Nainital is located in a valley with stunning views and is built around a lake that resembles the eyes of the goddess Sati, according to tradition. Nainital is effectively a gateway to the higher elevations of the majestic Himalayas thanks to its bustling marketplaces and breathtaking hillside views. At peak season, which is often between March and July each year, throngs of people prefer to congregate here due to the picturesque and biologically varied Jim Corbett National Park's proximity.

Stunning Places to Visit in Nainital: “The Nub of Natural Beauty”

The city of Nainital, which is adorned with pear-shaped lakes and snow-capped mountains, is a popular hill station for visitors from all over the nation. The Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand's vacation town of Nainital experiences beautiful weather throughout the year, and the approach of winter only adds to the fun. Continue reading blog to know about these top 10 places to visit in Nainital.

1. Tiffin Top: A Charismatic Jewel in Nainital Town's Crown

Tiffin Top

The Tiffin Top, also known as Dorothy's Seat, is a charming gem in Nainital City's crown. This well-known site is a hilltop that provides the most magnificent 360-degree view of the city of Nainital and the surrounding Kumaon mountains. This is a photographer's paradise and an ideal location for a picnic with the family. The Tiffin Top, one of Nainital's most popular tourist destinations, is situated atop the Ayarpatta hills that encircle the city. It is a hilltop with terraces that is popular with tourists and .

How to Reach: Nearest railway station is kathgodam , to reach tiffin top you must take a bus or can trek on pony

Best Time to Visit Tiffin Top: 8am to 5:30 pm To witness the best views

Things to Do: Hiking, rock climbing, photography

Distance from Delhi: 301km

Famous for: marvelous sun rises and sunsets

2. Naina Devi Temple: A Spiritual Stopover in Lap of Nature

Naina Devi Temple

The Naina Devi Temple, a well-known Shakti Peeth in the Hindu religion, is a revered site and a must place to visit in Nainital. The Naina Devi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Sati, is situated near the northern end of the renowned Nainital Lake. Goddess is portrayed by her two eyes at this revered shrine. Devotees travel great distances to receive Maa Naina Devi's blessing. Thousands of worshippers visit the temple each year, which is situated atop the Naina hilltop next to the Naini Lake. Near the Naina Devi Temple, there are numerous stores where one may get prasad and other items for puja.

How to Reach:  Nearest railway station is kathgodam, though you need to get taxis or bus to reach temple from railway station. Temple is located 3km from Nainital bus station

Best Time to Visit Naina Devi Temple: September to October and July to August

Things to Do: Experiencing Naina devi ropeway, mapple jungle camping

Distance: 309km

Famous for: Notable place for worship

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3. Bhimtal Lake: Where Reflection of the Sky Meets the Clam Water  

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal is a town in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, situated at a height of 1,370 m above sea level and 22 kilometers from Nainital. This town's name was inspired by Bhima from the Mahabharata. The renowned Bhimtal Lake and the riverine island have long been the region's top tourist destinations. But the extensive list of things to do in Bhimtal is what makes it a popular weekend getaway.

How to Reach: Bhimtal is well connected by motorable roads connecting or to reach to Bhimtal Lake, one may use a public tourist van.

Best Time to Visit Bhimtal Lake: Mid- April to Mid- July and Mid –September to October

Things to Do: Trekking, paragliding, boating, kayaking water zorbing

Distance: 309km

Famous for: one of the most lovely and well-kept lakes in the nation, with a variety of activities available.

4. Snow Point View: The Majestic Hilltop Views

Snow Point View

Snow point view is the place to go if you want to see snow-covered mountain summits emerge from the clouds, presenting various hues of sunshine and a mirror-like brilliance from a distance. The Snow point view, which is only 2 km from the heart of Nainital, provides visitors with a breathtaking view of the snow-covered peaks of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Trishul peak. Explore the beautiful vistas of mother nature included in Nainital tour packages.

