Princes Island is a blend of islands that ensures its tourists have fun. Get ready to take a ferry before getting on a horse drawn carriage to roam the city, if you are trying to figure out what to do on Princes islands in Istanbul.  But, there’s a lot more to see contrary to roaming the city.  Youngsters can enjoy the several adventure sports like beach surfing and wall climbing. What more can anyone ask for when it comes to having the perfect holiday?

Island In Istanbul For Serenity And Breathtaking Views

Island In Istanbul For Serenity And Breathtaking Views

Out of the several islands near the city, Princes’ Island, the Istanbul Island, is a cluster of 9 gorgeous islands off the Asian coast of Istanbul. Contrary to the 9 islands, only 4 are popular and functional, where millions of people are ferried back and forth regularly. The four famous ones are Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kinaliada.  Back in the day, the Princes’ Island was used a place of exile and now it has become of the most popular tourists' destinations for the perfect excursion.

History Of Princes’ Island

The island wasn’t always the perfect holiday destination for the cities nearby. Back in the day,  Demonnesoi or the Demons’ Island was the name given to the island, as it was used as a place for exile for the princes of the royal family.  Justin 11, the prince of Byzantine, used the landmasses as a prison and so, this place was named so. It was impossible for prisoners to go back in time due to bad weather during the winters and autumn and so, they remained trapped on the isle.  The wise and rich from Istanbul in the 19th century made it their holiday resort.

This is one of the reasons why the island in Turkey can be seen with several Victorian era cottages and houses all over. The architecture boasts of Greek settlements and are opposite of their Turkish counterparts.  Şirket-i Hayriye began its ferry services only in 1846 and hence, a large population from the neighboring cities followed.

Features Of The Island

Features Of The Island

It makes it the oasis of peace and quiet as no motor vehicle is allowed on this big island in Istanbul. People can spend time away from the urban noise and every day stress in an environment of serenity. The noise heard will be that of the bicycle bells or horse hoofs as it is only mode of transportation. Picturesque location, surrounded by the blue sea and lush green trees, what more can people ask for?

Some of the things to do in Istanbul is to swim and relax on the beach, bicycle trekking to the hilltops, enjoy the seaside brunch, discover the historical monasteries and museums.

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Things You Should Not Miss On Princes’ Island

Princess Island in Istanbul is known for its beauty where people enjoy several activities. These are things that make a holiday perfect and of course, people will never have a dull moment.

1. Enjoy Their Delicious Breakfasts

Enjoy Their Delicious Breakfasts

One of the many things to do in Turkey, is to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Guests can choose from a range of historical patisseries, popular for its fresh bagels and pastries to having the perfect cup of tea at the garden. They can decide how they want to start their day on whichever island they are on. It is one those things people love and enjoy when on vacation.

2. Cycle Around The Islands

 Cycle Around The Islands

Cycling is one of the most popular activities on the island.  Heybeliada, Büyükada and Kınalıada are islands near Istanbul that are an absolute favorite, but whichever island you are on, you can cycle around and have the perfect day. Cycling around is a fun and ideal way of discovering a place. What more can anyone ask for?

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3. Out Of The Box Picnics

Out Of The Box Picnics

What can make a vacation better than a classic picnic in a gorgeous garden, if you like the idea of a lady vacation? The garden is one of the ideal attractions in Istanbul, as it overlooks the sea and you can make it a trip to remember. You can have your picnic just like when you were a child.  Hop onto your bike and go mansion hunting.

4. Take A Few History Lessons In Your Spare Time

Take A Few History Lessons In Your Spare Time

You will be in for the perfect surprise!! The island is filled with historic mansions, inspired by Greek architecture. It has welcomed aristocracy, exiled politicians, authors, artists, and minorities through the years. They have all left their marks behind.  Concentrated on the Nizam region, it has gorgeous mansions along with a few gorgeous structures in Maden neighborhood. Tourists visiting the island can image what life must have been back in the day.

5. Feast On The Ideal Seafood

Tourists should not miss out on the yummy seafood at some of the most extraordinary fish restaurants, one of the best places to visit in Turkey, along the sea coast. The seafood will be some of the best food you have had in your life.  Tourists will have the perfect experience seeing an all-new side of Istanbul with the scrumptious food with the ideal view.  It is one of the best ways to enjoy a meal as it is not something you will have get to do back home in the city.

6. Pray At The Aya Yorgi Church

Pray at the Aya Yorgi Church

One shouldn’t forget to visit the sacred church on the hilltop when visiting the Buyukada island, the biggest island of them all.  This old Aya Yorgi church is sacred for the Eastern Orthodox Christians to pray.  The breathtaking view is worth the sight and is one of the reasons why people should visit this place.  It is one of the most peaceful ways of enjoying a holiday as it is a once in a life time chance to enjoy tranquility.

