountain range and the verdant valleys looming beneath it. Whichever kind of explorer you are – the lover of nature, the keen trekker, or someone who is desperately in need of escaping from the bustle of the cities, Dharamkot is sure to leave the desired impression. Sample local delicacies in its cozy cafes, watch street art unfold on its walls and take long hikes at peaks with picturesque views in this little-known destination in the great Himalayas.

Location: Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit: May to June and September to December

Stay Duration: 1-2 days

Things to Do in Dharamkot: Hiking, Trekking, and Yoga

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6. Bhagsu Village: Explore Traditional Himachali Culture and Lifestyle  

Bhagsu Village

Let yourself plunge into the spirit and colors of Himachal whilst staying in the captivating village of Bhagsu that is surely on the list of the places to visit in Dharamshala. Rich in tradition and teeming with history, beautiful Bhagsu encourages locals and tourists alike to stay and experience local culture. Stroll along narrow, cobbled paths and engage in conversation with people to know about other Triund places to visit. You should not miss taking a tour of Bhagsu Nag Temple which is a Lord Shiv Temple and lucky enough to be privileged to see the traditional practices that have been carried out for generations. The narrow lanes, the well-preserved historic temple, the beautiful architecture and people, traditions; All of them assure that you will never be bored in Bhagsu and will keep you spellbound due to its ageless beauty.

Location: Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176219

Best Time to Visit: May to June and September to December

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7. Kangra Valley: A Heaven Amidst Snow-capped Mountains

Kangra Valley
Image is only for reference

You don’t need to go far to find a delightful land of beauty and nature; the Kangra Valley is a perfect example of a beautiful world that lies nearby and is among the best places to visit in Triund during a trip. Ranging across the Dhauladhar Range down to the ridge of the Shivalik hills, this valley leaves visitors enchanted by their beauty and calmness. Stroll through its idyllic villages, wander through elaborate temples, and the large tea plantations, and much more, and discover a region filled with history and tradition. Regardless of whether one travels through the untouched forests, floats through the sparkling rivers, or just calmly walks through beautiful countryside, he/she is assured of having a memorable holiday in one of the best valleys in Himachal.

Altitude: Between 427m to 6401m

Best Time to Visit: March to June and September to October

Stay Duration: 3 to 4 days

Activities: Trekking, Temple visits, Paragliding, River rafting, Tea Garden tour, Camping

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8. Namgyal Monastery: The Holy Dalai Lama's Temple

Namgyal Monastery

Surrounded by towering Himalayas of Dharamshala, Namgyal Monastery is more than just a sacred spiritual point endowing solace to the followers. Originally established by the third Dalai Lama in the 16th century, it is a fledging monastery. The list of the best things to do in Dharamshala includes strolling through the tranquil pathways with colorful prayer flags that dance in the wind. As you enter, it is again the colorful artwork and artifacts associated with the Tibetan Buddhists that grab your attention. Talk to the resident monks as they recite prayers and mantras at such holy places to visit in Triund . Namgyal Monastery isn’t just visual fodder for tourism; it is an excursion into the being of Buddhism.

Location: McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit: September to October

Opening Hours: 5 am to 8:30 pm

Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours

Attractions: Prayer wheels and scriptures, the prayer room, and meditation sessions of monks

Activities: Prayer, Sightseeing, Photography

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9. Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Learn About the Tibetan History

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

BuiltBuilt-in Dharamshala in the lap of nature, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives is a of knowledge about Tibet’s rich past. Founded by the 14th Dalai Lama, His Holiness, this library has been serving as a repository of many centuries-old Tibetan script, painting, and architecture. Venture into one and feast your eyes on delicately bound copies of manuscripts that may go back in time. Discover exhibits like Thangka which describe the tradition and culture of Tibet and written materials which are centuries old. Embark on a spiritual expedition by visiting these kinds of places to visit in India and feel the spirit of the Republic of Tibet.

