Ladakh is famous as the coldest desert because of the high altitude, snow-capped mountains, and an overall low temperature throughout the year. Now, imagine trekking in this vast expanse of white desert with scenic beauty all around you. Sounds incredible, right? The breathtaking landscape, jaw-dropping views, and majestic mountains would make your trekking experience a memorable one. Life is all about venturing into the unknown and conquering your fear because that’s when you feel truly alive, and the treks in Ladakh would make you feel alive in the best way possible. So, check this adventure off your bucket list and tighten your shoes for an exciting journey.

Treks in Ladakh Ideal for Rookies and Experienced Trekkers

Treks in Ladakh
Trekkers amidst the snow-capped Himalayan mountains

Trekking in Ladakh varies depending on the route you choose. Some can take almost a week to complete while other treks end in a day or two. It’s important to know the level of trekker you are to enjoy this experience even more. A beginner trekking on a daunting route might find the activity difficult and won’t enjoy it the way an experienced trekker might.

So, here’s a list of the best treks in Ladakh that are ideal for all trekkers

  1. Nubra Valley Trek
  2. Markha Valley Trek
  3. Chadar Trek
  4. Stok Kangri Trek
  5. Rumtse Tso Moriri Trek
  6. Sham Valley Trek
  7. Spituk to Stok Trek
  8. Padum to Darcha Trek
  9. Snow Leopard Trek
  10. Zanskar Valley Trek
  11. Lamayuru to Alchi Trek
  12. Kang Yatse Trek

1. Nubra Valley Trek

Nubra Valley Trek
Scenic view of Nubra Valley with the serene Nubra River

The first trek route on our list is the one from Phyang to Hunder, which offers some of the most mesmerizing views of this place. The trek follows the old silk road network, which stretches from India to Central Asia and links the Indus Valley to the Nubra Valley. The majestic view of the Karakoram range makes this one of the most stunning treks in Leh Ladakh. The highest point of this trek is Lasermo La Pass, which is located at an altitude of around 5000 mt. This pass is covered in snow even in summers and is one of the famous places to visit in Ladakh. Once you reach the top, you must ride on the double-humped Bactrian Camel for a complete experience.

Best time to visit: Mid-July to end of September

Duration: 4 to 5 days

Difficulty level: Moderate

Highest altitude: Around 5000 m.

Distance: Approx. 59 km

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2. Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Trek
Two people trekking on the Markha Valley Trekking Route

One of the most famous treks in Ladakh is the Markha Valley Trek from Spituk/Chilling to Markha Valley because it gives you a chance to soak in the entire Himalayan landscape. As you walk along this route, you’ll see the Stok Kangri massiff in the North and the Zaskan range in the South. This trek is also popular as the Tea House Trek because of the numerous tea stalls on the way. You’ll pass through Buddhist Monasteries, quaint hamlets, lush barley fields, and much more that would enrich your experience even more. The Hemis National Park is also a famous tourist attraction that you’ll come across. Your road trip in Ladakh would be incomplete without accomplishing this trek. The highest point in this trek is Kongmaru La Pass, which is around 5,265 m high.

Best time to visit: June to September

Duration: 8 to 9 days

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Highest altitude: Around 5,265 m

Distance: Around 78 km

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3. Chadar Frozen River Trek

Chadar Frozen River Trek
Trekkers doing the frozen Zanskar River Trek/Chadar Trek

You all might have experienced trekking on land, but have you ever trekked in snow? If not, then now’s the chance to indulge in this activity because it’s one of the adventures in Ladakh that you can’t miss out on. From Chilling to Nerak, the frozen Zanskar river offers the most gorgeous and alluring views during the trek and since it’s in a frozen state, this trek got its name Chadar or blanket. Since the Zanskar region is closed during winters due to heavy snowfall, this is the only trekking route in Ladakh that you can use to reach there. However, it’s not easy trekking in snow, especially when the temperature’s -25 to -30 degree Celsius. As you reach the end point, you’ll be greeted by the view of the breathtaking Nerak Waterfall.

Best time to visit: January to February

Duration: 8 to 9 days

Difficulty level: Difficult

Highest altitude: Around 11,000 ft

Distance: Approx. 105 km

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4. Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek
Mountain climber atop the Stok Kangri Mountain

Stok Kangri Trek is one of the most difficult treks in Ladakh because of the steep ridges, glaciers, and the cold air that you’ll have to pass through. Beginners can trek from Stok Village to Chang Ma, the first base camp and the experienced trekkers can continue to the summit from Stok Village to Stok Kangri Summit. You’ll have to use your mountaineering skills at times, but there’s no need to carry any equipment for the same because it’s not a technical climb. The marvelous views of the Indus Valley and Zanskar would make all this effort worthwhile, so don’t give up on this journey because the destination is equally rewarding. It’s a test of your body and mind because it won’t be an easy way to the summit. This trek would take your breath away, pun intended.

