When it comes to planning a holiday, Izmir in Turkey is one of the top choices that you should consider. With its beautiful coastlines, historical sites, and vibrant culture, it’s the perfect place to explore. There’s a lot in store for you in this city, regardless of whether you’re interested in history, adventure, nature, and so on. Strolling around the colorful markets, exploring the bustling streets, and enjoying the stunning views of the Aegean Sea are all the elements that are incorporated in your holiday in this Turkish city. Sounds incredible, right? Then, let’s dig into the places to visit in Izmir that should be on your itinerary this vacation.  

Best Places to Visit in Izmir: Explore the Aegean Gem of Turkey

Best Places to Visit in Izmir

Nothing can come close to the old-world charm of Turkey and it’s places like Izmir that make it happen. The breathtaking sights in this city with the perfect balance between beauty and historic essence makes exploring the attractions here a delight. At every turn you’ll be greeted by the rich heritage and history of this city, which will sometimes leave you in awe and at times make you fascinated by its past.

Here are the top places to visit in Izmir that you must check out.

  1. Izmir Agora
  2. Ephesus
  3. Pergamon Acropolis
  4. Kemeralti Market
  5. Izmir Clock Tower
  6. Izmir National Life Park
  7. Hierapolis Pamukkale
  8. Village of Sirince
  9. Alacati
  10. Alsancak

1. Izmir Agora: Step Back in Time and Unravel the City’s Mysteries

Izmir Agora

Izmir Agora is a fascinating historical site in the city. It was once a bustling marketplace in ancient times and now stands as a captivating open air archaeological museum. You can wander through the remains of this ancient Roman site, located between the streets of Kemerati and the hillside of Izmir. You’ll get a glimpse into the vibrant eighty-five years old history of this city as well as allowing you to experience the rich cultural heritage it holds. The earthquake in 178 AD led to its destruction, but it was later restored.

Timings: 8:30 A.M to 5:30 P.M

Address: Namazgah, Tarik Sari Sokağı No:29, 35240 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye

Nearby attractions: Izmir Clock Tower, Konak Square, Mount Kadifekale

Nearby restaurants: Koroglu Doner, Galves Café, Hayyam Meyhanesi

Nearby hotels: Piano Hotel, Oglakcioglu Park Boutique Hotel, Emen’s Hotel

How to reach: This location is just a walk away from the city center as it’s around 1 km in distance.

2. Ephesus: Journey Through Time to Izmir’s Ancient Wonder

Here’s one of the top 10 places to visit in Izmir, which was once a Roman city port used to trade exotic spices and fruits. It was also where the spread of Christianity began in the 1st century, so you can understand the historical significance of this attraction. As far as its beauty is concerned, there’s something beautiful even in its imperfections. Ephesus has the largest architectural collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean region and the Celcius Library is one of the most famous tourist spots here. All these rich repositories of the past enrich your experience here.

Timings: April to October (8 A.M to 7 P.M) and November to March (8 A.M to 5 P.M)

Address: 2004 sokak no 1, 35920 selcuk/Izmir, Turkey, Kusadasi

Nearby attractions: El Heykeli, Old Doğanbey Houses, Temple of Hadrian

Nearby restaurants: Kybele Gastro – Restaurant, Gio Rooftop Restaurant, Selcuk Pidecisi

Nearby hotels: Akanthus Hotel Ephesus, Cella Boutique Hotel & Spa Ephesus, Ayasoluk Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

How to reach: You can either take a cab or bus from Izmir to reach the Ancient City of Ephesus as it’s approximately 83 km away.

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3. Pergamon Acropolis: Experience the Grandeur of History

Pergamon Acropolis

Have you seen the movies shot in Turkey, where tall rustic pillars stand in the background of a war scene? Well, this location is exactly similar to that. The ancient tall white pillars with majestic hills in the backdrop make this one of the most aesthetic places to visit in Izmir Turkey. The rest of the Acropolis is in ruins, but that’s what makes it special because its magnificence is enhanced by its flawed structure. Once the capital of the Hellenistic Attalid Dynasty, this historical landmark even has a theatre located on the edge of the cliff, offering stunning views of the city. All these ruined monuments humble us to the fact that change is the only constant and it’s only our legacy that we can leave behind, and that’s exactly what this Acropolis does. It reminds you of the power it once held as a seat of power in the second century BC.

Timings: 8:30 A.M to 5:30 P.M

Address: Bergama, İzmir Province, Turkey

Nearby attractions: The Asklepion, Pergamon Theatre, Red Basilica

Nearby restaurants: Akropolis Restaurant, Parkozak, Yenigun

Nearby hotels: Hampton by Hilton Izmir Aliaga, Kalem Adasi Oliviera Resort, Berksoy Hotel

How to reach: You can either take a bus or a taxi to this destination because it’s around 112 km away from Izmir.

