Are you thrilled by the glittering golden sand and the soft dunes of the desert? Well, desert safari in Sharjah is something meant only for the adrenaline junky like you. With the vast ocean of sand around, the mystical mirage, and the shatter fringes of desert life, Sharjah is one of the most riveting destinations where you can really get those goosebumps with heart-throbbing activities. Be it the serene and refreshing morning or the energetic evening, deserts here in Sharjah are always laced with adventures you can never miss. So, pack well with your sturdy gears and be all set for some thrill in the desert.

The Best Desert Safari In Sharjah To Experience The Real Thrill

Sharjah Desert Safari

Safari in the desert is the most fascinating experience you can never afford to miss. Even if you are not so thrilled by adventures, the calm and serene beauty of the golden sand makes it an everlasting experience for every traveler. Stepping out of your comfort zone, here are some of the best desert safari activities you can plan for your holidays in Sharjah.

1. Morning Desert Safari Sharjah

Morning Desert Safari Sharjah

Can’t decide when to plan your Sharjah Desert Safari? Well, morning is the best time to start an adventurous day in Sharjah. The hues of the dawn make the desert more captivating and serene to observe while the calmness in the environment brings a tranquil feel to give your morning a kick start. There will be exciting adventures and activities to make your experience worth a memory.

The tour usually lasts for 3 to 4 hours, excluding the pick-up and drop-off hours. There are a number of tour organizers you can contact to get the best desert safari deals in Sharjah. Here are the key highlights of your morning safari.

Activities You Can Enjoy During Morning Desert Safari:

Come and witness the surreal beauty of the desert in Sharjah with a morning desert safari. While the magnificent landscape is a wonder in itself, the safari can boost up your vacation mood and let you dive into some breathtaking adventure for the day. The safari tour comes inclusive of some of the best activities and wonders.

  • Dune Bashing, sandboarding is some of the best adventures you will experience during the safari. Dune bashing is usually done on a 4x4 vehicle operated by an expert driver, where you can feel the intense rush. The sandboarding equipment are usually offered by the operators, but one can confirm the details of desert safari Sharjah deals while reserving the slot.
  • A visit to Camel farm and camel rides are some of the additional activities included to let you experience the beauty around you. Being one of the best activities to do in Sharjah, Camel ride is the major inclusion of every desert safari.

2. Evening Desert Safari in Sharjah

Evening Desert Safari in Sharjah

Extending the offered services and experience, an evening desert safari can be the perfect plan for every family vacation. From plunging deep into the culture to being a part of some spectacular action-packed activities, the evening Sharjah Desert Safari offers every comfort and thrill you are looking for your holiday.

Offering pick-up and drop-off on request, the operators arrange for an exciting evening in the desert where you can come across some awe-stunning vista of nature, the sun setting behind the golden dunes, and the cold breeze complementing the ambiance. Don’t miss out on the BBQ dinners and other services offered during your desert excursion.

Activities You Can Enjoy During Evening Desert Safari:

The evening safari in Sharjah comes as a complete surprise package. You will have the option to choose your desired pick-up point from the four main attractions in Sharjah - Sharjah City center, Sharjah Mega Mall, Sahara Center Sharjah, or National Paint Area Sharjah. Here are some of the best activities you can enjoy with your best desert safari in Sharjah.

  • While adventures like dune bashing and sandboarding will be there, you can surely try your luck with quad biking and more. Get on the Landcruiser and you will be all set to conquer the high low sandy terrains of the desert.
  • Entertainment is kept exceptionally exclusive with cultural activities during the tour. There will be belly dancing, fire show or tenure dance, and Halla dance organized for the tourists and families. There will be a complete BBQ buffet dinner with an authentic Arabic taste to relish.

3. Overnight Desert Safari Sharjah

Overnight Desert Safari Sharjah

Imagine spending the night under millions of stars amidst the most tranquil and calm deserts. Ditching the luxury resort in Sharjah, reserve your night at one of the desert camps while you enjoy the adventures. An overnight safari is usually similar to evening desert safari tours, but the only exclusive feature and experience is, an overnight stay at the camp. While there will be every thrilling and action-packed activity awaiting you, you will be ending the day under zillions of stars.

When it comes to discovering the real beauty of your desert safari location in Sharjah, spending a night in the desert is the best option. An overnight safari is definitely the most exciting and the best safari in the desert as there are adventure and leisure to balance the experience. Here are some of the key highlights to consider before reserving the tour.

Activities You Can Enjoy During Overnight Desert Safari:

Now you might be wondering what difference will be there in an evening and overnight safari? Or can I really get a cheap desert safari in Sharjah while reserving the slot for an overnight tour? Well, a safari here is one of the most enriching and affordable things you can never miss. We have few details on things that make overnight desert safari the best to experience.

