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Tehran is one of the biggest and thriving cities in the Middle East region. It serves as the wellspring of Iran’s culture and business for more than 150 years. With cheap flights to Tehran, catch a glimpse of the stunning Alborz mountain range as well as the remains of the classical architecture of the city. The most famous historical sites include the Grand Bazaar and the amazing Golestan Palace. The city has something for all types of travelers from all around the world.

Best Time to Fly

The best time to make reservations for the discounted airfares to Tehran is in late March to June. You can also plan your visit to the city during the winter. It is the season of an Iranian festival called Shab-e Chelleh. You can surely have a good time while celebrating the festival with your family and friends.

Top 5 Attractions in Tehran

  1. Golestan Palace: This lavish palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era. The architecture of the Golestan Palace is influenced by Persian crafts and Western arts. Golestan Palace is built around a garden that highlights pools as well as planted areas. The palace has become the center of Qajari architecture and arts. It is also a good source of inspiration for Iranian artists and architects.
  2. Milad Tower: Milad Tower is the 6th tallest building in the world. Standing on the north of Tehran, Milad Tower has become a new symbol right after its construction. It is a multipurpose building visible from every part of the city. From here you can enjoy the birds-eye view of the city. The construction of the Milad Tower took 11 years and was officially opened on February 20, 2009. Tehran Towers has 5 parts: the foundation, entrance lobby, head structure, shaft, and antenna. The lobby of the tower consists of 6 floors which include exhibition halls, trade units, and food courts. The antenna of the tower hosts the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.
    It is the part of Convention Center and International Trade of Tehran. The tower also hosts different events and exhibitions. The main point of interest for the visitors is the observation deck which is located on the top of the head structure of the tower. Visitors can have a panoramic 360-degree view of the mountains and the city. You can also visit the art gallery and museum, and the popular revolving restaurant providing weekend breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  3. Azadi Tower: Located on a hill in the west part of the city, Azadi Tower is one of the greatest symbols of Tehran. The Laconic snow-white marble structure of the Azadi Tower makes it one of the top attractions of Tehran. The tower represents a strong connection between history and ambitions, past and future. Commissioned by the last Shah of Iran, the construction of Azadi Tower started in 1972. The architect of the monument refers to it as “The Gate of Cyrus” or Darvaze ye Kurosh. This tower is a part of the Azadi Complex that integrates the underground museum and the tower. The museum consists of approximately 50 historical artifacts. Visitors can enjoy paintings, pottery, gold, and marble pieces. It is truly a treat for the people who are interested in history.
  4. Sa’dbad Complex: This majestic museum is the major heritage of the Qajar Era. Situated on the North Tehran, Sa’dbad Complex was built in the 19th century and features different aspects of Iranian mythology, culture, and art. The complex of the museum consists of many palaces including streets, forests, and museums. The museum complex gives a glimpse into Iranian history and life of the last Iranian Shahs in the 19th and 20th centuries.
    Sa’dbad Complex is maintained and operated by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization. It has 18 buildings out of which 10 are opened for public, 4 buildings are at the disposal of the presidency, and 3 buildings host administration of the complex. The two highlighted buildings are Green Palace (Shahvand Palace) and White Palace (Palace of the Nation). The White Palace displays decorations, furniture, carpets, and paintings as the Shah Reza used it as a place for reception and residence for his guests. While the Green Palace displays more classical architecture and decoration with the luxury of carpets and mirror mosaics.
  5. Tabiat Bridge: Situated in the north of Tehran, Tabiat Bridge is one of the major highlights of the city. The bridge consists of a 3-dimensional truss with two continuous levels. This 270 meters long bridge has two platforms on the top of the main columns that form 3rd level points. All these levels are connected through stairs and multiple ramps. There are a restaurant and a café-Gallery in the lower level of the Tabiat Bridge where you can enjoy a good time with friends and family while enjoying the scenery of natural beauty.

Shopping and Nightlife

Tehran, the capital city of Iran has plenty of shopping options. Shopping here has diversified from the traditional bazaar, now the city has some luxury shopping malls and huge shopping centers.

Most of the fun in the city begins after the sunsets. Maybe the alcohol is completely restricted in the city but it has some good options to hang out. There are some good cafes where you can grab some coffee or soft drink and chit chat.

How to Reach

Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport is the major airport in the city of Tehran that caters to all the domestic and international flights. The major airlines operate more frequently are Iran Air, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Jade Cargo International. Another airport catering to the city is Mehrabad International Airport. You can easily book your cheap flight to Tehran to any of these airports.

How to Get Around

The metro system of Tehran is the easiest, fastest, and more efficient way to get around the city. A perfect escape from the awful traffic scenes of the city.

Tehran has no taxi system since you will find a few unofficial drivers standing beside the street. You will find four options: a Darbast (private taxi), a shared taxi, a calling taxi, and a Snap (Iranian Uber).

The bus network in the city is extensive, but the given option for buses is separated based on a few factors. You can buy tickets from the booth near the bus terminal or bus stand.

If you prefer to drive yourself, then you can easily rent a car from Europcar. It has pick points located at Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad Airport. If you opt to hire a private car then the charges will depend on the type of vehicle and the distance you will travel.

Motorcycle taxi and shuttle taxi are a few other options you can pick from.

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