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Flights to Lar

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Lar is the capital city of Larestan County of Fars Province. It was considered as the major stop along the Persian Gulf. The city is divided into two regions: the old city which is known as Shahre-ghadim and the new city which is known as Shahre-jadid.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lar, Iran is during autumn and spring. It is the time when the temperature is ideal and you can easily get around the city.


  1. Lar National Park: Spread over an area of 30,000-hectare, Lar National Prak is located in the Central Alborz mountain range which is at the foot of Mount Damavand. It has been declared as a protected area by the Iran Department of Environment since 1976. Hunting is strictly prohibited here since 1991. June is the best time to visit the park when poppies are flourishing. Visitors can also enjoy water springs and beautiful rivers here.
  2. Seyed Ja’fari Water Reservoir: It is one of the oldest water reservoirs in the city. Built-in the Safavid period, it is distributed through an organized channel. The main highlight of the reservoir is the dome which has a diameter of 14 meters with a height of 10 meters.
  3. Ejdeha Peykar Castle: Built on a hill to the west of the Lar township, Ejdeha Peykar Castle is composed of three sections: the upper tower, the stone wall, and the middle tower.
  4. Qadamgah Castle: Situated in the northwest of the ancient part of Lar, Qadamgah Castle was used for defense purposes. Now only ruins are available as the castle was destroyed in the Safavid period.


Bazaar of Qaisariye is a vital part of the city. It is the prominent economic and trade center of the city. Each entrance of the city has a unique name: the southern passage is known as Raasteh Meydan, the western passageway is known as Raasteh Ab-Foroushan, the eastern passageway is known as Raasteh Qassabha, and the northern passageway is known as Raasteh Ab-Foroushan.

The structure of the bazaar is mesmerizing and your senses will be activated immediately after seeing the color and light, hearing the voices of the vendors, children, and people trading. You can buy the famous sweet of Lar and enjoy shopping for various other things at reasonable rates. This historical bazaar of Iran will get you a new insight of the architecture of the southern part of Iran.

How to Reach

Lar Airport is the primary airport in the city that caters to the daily flights to domestic and international destinations including Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Sharjah, Tehran, etc.

The cheapest airfares to Lar, Iran can be booked easily in a few clicks through any online travel booking site.

How to Get Around

The bus is the most convenient way to get around Lar. You can easily get the bus almost everywhere around the city. Most buses are not luxurious but comfortable.

The shared taxi is known as Savari and is usually quicker than the bus.

The train links to some of the major cities but the services are less frequent.

The roads are excellent and make Lar an ideal cycling destination.

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