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4. Kemeralti Market: Explore the Vibrant Lanes of the Ancient Bazaar

Kemeralti Market

Just like the city, this bazaar in Turkey is also a vibrant one with several colorful shops lining the street. Bustling with locals and tourists, you’ll find souvenirs, and other famous items unique to this country displayed at the shops here. The Kemeralti market is one of the popular places to visit in Turkey as it has been in existence since the 17th century. Instead of simply being a market, it also houses mosques, eateries, synagogues, and much more. There are grand caravanserais available as well for you to rest and resume shopping again. If you’ve been to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, then you can consider this a smaller version of it.

Timings: 8 A.M to 7 P.M, closed on Sunday

Address: Konak, Anafartalar Cd., 35250 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye

Nearby attractions: Khizar Mosque, Synagogue Street, Kestanepazarı Mosque

Nearby restaurants: Aysa Bosnak Borekcisi, Alsancak Unlu Mamuller Izmir Park, Meyhane 1923

Nearby hotels: Key Hotel, Piano Hotel, Oglakcioglu Park Boutique Hotel

How to reach: Since this market is at walking distance from the city center (around 1.5 km), you can easily access it.

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5. Izmir Clock Tower: Marvel at the Timeless Symbol of the City

Izmir Clock Tower

Being one of the prominent tourist spots in the city, it’s a must to visit this landmark. Built to honor the 25th anniversary of Abdülhamid II, the Sultan of the Ottoman’s empire, this clock tower is a reminder of the bygone era. The beauty and majestic characteristic of this tower is accentuated by its location in the middle of Konak Square, at a height of 25m. The traditional nature of this 121-year-old attraction; made with marble, incorporating the Ottoman architectural style started the trend of building clock towers everywhere in Turkey. The Izmir Clock Tower is close to the Aegean Sea, Agora Open-Air Museum, and other such places of interest.

Timings: Open 24 hours

Address: Konak Square in the Konak district of İzmir, Turkey

Nearby attractions: Agora Open-Air Museum, Izmir Archaeology and Ethnography, Kemeralti Bazaar

Nearby restaurants: Konak Café, 1996, Meltem Restaurant

Nearby hotels: Izmir Mariott Hotel, Oglakcioglu Park Boutique Hotel, Agora Konak Saray Hotel

How to reach: You can take a cab to Konak Square. It’s around 4 km away from the city center.

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6. Izmir National Life Park: A Natural Oasis in the Heart of the City

Izmir National Life Park

One of the things to do in Turkey is to visit this wildlife park in Izmir, which will acquaint you with the various species of fauna here. Spread across 425,000 square meters, this zoo is considered the largest one in the city, housing rare flora and fauna. The highlight of every wildlife enthusiast is that the animals here are allowed to roam freely in their natural habitat instead of being caged. There are approximately 15,000 animals residing here, including zebras, deer, lions, tigers, ostriches, etc. The reason this place is a huge tourist magnet is because it allows you to get a glimpse of these animals in their natural surroundings, where they might even ignore the curious tourists at times. It’ll still be worth it.

Timings: 9 A.M to 4:30 P.M

Address: Sasalı, Ahmet Piriştina Cd. No:3, 35620 Çiğli/İzmir, Türkiye

Nearby attractions: İzmir Historical Elevator Building, Kordon Alsancak Izmir, Hisar Mosque

Nearby restaurants: Coffeeshop Company, Nappo, Robert's Coffee Parkyasam Atasehir

Nearby hotels: Hyatt Regency İzmir İstinyePark, Izmir Marriott Hotel, Wyndham Grand Izmir Ozdilek

How to reach: Taking a bus or a cab to this zoo is the most convenient option as it’s approximately 28 km away from Izmir city center.

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7. Hierapolis Pamukkale: Step into a Dreamland of Natural Wonders

Hierapolis Pamukkale

Get ready to be in awe of this absolutely breathtaking Greek-Roman spa town, famous for its hot springs. Due to the flow of the hot springs down the hillside for hundreds of years, white travertine terraces have been formed that are a sight to behold. However, apart from this gorgeous place of interest, there are several other places to visit in Izmir city that are in this town. This town, now in ruins due to the earthquake in 60 A.D was once at its peak in the 2nd and 3rd century A.D. So, you’ll come across temple ruins, baths, a monumental arch, a nymphaeum, and much more that tell the tale of the past. If you’re on your honeymoon in Turkey, then you must explore this town and relax in the hot springs afterwards.

Timings: Open 24 hours

Address: Denizli Province, Turkey

Nearby attractions: Travertines of Pamukkale, Pamukkale South Gate, Hierapolis ancient theater

Nearby restaurants: Hiera Coffee & Tea House Restaurant, Cadde Grill House, Mom Eve Restaurant & Pub

Nearby hotels: Richmond Pamukkale Thermal Resort, Venus Suite Hotel, Larina Thermal Resort & Spa

How to reach: You can either travel via train to Hierapolis-Pamukkale or take a bus from Sarayköy to reach there. The distance between Izmir and this town is around 223 km.

