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Cheap Flight Tickets from Cairo (CAI) to Riyadh (RUH)

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Flights from Cairo to Riyadh

Myholidays Offers On Flights

Flights from Cairo to Riyadh

Embark on a smooth journey from Cairo to Riyadh, where two cities unfold their tales through the canvas of the sky. With Myholidays ensuring a hassle-free flight booking experience, let's dive into the simplicity of travel. Find comfort in the camaraderie of fellow passengers and the anticipation of cultural discovery as you embark on this aerial adventure. 

Cairo to Riyadh Flight Connectivity

Connect effortlessly with Qatar Airways, EgyptAir, Saudia, and Flynas, and many more airlines, creating a seamless bridge between Cairo and Riyadh. These airlines offer various options, turning your journey into a straightforward and diverse experience. Navigate the skies with confidence, knowing that these carriers prioritize your comfort and connection. You can take your pick from direct and connecting flights to RUH airport on this route for a journey personalized for you.  

Cairo to Riyadh Flight Schedule

Experience a well-timed flight schedule by EgyptAir and Saudia, ensuring flexibility from dawn till dusk. Your journey becomes a unique and simple note in the grand symphony of exploration. From the inaugural morning departure via Flydubai at 12:05 A.M that ushers in a new day of possibilities to the last evening flight, Saudia, leaving from CAI airport at 11:55 P.M that carry you into Riyadh's vibrant nightlife, choose the rhythm that suits your travel melody.

Riyadh: A Desert Sonata

In Riyadh, the desert whispers tales of ancient allure and modern marvels. Feel the warm embrace of its people, known for their hospitality, as you navigate through the city's bustling souks and futuristic skyscrapers. Riyadh's rich cultural symphony echoes in its historic landmarks, such as Masmak Fortress and the modern wonder, Kingdom Centre Tower. 

Cairo: Where History Dances with Modernity

Cairo and Riyadh, both vibrant capitals, share a rich blend of historical charm and modernity. While Cairo boasts iconic wonders like the Pyramids of Giza, Riyadh showcases contemporary skyscrapers alongside traditional architecture. Both cities embrace their cultural heritage, offering bustling markets, diverse cuisine, and a warm welcome to visitors. The dynamic energy of Cairo's streets parallels Riyadh's modern advancements, creating a unique intersection of history, culture, and progress in these bustling metropolises.

Airport Details

King Khalid International Airport (RUH)

Address: Airport Road, King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 

Contact: 8001248100 

Facilities: Prayer rooms, pet relief areas, meeting rooms, sleep pods 

Traveling to the city: 

  • Conveniently located taxi stands offer a quick and direct journey to various parts of Riyadh. 
  • Multiple car rental agencies operate at the airport, so you can travel to the city on your own. 
  • Several hotels offer complimentary shuttle services for their guests. 
  • You can take public buses connecting the airport to different areas within Riyadh. 
  • App-based ride-sharing services are available as a convenient and efficient transport option.

Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Address: Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt 

Contact: +0226966300

Facilities: Kids play areas, wellness services, business services, relaxation zones

Traveling to the airport:

  • Taxis are available throughout Cairo. The journey to the airport takes approximately 45 minutes
  • Some hotels offer shuttle services for their guests
  • Public buses operate from various parts of the city to the airport
  • Board Line 3 (Cairo Metro) for direct access to Cairo International Airport

Travel Tips for Flying from Cairo to Riyadh

  • Charge all electronic devices before the flight
  • Double-check visa requirements well in advance
  • Stay well-hydrated and limit caffeine intake during flight
  • Pack a sleep mask and earplugs for better rest on flights
  • Choose a comfortable seat, considering legroom

Places to Stay in Riyadh

  • 5* Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel – 5.0 km
  • 4* Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport – 7.7 km
  • 4* Radisson Blu Hotel Riyadh Qurtuba – 18.9 km
  • 5* Fairmont Riyadh – 20 km
  • 4* Braira Qurtubah Hotel – 22.1 km

Places to Visit in Riyadh

Discover Riyadh, where the whispers of ancient traditions mingle with the vibrant hum of modern life. From the lively souks echoing with the tales of the past to the towering skyscrapers that carve the future skyline, Riyadh is a city that seamlessly weaves heritage and progress. These attractions will take you on an unforgettable journey through the best of this city.

  • Kingdom Centre Tower
  • Souq Al Zal
  • Al Masmak Fortress
  • King Abdulaziz Historical Center
  • Diriyah Gate

Tips for Exploring Riyadh

  • Respect local customs and traditions
  • The city's weekends fall on Thursday and Friday
  • Riyadh experiences hot temperatures, so dress comfortably
  • Respectful silence is appreciated in public places during prayer times
  • Check for local events, festivals, or exhibitions happening during your visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I book a direct flight from Cairo to Riyadh? 

Yes, several airlines, such as Nile Air, SkyEurope, Flynas, Air Cairo, etc. offer direct flights, providing convenient connectivity between Cairo and Riyadh. 

Q2. What's the average flight duration on this route?

The average flight time from Cairo to Riyadh is approximately 3 hours via a direct flight. Connecting flights take longer. 

Q3. Are there budget airlines operating on this route?

Yes, some budget carriers provide cost-effective options for flights between Cairo and Riyadh.

Q4. Are there multiple airports in Riyadh?

Riyadh has one main airport, King Khalid International Airport, serving domestic and international flights.

Q5. Can I find vegetarian meal options on these flights?

Most airlines offer special meal requests, including vegetarian options. Make sure to specify your dietary preferences when booking. 

Q6. Are there any visa requirements for traveling from Cairo to Riyadh?

Check visa requirements in advance. Nationals of certain countries may need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia.

Q7. What's the baggage allowance on these flights?

Baggage allowances vary by airline. Check with your specific carrier to understand their policies regarding checked and carry-on baggage.

Q8. Is Wi-Fi available on these flights?

Some airlines provide in-flight Wi-Fi services. Check with your airline for information on onboard connectivity.

Q9. Are there restrictions on electronic devices during the flight?

Airlines may have specific rules regarding the use of electronic devices. Follow the guidelines provided by the airline. 

Q10. Can I book a one-way ticket from Cairo to Riyadh?

Yes, most airlines offer one-way ticket options for this route, providing flexibility in travel plans.

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