Kerala is known as God’s own city, and it lives up to its reputation and for all the right reasons, Kerala has a plethora of items that you should buy, and boy! shopping in Kerala is just spellbound. When you wander around the streets, you will be allured by the aroma of various delicacies and fragrances of different spices, the vibrant and colorful streets, stunning handicrafts, and the list goes on. Many street markets offer the best quality products at affordable rates. You can always choose to bargain in these markets. Kerala is a state of art and culture, plus spices and an abundance of beautiful places.

Here is a list of top things to buy and some famous markets in Kerala. Make sure to pay these markets a visit on your trip to the province.

Top 4 Things To Buy From Kerala: Take A Piece Of Bliss With You

Kerala is a state of wonders and culture. It is a treasure of beautiful things, that you should definitely buy. Kerala is a wonderful city in every perspective.

1. Banana Chips And Cashews

Banana Chips and Cashews

Banana chips are locally known as Nenthra Kaya Upperi. Banana chips have a huge fan base not only in South but North India as well. These are made from raw bananas. The bananas are finely chopped, dried, and then fried, and then mixed with a tinch of salt. This lip-smacking snack is a must-try in Kerala. Imagine sitting on a beach enjoying the sunset or sunbathing, while having this delicious and light snack to munch.

As popular banana chips are, cashew nuts are equally demanded here. Cashews are delicious nuts with a little sweet taste. You can buy these from cashew farms and can witness the stunning farms or can just simply buy from various markets and shops in Kerala. Banana Chips and Cashew nuts are very popular snacks in Kerala, you can buy them to eat, then and there or take them with you and enjoy the light snack.

Where To Buy: Calicut banana chips in Thrissur, Reeju Banana chips in Chirakkal, Kerala Nut Food Company in Kollam,  Thankam Cashew Factory, Kumari banana chips, and South Kerala Cashew Exporters

2. Coir Handicrafts

Coir Handicrafts

Coir is a totally natural and eco-friendly material and an exceptionally tensile fiber extracted from the nuts of coconut palms. Coir Handicrafts are coir pith, coir fiber, and coir chips. Kerala has an abundance of coconuts and so it results in an abundance of coir as well. The people of Kerala are really talented, and you get to see their talent in many ways one among them is in the form of coir handicrafts. It is very clear that coconuts and coir handicrafts are very popular in Kerala. Purchasing coir handicrafts is one of the most fun things to do in India. These items are really beautiful, light in weight, and durable.

The quality of these products is high and rich. The best and most versatile kind of item can be found in the street markets of Kerala. Coir handicrafts are definitely one of the best memories that you can carry back in form of art. These are so beautiful and on top of that, they are so creatively woven. Some famous products that should look out for are rugs, mats, wall hanging, showpieces, and other beautifully woven products. The specialty of a coir craft is its woven magnificence. If kept properly they have a long lifeline.

Where To Buy: Coconut Product Impex, Techno Exports- Coconut & Coco Peat Manufacturer, and Theertham Natural Coconut & Coir Products

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3. Kasavu Mundu

Kasavu Mundu

Kasavu Mundu is a textile of Kerala. It is a traditional textile and holds cultural importance for the people of India. Made of pure cotton cloth with a typical border made out of zari. This textile is handmade and is used as Malayalee custom dresses. In earlier days people of Kerala or you may say South India used to wear Kasavu Mundu almost as daily basis clothing, but as time passed by the trends changed.

Today, there are worn by people when they attend an event, it can be any sort of event, while some still appreciate the beauty and comfort level of this dress, and tend to wear it more often. Purchasing and wearing Kasavu Mundu is one of the most unique and fun experience of shopping in India. As already mentioned, these are made out of cotton cloth and so are very comfortable to wear in summers. It is an item that you must purchase from Kerala and enjoy the comfort it provides.

