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Korea Tourism Campaign


South Korea

Split by a hair-trigger border, the Korean Peninsula offers travellers a dazzling range of experiences, beautiful landscapes and 5000 years of culture and history.

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Four Seasons

in South Korea

Korea enjoys four distinct seasons with beautiful natural landscapes. Spring and fall are two of the best seasons with mild weather conditions and clear days. Winter is cold and dry while summer is hot and humid. Visit the ski resorts in winter to enjoy some snowboarding or sledding in pure white snow and visit a water park to splash in a wave pool or smooth water slide in summer.

Korea Tourism Popular Places


Popular Places

Embark on a local tour to smaller cities and villages across Korea to feel and experience the local culture and traditions. Incheon is where the past, present and future of Korea coexist. Gangwon-do, the most picturesque landscape has a pristine nature with the greatest number of mountains. Come and experience the unforgettable memories of Korea with its unique sceneries in its natural settings.

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Hallyu, otherwise known as the Korean wave is the export of music, cinemas and dramas to the global audience. Gangnam Style, the Korean song first gained global fame and this was followed by K POP band, BTS hitting global charts and finally the movie, Parasite in 2019. K POP, the South Korean music is a worldwide phenomenon with stage performances, music videos to world tours, these influential bands are driving significant tourism into the country. SM Town at COEX atrium is a cultural complex for K-pop and Hallyu fans.

Korea POP Band

Shopping and Dining

Korea’s shopping scene is endless from street shopping to underground markets, flea markets to multi complex and outlet malls. The food culture is unique and different from rest of the world. Hansik, the traditional Korea food is rich in nutrients and low in calorie. A trip to a traditional food street will leave a lasting memory.

Children Experience

Children develop through everything they see, hear, touch and feel. Traveling with a child is a new experience. Kids can participate in career experience programs by visiting PR centers of major corporations, computer and aerospace museum to visiting the rural community to learn about farmers and their hard work. A happy trip for a child means a happy trip for whole family.