Best time to visit: Mid-July to mid-September

Duration: 7 to 8 days

Difficulty level: Difficult

Highest altitude: Around 6,153 m

Distance: Approx. 40 km

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5. Rumtse to Tso Moriri Trek

Rumtse to Tso Moriri Trek
Camping during the Tso Moriri Trek in Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the amazing places to visit in India in summer because of such locations that you’ll get to witness on your trek from Rumtse to Tso Moriri Lake. You’ll cross seven mountain passes to reach this lake, and it’ll be a sight to behold. However, the journey is as beautiful as the destination because the trekking route would be covered in vibrant wildflowers, snow-capped mountains, exotic species of birds, and much more. As you pass through the mountain passes, you’ll see the earth changing color and texture, which is the beauty of this trek. This is one of the trekking trails in Ladakh that lets you experience a variety of landscapes. You might even come across the nomad tribe, Changpa Nomads, if you’re lucky. You can interact with them while sipping hot butter tea inside their tents.

Best time to visit: June to mid-October

Duration: 7 to 8 days

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Highest altitude: Around 5,435 m

Distance: Approx. 100 km

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6. Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Trek
Sham Valley winter trek 

Sham Valley Trek or famously known as “Baby Trek,” is one of the easiest treks in Leh Ladakh from Likir Village to Temisgam. It’s the perfect route for beginners with no prior trekking experience. This route is also favorable for children as it only goes up to 4000 m high and the landscape is also less daunting. You’ll pass through several villages, monasteries, and much more while soaking in the gorgeous views. It’s an ideal activity to immerse yourself in the culture by interacting with the locals and staying in traditional Ladakhi houses. This is one of the short treks in Ladakh that offers you a chance to explore the hill station and its splendid attractions.

Best time to visit: All year round

Duration: 3 days

Difficulty level: Easy

Highest altitude: Around 3,874 m

Distance: Approx. 32 km

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7. Spituk to Stok Trek

Spituk to Stok Trek
Spituk Monastery, the starting point of Spituk to Stok trek

Here’s another one of the easy treks in Ladakh, which starts from Spituk and ends in Stok La Pass. You’ll cross the Indus River and then trek to Zingchen via a narrow gorge. There are several villages on the way where you can stop for a while, explore, interact with the locals and then resume your journey. Once you reach the top of the Stok La Pass, you’ll be welcomed by mesmerizing views of snow-covered mountains. You can explore the attractions near Stok La Pass and make this an even more memorable trip; after all, Ladakh is one of the best places to go in India. So, if you’re short of time, you can try this short trek instead.

Best time to visit: June to October

Duration: 3 days

Difficulty level: Easy

Highest altitude: Around 4855 m

Distance: Approx. 39 km

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8. Padum to Darcha Trek

Padum to Darcha Trek
The Kargyak River on the Padum to Darcha Trek

Let’s end this list with one of the famous treks in Ladakh, which start from Padum in Leh and end at Darcha in Himachal Pradesh. You can rest assured that you’ll get to witness some of the most charming views and scenic locations on the way, such as Tokpa, Chalang, Ramjak, Lakong, etc. The colorful and vibrant flowers on the trails, the serene river, and the prehistoric carvings on the rocks enrich your trekking experience even more. As you reach the Kargyak River, you must try Jo or curd here made from Yak’s milk. It’s quite an enchanting trek, honestly that’ll show you Ladakh at its finest. This trek would give you reasons why Ladakh is one of the famous hill stations in India.

Best time to visit: Mid-June to September

Duration: 9 to 10 days

Highest altitude: Around 5,090 m

Distance: Approx. 127 km

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9. Snow Leopard Trek

Zanskar Valley Trek

Since Ladakh is renowned for its untamed terrain, striking scenery, and abundant wildlife, which includes the rare snow leopard, the snow leopard trek is one of the best treks in Ladakh. The best time to see snow leopards is during the trek, which usually takes place in the winter when they descend to lower altitudes in search of prey. Trekkers travel through secluded valleys and snow-covered landscapes with the help of knowledgeable guides, keeping an eye out for snow leopard footprints and indicators. It provides a rare opportunity to experience the pure wilderness of the Himalayas, the walk gives the potential to spot snow leopards. Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of high mountain peaks, frozen rivers, and traditional Ladakhi settlements.

