Discover the world of magical science and Illusion at Museum of Illusions Qatar, where every moment is a new fascination and excitement. This is a place that will let you believe every impossible you can possibly think of. There will be thrill and adventure where you can spend your entire day amazed with the most creative scientific theories, learning and enjoying the discoveries. Lying close the Gate Mall, in the center of West Bay, the Museum welcomes every visitor irrespective of the age and offer the most fascinating and enjoyable experience.

Discovering The Museum of Illusions in Doha, Qatar

Museum of Illusions in Doha, Qatar
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The Museum of Illusions is one of the unique and most exciting places you can visit. Taking you on an entertaining and thrilling journey, this Museum features a world of Illusion with the collection of holograms. While the major attractions of the country are archaeological places and Forts in Doha, this Museum stands as the only of its type.

Activities in Museum of Illusion, Doha are basically minded illusions created by the 3d art, holograms and other techniques. The Vortex Tunnel is such an example of excellent art where you will have to try harder for stepping in. The infinity room and playroom with games and puzzles are another attraction that makes this place the best museum to visit in the country for all. Learn the new tricks, the secrets about the human mind and the use of physics law in creating these illusions. Following no traditional etiquettes of museums, this place is excellent to enjoy the day.


  • Saturday to Thursday: 9 am to 10 pm
  • Friday: 1pm to 10pm

Entry Fees:

  • For Adults: QAR85
  • For children: QAR60 for children
  • For Family With two adults and 2 kids: QAR220

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The Best Features of The Museum of Illusions In Qatar

The Museum of Illusions In Qatar

Being one of the best Museum in Qatar, the Museum of Illusions offers a diverse experience filled with fascinating elements and utmost excitement. Here are the best attractions or features to enjoy your day in this illusionary world.

1. Photo Illusions

Take some weird photographs with the best illusionary world, creating some unusual and interesting background.

2. Optical Illusions

This is a place of real fascination that can mislead your thoughts and imagination with some Optical Illusions created by the light or colour.

3. True Mirror

A mirror that won’t lie. True Mirror at Museum of Illusions Doha will show how others see you, reflecting your true mirror image.

4. Rotated Room

See your world rotating to 90 degrees. The Rotated room at the Museum will change all your views about the world.

5. Anti-gravity Room

There will be gravity, but the room will let you take some photos on a no-gravity zone, leaving others all confused and amazed. Take some pictures and confuse all those science freaks.

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Museum of Illusions In Qatar

Plan your holiday in Doha and book your Qatar air tickets to spend the best family holiday. The Museum of Illusions Qatar can be one of the perfect attractions you can explore with your kids or family to mark the day with the utmost thrill and fun. This Museum will let you discover and observe the tricks that will allow you to better understand the science of Illusion. The features and activities here are best for keeping you engaged and amused. Don’t forget to bring your camera for all those unique pictures.


Q1. What are the entry charges for Museum of Illusions in Doha?

The Museum of Illusions is the best place for all, adults and kids. The entry charges are:

  • For Adults: QAR85
  • For children: QAR60 for children
  • For Family With two adults and 2 kids: QAR220
Q2. Where is the Museum of Illusions located in Qatar?

The Museum of Illusions is located in The Gate Mall Doha, Qatar. This is one of the best shopping malls in Qatar to enjoy a leisure day.

Q3. Is the Museum of Illusions worth a visit?

The Museum of Illusions offers the best tours and activities to engage the day with fascinating illusionary elements.

Q4. What facilities are there at the Museum of Illusions Qatar?

The Museum of Illusions in Qatar offers the best features for enjoying the day with:

  • Playroom
  • Smart shop
  • True Mirror
  • Anti-gravity room
  • Photo Illusions.