New year's is of the most romantic event that can be spent along or spent with family. If your get an opportunity to celebrate New Year's Eve in United Kingdom then, what else do you ask for? This is to the enriched country and its embellishments that make UK dream destination magnetizing every visitor. There is a lot that is offered here in the occasion of New Year's Eve 2023, just sit back and explore the events and pick the one that you resonate with. The countdown has commenced so, you don’t have much time to ponder about, grab your ticket to the most fun filled event happening in New year 2024 in United Kingdom.

Events Happening on New Year 2024 in United Kingdom

Events Happening On New Year's In United Kingdom

It is a fact undeterred that most of us as waiting for the clock to strike midnight on the last day of 2023. The country is acclaimed as the place of royals and exhibits Gothic architecture, stunning lifestyle, and splendid places to explore. Start your search already and pick the event that entices you most, according to your preferences. No wonder it is claimed that the entire depends on how you are beginning it. Check out the New Years’ party events and fireworks in the United Kingdom, and make your vee’s plan accordingly so you won’t regret it later.  Remember it's been a long time since people have come together to celebrate the end of one year and the commencement of the new one, don’t forget to make the most of it.

1. Funkademia New Years’ Eve 2023- Manchester

Funkademia New Years Eve 2021
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Looking for a stunning party that will make even your soul to groove on the beats being played?  Don’t forget to take a look at the Funkademia event on New Year's Eve 2023, which will take over the Mint lounge in Manchester on 31st December for one of the most happening New Years in UK for welcoming 2024. From Michael Jackson to Aretha Franklin to James Brown to Chaka Khan to Stevie Wonder to Snoop Dogg to Prince to Diana Ross to Chic to Sister Sledge and everything in between for keeping you moving all night! The party will begin at 10 PM and last till 4 AM, so get ready to grove all night on the longest running DJ in the city.

Location: Mint Lounge in Manchester

Timing:  31st December 2023 (New Year's Eve), From 10 PM till 4:00 PM

Minimum Age: 18

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2. Nightvision Hogmanay 2024- Edinburgh

Nightvision Hogmanay 2021
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Have you ever partied in the Scottish style? Edinburgh NYE options span the musical range, with DJs spinning cutting-edge house and techno as well as more wild house party-style events. Edinburgh’s popular liquid room is going to be taken over by Nightvision Hogmanay 2024 for an exclusive party happening on New Year’s Eve. The venue offers some of the most astonishing events that must be attended by all the party animals. The visit of following famous celebrity DJ’s have been confirmed, Charlie Sparks,, Faster Horses, Sikoti, AISHA, etc. who would be taking turns to entertain the guests with music till 5 AM.

Location: The Liquid Room in Edinburgh

Timing: 31st December 2023 (New Year's Eve) 9:00 PM till 5:00 AM

Minimum Age: 18

3. 909 x Wav presents - New Years’ Eve party- Liverpool

909 x Wav presents - New Years Eve party

Yet another one of the most talked about nightclubs in United Kingdom, 909 welcomes a stunning crowd. They are transforming their Box Yard into party venue for New Year's party in Liverpool that will leave an unwaning experience. The crowd, music and other details are yet the most important things that would be taken care of by the organizers. Few of the artists coming to the party are Stuart Hodson, Fidge, Scaramouche, Kev Odger with different music genres from House to Techno, from Prog House to Tech House, etc.

Location: Box Yard WAV Club in Liverpool

Timing: 31st December 2023 (New Year's Eve), 8:00pm till 4:00am

Minimum Age: 18

4. In Motion NYE: Groove Armada - Bristol

Kings of the Rollers x The Blast
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We all want to embrace the coming year on high intensity with full enthusiasm, here is your opportunity to indulge in the most happening party of the year. Take the time to enjoy the New year in United Kingdom's style at the Motion in Bristol for a kickass start to the year ahead.  With a team of special guests such as Groove Armada, Tom Findlay and Andy Cato, the staff will be offering some hits with 'Superstylin', 'I See You Baby' and 'At the River' for a night full of grandeur and music. It will be exactly what you call a crazy party night.

Location: Motion in Bristol

Timing: 31st December 2023 (New Year's Eve), 9:00 PM till 5:00 AM (last entry 11:00 PM)

Minimum Age: 18

5. KISSTORY Returns at Indigo at The O2 - London

Pioneer Plays New Year's Eve Showcase
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Here is a call out to the biggest DJ night on the New year’ eve in United Kingdom. If you are a tourist and planning to attend a New Year's party in United Kingdom then you can directly head towards the Indigo at The O2, London. They have one of the longest show Kiss FM, that electrocutes the city with positive and energetic vibes. The show is hosted by the popular DJ Pioneer along with a few of his guests. So, dive in the enthusiasm of music and groove with a mixture of music genres as DJ Luck & Mc Neat, Shortee Blitz, Justin Wilkes, and others are lined up for this day. Attend and get an idea about the celebration of New Year's Eve in London.

Location: Indigo at The O2 in London

Timing: 30th December 2023 (New Year's Eve), 9:00 PM onwards

Minimum Age: 18

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6. GLAS New Year's Day - Birmingham

Magic Door New Years Eve
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Hop in this club if you want to experience New Year's Day 2024 in London and around. LAB11 in Birmingham is all set to offer an unforgettable night, if you are stuck with the dilemma of things to do in UK during New year's then this blog has all the options that you can conclude to. GLAS will be taking over the club so let yourself loose and dance to the beats of House, UK Garage, Drum n Bass, and Bass Music.  There are only two things that you need to take care of is the theme and second is reaching on time. The party is going to be a hit with DJs, known faces, dramatized outfits, mind-bending production, and a killer lineup.

