Cheap Flights from Cairo (CAI) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)-

Cheap Flight Tickets from Cairo (CAI) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)

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Flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi

Flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi

Embark on a seamless journey from the historic heart of Cairo to the vibrant capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Experience the fusion of ancient wonders and modern marvels as you traverse this dynamic route, offering convenience, comfort, and cultural immersion with every flight. 

Flight Connectivity: Cairo to Abu Dhabi 

Flight connectivity between Cairo and Abu Dhabi offers travelers seamless access between two dynamic cities. 22 airlines operate regular flights on this route, providing convenient options for passengers. Whether for business or leisure, travelers can enjoy efficient connections, exploring the rich cultural heritage and modern attractions of both Cairo and Abu Dhabi with ease. Flights typically depart from Cairo International Airport (CAI) and arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). 

Flight Schedule: Cairo to Abu Dhabi 

Flight schedules from Cairo to Abu Dhabi vary depending on the airline and the day of the week. Choose Emirates to board the first flight from Cairo to Abu Dhabi, departing at 00:50. Saudia offers the last flight for this route, departing at 23:55. Passengers can choose from morning, afternoon, and evening departures, ensuring convenient options for their travel needs. It's advisable to check with airlines or travel websites for the most up-to-date flight schedules and availability. 

Abu Dhabi: Embrace the Extraordinary 

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city known for its modern architecture, luxurious shopping malls, and cultural attractions. The city is home to landmarks such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the futuristic Yas Island. Travelers flying from Doha to Abu Dhabi can explore the rich cultural heritage, indulge in world-class shopping, and enjoy the diverse culinary scene the city has to offer. 

Cairo: Gateway to Ancient Wonders 

Cairo is a lively and stunning city, but it can be a bit busy. It's one of the most crowded cities in Africa and is well-known for its amazing history and culture. Spread along the Nile River, Cairo offers more than just the pyramids. It serves as the ancient heart and soul of Egypt. While many travelers come from distant places to witness the Giza pyramid complex, the city itself offers a world-class culinary scene and a distinctive Middle Eastern culture. 

Airport Details 

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) 

Address: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates 

Contact: +971 2 505 5555 

Facilities: Duty-free shops, lounges, dining options, Wi-Fi, and currency exchange. 

How to reach the city from the Airport: Opt for the readily available taxis or the public buses operated by the Department of Transport. 

Cairo International Airport (CAI) 

Address: Airport Rd, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt 

Contact: +20 2 2265 5000. 

Facilities: Duty-free shopping, Lounges, Restaurants, and cafes, Currency exchange services, Car rental agencies 

How to reach Cairo Airport: Cairo to Cairo Airport (CAI) spans 15 km, with a road distance of 17.2 km. The quickest option is a taxi. For a budget-friendly choice, take a direct hourly bus from El Tawhied Masjid to Cairo Airport, covering the journey in approximately 57 minutes. 

Tips for your Cairo to Abu Dhabi Flights 

  • Check visa requirements beforehand 
  • Arrive early to navigate Cairo Airport 
  • Stay hydrated during the flight 
  • Pack light for ease of travel 
  • Research local customs in Abu Dhabi 

Top Hotels near Abu Dhabi International Airport 

  • 3* Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport – 3.1 km 
  • 5* W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island – 6.2 km 
  • 5* Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island – 5.9 km 
  • 3* Centro Yas Island – 6.3 km 
  • 5* The WB Abu Dhabi Curio Collection –11.9 km 

Famous Attractions in Abu Dhabi 

Abu Dhabi harmoniously blends modern elegance with traditional charm. Nestled along the Gulf, this cosmopolitan city showcases futuristic structures against a desert backdrop. So, explore these attractions to witness this city’s charm up close.  

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 
  • Corniche 
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi 
  • Yas Island 
  • Saadiyat Island 

Travel Tips for Abu Dhabi Visitors 

  • Respect local customs; dress modestly 
  • Stay hydrated in Abu Dhabi's desert climate 
  • Visit attractions early to avoid crowds 
  • Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen 
  • Cover shoulders and knees when visiting mosques 

Flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi FAQs

Q1. Does Qatar Airways fly to Abu Dhabi from Cairo?

Qatar Airways does not operate direct flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi. However, several other airlines, such as EgyptAir, Etihad Airways, and Emirates, offer convenient options for connecting Cairo to Abu Dhabi. 

Q2. How long is the flight from Cairo to Abu Dhabi?

The flight duration from Cairo to Abu Dhabi varies depending on factors such as the airline, route, and potential layovers. Typically, it takes around 3 to 4 hours for a connecting flight between Cairo and Abu Dhabi. 

Q3. Is Abu Dhabi International Airport crowded?

Abu Dhabi International Airport is a bustling hub, accommodating millions of passengers annually. 

Q4. What to do if I lose my luggage in Abu Dhabi?

In the unfortunate event of lost baggage in Abu Dhabi, promptly contact the airport's lost and found service or reach out to the airline you traveled with for assistance in locating and retrieving your luggage. 

Q5. Which airlines are popular for Cairo to Abu Dhabi travel?

Popular airlines offering flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi include EgyptAir, Etihad Airways, Emirates, and Qatar Airways, providing various options for a comfortable and convenient journey between the two cities. 

Q6. What are the commonly booked classes for Cairo to Abu Dhabi flights?

Frequently booked classes for flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi include economy and business class, offering travelers flexibility in terms of comfort and amenities based on their preferences and budget. 

Q7. Which airlines operate direct flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi?

For direct flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi, consider airlines like EgyptAir and Etihad Airways, providing a more convenient and time-saving travel option for passengers. 

Q8. Are last-minute flight deals available from Cairo to Abu Dhabi?

 Last-minute flight deals from Cairo to Abu Dhabi may be available through various platforms, but prices and availability can vary. It's advisable to plan and book your flight in advance to secure the best deals. 

Q9. What layover options are there for connecting flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi?

Connecting flights from Cairo to Abu Dhabi may have layovers in cities like Istanbul, Dubai, or Doha, depending on the airline and route chosen. Passengers should check with their airline for specific layover options. 

Q10. What tips ensure a comfortable flight from Cairo to Abu Dhabi?

To ensure a comfortable flight experience, wear comfortable clothing, pack essential items, use a neck pillow for support, engage in in-flight entertainment, and keep necessary medications easily accessible throughout the journey. 

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