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Book Flights to Shiraz

Known as a city of lovers, Shiraz is full of worth seeing things and is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Situated in Zagros mountains and surrounded by Derak mountain, Shiraz has mild weather. It is popular as the city of literature, poets, and wine. It is also considered as the city of gardens and has had some prominent Jewish and Christian communities. With cheap flights to Shiraz, you’ll have an amazing experience at the fabulous religious sites of the city. The city is nirvana for history lovers with ancient and historical architecture.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to book the discounted airfares to Shiraz is November and June is the least preferred month to travel to Shiraz.

Top 5 Attractions in Shiraz

  1. Eram Garden: Situated along the northern shore of the Khoshk River, Eram Graden is one of the most beautiful gardens in all of Iran. The garden attracts visitors with its beautiful grounds, aesthetic attractions, beautiful flowers, aromatic myrtles, towering cypress trees, and lush plant life. Eram Garden houses around 45 species and many cultivars grown accordingly with labels. The garden caters to a maximum number of visitors during the spring season.
  2. Tomb of Hafez: Tomb of Hafez is popular for its gardens, roses, and poems. It is located between a beautiful garden with stunning architecture. Several people come every day to the tomb to pay homage to the masters of poetry. The place has an atmosphere of peace with several rectangular pools around the tomb. Tomb of Hafez has well-maintained paths, orange trees, streams, and flower beds. It is one of the most peaceful monuments in the city.
  3. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque: It is one of the most beautiful mosques in the city. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque has an open courtyard and a rectangular pool in the center. Surrounded by beautiful bushes of flowers and dozens of arabesque arches, the mosque is just like stepping into a kaleidoscope with magical rainbow colors in every direction. Due to a plethora of pink tiles in it, the mosque has been dubbed as “Pink Mosque”. The best time to get around the mosque is in the early morning. It is the time when the sun reflects the stained glass patterns on the floor.
  4. Vakil Bazar: It is one of the ancient attractions in Shiraz, you will definitely enjoy visiting. You will find high-quality products are offered at affordable prices. The amazing and breath-taking structure of the bazar is inspired by Safavid architecture. The market is open until midnight in Nowrouz days and usually is closed at 17:00 on rest of the days.
  5. Qu’ran Gate:It is a historic gate located in the north of Shiraz. Built during the reign of ‘Adud ad-Dawla, the gate had sustained a lot of damage, hence it was restored and a small room was constructed on top. This room has all the hand-written Qu’rans by Sultan Ibrahim Bin Shahrukh Gurekani. Out of all these, two Qurans are known as Hifdah-Man. Visitors who pass below the gate were believed to receive the blessings of the holy books.
  6. Shopping and Nightlife

    Shiraz is one of the easiest places for shopping in Iran and the Middle East. The city has more than 10 bazaars and 25 malls. The Persian Gulf Complex is the largest shopping center in terms of the number of shops and the Vakil Bazaar is the oldest bazaar in the world. It features beautiful courtyards, bathhouses, and caravansarais. You can buy Persian rugs, copper handicrafts, antiques, and spices.

    How to Reach

    Also known as Shahid Dastgheib International Airport, Shiraz International Airport is the main airport serving the city of Shiraz and the southern region of Iran. The terminal 1 or Domestic Terminal is the oldest and largest than the other terminal that handles domestic flights.

    Terminal 2 or International Terminal caters to international scheduled and charter flights. This terminal is still under construction and is due to be built by 2020.

    The airport has international flights to some of the major destinations including Najaf, Istanbul, Kuwait, Dubai, Baghdad, Doha, Vienna, Masqat, Baku, Antalya, Yerevan, and Tbilisi.

    How to Get Around

    Taxi is one of the most convenient ways to get around the city. It is better to book one through a reputable taxi agency. It is recommended to avoid unmarked taxis.

    Shiraz also has an affordable bus service.

    Metro operates with a single line between the airport and Ehsan stations. The single ticket for the metro will cost 5000 rials.