  • There will be more fun and entertainment with cultural activities like Arabic dance and music show, BBQ dinners along with welcome drinks. Activities like stargazing, sunset and sunrise tours, and desert cruising make this overnight desert safari, the best desert safari in UAE.
  • From quad biking in Sharjah to dune bashing and sandboarding, every adventure is usually the same but, you surely spend more time witness the vista and the spectacular sunset in the desert.

Sharjah Mleiha Desert In Sharjah For An Enthralling Half Day Tour

Sharjah Mleiha Desert In Sharjah For An Enthralling Half Day Tour

Not limiting Safari with some desert adventure and other leisurely activities, there is a half-day tour to Sharjah Mleiha Desert. Nominated as the UNESCO world heritage site, the desert is home to a plethora of elements of yore that has made it one of the best attractions in UAE for archeologists and tourists.

Letting travelers understand its historical significance, there are half-day tours organized along with some desert fun to make it one of the true desert experiences. While indulging in some of the desert adventures, tourists can take a historical journey to discover every wonder of pre-Islamic history.

What Mleiha desert safari in Sharjah offers?

Mleiha desert safari in Sharjah offers

The tour is nothing lesser than taking a trail that leads you back to the ancient era. There are sites like the Mleiha Archaeological Centre and other attractions that reflect the beauty of Bronze Age tombs and some of the pre-Islamic forts.

Get fascinated by the vast collection of artifacts and fossils that were obtained during the excavation period. The Mleiha Archaeological Centre located here. houses the pottery, camel skeletons, and iron tools that were discoveries unrevealing the incidences from the past. Once you are done exploring the enthralling and fascinated details of the place, you can get ready to experience the adrenaline rush with a desert safari and some adventure like quad biking in Sharjah.

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Tips For Your Desert Safari Experience In Sharjah

Desert Safari Experience In Sharjah

Head out for an adventure like never before with your safari tours in the desert of Sharjah. Being one of the destinations in the Gulf Sharjah also experiences hot weather therefore planning is all you need before visiting this fascinating place in the Middle East.

Knowing every nook and cranny of Sharjah, here are some tips to keep in mind for a memorable desert safari.

  • Plan your visit during the winter months, from November to March or April. This is the best time for all your outdoor activities as the heat is bearable and nights get cold.
  • Pack light clothes with subtle colour to avoid any discomfort during the days.
  • Keep the water bottles handy as there might not be enough water sources near the desert.
  • Don’t forget the camera as the sunset and sunrise in the desert is the most picturesque thing to capture.
  • Kids and pregnant ladies are not allowed on safari in Sharjah.

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Taking a break from the chaos of the city, a safari is something that offers both leisure and adventure. Surrounded by the charismatic beauty of glittering sand, Sharjah Desert Safari is surely once in a lifetime experience that will leave you spellbound. From admiring the magnificence of nature to indulging in adventures like never before, a desert safari offers every excitement you are looking for. So why the delay? Book your UAE flights and get the witness to the serenity of the spectacular deserts in Sharjah.    


Q1. What are the best safari activities to enjoy in Sharjah?

While you are on a safari tour in Sharjah you can enjoy the best activities like:

  • Quad Biking
  • Camel Ride
  • Dune Bashing
  • Sand Boarding
Q2. Which is the best time to visit Sharjah for a safari?

The months from November to April experience a soothing and pleasant temperature making it perfect for your desert safari tours.

Q3. What is the duration of the morning safari in Sharjah?

The morning safari in Sharjah usually starts early in the morning by 6:00 am and lasts till noon by 12:00pm. The complete duration of the safari tour is 6 hours with pick-up and drop-off.

Q4. Can I enjoy an overnight desert safari in Sharjah?

Yes, overnight safari is one of the best tours to experience the beauty of the desert, witness the sunset and sunrise. Your overnight safari comes in inclusion with BBQ dinners and camp stays.

Q5. What activities are there in an evening safari tour Sharjah?

If you are planning an evening safari in the desert of Sharjah, you can enjoy activities like:

  • Dune Bashing and Sand Boarding
  • Camel ride and Camel Farm visit
  • BBQ dinners
  • Cultural dance and music
Q6. Are meals offered in an overnight desert safari in Sharjah?

Yes, barbequed dinners and morning breakfast are included with your overnight desert safari package in Sharjah.

Q7. What is Mleiha desert safari?

Mleiha Desert is a UNESCO world heritage site in Sharjah that houses the ancient ruins of pre-Islamic history. The Mleiha desert safari includes a half-day tour of these historical sites with other desert adventures.

Q8. What are the key highlights for desert safari tours in Sharjah?

The highlights of desert safari tours in Sharjah are:

  • Desert adventures
  • Camel ride
  • Cultural tours and entertainment
  • BBQ dinners for evening and night safari tours
  • Optional pick-up and drop-off facilities