How to Reach: Tourists can reach this place by cars, buses, ropeways and pony

Best Time to Visit Snow Point View: Best time to visit Snow Point View is during summer and mid of March

Things to Do: Sightseeing

Distance from Delhi:303km

Famous for: Watching majestic Himalayas

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5. Nainital High Altitude Zoo: Ambassador of Wilds

Nainital High Altitude Zoo

A visit to Nainital High Altitude Zoo also known as Govind Vallabh Pant Zoo can be thrilling for anyone interested in animals or the outdoors. The Zoo is a great spot to visit in Nainital  because of its impressive flora and fauna, with the latter being a well-known destination for foreign tourists. In addition to the Siberian Tiger, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Goral, Himalayan Martin, and Tibetan Wolf, it is home to a vast range of other animal species. The zoo also boasts a diverse population of magnificent birds, such babblers, woodpeckers, hill partridges, and many different varieties of pheasants and mountainous animals, which makes this a must place to travel in Uttarakhand.

How to Reach: Kathgodam Railway Station is the one closest to Nainital Zoo, you can take a bus or a taxi from here to get to the zoo or you can enjoy a drive.

Best Time to Visit Nainital High Altitude Zoo: The summertime climate is quiet and pleasant, making it ideal for visiting the Nainital Zoo.

Things to Do: Explore the habitat of some of the rare and exotic species

Distance: 309km

Famous for: Zoo is famous for, endangered species and high-altitude birds

6. Hanuman Garhi Temple: A Pure Bliss

Hanuman Garhi Temple

The Hanuman Garhi temple in Nainital, which was constructed by the saint Neem Karoli Baba in the 1950s, is situated around 3.5 kilometres from Tallital close to Mall Road and a must places to travel in India. The Tarai Valley, as well as the spectacular dawn and sunset, can be seen from this temple. To get to the temple, which is steep, there are 70 steps to take.An enormous Hanuman idol can be found in the Hanuman Garhi temple. On the opposite side of the hill from the complex itself are the temples of Mata Sheetla and the Ashram of Lila Sah Bapu.

How to Reach: From the Tallital Mall Road, which is only 3.5 km distant, the temple is easily accessible by road. To get to the temple, you can either walk there or use a cab, autorickshaw, or cycle rickshaw

Best Time to Visit Hanuman Garhi temple: In between month of October and May

Things to Do : Participate in the morning Aarti while seeing the beautiful Tarai Valley sunrise

Distance: 312km

Famous for: Devotional offerings and aarti

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7. Mall Road: Hustle-Bustle on Vibrant Market

Mall Road

The main hub for dining, shopping, and culture in the wonder that is Nainital is the Mall Road, which connects the two ends of the hill town Mallital and Tallital, places to see in Nainital and goes parallel to the Naini Lake. Mall Road is the place to go for everything, whether you want to indulge in some food or buy the cutest locally made clothing you can find. The Mall Road in Nainital is officially known as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. At any time of day, you can observe visitors strolling down and enjoying Mall Road.

How to Reach: The distance from the nearest train station, Kathgodam Railway Station, to the mall road is 25 kilometres. From that station, you can take a local taxi to get to Mall Road.

Best Time to Visit Mall Road: Visit anytime throughout year

Things to Do: Shopping and bustles with activities throughout the day

Distance: 303km

Famous for: Shopping and bustles with activities throughout the day

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8. Nainital lake: Embraced by Seven Majestic Hills

Nainital lake

Naini Lake, also known as Nainital Lake, is a stunning freshwater lake that is located in the core of Nainital. One of the most well-known lakes in the Kumaon region, the lake is shaped like a crescent. The Lake offers a spectacular view, especially at sunrise and sunset, and is bordered to the north by Naini Peak, to the northwest by Tiffin Point, and to the north by snow-capped peaks. Boating, picnics, and nighttime walks are its three main draws. Seven diverse peaks encircle the lovely Nainital Lake which makes it one of the top places to visit in Nainital.