Address: Gangchen Kyishong, Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Opening Hours: 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm (Closed on Sunday)

Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours

Attractions: Artefacts and manuscripts of Tibetan culture

Activities: Tea tasting, Photography, Sightseeing

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10. Triund Hill: A Complete Guide to Triund Trek

Triund Hill

This small piece of heaven on Earth is one of the most captivating places to visit in Triund and is perfect for trekking in Dharamshala. It lies at the top of Dhauladhar range and Triund reaches up to an altitude of 2,842 meters which makes the Triund Trek adventurous for the trekkers. The trek offers an enchanting view of the Dhauladhar range and the valley of Kangra located below. While traveling through the forests, you may also see some exotic and beautiful birds of the Himalayan region, and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to take a glimpse of the Himalayan black bear. The Snowline Triund Trek is an amazing experience and icing on the cake because it involves a visit to Snowline. Triund camping offers a magical and very picturesque experience where campers can gaze ahead at the sky full of stars, which is known as one of the top activities in Triund.

Here’s a little detail of this enthralling trek that you can opt for during your trip to the best places to visit in Triund:

Why Triund Trek?

Triund Trek is renowned for its breathtaking scenery of the vast range of the Dhauladhar and the Kangra Valley. The trek offers a perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty that attracts trekkers from all over the world. From lush green meadows to snow-capped peaks, Triund promises a memorable experience for beginners and experts too.

Triund Trek Difficulty Level:

The trek to Triund is one of the easy to moderate difficulty levels. While it presents some steep ascents and rocky terrain, both novice and experienced trekkers can conquer it.

Duration of the Triund Trek

The average duration of the trek to triund is around 4 to 6 hours, depending on the fitness levels of individuals and the pace of the trekking group.

Nearest Railway from Triund:

Pathankot Railway Station is the closest and situated approximately 85 kilometers away. From Pathankot, it is suggested to hire a taxi or take a bus to reach McLeod Ganj, the begining point of the trek that leads you to one of the most loved places to visit in Triund.

Nearest Road from Triund:

McLeod Ganj serves as the gateway to Triund Trek and is connected by road to major cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, and Dharamshala too. Buses and private taxis are available from these cities.

Nearest Airport from Triund:

Gaggal Airport, aka Kangra Airport, is the closest airport to Triund Trek, located around 20 kilometers from McLeod Ganj.

Total Distance for Trekking to Triund:

The total trek distance from McLeod Ganj to Triund is approximately 9 km.

Best Time for Triund Trek:

March to June and September to December are the best times for Triund Trek. During these months, the weather remains pleasant, with clear skies and moderate temperatures.

Average Temperature of Triund:

The average temperature during the trek varies depending on the season. In summer, temperatures range from 5°C to 25°C and in winter, temperatures can drop below freezing, especially at night. All you need to do is to select the right time for the right places in Triund.

Highest Elevation of the Triund Trek:

The highest trek point is Triund Hill, which stands at an altitude of approximately 2,850 meters above sea level and will always top the list of places to visit in Triund.

Essential Tips for Trekking to Triund Trek

  • Carry water and snacks for hydration and energy
  • Wear sturdy, grip-friendly trekking shoes
  • Dress in layers for weather adaptation and body temperature control
  • Start early to avoid crowds and enjoy nature's tranquility
  • Pack essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, first-aid kit, and flashlight
  • Respect environment and local culture by minimizing waste and interacting respectfully

Forest Permits Required/ Entry or Triund Trek Fee:

As of the latest information available, no forest permits, or entry fees are needed for the Triund Trek.

  • Note: Trekkers are advised to check for any updated regulations or fees before commencing on the trek.

Starting Point of the Triund Trek:

  • The trek to Triund begins from McLeod Ganj, a vibrant town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • The starting point of the trek is easily recognizable by signboards indicating the trailhead and the presence of fellow trekkers gearing up for the adventure.

Stay at Triund/ Triund Trek Camping:

Trekkers can either bring their camping gear or can rent tents from local vendors at McLeod Ganj to experience the famous Triund camping. Additionally, basic options to stay at Triund such as homestays and guesthouses are available in McLeod Ganj for those preferring indoor lodging.

Food Availability During the Triund Trek:

Along the trekking route, there are several small eateries and tea stalls where trekkers can have these refreshments.