Where To Buy:  Kasavu Kada in Kottayam, Kasavu Kada in Kochi, and Kasavu Kada in Thiruvalla

4. Mural Paintings

Mural Paintings

Mural paintings of Kerala are absolute bliss to the eyes. These paintings date back to almost 12th century and are displayed in temples and churches of Kerala. These marvelous paintings are purely made out of natural pigments and vegetable colors and  buying them is  amongst the best things to to in Kerala. Mural paintings are a perfect gift. You can buy these marvelous beauties for yourself or gift someone. In the form of colorful frescos that depict mythological scenes, Mural paintings will definitely add a unique spice to your home decor, or whatever place you want to hand it at.

Where To Buy: Kerala Art Gallery, Swastik Mural Paintings, and  Mayoogha Mural Paintings

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Top 4 Street Markets In Kerala: Get Closer To The Natives

Kerala has many go-to markets offering good quality items and food as well. These are so great that visiting them should definitely be on your to-do list, when in Kerala.

1. Sweet Meat Street

Sweet Meat Street
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Sweet Meat Market or often known as Mittai Theurvu by  the locals of Kerala, is one of the best shopping places in Kerala. Situated in the city of Kozhikode, Kerala, Sweet Meat market is one of the busiest streets of Kerala. The Sweet Meat was derived from "halwa". Halwa is sweet in taste and has a soft and rubbery texture kind of similar to meat. The name was derived when these lanes were filled with sweet shops. The street has been in existence for about 600 years. The sweat meat market is now famed for the wide variety of range of products. Earlier it had an abundance of sweet stalls and today it has an abundance of stalls and stalls of almost any product. It is one amongst the fun places to visit in India, and has everything ranging from sweets to Ayurvedic medicines and jewelry. Shops are lined in the street selling rich quality of products and of course at a much cheaper rate than in malls.

Location: SM St Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673001

Timings: Opens 24 hours

Famous For: Sweet meat (halwa), bakeries, some other sweet delicacies

Where To Eat Nearby: Topform Restaurant, Cafe Diary, Arya Bhawan, Food gates, and, Tasty Meals

2. Chalai Bazaar

Chalai Bazaar

Chalai Bazaar is the busiest market in Kerala. Malls in India are fun and cool but the street markets hit different. Situated in Thiruvananthapuram, it is a prime shopping destination in Kerala. The market is many kilometers away from the notions of the state. Chalai Bazaar is believed to be a place of possibility because of two reasons, first being the abundance of a wide range of products almost everything is available here and secondly, the  most important reason is that visitors end up finding more than they have expected to, every single time. It's almost as if it's inevitable. Chalai Bazaar has a frantic entrance, apart from the well-built shops, you can also find vendors selling fruits and vegetables in the market. This market is among the best shopping places in Kerala. If you are planning to take a closer look at the traditions of the state, you should definitely check out this market.

Location: Chalai Bazaar, Chalai, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Timings: Opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM

Famous For: Collections of fruits and vegetables, gold and silver jewelry

Where To Eat Nearby: Hotel Annapoorna, Saj Luciya, Saurashtra Hotel, Parthas Restaurant, and Indian Coffee House

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3. Connemara Market, Palayam

Connemara Market, Palayam

There are many beaches in Kerala, landscapes, islands, malls, street markets and other attractions, that gives you a good insight of the culture and traditions and somehow this markets lets you peek into culture of the natives here. Are you a netizen? Then this market has to be your backbone. Connemara Market is an old market in Kerala that sells all the items of the household. It is also known as Palayam Market. Connemara Market is one of the oldest markets and also a major hub of shopaholics in Thiruvananthapuram.

In many aspects Sweat Meat Market and Connemara market are similar and yet they are unique in their own vibrant ways. It is a haven for household items and that too at cheap prices. Apart from these, there is also an availability of items like goods, jewelry, garments, fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, and many other souvenirs. If you want to interact with the locals this is the best possible place, where you can indulge yourself in shopping as well can have a word with the pleasant locals.