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8. Village of Sirince: A Fairytale Location in Izmir

Village of Sirince

When it comes to the Village of Sirince, the photographer in you will awaken. The essence of Turkey is captured in the narrow streets of this village, lined with traditional old houses that have weathered with time. It’ll offer you an insight into the architectural beauty of these houses and the warm hospitality of the people here. Strolling around here is nothing less than turning back the hands of the clock. The people here still wear the traditional clothes, women call out to each other through their homes, breads are baked in stone ovens, and cats soak in the afternoon sun. Simply talking about this village fills you with a sense of warmth and giddiness.

Address: 35920 Selçuk/İzmir, Türkiye

Nearby attractions: St. John The Baptist Church, Aziz Dimitros Kilisesi

Nearby restaurants: Yorgo Restaurant, Kavala manastır, Şirince Artemis Restaurant ve Şarap evi

Nearby hotels: Kirkinca Hotel, Ephesus Palace, Vinifera Ephesus Hotel

How to reach: You can either board a bus or take a cab to this village as it’s at a distance of around 86 km from Izmir.

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9. Alacati: A Hidden Gem Waiting to be Discovered


If you wish to see the perfect blend between old-world charm and luxury, then this is the place to be. Located on the Cesme Peninsula of Turkey, it’s believed that this town was found by the Ottoman Greeks in the 17th century. The highlight of this town are the natural stone-built houses with colorful doors, alcove windows, and much more. The charming Aegean Sea, lined with cute cafes, a vibrant marketplace, and a lot more to explore. The sports center at the Alacati Marina is one of the primary attractions here because of the plethora of watersports available here. The strong winds paired with the sea make for the perfect setting to surf there, which is one of the most fun things to do in Izmir.

Address: Çeşme/İzmir, Türkiye

Nearby attractions: Delikli Koyu, Alacati Yel Degirmenleri Parki, Oasis Aquapark

Nearby restaurants: Sota Alaçatı, Avula Alaçatı, Ferdi Baba Restaurant

Nearby hotels: Cocopalm Boutique Hotel Alaçatı, İCARUS, The Stay Alacati Warehouse

How to reach: You can rely on a taxi, bus or private car to travel to Alacati, which is around 76.5 km away from Izmir.

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10. Alsancak: A Vibrant Neighborhood Where Life Shines


Being the heart of Izmir, this town is one of the liveliest places to visit in this country with a perfect work life balance. The cosmopolitan lifestyle paired with being at the heart of the city makes this quite a lively neighborhood. Alsancak is known for its bustling streets filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. You can explore the historic locations or sit by the Aegean Sea. The nightlife of this town is a lively affair with bars, clubs, and other venues coming alive as the sun sets. Being home to the iconic Clock Tower, this is a town that you must visit during your trip to Izmir.

Address: Alsancak, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye

Nearby attractions: Kordon Alsancak, Smyrna Agora Ancient City, History & Arts Museum

Nearby restaurants: Freija Divine Flavors, Magro, Sevinc Pastanesi

Nearby hotels: Hay Alsancak, Swissotel Buyuk Efes Izmir, Ibis Izmir Alsancak

How to reach: You can take a tram, bus, ferry, or taxi to reach this town, which is around 2 km away from the city.

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Izmir is a hidden treasure trove of natural wonders, beauty, and scenic views that is a must-visit when traveling to Turkey. The places to visit in Izmir include a collection of historic sites, breathtaking locations, and vibrant towns that hold the essence of this country. You can simply roam around this city and soak in the rustic and charming vibes it exudes, where you’ll find a balance of traditional authenticity along with modern luxuries co-existing. That’s what makes this city a feather in Turkey’s cap. So, book our Turkey tour packages and plan a memorable vacation.


Q1. What is Izmir best known for?

Izmir is known for housing beautiful beaches, historic ruins, and vibrant markets that are worth visiting. It’s a hidden gem, which isn’t on the tourist radar yet, but is a must-visit.

Q2. Is it worth visiting Izmir Turkey?

It’s definitely worth visiting Izmir because of the gorgeous sights it offers. It gives the tourists a taste of Turkey’s true essence by intertwining history with the Turkish culture.

Q3. Is Izmir a good tourist destination?

Izmir is one of the most amazing tourist destinations but isn’t as popular as the other Turkish cities yet. The view of the calm Aegean Sea, lush greenery, and incredible places of interest make it perfect for a laidback vacation in this country.

Q4. Does Izmir have nightlife?

Izmir has a vibrant nightlife with clubs, bars, night markets, everything open till late at night. You’ll feel a shift in energy as night falls, with all the places turning vibrant and lively.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Izmir?

The best time to visit Izmir is from May to September, when the weather’s pleasant and slightly warm. Avoid visiting this city during peak summers, though.

Q6. Does Izmir have a bazaar?

Yes, Izmir has several vibrant markets lined from Konak Sq. to Ancient Agora. One of the most famous markets here is the Kemeralti Market.

Q7. What can I buy in Izmir?

You must buy souvenirs, such as ornaments, jewelry, figurines, and unique snacks, like dried coffee, figs, and much more.

Q8. Does Izmir have a beach?

Izmir houses several beaches with a view of the Aegean Sea. The sandy shores merging with the blue water is a sight to look forward to.