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Best Time To Visit

April to October is the best time to visit Princes’ Island. During these months, this place is less crowded, which makes it easier to take a ferry ride and roam around peacefully. It is a one stop destination for the locals who come to spend some time in peace and silence. It does remain crowded the rest of the year. In June and July, the weather is quite pleasant; which makes it perfect to walk around the lanes easily or even drive or cycle comfortably without witnessing extreme weather conditions. The harsh climatic conditions during the winters make it difficult for people to travel the waters and why it remains deserted.

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How To Reach

How To Reach

It is only half an hour away from the Istanbul airport to Kabatas, where the ferries are accessible. Ferry service is the only way to reach the place, so choose your ferry that will drop you off at the four of the nine Princes islands, as the entry to the others are not allowed. The ride on the ferry will be absolutely breathtaking with the beauty that surrounds it. Viewing the islands from a distance is a unique experience of a life time that one should not miss out on.

Things To Remember When Visiting The Island

Ensure the terms of the cost and time are as per your convenience after you choose your ferry ride from Kabatas to the Princes Island.  It will take about 100 minutes to reach depending on the number of stops made by the ferry along the way. You will have to rent a bike or book a horse cart the moment you reach the island as you know the use of motorized vehicles have been banned.

Apart from the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul, there are a few others close by, a tourist should visit at least once when planning their vacation.

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Top 2 Islands Close To Istanbul For Breathtaking Views

With the wind in your face and water at your feet, spending time on an island is the ideal vacation people have often dreamt of their entire lives. Islands offer peace and tranquility and it is the ideal place to spend time with your loved ones. With princes' islands in Istanbul, there are a few others close to the city.

1. Büyükada


The big island in Turkey as it’s called, Buyukada has done justice to its name as it is one of the largest out of the other islands near Istanbul. It is an area of about 5 square kilometers, a neighborhood of the Adalar district of the province of Istanbul. The island has two peaks, one near the ferry landing called Isa Tepsi, meaning Jesus Hill in Turkish.  It is formed between two hills where a church and a monastery of Agios Nikoloas lie. The Greek Orthodox churches Panagia, Hagios Demetrios, Franciscan Church of San Pacifico and the Armenian Church of the Surp Astvadzadzin Verapoliu are worth a visit. Tourists can even enjoy yummy snacks with wine at the café nearby.

Location - District of Istanbul Province, Turkey

Famous For - Greek Orthodox Church

Facilities- Café

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2. Burgazada

Burgazada Island

It is one of the 3rd largest Istanbul island, that has a singular hill that runs across 2 kms in here. It is a famous island that is named after the fort, Demetrius I of Macedon, who built it. Tourists should visit the Sait Faik Abasıyanık museum, named after a writer as he used this island as place for this work. Back in the day, it used to be home to Greek minorities, who shifted to their base of this paradise, the best islands close to Istanbul Turkey.

Location: Turkey

Famous For: Sait Faik Abasıyanık museum

Facilities: Literary and art luminaries  

The islands in Istanbul are one of the ideal places to visit when on vacation in Istanbul as they provide a gorgeous view and a peaceful. So, plan your vacation and book your flights to Istanbul and ensure to tick it off on the bucket list of places to visit. It is a once in a life time opportunity to have the perfect vacation of a life time.  What more can one ask for?  


Q1. Which is the best time to visit Istanbul?

The best time to visit Istanbul is May, September and November as the weather is manageable.

Q2. What are some of the things a tourist can do on the princes’ island?

Swim and relax on the beach, bicycle trekking to the hilltops, enjoy the seaside brunch, discover the historical monasteries and museums are some of the things to do on this island. It is the ideal way to have the best time here.

Q3. What are some of the things people should not miss out on this island?

People should enjoy a scrumptious breakfast, cycle around the island, have a fun picnic, take a few history lessons, treat the taste buds to yummy seafood and pray at the Aya Yogi Church.

Q4. How does one reach this place?

People will have to use the ferry services, then book a horse cart or rent a bike. Motorized vehicles are banned on the island.

Q5. Which are the islands close to Istanbul?

Buyukada and Burgazada are some of the islands close to Istanbul.

Q6. What makes the princes’ island so special?

The island is absolutely peaceful and serene, which makes it the ideal way of spending the best vacation.

Q7. Can tourists swim in Princes’ island?

Yes, tourists can swim in the clean and clear waters of the island.

Q8. Which is the biggest princes’ island?

Büyükada is the biggest princes island known for its café and church, people should visit.