Location: University of Kerala Senate House Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695034

Timings: Opens at 8 AM and closes at 10 PM

Famous For: Fish and vegetables, fabrics and spices

Where To Eat Nearby: Uncle's kitchen Trivandrum, Kerala Chicken Kada, Yara's kitchen, Hotel Aruna, and Zam Zam Restaurant

4. Mahatma Gandhi Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road
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MG Road or as one may say, Mahatma Gandhi road is one of the most popular commercial markets in Kerala. Almost everyone from Kerala has been to this market at least once and if they haven't, they definitely know the charisma of the market. There are many hotels in Kerala, which are in the proximity of this market, and offer great services as well, and colorful shops lined up on the road. What can be more fun than the vibrant and bright-colored streets filled with shoppers? MG Road is a paradise for every kind of shopper, it has a little something for everyone’s taste. There are individual shops as well as flea markets here, both overflowing with exotic and beautiful merchandise.

Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Shenoys, Ernakulam Kochi, 682026, India

Timings: Opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM

Famous For: Retail shopping, high-quality products, and  exotic merchandise

Where To Eat Nearby: Grand Pavilion, Barbeque Nation - Kochi, Pai Brothers Fast Food, Ambi Swamy's Vegetarian Restaurant, and Cafe Canopy

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Kerala is a divine state. The land of culture, religion, spices, and tea. Renowned worldwide for the production of tea and coffee, there are several other options for shopping in Kerala. Entrancing landscapes, wondrous malls, lively and vibrant cultural, cheerful streets, and lots of other spectacular things give Kerala its reputation. The state is full of surprises. From alluring sunrises to jaw-dropping sunsets, you will be amazed at every passing second. The people are soft-spoken and friendly. Kerala gives you all the reasons to visit it, at least once, and once you do it, you’ll definitely visit again, because Kerala will make you fall in love with itself. So, what is the reason for the delay? Nothing, right?  Book one of our best kerla tour packages to enjoy the most enchanting nightlife experience like never before.


Q1. Which are the best street markets in Kerala?

Street markets are the best way to interact with the locals. The best street markets in Kerala are: -

  • Sweet Meat Street
  • Chalai Bazaar
  • Connemara Market, Palayam
  • Mahatma Gandhi Road
  • Marine Drive
Q2. What should I buy from Kerala?

Kerala the state of wonders has a lot of things in its treasure that you can buy. The best things to buy from Kerala are: -

  • Coir Handicrafts
  • Spices
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Kasavu Mundu
  • Mural Paintings
Q3. Which are the best malls in Kerala?

Kerala has many malls that are beautiful in their structure and offer various services. The best malls are: -

  • LuLu Mall
  • Focus Mall
  • RP Mall
  • Mall of Travancore
  • Oberon Mall
Q4. What are Coir Handicrafts?

Coir is a totally natural and eco-friendly material and an exceptionally tensile fiber extracted from the nuts of coconut palms. Coir Handicrafts are coir pith, coir fiber, and coir chips. The specialty of a coir craft is its woven magnificence. If kept properly they have a long lifeline.

Q5. Which is the best street food in Kerala?

Kerala has an abundance of delicious street foods. The best ones that should try are: -

  • Erissery
  • Idiyappam
  • Malabar Parotta
  • Puttu and Kadala Curry
  • Sundal
Q6. Where should I stay in Kerala for the best views?

There are many hotels where you can plan your stay in this absolutely beautiful province. The best ones are: -

  • Taj Bekal Resort & Spa
  • Old Harbour Hotel
  • Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra
  • The Leela
  • Brunton Boatyard
Q7. What is the best time to visit Kerala?

The best time to visit the state is in the months of September to March. During these months Kerala experiences a comfortable climate and pleasant weather.

Q8. Where should I buy cashews and Banana chips from?

Cashew is a famous dry fruit and banana chips are fried and a very thin slice of banana with salty flavor. Both the items are delicious and the best places to buy them from are: -

  • Kumari banana chips
  • Reeju Banana chips in Chirakkal
  • Thankam Cashew Factory
  • South Kerala Cashew Exporters