How to Reach: one can reach Nainital lake by hiring a taxi or bus from the nearest railway station kathgodam

Best Time to Visit Nainital Lake: Visit this lake in between month of March to June

Things to Do: Boating, yachting, kayaking

Distance 313km

Famous for: Nainital Lake, which is surrounded by seven scenic hills, is a favorite destination for couples travelling together

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9. Kainchi Dham: Auspicious Place for Lord Hanuman Devotees

Kainchi Dham

The Neem Karoli Baba Ashram or Kainchi Dham is the ideal representation of seclusion and silence since it is hidden away in the foothills and surrounded by foliage. It is even possible for devotees to stay at this ashram in Kainchi Dham, which is a completely unique and solemn experience that is difficult to describe. These devotees cheerfully participate in the morning and evening ashram rituals. A lot of devotees visit Kainchi Dham to receive Prasad. Thus, a trip to the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram is a must place to visit in Nainital.

How to Reach: Travellers can either fly to Pantnagar and then rent a taxi, or they can take the train to Kathgodam and then book a taxi to get to Neem Karoli Baba Ashram.

Best Time to Visit Kainchi Dham: February to June

Things to Do: Take part in evening Aarti and meditate

Distance 329km

Famous for: Religious offerings

10. Eco Cave Park: Cluster of Natural Caves

Eco Cave Park

One of the unexplored places near Nainital Eco Cave Gardens, is a collection of undeveloped natural caverns in Nainital that Nainital Tourism has turned into an eco-garden. Visitors from all over the world are drawn to this unique garden because they find it to be both eccentric and humorous. In the lake city of Nainital, there is an outstanding collection of caves which are said to be the must places to visit in Nainital.

How to Reach: It is situated on the Kaladungi road in Nainital. Being able to get here is not difficult because most transit options are close by.

Best Time to Visit: March to June

Things to Do: Visit to see the wildlife habitat, excellent destinations of picnic

Distance: 308km

Famous for: Through a number of animal caverns, it gives visitors and youngsters a view of the himalayan biodiversity. Different-sized caves constructed for various animals resemble a natural habitat.

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a little while? Want to take in all that Mother Nature has to offer in terms of beauty? Do visit these places near Nainital in July with your family and friends for stunning Nainital panoramic views and adventure, tucked away in the Uttarakhand high ranges. Nainital boasts enthralling remains of its colonial past that are drenched in mythical legends, providing a wealth of possibilities to unwind throughout the year.


Q1. How many days are sufficient to explore the major attractions in Nainital?

A total of 4 days is plenty maximum to explore the top places to visit in Nainital for a wonderful vacation.

Q2. What is the best time to visit Nainital?

Nainital is a year-round through destination but for the awesome weather and stunning views of mountains can be availed from March to July.

Q3. What are the places of interest in Nainital?

Some of the best places to visit in Nanintal are:

  • Naina devi temple
  • Bhimtal lake
  • Nainital lake
  • Hanuman Garhi Temple
  • Snow point view
  • High altitude zoo
Q4. What are the best things to do in Nainital?

Visit Bhimtal, Naukuchital, and Sattal, hike to Snow View and Tiffin Top, and more. The finest things to do in Nainital are to stroll down Mall Road, eat dinner at a lakeside restaurant and shop at Bara Bazar and Bhotia Market.

Q5. What are the adventurous things to do in Nainital?

Adventure activities in Nainital include paragliding, trekking, boating and yachting, horseback riding, rappelling, water zorbing, rock climbing, cable car rides, and camping.

Q6. Where can one go to prepare for a journey beyond Nainital?

Pushing forward from Nainital, one can travel to a variety of places. Another slope station is Ranikhet, which is 56 kilometres away. Mukteshwar is 46 kilometres away, while Almora and Kausani are each 115 kilometres apart.

Q7. What can we take as souvenirs from Nainital?

When it comes to purchasing, the most exceptional items to get in Nainital include expertly crafted candles, jams made at home, natural product thoughts, and organic product jelly. It is a fantastic location to buy many new natural items, such as numerous varieties of berries, peaches, and apples.

Q8. Which season offers the most snowfall in Nainital?

The month of December and mid-February, travelers can enjoy snowfall In Nainital. At this point, the entire hill town may become completely covered in snow.