Location: LAB11 in Birmingham

Timing: 1st Jan 2024 (New Year's Day), 4:00 PM till 11:00 PM

Minimum Age: 18

7. Hidden New Years’ Eve 2023 - Manchester

Hidden New Years Eve 2021
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Manchester city is one of the most happening places to visit in December, given its charm and liveliness despite chilling temperature. Yet another factor is that, since Manchester is a very popular city people have associated high expectations for the New Year's Eve 2023 in UK, well the city doesn’t succumb to disappoint the visitors. If you are in mood to party like a beast this year, hidden in Manchester is the place that you should definitely consider. Don’t miss out on Teletech NYD, one of the busiest events in Manchester with techno and trance music, this one is guaranteed to sell out. They'll be running the event till late at night in all three rooms.

Location: Hidden in Manchester

Timing: 1st Jan 2024 (New Year's Day), 9:00 PM till 4:00 AM

Minimum Age: 18

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New year's annual firework in the UK is one of the most spectacular views that happens around the world which begins from London's eye and lights over the Thames. The mesmerizing display of lights is the most loved event adored by millions. Several areas are restricted and to have access, visitors need to buy tickets but if you don't want to spend any of your pence then there are many un-ticketed areas as well. Just reach out to the places that host fireworks on the new year 2024 in London and the rest of the UK, and you would surely love the venues grabbing the opportunities of eating, drinking and merriment.

1. Aqua Shard- London

Aqua Shard
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If you want to enjoy a 270-degree view of London, Aqua Shard is the best place from where you can take a grand look at the entire city. If you can then don't miss out on the opportunity of standing under the lit sky to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks. Visitors can experience a five-course dinner, drinks, live music by The Spinettes, and a DJ until 3:00 AM.

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2. Riverside Rooms- England

Riverside Rooms
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Located next to the London Eye and overlooking the Palace of Westminster, the Riverside Rooms provide one of the most elegant venues to see in the New Year and has an exclusive viewing platform to ensure you get close to the action. The evening will consist of a four-course meal and plenty of snacks throughout the evening to keep your energy up.

3. Sushi Samba: Convents Garden, London

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OK so there’s no direct view of the London Eye display but with fantastic views across the London skyline you’re be able to enjoy various firework displays at midnight.  Guests are encouraged to dress in white to pay homage to Yemenja, the Brazilian goddess of the sea and will enjoy live entertainment, DJs and samba dancing.  You can book a celebration ticket which gives you access to the party, a welcome cocktail and canapes or make a reservation in the restaurant.

4. Cannon Street

Cannon Street
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If you are not willing to pay £10 for the show of fireworks then you may also go to Cannon Street which is very near to Big Ben and is not a ticketed area. You can find a spot near the St. Pauls Cathedral and Mansion House and Bank. Cannon Street offers a great view of the Spectacular Fireworks show of New Year’s Eve that happens on Big Ben. However, if you are planning to go to cannon Street then it is advisable to go before 8pm as it gets quite crowded.

Now that you have been enlightened about the best events happening on New year in the United Kingdom, visitors can check out and book as per their preferences and taste. There are various places to visit in the United Kingdom that must be explored to live an experience that imprints on your heart forever. The UK is popular for its nightlife and fun events, and it is suggested that every soul who enjoys fun and lively parties must attend UK's celebration.


Q1. How do people enjoy New Year's Eve in London?

Celebrations in London are festive and joyous on New Year's Eve. What Do People Do? Many people spend most of December 31 quietly. They may spend time outdoors, reading the reviews of the last year in newspapers or resting in preparation for the New Year's Eve parties that begin in the late afternoon or evening.

Q2. Where is Funkademia New Years’ Eve 2023 happening this year?

Funkademia is an event happening on New Year's Eve 2023, which will take over the Mint lounge in Manchester on 31st December for one of the most happening New Party in the UK for welcoming 2023.

Q3. At what time does new party starts in UK?

There is no specific time at which the New Year party starts in the UK but the most common time is 9 PM. All you need to do is, get ready, get dressed, and visit your favorite place to either enjoy the fireworks or for a dazzling party.

Q4. Is there any place where I can watch New Years’ Fireworks in the United Kingdom?

Cannon Street which is very near to Big Ben, is not a ticketed area and offers a great view of the Spectacular Firework show of New Years’ Eve that happens on the Big Ben.

Q4. Which is the Best New Year's party in the UK?

Hogmanay in Edinburgh and Mint Lounge in Manchester are among the best places that host the world’s best New Year’s Eve party. To witness the best celebration of ringing the bell, visit these places.

Q5. What is the minimum age for attending New Year eve’s party in London?

These clubs serve drinks too so the minimum age for attending club parties is 18 years and beyond. Most of these places ask for IDs too and in case of not having they forbid the entry.

Q6. Where is the best place to spend New Year's Eve in London?

Even though there are many places in London, where you can enjoy the new year's eve festivities, Trafalgar Square is an iconic spot to be in the center of it all.

Q7. Where is Leadmill located in Sheffeild?

The Leadmill is the longest running live music venue and nightclub in Sheffield located at 6 Leadmill Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 4SE. If you want to dance all night to the beat of celebration, come to the place.

Q8. What are the places where I can watch Firework events in United Kingdom on New Year’s Eve?

There are various places for Firework events in United Kingdom on New Year’s Eve. Here is the list of places that host best firework on New Year’s eve.

  • Aqua Shard
  • Riverside Rooms
  • Sushi Samba
  • Cannon Street