Best time to visit: March

Duration: 8 days

Highest altitude: 3956 meters

Distance: 40 km

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10. Zanskar Valley Trek

Zanskar Valley Trek

Trekkers may discover one of the most secluded and breathtaking destinations of the Indian Himalayas, known for its dramatic landscapes, deep gorges, and untouched beauty, on the once-in-a-lifetime Zanskar Valley Trek in Ladakh. The Zanskar Valley Trek normally starts in the administrative hub of Zanskar, the town of Padum, and travels via high mountain passes, glacial rivers, and isolated villages. Trekking the Chadar River, one of the best places to visit in Ladakh, which will let you cross the frozen Zanskar River during the winter when the river is solidly frozen, is one of the trek's highlights. With towering cliffs and stunning scenery all around, trekkers make their way through tiny gorges and frozen waterfalls as they traverse the trails.

Best time to visit: Mid-May to Mid-October

Duration: 14 days

Highest altitude: 4401 meters

Distance: 240 kilometers

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11. Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

One of the most magnificent and ancient monasteries in Ladakh is located in the village of Lamayuru, where the Lamayuru to Alchi trek usually starts. Set off on a multi-day journey through isolated valleys, steep mountain passes, and traditional villages, while enjoying breath-taking views of the Himalayan range at every turn by taking up one of the ideal treks in Ladakh. Visiting the numerous historic monasteries and cultural places along the way is one of the trek's attractions. These include the well-known Lamayuru Monastery, which is renowned for its exquisite murals and breathtaking cliffside setting, and the old settlement of Alchi, which is home to a plethora of Buddhist temples and rock carvings that date back more than a millennium.

Best time to visit: Mid-June to beginning of October

Duration: 5 days

Highest altitude: 5153 meters

Distance: 71 kilometers

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12. Kang Yatse Trek

Kang Yatse Trek

One of the tallest peaks in the Ladakh region, Kang Yatse is situated at an astounding height of about 6,000 meters (20,000 feet) and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. One of the best things to do in Ladakh is to take up this trek for an exhilarating adventure that takes trekkers through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Indian Himalayas. The trip usually starts at the village of Chilling or Markha which takes up an adventurous route through isolated valleys, steep mountain passes, and traditional Ladakhi communities. Experienced hikers and mountaineers can successfully complete the Kang Yatse journey, but it's crucial to arrive prepared and thoroughly acclimatized to the high altitude.

Best time to visit: End of June to end of September

Duration: 9 to 10 days

Highest altitude: 6200 meters

Distance: 76 kilometers

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These were some of the most fascinating treks in Ladakh that would make you fall in love with this hill station. Trekking in Leh Ladakh is a rite of passage because that’s when you can truly appreciate its beauty. To experience the diverse landscape, picturesque views, aesthetic locations, and much more, you must go on a trekking adventure through the valleys and mountains of this destination. It’ll be a fulfilling activity you undertake, so do give this a thought, and then book our Ladakh tour packages.


Q1. Which is the most difficult trek in Ladakh?

The most difficult trek in Ladakh is the Chadar Trek, which requires the people to trek through a blanket of snow. The temperature is also –25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Q2. Is there any trek in Ladakh?

There are several treks in Ladakh that you can try, including

  • Markha Valley Trek
  • Nubra Valley Trek
  • Chadar Trek
  • Stok Kangri Trek
Q3. Which is the easiest trek in Ladakh?

Sham Valley Trek is the easiest trek in Ladakh. You can complete it in 3 days and it’s also ideal for children because of the non-dramatic landscape.

Q4. What are the travel tips for trekking in Ladakh?

Here are some of the things you must keep in mind when trekking in Ladakh:

  • Carry warm jackets
  • Stay hydrated
  • Carry a lightweight bag
  • Wear comfortable trekking shoes
Q5. Is it safe for girls or solo travelers to trek in Ladakh?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe for girls and solo travelers to go trekking in Ladakh. However, you must still take the necessary precautions.

Q6. What is the best time to go for Stok Kangri Trek?

The best time for Stok Kangri Trek is mid-June to September because the weather’s pleasant during that time. The temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Q7. How long is the Markha Valley Trek?

The Markha Valley Trek is approximately 78 km long. It takes around 8 to 9 days to complete this trek by passing through mesmerizing locations.

Q8. Which month is best for Ladakh?

Since Ladakh is cold throughout the year, April to July is the best time to visit Ladakh. It’s the summer months during that time and the weather’s ideal for exploring this destination.

Q9. What are the best treks in Ladakh?

Since Ladakh is best known for its majestic landscapes engulfed by the snow-capped peaks of Great Himalayas, frozen lakes, desertscapes, it is ideal for trekking activity. The best treks in Ladakh are:

  • Nubra Valley Trek
  • Markha Valley Trek
  • Chadar Trek
  • Stok Kangri Trek
  • Rumtse Tso Moriri Trek
Q10. How many days are required for Ladakh?

You should at least spend 9 to 10 days in Ladakh if you want to explore every natural splendor including taking up trekking activity. You can also extend your Ladakh trip based on your preferences.