Ending Point of the Triund Trek:

Triund Hill is the summit of the trek and thus the top-listed places to visit in Triund for trekkers, where trekkers are greeted with awe-inspiring panoramic sights of the surrounding Himalayan ranges. At the summit, adventurers can relax, take photographs, and bask in the glory of their accomplishment before descending to McLeod Ganj.

Return Route from the Triund Trek:

After enjoying the scenic vistas and refreshing mountain air at Triund Hill, trekkers should come along the same route back to McLeod Ganj.

Attractions in the Way of Triund Trek

  • Bhagsu Waterfall: En route to Triund, trekkers encounter the majestic Bhagsu Waterfall, which provides a refreshing pitstop for trekkers to rest.
  • Bhagsunath Temple: Pilgrims and trekkers often visit this sacred site to seek blessings of Mahadev.
  • Scenic Views: Throughout the trek, trekkers are treated to stunning views of the Dhauladhar range and the Kangra Valley.

Kangra Valley is a gem in the heart of the Himalayas and offers many beautiful places to visit in Triund for travelers. From the majestic Triund Hill to the serene Khabru Waterfall, each of these attractions takes you close to natural beauty and tranquility. The ancient Gallu Devi Temple and Triund Temple offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the location. With its stunning landscapes, trekking trails, and warm hospitality, Triund is an ideal retreat for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those seeking solace in the Himalayas. Whether you're looking for relaxation or exploration, Triund has something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination with Himachal Pradesh tour packages.

Places to Visit in Triund FAQs

Q1. What is the best time to visit Triund?

Visit Triund from March to June or September to December for pleasant weather and clear skies with stunning views of the Dhauladhar range. Avoid July-August due to heavy rainfall.

Q2. How difficult is the Triund trek?

The Triund trek is considered a moderate trek suitable for beginners with basic fitness levels. The trail involves a gradual ascent with some steep sections, but it is well-marked and frequented by trekkers. The trek typically takes around 4-6 hours depending on your pace and starting point.

Q3. What should I pack for the Triund trek?

Pack trek essentials: shoes, jacket, raincoat, hat, sunscreen, water, snacks, first aid kit, flashlight, trekking pole for Triund trek's steep sections.

Q4. Is accommodation available at Triund?

Yes, there are several camping options available at Triund. You can either bring your own tent or rent one from the local operators. Basic guesthouses and shelters are also available, but it's recommended to book in advance during peak seasons.

Q5. Can I do the Triund trek in one day?

Yes, it is possible to complete the Triund trek in one day. Many trekkers start early from McLeod Ganj or Dharamkot, reach Triund by noon, enjoy the views, and trek back the same day. However, spending a night under the stars at Triund is a popular option to experience the stunning sunset and sunrise.

Q6. Is a guide necessary for the Triund trek?

While the Triund trek is well-marked and popular among solo travelers, hiring a guide can enhance your experience. Guides can provide local insights, ensure your safety, and assist with carrying luggage if needed. For first-time trekkers, having a guide can be reassuring.

Q7. Are there any permits required for the Triund trek?

No special permits are required for the Triund trek as of now. However, it's advisable to check with local authorities or your trekking operator for any updates on regulations or fees before you go. Conservation efforts and regulations can change over time.

Q8. What are some places to visit in Triund beyond trek?

Nearby attractions include Bhagsu Waterfall, Bhagsunath Temple, and the Dalai Lama Temple in McLeod Ganj. You can also explore the scenic villages of Dharamkot and Naddi, which offer beautiful views and serene environments. For more adventurous trekkers, the trek to Snowline and Laka Glacier can be an extension of the Triund trek.

Q9. How can I reach the starting point of the Triund trek?

The most common starting points for the Triund trek are McLeod Ganj and Dharamkot. McLeod Ganj is well-connected by road from Dharamshala, which in turn is accessible by bus or taxi from major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport in Dharamshala, about 20 kilometers away.

Q10. What should I wear for the Triund trek?

Layered clothing is recommended for the Triund trek due to varying temperatures. Wear moisture-wicking base layers, a warm mid-layer, and a waterproof outer layer. Good quality trekking shoes, a hat, and gloves are essential, especially if you plan to camp overnight as temperatures can drop significantly.